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Chapter 291


After seeing the girl, Sheldon couldn’t help but smile.

Mullenling, can be regarded as a younger sister who grew up with Sheldon and Mullen. Speaking of which, she is still a sister of Mullen’s family.

It’s just that Mullenling’s family environment is good. People have shops in the town, doing cakes and snacks, and she usually lives in the town.

Rarely go home.

Moreover, at that time, Sheldon and Li laughed, two of them were pauper.

The clothes are not good.

So Mullenling rarely played with Mullen and Sheldon.

Even if they are all classmates in elementary school, they hardly speak much. Generally speaking, they don’t get close to them very much, so Wu Qian is not as good as Wu Qian.

If the relationship is warming up, it is still in junior high school.

Unfortunately, after entering junior high school, Mullenling was still in the same class as Mullen and Sheldon.

The first and second graders didn’t talk to Sheldon Mullen much.

By the time of the third grade, something happened.

That is when Mullenling quarreled with a girl, and the quarrel was very fierce.

Then the girl called several ruffians in the same grade to trouble Mullenling.

When school is over, Mullenling is blocked, and she must be taught.

Then Mullen and Sheldon saw them and pulled Mullenling away.

Sheldon was fine at that time.

Mullen is quite famous for fighting in school.

The group did not dare to move.

Think of it as saving Mullenling that time.

Since then, Mullenling has been particularly good to Sheldon and Mullen, and she has become friends instead.

I did not secretly buy cigarettes for Mullen, and brought that kind of egg cakes to Sheldon.

Later in high school, she was admitted to the third middle school, which was the bottom of the county.

In addition, I didn’t have a mobile phone in high school, so I didn’t have much contact. During the American New Year, everyone got together to chat and talk.

“When did you come back, why didn’t you send me a QQ!”

Mullenling grumbled.

“I have been back for a few days, but I have been wandering around in the county town. I am also about to ask Mullen for your phone number!”

Sheldon smiled.

This is the truth, it’s just these people for my birthday.

“Hmph, you haven’t forgotten me. By the way, don’t you even watch our junior high school group? Aoao, I forgot, the junior high school class group didn’t seem to bring you in. Today, it’s our class Chen Chao’s birthday What he meant was that the classmates haven’t been together for a long time. On this birthday, let everyone gather for a meeting. Not only her, but also our junior high school class teacher and English teacher will also go. Will you go with me? “

Mullenling said.

“Ms. Wang, is he going too? He seems to have retired this year!”

At first mention of Chen Chao, Sheldon almost forgot his name.

However, Mr. Wang Changgui, the head teacher, Sheldon is still fresh in his memory.

He is a very kind teacher who teaches American.

At that time, Sheldon had a hard time at home and couldn’t afford to pay for textbooks. On both occasions, Teacher Wang paid for himself.

Another time it rained heavily and I didn’t have an umbrella. Teacher Wang rode a car to drive him home.

This scene is still fresh in my memory.

In the first two years of college, every time his parents sent money, Sheldon frugal and saved. When he returned home during the New Year, no matter how expensive he was, he would buy something to visit Teacher Wang.

Only in the past two years, Sheldon’s own tuition became a problem, and he was destitute and unable to go.

“I heard that Teacher Wang got a serious illness last year? Is it okay?”

Sheldon asked.

“It’s alright long ago, otherwise why would I attend Chen Chao’s birthday party this time!”

Mullenling said, “Don’t ask, you can see you when you go! Teacher Wang was optimistic about you and Mullen at that time. If you go, he will be very happy! And today I will meet at 8 o’clock, Teacher Wang I must go early, I want to chat with us more!”

“O’ao is good, but I don’t have time to participate in this party!” Sheldon said in embarrassment.

“Ah? What are you up to? Cut, don’t worry, this time Chen Chao’s treat, if there is an AA, wouldn’t I be there?”

Mullenling seemed to see Sheldon’s mind.

Of course it’s not a matter of money.

But Sheldon has to celebrate his own birthday today.

But if she refuses like this, Mullenling is nothing. The key is that she informs herself. If she knows not to go, she will feel sorry for Teacher Wang.

“Well, I really don’t have time today, I originally wanted you to celebrate my birthday!”

Sheldon said, “In this case, how about I go to meet Teacher Wang and talk, and then I will come back!?”

“Ah? You are celebrating your birthday? This is embarrassing. Okay, I don’t think so. Let’s go together, say hello to Teacher Wang and the others, talk, and then we will come back together and give it to you. What about Mullen, have you notified him?”

Mullenling said quite righteously.

“I’ve been notified, but he has to come almost noon. He has just opened there, and the employees have not had time to recruit. There are too many things!”

Cooper Family.

