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Chapter 287

Two Newcomers To Report

“fu*k, Wu Qian, are you annoying, what are you doing?”

Sheldon was shocked and couldn’t help but said.

“What’s your tone? Sheldon, I just care about you. I know you won the lottery, but I don’t know how many you won. I just want to tell you that people like you are very simple, like a fool in society. , Even if you win a lot of money, be careful not to be tricked by others. In the end you will become a pauper!”

Wu Qian scolded.

Yes, apart from Sheldon’s a lot of money, he may have to invest in the scenic spot. Wu Qian really can’t think of other possibilities.

Plus, it feels very uncomfortable in my heart now that I have broken a bottle of five flavors.

After cursing, Wu Qian left angrily.

“This girl, if you let her know who she is, that would be fine!”

Sheldon smiled bitterly.

Let Wang Biao go out to work, after squinting in the office for a while.

Sheldon also planned to leave.

I definitely won’t be with Wu Qian, and now Wu Qian doesn’t want to be with herself.

And at this moment.

There was a knock on the door outside the office.

“Deputy Manager Wang, I’m here to bring new people to report to you!”

It is a very beautiful female voice.

Sheldon was slightly startled when he heard the female voice.

Then he said: “Come in!”


The door opened slowly, and a beautiful girl with long hair in a shawl and a professional suit walked in with a folder.

And behind her, there was a girl who was also very beautiful.

“Manager Wang, I am…”

The leading woman is about to introduce herself.

However, when she saw the person in front of her clearly, the words she was about to speak seemed to be stuck in her throat.

When Sheldon saw the two standing in front of him, there was also an embarrassment on his face.

“Chen… Sheldon, it was you! I… I didn’t know you were here!”

The woman’s face suddenly flushed, and then she lowered her head in shame, not daring to look at Sheldon’s face.

“Xueqing, Arlene? Why did you come to Koizumi Town? Aren’t you in Pingan County?”

The girl in front of me, who else could be Jiang Xueqing and Arlene.

This is exactly what embarrassed Sheldon.

Since the last time I checked some of the company’s scum.

The identity was also made public to Jiang Xueqing.

And Arlene also knew his identity because of the incident at the sales office.

It’s just that I know something that happened with Jiang Xueqing and Arlene, although in high school, the two girls I and Jiang Xueqing and Arlene were particularly good.

Jiang Xueqing also quarreled for herself with Li Wenyang, who bullied and beat her all day long.

To be honest, although my life in high school was gloomy.

But with Jiang Xueqing and Arlene, Sheldon still thinks high school life is pretty good.

Many people look down on themselves, but there are also people who treat themselves well.

This is also the reason why Sheldon still has different emotions towards the two girls after so many things have happened.

Although the previous feelings and relationships are no longer there, Sheldon is not too mean.

“Sheldon, I’m in the personnel department now. Arlene has just joined the company, but tomorrow is your birthday. The company has sent some good-looking girls to the reception.”

Yes, Jiang Xueqing and Arlene both knew when Sheldon had his birthday.

It’s just that the feeling now is obviously weird.

“So that’s it, O’ao, Wang Biao has gone to set up the scene!”

Sheldon couldn’t lie down either, and stood and talked to them now.

The atmosphere is very embarrassing.

“By the way, Arlene, why did you come out to find a job, Ding Hao?”

Although Sheldon had annoyed Arlene for a while, he didn’t feel that way anymore, so he asked.

“After Ding Hao knew that you were Sheldon, he didn’t go out for several days in fright, and he knew our relationship before, so…”

Arlene did not go on.

It sounds like Arlene has something to do with him when he comes to find a job!

Sheldon smiled awkwardly.

He said, “But, I’m too embarrassed to ask you two to celebrate my birthday like this! Haha, speaking of it, the best birthday I had in high school was in the cafeteria!”

Arlene and Jiang Xueqing heard them, and they all remembered.

Yes, in high school, no one played with Sheldon.

No one cares about his birthday.

In the summer vacation after the college entrance examination, when everyone returned to school to get the high school diploma, it happened to be Sheldon’s birthday.

So Arlene suggested to Jiang Xueqing to go to the canteen to celebrate Sheldon’s birthday.

Because the military training for the first year of high school has already begun.

Arlene and Jiang Xueqing, yes, and Rosemarie was there too, because Rosemarie had a good relationship with Arlene, so they half pushed to celebrate Sheldon’s birthday.

