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Chapter 297

“Lamborghini Reventon! I’m going! It costs more than 20 million!”

Everyone was shocked.

Rambo stopped quickly, and Mullen took Su Ting down in the car.

Throw the key to Sheldon: “The car is back for you!”

Sheldon asked Li to smile two days ago.

After all, I don’t have a car anymore, and I always have a car to travel, so Mullenji drove back.

He smiled and patted Mullen on the shoulder, and then a few people went in.

“So this car belongs to Young Master Sheldon! This is no wonder!”

Everyone envied.

The next step is to take pictures, and then the birthday party.

According to what Chapman said, this standard is a world of difference compared to that of his sister Alicia.

This Sheldon understands, but he can’t really go to a small island like his sister!

The birthday party lasted until more than three o’clock in the afternoon.

An episode occurred during this period.

That’s because Sheldon called Myla several times, and Myla said she was coming, but she didn’t come.

It took several times to get through.

Myla, not very emotional, told Sheldon that she could not come.

Sheldon talked and asked if something happened?

Myla hung up the phone without saying.

Sheldon didn’t think too much about it. If you don’t come, don’t come. It’s in Sheldon’s mind.

Until today this matter is almost busy.

Because Sheldon drank a lot of wine, he went to the room in the scenic area to rest for a while.

“What are you doing, you can’t go in!”

“I am Sheldon’s elder, my surname is Jiang!”

The middle-aged man said to the bodyguard.

Yes, this person is Jiang Weidong.

He just begged his former subordinates for a long time before letting him in.

After coming in, Jiang Weidong of course wanted to see Sheldon.

Two reasons.

First, he offended Sheldon and believes that he will spread like wildfire soon. At that time, I am afraid that his section chief will also be unsteady. After all, he is too much.

Second, if you come in licking your old face this time, you can beg Sheldon’s forgiveness, maybe there is still hope that the official will resume his post.

This time Jiang Weidong went out.

It’s sad enough to think about it. Sheldon actually knew so many big men. If he didn’t offend him, he might have a bright future.

Although I don’t know how Sheldon family got up.

But Jiang Weidong can’t think about that much now.

“I want to see Sheldon, please pass it on!”

Jiang Weidong said.

Behind him was Tang Lan Jiang Ranran.

The bodyguards didn’t dare to be careless either, in case it was really Sheldon’s elders, it would be troublesome.

After entering, I told Sheldon about the incident.

Then the bodyguard came out.

“Sheldon is resting now. If you want to see you, just wait!”

The bodyguard gave Jiang Weidong a cold glance.

“Yes Yes Yes!”

Jiang Weidong could only nod his head.

Half an hour passed…

One hour passed…

After five full hours, it was almost nine o’clock in the evening.

Jiang Weidong was still waiting, his legs trembling.

“You don’t need to wait anymore, Young Master Sheldon is eating, and he told you to go back first, and talk about it later!”

The bodyguard went in again and came out.

The corner of Jiang Weidong’s mouth twitched.

He understood that Sheldon deliberately made things difficult for him.

Who made me let them, father and son, wait for a full five hours downstairs…

At the same time, this evening, on the road from Yanjing to Roston.

An extended version of the Rolls-Royce Phantom is galloping.

In the back seat of the car, a woman with light makeup but dressed like a lady is closing her eyes and resting. No, she can’t be said to be a woman. It should be said that she actually looks like a girl who just got off campus. Girls who have recently entered society.

“Is it coming soon?”

The girl opened her eyes slightly, and said lightly, but her eyes were always looking at the scenery outside the window.

“Miss, I’m almost in Roston City!” The driver, Jian Mei Yingmu, replied respectfully at this moment.

“Let the cars behind catch up as soon as possible!”

The girl ordered again.

Afterwards, the driver was seen speaking a few words into the intercom.

Behind the Phantom, a whole team of Maybach vehicles appeared in an instant, with more than 20 vehicles.

The passing vehicles couldn’t help but get away.

“Roston City, Roston University, these two places that once filled me with shame and humiliation, haha, I’m back!”

The girl thought of the past, and at this moment, she clenched her fists.

Because of the strong force, the sharp nails are all white.

“Miss, and Miss is going to study at Roston University, haha, by the way, she is your school girl!”

The driver who drove respectfully said, “I heard that seniors are holding a thesis defense in the past two days. Do you still go back to school to defend it?”


The girl cursed, then closed her eyes.

