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Chapter 293

Sheldon’s Car

“What? We still have classmates birthday today?”

Chen Chao raised his eyebrows and smiled.

The female classmate said, “Yes, today is Li Kai’s birthday, haha, I also called Mullen, he didn’t have time, plus this is not a super brother treat!”

Li Kai is also a junior high school classmate.

People were pretty straightforward, and their academic performance was the last one in the class.

I opened a cement factory at home, because I didn’t study that material, I went home to work directly after graduating from junior high school.

At this moment, everyone looked at Li Kai.

“fu*k, Kaizi, why don’t you say anything on your birthday today? This is embarrassing, haha!”

Chen Chaodao.

“Yeah, Li Kai, it turns out that today is also your birthday! Come on, add Li Kai’s Instagram, and send you a birthday red envelope!”

A crowd of boys and girls echoed.

Teacher Wang smiled and said: “Why don’t you give gifts for your young birthdays? Remember that when I was as old as you, you had to make your own gifts to give them! Now that we have Instagram, it is really convenient!”

“Of course, sir, birthdays, marriages, if you follow the guys, a red envelope will be solved!”

The girls laughed.

“Li Kai, you added it on Instagram, and received the red envelope!”

“Okay, okay, thank you classmates! My birthday is pregnant month, I didn’t expect to catch up with Brother Chao!”

Li Kai was really flattered when he saw his classmates treat him so well, and thanked him again and again.

“Then it’s a coincidence today. Li Kai was pregnant for a month and collided with Brother Chao’s birthday, but don’t forget, in junior high, who was on the same day as Chen Chao’s birthday?”

Seeing that everyone gave Li Kai red envelopes, Mullenling hurriedly said.

“Who? I really don’t remember!”

The students are puzzled.

“Hmph, of course it is Sheldon. Today is Sheldon’s birthday. He is on the same day as Chen Chao, and Li Kai is added today. They have three birthdays.”

Mullenling said.

“Aoao, Sheldon also has his birthday today!”

The students nodded to show that they knew.

But no one spoke.

“By the way, Brother Super, I heard that there are activities in Koizumi Town in the afternoon, let’s go and play together, my dad said, there is a lot of fun over there!”

A girl broke the silence with a cheerful opening.

“Yes, Koizumi Town is quite lively over there, let’s go and play together!”

Everyone also agreed.

“There must be no problem on my side. Let’s count the cars. In the afternoon, Mr. Yang, you will also go. Let’s see if we can carry them all together. We will save the rental car!”

Chen Chao proposed.

Then everyone started counting the number of people.

There are enough cars.

But after counting and counting, one person was left unable to get in the car.

“It’s embarrassing. There is one more person, and it is not worth renting a car for one person!”

Said a girl.

“Cough cough, then Sheldon don’t go, he still has to do business, otherwise we will take Sheldon to go, it will delay people’s business!”

A boy smiled.

“That’s right, Sheldon don’t go, haha!”

“I’m not going, you can just go and play, Teacher Wang, I just came to see you today. I wanted to invite you to my birthday banquet. It’s inconvenient. After these two days, I’ll visit again. I There’s something else, you have to go first!”

Sheldon came to Teacher Wang and said.

“Little Sheldon, that’s okay, go ahead if you have anything!”

Teacher Wang also saw everyone ridicule Sheldon, knowing that Sheldon could not sit still, so he said.

Then he glanced at Mullenling.

Mullenling nodded, and after talking to Teacher Wang, she was about to leave.

“I’ll wipe it, now I’m leaving, what do you mean by visiting Teacher Wang today? Are we classmates not classmates anymore?”

Some girls were dissatisfied.

“That’s right, didn’t I give you a red envelope? As for it!”

“Sheldon, I have to explain this to you. It’s not that I don’t want to send you a birthday red envelope, but I just don’t want to add you to Instagram, hahaha!”

“fu*k, these words are too vicious!”

Everyone laughed again.

Originally, teasing Sheldon is everyone’s greatest pleasure.

Sheldon didn’t say anything. After all, it is easy to slap them in the face, but Sheldon still disdains to do such vulgar things.

Therefore, I left with Mullenling right now.

As for Wang Xue, looking at Sheldon leaving behind, shook her head.

In fact, although Wang Xue didn’t say a word, she was observing Sheldon throughout the process.

I feel that Sheldon’s performance on the wine court is far worse than Chen Chao.

I didn’t choose him at the beginning, so I was right!