I also bought a birthday cake for Sheldon, which was quite big.

That was the first time Sheldon had eaten cake since he was young.

I was very moved.

They also identified Arlene and Jiang Xueqing as two friends.

But later.

Everyone is clear.

When the university started, Sheldon kept in touch with Arlene and Jiang Xueqing.

They didn’t reply after sending a message.

Wait until I see Arlene in Roston two years later.

Sheldon was really pleased.

Arlene herself admits this, she will never forget the time she first met Sheldon some time ago.

He eagerly wanted to talk to himself.

However, I feel embarrassed for despising him, so I avoid him.

Later, he humiliated him three times or four times.

There were also a few particularly serious cases, and I did it myself.

But Sheldon still helped himself, seeing that he still didn’t look disgusted.

It was only afterwards that he did too much, and Sheldon gradually became indifferent to himself.

What about Jiang Xueqing.

When I met Sheldon again, to be honest, she looked down on Sheldon.

I’m just embarrassed, so I just joked with him a few politely.

Then, Sheldon actually took it seriously.

I really asked myself to go to a class reunion.

In fact, I had an appointment with Li Wenyang that day.

So Jiang Xueqing felt a little uncomfortable all day.

Because Li Wenyang beat Sheldon very badly when he was in school, Sheldon didn’t dare to fight back. The worst time was to use a stool to smash Sheldon from the podium to the back.

Sheldon’s enemy.

But as a former friend of Sheldon, he had a particularly good relationship with Li Wenyang.

How cold was Sheldon at that time!

Until now, Sheldon turned out to be the super hero Roston Sheldon.

Arlene and Jiang Xueqing felt uncomfortable and ashamed.

Even the two of them were thinking that Sheldon had changed and that Sheldon was no longer the same.

But in fact now, Sheldon is still Sheldon. He has never changed. They really become…

Chapter 288

Meeting the Jiang Family Again

“Sheldon, I’m sorry…”

Arlene said in unison with Jiang Xueqing.

A face full of shame.

“It’s okay!” Sheldon just smiled faintly.

Although Sheldon’s attitude towards them is still good now, to be honest, where is the feeling of the previous ones.

Sheldon just treated them as mature people, nothing else.

And Arlene and Jiang Xueqing also understand the indifferent meaning in Sheldon’s words, yes, before, they can’t go back! There was an inexplicable pain in the hearts of the two.

If I still maintain a relationship with Sheldon, I don’t know how much better the current situation is than I imagined!

After that, Sheldon did not chat with them much.

Look at the time it’s already afternoon, and it’s time to go back and prepare.

When I went back this time, the crazy girl Wu Qian didn’t know where she went, she should have left long ago.

Sheldon can’t walk home.

So I drove a company Audi A6 back.

Just arrived at the door.

Sheldon met another acquaintance.

I was holding my bag, as if I was waiting for a taxi.

It’s a girl.

And this girl is not Wang Min who else can be.

Because Sheldon had dropped the window, when Sheldon wanted to raise the window and walk straight away, Wang Min also saw Sheldon.


And Wang Min directly called Sheldon’s name.

Sheldon couldn’t leave even if he wanted to.

For this girl, Sheldon had a bad impression.

Going on a blind date by myself, because I disliked myself, so I asked her sister to come for her.

This is a great insult to myself.

So from beginning to end, Sheldon didn’t take the initiative to say a word to her today.


Seeing Wang Min walking towards his car, Sheldon asked coldly.

“Thank you today. If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t be able to play. Those are my colleagues. Some of them have already returned!”

There was a girl standing beside Wang Min with her at the moment.

“Aoao, it’s okay, don’t thank me, if you follow my instructions, you will not be allowed in, it was Yu Qiang who let you in!”

Ha ha.

Sheldon didn’t need to give this girl a face, so he was unceremoniously speaking.

There was embarrassment on Wang Min’s face.

Of course she knew that because of the blind date, it could be said that she was separated from Sheldon.

And he did a little too much.

I just feel guilty.

Originally, I didn’t need to say hello to Sheldon to humiliate himself.

Isn’t it nice to be a stranger without talking to anyone? Isn’t it what I always wanted?

But after the incident just now, it became different.

Wang Min was not reconciled to it.

The psychology of most girls is the same.

you! It’s just a boy who is despised by me and passed away. If you are mediocre and do nothing all your life, it is nothing, I am still very happy.