Boom boom boom…

A group of convoys entered Roston.

Besides Sheldon, Sheldon was already up early the next morning.

Things are almost handled here, and Sheldon should take time to go back to school.

The summer vacation of nearly three months is said to be long or short, not to mention that in two days, the university’s defense will begin.

So Sheldon planned to return to Roston today.

This is one of the reasons why Mullen drove his car back.

I went back and said goodbye to Uncle Wu and Aunt Wu. Of course, it was the second sister-in-law who took Sheldon’s hand and kept sending Sheldon into the car. They also ran with Sheldon to the entrance of the village until Sheldon’s car was out of sight. Then, the second sister-in-law and the others reluctantly returned.

“Sheldon, this child is really getting better and better. As a child, I will say, Sheldon, this child will grow up, he will become a great weapon. What do you think?”

The second sister-in-law said when everyone met…

On the way, Sheldon answered the phone.

It was from the head of the house, Vern.

“Sheldon, when will you return to Roston?”

“This is on the way!”

Sheldon said.

“Haha, Liyan and I have arrived! We are in the dorm now!”

“fu*k, you don’t have to work hard for the postgraduate entrance examination? So early? Don’t you accompany you more?”

Sheldon smiled bitterly.

“My partner has already returned to school to prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination. Besides, our school’s thesis defense is earlier. I target their school not so early! Of course, my cousin came to Roston University to study, and I accompanied her here! Bin! My cousin came here to study too, and it just so happened that we both came early!”

Vern said.

“Okay, I’m going back exactly today, let’s talk when we meet!”

After hanging up the phone.

Sheldon slammed on the accelerator.

After the junior year, some of the senior students have internships, some stay in school for postgraduate entrance examinations, and some departments have to study for another three months.

Vern and Liyan also plan to take the postgraduate entrance examination, of course, Sheldon also plans to take the entrance examination.

During this time, I took time to study.

I haven’t seen him for more than two months. Sheldon really missed Vern and Liyan.

Soon after nine o’clock, Sheldon drove to the campus.

Sure enough, today seems to be the first day of military training for new students, and there are many new faces in military uniforms.

“Wow, it’s said that Roston University’s rich son, brother, really hey, look at it, what kind of sports car is that?”

As soon as Sheldon drove to the door, many little girls immediately attracted attention…

Chapter 298

Marcella’s Sister

“Is this a rich or young car?”

More and more people gathered around to watch.

Sheldon, although Sheldon’s identity is no longer a secret, it is really embarrassing to let him get out of the car like this.

Forget it after thinking about it, stop driving into the campus.

He turned his head and drove the car directly into the grove where he had parked before.

Then he walked in.


At this moment, Sheldon saw a little girl in military uniform.

Somewhat surprised at the moment.

As for this girl, she was obviously surprised to see Sheldon.

But the next moment, she smiled with an inexplicable sneer on her face:

“Hehe, what a coincidence, I actually saw you!”

“Have you been admitted to Roston University?” Sheldon asked immediately when he didn’t expect to see her.

“Yeah, how about it, Senior Sheldon, if you can’t think of my grades, you can also enter your Roston? Haha!”

The girl looked at Cooper Family.

The girl in front of her, her name is Yang Lu, is not someone else but Marcella’s sister.

As Marcella’s boyfriend, he had naturally met Yang Lu before.

He gave Sheldon the impression that she was a crazy girl. She often skipped classes in high school. By that time, she had already learned to go to nightclubs, and she had tattoos on her arms and smoking.

Standard social woman.

Not to mention learning, it’s a mess.

I remember when she came to Roston to look for Marcella for the first time, Marcella and Sheldon didn’t have much money. In order to let their sister have fun, Sheldon and Marcella both went to work part-time.

Marcella also asked Sheldon to help Yang Lu with his homework.

As for Yang Lu, the first sentence when I saw Sheldon was: Sister, why did you find such a poor brother-in-law, you want money without money, you want a background without background, really low!

Of course, Sheldon wouldn’t care about her at that time.

In short, from that time on, Yang Lu looked down on Sheldon.

I’ve seen it several times in the future. She would come to visit Marcella every year before the holiday.

It’s very familiar.

Sheldon didn’t expect her to be among the freshmen at the beginning of the university!

“I didn’t expect it!” Sheldon gave a wry smile.

“Sister Lulu, who is this?”

Yang Lu asked a few sisters next to her.

“Hehe, my sister’s ex-boyfriend, a dick!”