“Okay, alas, but Mullen is so powerful now. My dad used to look down on their home. As a result, just yesterday, my dad was carrying some gifts to give them gifts!”

Mullenling said enviously.

Sheldon didn’t say anything, just nodded.

After it’s settled, it’s almost eight o’clock.

Sheldon and Mullenling rushed directly to a restaurant in town.

Sheldon This is a village in the town, not far from the main street of the town.

The two walked away.

At this moment, in front of the hotel, many former junior high school students have already arrived.

People are chatting together.

The class reunion is not like this, the meeting is unspeakable and cordial.

Talk about the status quo and recall the past.

“Look, Xiaoling is here!”

Some students pointed to Sheldon and Mullenling.

“Huh? That’s Sheldon, right? Damn, Sheldon is also here today?”

“Hahaha, yes, I thought Sheldon had disappeared. I didn’t expect to see him at this party!”

“Oh, I heard people say that Sheldon was very unhappy in college, and he couldn’t afford to pay the tuition! Who can tell me that once I went to Roston to have a meal with a friend and hit Sheldon in the back kitchen. It’s the plate! I’m not ashamed to say hello to him!”

“Hehe, after all, I don’t have money, so I can’t do any work!”

When everyone saw Sheldon, they chatted with a smile.

Among them, there is a girl with the most outstanding temperament in the audience, who is also chatting with a few sisters.

I saw someone talking about Sheldon.

Her delicate body trembled slightly, and then looked towards Sheldon with a blush on her face.

“Hey, Wang Xue, have you ever been in a relationship with Sheldon before? I remember what you talked about!”

A girl covered her mouth and smiled.

“Don’t talk nonsense, when did we talk?” Wang Xue’s face turned red.

“I definitely talked about it, I remember you often write letters, and you are very close to Sheldon!”

The girl said again.

“No!” Wang Xue said softly.

“Don’t deny it, you forgot, Mullen stabbed people, isn’t it because…cough cough, let’s not say it!”

The girl seemed to say something bad, and hurriedly stuck out her tongue consciously and embarrassingly.

Wang Xue didn’t say anything.

“By the way, Wang Xue, are you still talking with the guy who beat Sheldon?”

Some girls also asked.

“I won’t talk long ago…” Wang Xue blushed.

Then, like the other girls, Wang Xue also raised her head and looked at Sheldon, who hadn’t seen him in six years…

Chapter 292

After Sheldon walked over, he greeted the students who came to say hello one by one.

I also saw Wang Xue.

He couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.

Yes, Wang Xue was talking about Sheldon in junior high school at that time… No, I can’t talk about it. In short, it’s a relationship similar to dating.

Very ambiguous.

It was because of Wang Xue that Sheldon was spotted by the school’s little bully Liu Yang.

Liu Marcella fancy, so we must beat Chen song.

What happened later is well known. Wang Xue and Liu Yang are together.

On the way here just now, Sheldon was still thinking, won’t Wang Xue be here today?

It would be embarrassing if she met.

Hate, really hate.

Mullen and Sheldon did this for her, but in the end, she walked with their rivals.

Mullen gave up his studies for nothing.

The reason is embarrassing.

Sheldon didn’t know what kind of attitude to face her!

Because before that incident, the two of them were fine. After that incident, it was really strange to say that they never said a word.

Revenge on her?

But when you think about it carefully, who she is with is the choice of others, and what do you care about yourself?

The real account should be settled by Liu Yang.

Right now, Sheldon still chose to ignore it.

“Haha, it’s so ruthless, Sheldon didn’t come to say hello to you, but Wang Xue, did you find out? Sheldon seems to have a good temperament now! And he is dressed so well! He looks handsome!”

A girl snickered.

Wang Xue adjusted her haircut, and she felt somewhat uncomfortable when she heard others praise Sheldon.

It felt like hitting her in the face.

After all, Sheldon was also a person who was abandoned by him. Now that Sheldon has become better, he is of course uncomfortable.

“Yeah, it’s handsome!”

Simply deal with it now.

“Hey, the class teacher and Teacher Yang are here!”

At this time, someone shouted.

A car stopped, and from the back of the car, an old man in his 60s came down.

It is the teacher Wang Changgui, the head teacher.

And the driver was a 27 or 18-year-old, mature, s*xy, beautiful and temperamental young teacher. It was Yang Ke, the English teacher who brought Sheldon to their third grade.

At that time, Yang Ke was only 22 years old, the kind who had just graduated, and replaced Sheldon in their grade.

But because of her beauty and youth, she soon became one with the students in the class.

Sheldon just glanced at Yang Ke, and didn’t even say hello.

It’s Teacher Wang.

Sheldon ran over and helped him out of the car.

