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Chapter 285

“Huh, I care who she is. Anyway, if she drops vegetable soup on me, I will hit her. Isn’t she just a little waiter? What’s so great!”

Lin Yue said.

Of course she has capricious capital now.

After all, Yu Qiang’s face is obviously great here.

Besides, today the man named Wang Min had already taken the limelight somewhat, and Lin Yue was very upset.

Now, I didn’t say that I was dripped with vegetable soup, just to teach her a lesson, and finally I was assaulted by the lobby manager.

Really are……

In short, Lin Yue is about to explode now.

“Jun Yue, don’t cry, I will call Manager Wang now and let your father handle it!”

This Wang Junyue, her father is the manager of the investment promotion office of the scenic spot and the main planner of activities in the scenic spot.

And it was sent by Roston.

Naturally very awesome.

Much better than the manager of this scenic spot.

It’s just that Wang Junyue, who had nothing to do during the summer vacation, came to experience life part-time.

Coincidentally, today was the first day she came to work part-time, and it took a long time for her father to come to play, but she was beaten.

“Fight, fight, I have a strong brother, so I am not afraid of you!” Lin Yue pulled Yu Qiang’s arm.

Everyone glanced at Yu Qiang.

Yu Qiang is kind, especially Lin Yue is now obviously self-willed by his own power.

So at the moment, I stood up coldly and said, “Your restaurant is really awesome, okay, let me see who you call! Lin Yue, don’t be afraid, it’s just a phone call from me!”

Yu Qiangdao.

Next, the people over there started calling.

Lin Yue kept cursing.

Not long after, three black Audi A6s and one of them stopped at the entrance of the hotel.

“Who beat my daughter, shit, I think you don’t want to live anymore!”

A middle-aged man in a suit walked over with seven or eight people.

Aggressive, obviously very unusual.

It looks like they are all people in society.

At this moment, Lin Yue was a little scared, and looked straight to Yu Qiang for help.

“President Wang, it is her who slapped Jun Yue!”

The lobby manager immediately pointed to Lin Yuedao.

“Damn, I think you have eaten a bear heart and leopard gall, get her over here!”

President Wang waved his hand suddenly, and the bodyguard was about to move.

Yu Qiang stood up and walked over, with a very familiar appearance: “Hehe, Manager Wang, right? There may be a misunderstanding about this matter. Would you like me to call Deputy Manager Wang in the scenic spot? This is here. ‘S manager asked us to come over to play! There was a conflict, and everyone was not good! You said that?”

Yu Qiang naturally has an excellent background.

Now, come up first to move out of your relationship, and then it depends on what Manager Wang said.

“It’s your mother’s head, that little Mullenwang is a fart, you use them to blackmail me? Go to your mother, open your eyes and see!”


Manager Wang raised his hand and drew a mouth directly on Yu Qiang’s face.

This slap was so strong that Yu Qiang was almost knocked out.

“Yu Qiang!”

“Brother Strong!”

Wang Min and Lin Yue spoke at the same time.

“Huh, I said why this group of people is so horrible. He thought that this scenic spot was the result of Mr. Chapman and the deputy manager Wang. Haha, they don’t know. Do they both have to look at Mr. Wang’s face? !”

The lobby manager said coldly at this time.


Hearing this, Yu Qiang, who was going to fight back, was stunned.

Deputy Manager Wang has to look at this person’s face?

At this time, Lin Yue was already screaming.

Because two bodyguards had already come over and grabbed her hair and twitched her big mouths.

The scene is out of control.

“Tell you, today you moved my daughter, this is not over, there is one who counts one, no one wants to run!”

Manager Wang said with red eyes at the moment with his love for his daughter.

Unexpectedly, a meal would develop into this way.

Even Wu Qian and the others can’t get rid of the relationship.

“Manager Wang, we didn’t beat your daughter!”

Wang Hao said hurriedly in fright.

The shot of this group of bodyguards is simply too cruel.

Wang Min was obviously a bit older than Sheldon and the others, but he was also somewhat frightened.

Sheldon looked at the scene faintly, but did not stand up.

After all, I am not a Virgin, and I don’t have to help anyone in trouble.

Although this manager Wang himself looks very familiar!

But there is no need to help the two strangers Lin Yue and Yu Qiang.

What’s more, Lin Yue looked down on herself, and he was so domineering that he really deserved to be beaten!

Wu Qian and the others are about to be affected.

Suddenly, a group of people rushed in from outside.

It is the staff of the scenic spot.

“Mr. Wang, don’t fight, stop, don’t fight!”

The female staff headed anxiously.

He rushed in with someone hurriedly.

She was the girl who was at the ticket office just now, a little leader of the scenic spot.

At the moment, his face was nervous.