Yang Lu said.

Obviously, Marcella didn’t tell Yang Lu too much.

As for Sheldon, after chatting a few words, he didn’t want to talk anymore, and wanted to leave.

But still couldn’t help but stop.

He raised his head and asked, “Your sister…Marcella, how is she?”

In that incident, Marcella dropped out of school because he couldn’t stand the humiliation.

In fact, to be honest, these were all she asked for. After all, Marcella did some things too much, but thinking about it, because of this, it ruined people’s future, this punishment was a bit too much.

After all, everyone has the right to choose. Why is it right to choose oneself?

Therefore, Sheldon feels guilty towards Marcella.

“Heh bastard, let me tell you, my sister is okay, and you just walk and see, if you dump my sister, you will suffer the consequences!”

Yang Lu waved her small fist, more domineering than before.

“Okay, that’s good!”

Sheldon smiled faintly, and then left.

And looking at Sheldon’s back.

The mocking smile at the corner of Yang Lu’s mouth seemed to grow stronger.

“Sister Lulu, is he Sheldon you were looking for?”

The sisters asked softly at this time.

“It’s not that I’m looking for her, it’s my sister who is looking for him. I don’t know exactly how this guy hurt my sister. Anyway, it’s true that he is finished this time!”

Smiled coldly.

At the moment, Yang Lu took out her mobile phone, found a call, and dialed it…

And Sheldon had already arrived at the dorm at this time.

“Sheldon, welcome back!”

When Vern and Liyan saw Sheldon, a big bear hug came.

Sheldon was also very happy. Several people chatted with each other.

Sheldon came to school just to see Vern and Liyan.

After all, he has to go back to the company later.

The three brothers were chatting, when the dorm door was opened.

Sheldon was startled.

Because there is a girl standing at the door of the dorm.


The girl looked at Vern and shouted happily.

“Hello, Brother Liyan, this one is Brother Sheldon, right?”

“Hello, this is Sheldon! Are you Vern’s younger sister?”

“Yeah, my name is Yang Xiaoru, brother Sheldon, you are so handsome!”

Yang Xiaoru said with a smile.

“By the way, my brother said he would invite me to dinner with my new roommates. Brother Sheldon, let’s go together?”

Yang Xiaoru said.

It seems that Vern talks to her frequently.

“It’s okay, but it won’t work this time. I have to go back later. Or else, you will eat first, and I will arrange it later in the evening! Please have a good meal!”

Sheldon smiled.

“Ah? That’s not good! Okay, Brother Sheldon, are you busy…”

Yang Xiaoru is quite going to happen, and a look of disappointment flashes in front of her eyes.

But his eyes lit up again: “Then when, Brother Sheldon, are you finished? You have to eat at noon? If you have time, come here! Big deal, we will eat later.”

“That said, yes, I’ll be fine, and I will come over to eat with you at noon! Then I will hurry back now!”

Sheldon couldn’t refuse.

“Okay, let’s go down together. I have to let my brother lead me around! My sisters are still waiting downstairs!”

Yang Xiaoru suggested.

The four went down together.

After coming out, I saw a few girls standing outside the dorm.

It’s only been a day of military training, and everyone’s faces are a little dark.

But a few looks are really good.

Even if it became a black face, it looked pretty.

After greeted them one by one, Sheldon walked with them for a while before leaving school and returning to the company.

“Hey, this student is really good!”

As soon as Sheldon left, a few girls started talking.

After all, the most talked about by college girls who have just entered school is nothing else, but which man in the class grows handsome, which man grows ugly, which senior I saw today is good and so on.

The discussions with the boys are almost the same.

“Yeah, it’s kind of gentle and kind!”

Several other girls also said.

“Then Senior Vern, does Senior Sheldon have a girlfriend?”

A girl asked.

Vern smiled bitterly: “Of course there is, and do you know who Senior Sheldon is? As for this, I didn’t even talk about Xiaoru.”

“Ah? Who is it?”

Yang Xiaoru asked too.

The girls all poked their heads curiously.

“Have you heard of Roston Master Sheldon?”

Vern pretended to be mysterious.

“What? Roston Sheldon? It’s the rich second generation with special leather in Roston. It is said that he is old and rich, and I read the post in the forum. It seems that it is Roston Sheldon’s birthday, and half of State’s big guys have gone. !”

The girls were shocked.

Obviously I have heard of it.

“Hehe, it’s him!”


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