However, nothing should be done for nothing, a boy who was eliminated has a lot of energy.

This is very uncomfortable.

So seeing Sheldon driving out of the Audi, and not even trying to say hello to himself, Wang Min felt particularly troubled.

“I apologize to you for what you said, I was wrong!”

Wang Min bit his lip and said.

“There is no need to apologize. To be honest, it doesn’t matter to us. If you are okay, I will leave first!”

Sheldon said lightly.

With a kick of the accelerator, Sheldon left directly.

It made Wang Min feel ashamed and angry. This kind of ignorance by boys has really happened since childhood.

The eyes are almost red.

Especially, he has become capable, especially capable, but in the end he ignores himself…

When passing by the town of Xiaoquan Town, and when I am in Xiaogu Town.

Sheldon found something weird, that is, there are many luxury cars in the town.

Especially in front of the hotel, there are a lot of stops.

Sheldon didn’t think much.

at this time.

My cell phone rang, and I saw that it was Aunt Wu calling.

“What’s the matter with Aunt Wu?” Sheldon asked with a smile.

“Sheldon, where are you? Just now I saw Wu Qian drove home by herself. She seemed quite upset. Didn’t you argue? Did she leave you alone?”

Aunt Wu asked concerned.

“No, I drove my friend’s car back, I’m on the road!” In order not to make Aunt Wu think too much, Sheldon had to say.

“That’s good, by the way, Sheldon, on your way back, come back with a bag of rice from the town by the way, and let your uncle go again!”

Aunt Wu said.

“no problem!”

Sheldon found a small supermarket nearby and went straight in and bought two bags of rice, as well as peanut oil.

Speaking of it, after I came back, I didn’t give the money to Uncle Wu, and I really didn’t buy some of these necessities for Uncle Wu’s house.

So I ran several times and bought a few boxes of milk, wine, and eight-treasure porridge.

Open the trunk and almost fill it up.


On the last trip, when Sheldon came out holding a pressure cooker, suddenly a girl shouted unexpectedly at the entrance of the hotel next to her.

Sheldon turned his head to look.

“fu*k, Jiang Ranran, why did you come to our town?”

The girl in front of her was Jiang Ranran.

Sheldon was really surprised, since the Jiang family’s incident was over last time.

Sheldon felt that he would never see each other again, right?

After all, Sheldon’s heart was completely cold, and even when Jiang Weidong had an accident, he knew that his father had reminded him to help a lot, but he didn’t take care of it.

Jiang Ranran called himself, but he didn’t answer it either.

So seeing this is quite embarrassing.

“Yes, we just arrived, I was about to come out to buy something, I didn’t expect to see you!”

Jiang Ranran was still very kind to Sheldon, and when he walked over, he obviously wanted to chat with Sheldon.

“You? Who else?”

Sheldon asked.

“My parents and my dad’s colleagues are here to play too!”

Jiang Ranran whispered.


Sheldon nodded.

What’s so interesting about Xiaogu Town? Why do so many people come to play?

But Sheldon didn’t want to chat with Jiang Ranran anymore, so he didn’t ask.

“By the way, Sheldon, are you still living in your house?”

Jiang Ranran said again.

“Hmm, or where do I live?”

“Oh, speaking of it, I haven’t been to your house yet, but you often came to our house when you were a kid!”

Jiang Ranran smiled.

“Okay, there’s nothing else, I’m leaving first, I have to hurry home and cook!”

Sheldon turned off Jiang Ranran’s topic.

Jiang Ranran knew that Sheldon didn’t want to talk to himself.

However, the more Sheldon you don’t want to care about yourself, he wants to chat with you!

Could it be that I, Jiang Ranran, can’t get into your eyes like this?

“By the way, Sheldon, you only have one cable for your electronic pressure cooker. Don’t you plan to buy another spare? In the village, the voltage is easy to be unstable, and burnout cables often occur!”

Jiang Ranran said.

“This point, I was really negligent! Thank you!” Sheldon smiled slightly, alas, if you Jiang Ranran could do this before.

Right now, I turned around and wanted to go back to buy a line.

“Hey, put the pot in the car, and I can buy it for you!”

Jiang Ranran said that he entered the supermarket, and soon took out a thread and handed it to Sheldon.

“Of course, what are you doing?”

Suddenly, a middle-aged voice rang at the entrance of the hotel.

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