“Huh, it’s Xiao Liu, what’s the matter? Why can’t you fight?”

Manager Wang said angrily.

The female staff member hurried to Manager Wang’s ear and whispered a few words.

Just look at Manager Wang’s face, getting whiter and whiter…

what did you say?

Is the top boss directly arranged for them to come in and play?

“Hmm! Yeah, it’s not that the security told me that the distinguished guests had a conflict here, so I hurried over, Mr. Wang!”

The female staff member said.

Manager Wang took a deep breath.

The female staff member had already explained the ins and outs of the matter to him very clearly.

This group could not have bought tickets to come in.

As a result, the leader named Yu Qiang, he called his father and wanted to let them in.

I definitely refused to agree at first, but it turned out that Manager Chapman called in person.

It is said that the group of people outside the door are all distinguished guests, or that CEO Chapman arranged a trusted person to call Manager Chapman. Now Manager Chapman and Deputy Manager Wang are rushing back to purchase things.

So now the manager Wang is more and more mysterious.

The cold sweat came out.

Suddenly looked at Yu Qiang who fell on the ground apologetic.

“Yeah! This young man, look, why didn’t you make it clear just now, it turns out that President Chapman personally arranged you to come in?”

Chapman and Manager Chapman of the scenic spot are of course farewell in the eyes of Manager Wang.

He was laughing and panicking.

A few bodyguards were obviously aware, and they all took a step back nervously.

At the scene, a 180-degree reversal occurred directly.

Wang Min was even more surprised at Qiang.

“Gosh, who is he? How come he has a background like this?”

Wu Qian was also the joy of the rest of her life, and she felt that Yu Qiang was too awesome.

As for Lin Yue, his eyes widened and then laughed:

“Hahaha, idiot, dare to beat me, I will kill you!”


She stood up and smoked a few bodyguards and several big mouths. Although she was beaten, there was nothing that made her feel more proud than at this moment.

After all, Yu Qiang’s background is awesome.

“Yu Shao, don’t you know who your father is?”

Manager Wang said in fear.

“Hmph, my dad is Yu Delong, and my mom are both people in the Ping An County system. I know Deputy Manager Wang here!”

Yu Qiang also became bullish.

Heh…I know the relationship chain of Mr. Chapman, what’s the matter with Yu Delong? Mr. Chapman speaks for him?


Manager Wang wondered.

“Hmph, just know that you are afraid. You slapped me just now, and I want to pay it back now!”

Lin Yue walked over toward Manager Wang aggressively.

“Manager Wang Biao, it’s been a long time!”

At this time, on the table, Sheldon stood up and smiled with one hand in his pocket.

Chapter 286

Sheldon, Can You Tell Me the Truth
The reason why Sheldon stood up now.

I really don’t want to let Yu Qiang and Lin Yue continue to act like this.

And just now, Sheldon suddenly remembered that the manager Wang in front of him was not Wang Biao.

It was Wang Biao who was responsible for organizing Danna’s birthday party on Danna’s birthday.

That day, I was too tossed by Rosemarie, so I just had a brief chat with Wang Biao.

Some impressions, but not very familiar.

Now, Lin Yue and Yu Qiang have become so domineering because of their low-key and unassuming.

Haha, if you are your own friends, that’s fine, but neither are these two people.

Then why should I keep a low profile and watch the two of them pretending to beat them.

“Chen… Master Sheldon, is it… you?”

And Wang Biao was ready to be beaten at this moment, and when he saw Sheldon’s face clearly at this moment, Wang Biao’s whole heart was as if the river was overwhelmed.

Just now, I was so angry that my daughter was beaten, and my attention was completely focused on Lin Yue and Yu Qiang. As for the others, Wang Biao didn’t even look at it.

But now, Sheldon is here!

Damn, that makes sense.

Wang Biao also wondered how Yu Dehai, who had never heard of him, had such a big face.

It turned out that Mrs. Chen was right about the distinguished guest.

And President Chapman definitely didn’t want to reveal the identity of Sheldon, so he didn’t explain to Manager Wang, which caused the current staff to misunderstand.

“Yeah, I’ll have fun!”

Sheldon nodded with a wry smile.

But Wu Qian and the others were all taken aback, what’s the situation? He knows Sheldon?

“Huh, are you finished? I don’t care about that, if you hit me, I will hit you!”

Lin Yue was still in anger.


As soon as he walked over, he was slapped on the ground by Wang Biao.

“Keep calling me!”

Now that Sheldon is backing him up, Wang Biao naturally ignores anything.

Of course, before he started his hand, he glanced at Sheldon’s wink, Sheldon avoided his gaze, that is to say, Sheldon supported the beating himself.

The staff was in a hurry.