“It’s so irritating, Sheldon, look at what they said, and that Yang Ke. Up to now, it’s not pleasing to your eyes. I’m really drunk. If the relationship is not good, I will spray them for you. Up!”

Mullenling’s chest was undulating.

“What are you doing so angry with them!” Sheldon said while leading Mullenling back.

Less than twenty minutes.

The two returned to the village.

“Sheldon, are you at home for your birthday? Do you want me to cook for you? I can make noodles now, I will make longevity noodles for you!”

Mullenling said.

It seems that I am worried that Sheldon’s self-esteem has been hurt today, after all, he called Sheldon away.

He said again, “As for what they said, you should forget it as soon as possible. Anyway, now Mullen is ready to mix, you will go and follow Mullen, and I will follow Mullen. We are still together like the third grade!”

“Okay, the three of us are still together as before!”

Sheldon smiled and patted Mullenling on the shoulder, “But I’m not at home for my birthday this year. We have to go to Xiaoquan Town. I booked a spot in the hot spring scenic spot!”

“Ah? Hot spring scenic spot? Sheldon, you brag, don’t you know that the hot spring scenic spot has been covered by someone, and all the restaurants have been covered!”

Mullenling said hurriedly, “How do you reserve a seat?”

To be honest, Sheldon didn’t know what Chapman contracted all the hotels to do.

According to the budget, there will never be more than 30 people this time.

But he might have his plan, so Sheldon didn’t ask.

At the moment, Sheldon looked at Mullenling and smiled and said, “You’ll know later, let’s go, it’s past eight o’clock, let’s go there soon, I might have to pick up people!”

“It’s true, you, but how are we going now, is it some distance to Koizumi Town?”

Mullenling asked, thinking Sheldon was getting more and more weird.

“Of course I was driving. My car was put in the alley. I drove out and took you with Uncle Wu and Aunt Wu!”

Sheldon raised the key in his hand.

Take Mullenling to the alley.

Mullenling was dumbfounded when she saw the car.

“fu*k, Audi A6, Sheldon, is this your car?”

Mullenling was stunned.

“It’s not mine, it’s the company that drove. As for my car, it will come later!”

Sheldon smiled.

Looking at Mullenling who was a little surprised, said: “You get in the car first, I’ll call Uncle Wu…”

Chapter 294

You Want to Go In and Eat
Sheldon called Uncle Wu, Aunt Wu and Mullenling, and the four drove to Xiaoquan Town together.

It only takes more than 20 minutes to drive.

We arrived at the hot spring area.

What Sheldon didn’t expect was that the hot spring scenic spot at this moment was already crowded with many luxury cars, and many people were there.

There were also many hawkers at the door, selling things.

It’s like the annual meeting.

So lively!

Sheldon was surprised.

Looking around again, from the entrance of the villa to the hotel in the scenic area, a red carpet was spread.

The staff on both sides are still busy.

If it weren’t for Chapman’s car here, Sheldon would have thought it was not for his birthday.

“Oh my god, so many people, Sheldon, where did you book the restaurant? It must be all covered!”

Mullenling still asked puzzledly.

“Yeah, Sheldon, just find a restaurant in our town. I really can’t let your Aunt Wu go back and cook for you. Not only is this place crowded with people, it’s expensive to eat!”

Uncle Wu also said.

“Don’t worry, let’s eat inside!”

Sheldon gave a wry smile.

Now, Sheldon has nothing to hide. After all, today’s banquet was prepared for himself.

Just about to explain to Mullenling and Uncle Wu.

“Grandpa and grandma, why are you here?”

Suddenly, Wu Feng came over with a few young people.

Seeing the old couple, Wu Feng said.

“Fengzi, why don’t you let your grandparents come to have a notice earlier, or ask the people in the scenic spot to arrange to go in, after all, we are just here waiting for the leader to come!”

“Ahem, isn’t this considering that the leaders of the people come to play in their own name, and it is not an official business, how can we let the people in the scenic spot arrange us!”

Wu Feng said, “Aren’t my parents all shopping around here too!”

“Let’s celebrate Sheldon’s birthday, by the way, where are your parents?”

Uncle Wu said.

“Puff? To celebrate Sheldon’s birthday, why are you here? This is all covered!”

Wu Feng glanced at Sheldon.

The temper of grandparents, Wu Feng, knew that they were all kind of real farmers.

This Sheldon is not bad, here is obviously wrapped up, Sheldon actually took the old couple who didn’t know anything to celebrate their birthday.