“Sheldon, it’s you, this kid, why haven’t heard from these two years?”

When Teacher Wang saw Sheldon’s wrinkled face, he was surprised and delighted, and grabbed Sheldon’s arm, a little excited.

To be honest, at the time, Teacher Wang took too much care of himself and Mullen.

This kind of Sheldon has not forgotten.

He quickly explained a few times.

“Hehe, Sheldon, why are you here? Seeing how you look now, what kind of job did you look for? The people who wear them look like dogs!”

As for Yang Ke, after six years, he glanced at Sheldon faintly.

A look of sarcasm.

The specific thing was because Mullen had collided with her, and then she hated Sheldon and Mullen. Of course, regardless of Sheldon’s business, the so-called friend of the enemy is also an enemy.

Who made Mullen have a good relationship with Sheldon?

So in the future, some things like making things difficult, can be used to Mullen and Sheldon, two poor boys in the class, dare to fight against themselves?

This is why Sheldon glanced at her.

Sheldon glanced at her and said nothing.

Teacher Wang said at this time: “Sheldon, you are also old and can drink alcohol. Let’s continue this matter today. Have a good drink with the teacher?”

“Teacher Wang, wait…”

Sheldon was about to speak.

“Yeah! There are so many classmates here, it really gave me Chen Chao face today, come, come, I have arranged all the above, everyone will go into the box to chat?”

Chen Chao said.

I saw Teacher Wang and Yang Ke right now.

Chen Chao came over and smiled: “Teacher Wang, Teacher Yang, go in and sit, huh? Are you here too? Okay, let’s go in together?”

Seeing Sheldon, Chen Chao was a little surprised.

But just said hello casually.

“Marcella, come here, haven’t you seen our class teacher coming?”

At this time, Chen Chao greeted Wang Xue.

Just as Wang Xue came over, Chen Chao held her hand.

Some junior high school students who didn’t know it were taken aback.

Oh my god, it turns out that Wang Xue is already with Chen Chao now?

Sheldon didn’t expect it either.

Keep staying, it’s a bit embarrassing.

But Teacher Wang is holding his hand now, and he can’t just leave.

Go up and talk to Teacher Wang.

Sheldon thought.

After everyone came to the box, the students talked about everything.

In general, I introduced my current situation.

Among them, the best mixed up is naturally Chen Chao.

Before he finished high school, he went out to work and learned from an uncle.

Now, relying on the wealth of my family, I bought two big cars and started a small-scale logistics company.

It’s the most awesome in the township. No wonder Wang Xue would choose to be with Chen Chao.

“Tsk tusk tusk, Marcella is together with Brother Chao, it’s a blessing to be the wife of the boss, haha!”

“That’s right, Marcella is so beautiful, it’s no wonder that she is so lucky!”

The students envied.

“By the way, Sheldon, what are you doing now?”

At this time, Chen Chao set his sights on Sheldon.

In junior high school, the two did not have much intersection.

But, Chen Chao also knows about Sheldon and Wang Xue.

The so-called ex-boyfriend is extremely jealous when he sees the current boyfriend, Chen Chao is like that.

The main reason is that Sheldon is dressed too well now, better than himself.

So now is a tentative question.

Teacher Wang also looked at Sheldon.

“I am doing some business by myself now!”

Cooper Family.


“Hahaha, my God, Sheldon actually does business?”

Some female classmates burst into laughter.

“What kind of business, don’t you know how to sell socks at night markets? Haha?”

“Haha, it’s true. When others do business, you also do business. Sheldon is not what we call you. People need to be self-aware. If you are like you, find a place to work!”

It was Yang Ke who was talking, and everyone sneered at this moment: “It’s not that I look down on you and Mullen, who is called Mullen. Don’t look at you two with good grades, but in society, they are the bottommost existence. Why? Because you two want to have no connections, and no background at home, I heard that your buddy Mullen, should you fix the car now? Haha…what’s the future of doing that!”

Yang Ke smiled contemptuously.

“No, sir, Mullen is so big now, he has opened a large automobile trade company. I heard someone say the other day!”

“Yeah, I heard that too. I took it all and let the Dreamers Group invest!”


Yang Ke listened, and suddenly felt dull on his face, but he still said, “So what? It won’t be long before people will withdraw their capital and have to get back to repair the car!”

“Okay, okay, by the way, Chen Chao, didn’t you tell Mullen to have a party today?”

Seeing the awkward atmosphere, Teacher Wang hurriedly changed the subject.

“O’ao, no, I have no contact with him!”

Chen Chao put down his teacup and sneered.

“I just contacted him. Originally, not only Chen is over his birthday today, but one of our classmates is celebrating his birthday!”

At this moment, a girl suddenly said.

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