Wang Biao walked over to Sheldon respectfully: “Master Sheldon, if you knew you were coming, you can just ask the little one to greet him. It also cost you so much trouble to call Mr. Chapman!”

“It’s okay, it’s also a sudden incident. I don’t think they can get in, and I don’t want to be outside, so I asked someone to let them in!”

Sheldon explained the whole thing.

“What? Sheldon, you are the one who let us in?”

Wu Qian has difficulty setting up a channel.

Wang Min’s heart also shook.

Believe it or not.

But now Sheldon can understand the conversation with this manager Wang Biao. Sheldon’s network seems to be quite strong.

And this arrogant Wang Biao called him Master Sheldon?

Still so respectful?

The gazes of the girls looking at Sheldon changed.

In the beginning, no one put him in the eyes, but the one who really brought him in was him?

Think about it, too. Yu Qiang was looking for Deputy Manager Wang. How could the manager come to arrange everyone respectfully?

“Master Sheldon…” Wang Biao seemed to have something to say to Sheldon.

“Yeah, go back to the office and wait for me. I’ll come to find you later! Manager Wang!” Sheldon interrupted him directly.

“It’s Master Sheldon!”

After Wang Biao finished speaking, he led the group of people away.

Sheldon knew what Wang Biao wanted to say.

I finally figured out why the hot spring scenic spot is so grand today.

Have a big event tomorrow?

In all likelihood, Chapman arranged for Wang Biao to celebrate his birthday, right?

This is exactly what Sheldon wants to confirm with Wang Biao.

But these are obviously inconvenient to talk to Wu Qian and others.

At the moment, Sheldon glanced at the embarrassed Lin Yue and Yu Qiang, and was also ready to leave.

“Sheldon! Don’t go, you speak clearly!”

Wu Qian said anxiously.

I was so anxious that my face was almost pale.

Really, it’s similar to the psychology of those girls, that is, in this world, everyone can have the ability, and everyone can make a blockbuster.

Even a dog is fine!

However, the only one cannot be Sheldon.

If it was Sheldon, Wu Qian felt as uncomfortable as being scratched by a cat. Why would Sheldon, who she looked down upon, know the boss?

Why does this gangster still call Sheldon Sheldonye?

Isn’t he just a poor dick?

why? Why?

Could it be that Sheldon has become really amazing?

Wu Qian felt extremely uncomfortable.

“What do you want me to say?”

Sheldon said lightly.

If it weren’t for Uncle Wu’s face, do you think I, Sheldon, would come to accompany you today?

“You make it clear, why did that person call you Master Sheldon, and he was afraid of you, what is your relationship with him?”

Wu Qian asked.

“Don’t ask if you shouldn’t ask, you guys have fun here today, don’t worry, no one will come to catch you!”

Cooper Family.

Turn around and want to leave.

When passing by Wang Min, Wang Min also gave Sheldon a complicated look.

He actually has such a great ability.

I really didn’t see it at all.

Wang Min’s heart is similar to that of Wu Qian, and more serious than Wu Qian, and she feels that her cheeks are burning.

And the most important thing right now, what is Sheldon’s background?

“I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it, how could that dick let us in, it’s Brother Lawrance, it’s Brother Lawrance!”

Lin Yue shouted.

Yu Qiang gritted his teeth and hurriedly called his father to confirm.

The result of the confirmation is that the deputy manager Wang has not given his father a specific reply yet!

“Damn, what is Sheldon’s identity?”

And Wu Qian’s interest in who he talked to no longer disappeared, but she chased after Sheldon outside.

However, Sheldon is now in Wang Biao’s office.

Wang Biao had already been waiting.

“Manager Wang, what activities are the scenic spots doing?”

Sheldon walked over and sat down on the boss chair, looking very tired.

Wang Biao hurriedly handed over a glass of water: “What? Master Sheldon, don’t you know? Tomorrow is your birthday, Mr. Chapman told us to arrange it!”

“Then there is no need for such a big movement!”

Sheldon gave a wry smile.

It’s really for myself.

Sheldon also understood that Chapman wanted his birthday not to be too shabby.

However, this time I called more than 20 of them, and it was good to have a meal together, which is different.

But now that everything was arranged, Sheldon didn’t say anything.

He came to Wang Biao, just to blow up the air conditioner and take a break.

Anti-so many backpacks, after all, tired.

While Wang Biao was waiting by the side, Sheldon did not speak, and he did not dare to move.


Suddenly, the door of the room was slammed open.

“Sheldon, I just want you to tell me the truth, what are you doing to lie to me? Come on, tell me, what is going on?”

It was a girl, so Wu Qian came after her naturally.

Wu Qian could see clearly on the outside window just now.

Sheldon was lying swaggering on the boss chair, while the big man was standing by the side.

This is so special, Wu Qian is about to vomit blood!

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