In front of his colleagues, Wu Feng felt particularly ugly.

“Parents, why are you here?”

At this moment, the boss, the second and third, and Wu Jie and Wu Qian came over here.

The boss said very puzzled.

Today’s things are like this. I already knew that the scenic spot was going to hold a big event. It is said that it was a big guy celebrating his birthday and invited stars and the like, so everyone came to play.

After all, it’s not just for fun, maybe you can also take the opportunity to meet a few powerful friends, and you can expand your network.

So, almost all of them came with their whole family.

“Hmph, how else can I come here? It was carried by this Sheldon!”

Right now, Wu Feng angrily told everyone what had happened.

“Hehe, I really can’t help myself. I don’t see where this is or what day it is today. If you can, I have to enter the scenic spot for my birthday!”

The second sister-in-law now sneered holding her shoulders.

If Sheldon could get in today, it wouldn’t be much better than his daughters. How could this be possible, haha!

“Yeah, Sheldon, I thought you were looking for a restaurant in the town. I didn’t expect you to come to Koizumi Town and say it earlier, so we brought the two elders with you, and use you to show off!”

The third sister-in-law is also Tao.

“Okay, okay, don’t talk about it, today Sheldon’s birthday, if you say we are invited to dinner, I think you are fine, Sheldon will find a good restaurant later, let’s go to Sheldon’s birthday!”

Uncle Wu said.

“Ah? Dad, we are not free, just now some of your son’s comrades in arms have also come. We have made an appointment to eat together, or you can follow us, dad!”

Sister-in-law said at the moment.

Looking at Wu Feng again, he said, “Xiaofeng, Xiaojie, you guys go to work quickly, don’t waste time here, if your leader comes later, you will have a little vision and be more active!”

Wu Feng and several other colleagues nodded seriously, and this matter really made them take it seriously.

After a glance at Sheldon, he disappeared.

As for Wu Qian, she has been standing behind and watching Sheldon secretly.

Just now, the three aunts and their mothers mocked and ignored Sheldon many times.

If it had been before, Sheldon would have bowed his head in shame.

However, since knowing that Sheldon has something to do with the scenic spot, Wu Qian has discovered that Sheldon just smiles and faces everything.

As if all the sarcasm didn’t matter.

Why is he so confident?

Where does this confidence come from?

Could it be that Sheldon is really strong?

It was this unspeakable feeling that kept Wu Qian worried. She was now so scared to hear any good news from Sheldon, so she didn’t tell her parents what happened that day.

Until now Sheldon came and threatened to eat in, Wu Qian was really worried!

“Old Wu? Call, it’s really you!”

At this time, an old and powerful voice rang.

Sheldon looked up and saw an old man walking towards this side with a family of four.

“Pharaoh, I didn’t expect to meet you here!”

Uncle Wu also said excitedly.

The family of four behind Lao Wang also came up to say hello.

When Sheldon saw the two people behind the middle-aged couple, he was taken aback.

Isn’t it just Wang Min and Wang Xiao.

“I let my two children go on a blind date two days ago, and I don’t know how it turned out. I asked Xiaomin this child, but Xiao Min didn’t say anything. I still want to inquire, what’s the matter with Sheldon? Isn’t it disgusting with my daughter? what!”

Pharaoh smiled.

“Dad, don’t talk about Sheldon. It may be that he feels that he is poor and is not worthy of our daughter, so he retreats when he is in trouble. Don’t make things difficult for others!”

Wang Min’s mother stood up and said at this time.

Unexpectedly, the old man would talk about his daughter’s blind date as soon as he met.

Do you still need to talk about this matter?

She definitely disagrees with 10,000 people, really when her granddaughter can’t get married?

“Ahem, Pharaoh, this is Sheldon, and I am still wondering what happened that day!”

Uncle Wu pointed to Cooper Family.

“What? That’s him?”

Wang Min’s mother suddenly stopped talking a little embarrassed.

Just glanced at Sheldon faintly.

As for Wang Xiao, he came to Sheldon in surprise and joy.

“Sheldon, let’s meet again!”

Sheldon smiled faintly.

When Wang Min saw this scene, he was still a little embarrassed, as if Sheldon was much better to his sister than to himself.

“Parents, look at that, isn’t that Sheldon!”

At the moment, on the other side, a girl pointed to Sheldon and said while walking here.

“Huh, what about him? I guess I want to come to see you!”

After hearing the words, the middle-aged said in a cold voice.

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