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Chapter 299

“Oh my god, what did we see just now? I actually walked with Roston Sheldon!”

“Brother Vern, is this really fake?”

The girls said in unison.

“Of course it’s true! I can still lie to you, but Sheldonhas always been low-key, and we only learned of his identity soon!”

Vern said with a smile.

“That’s no wonder, walking with Brother Sheldon just now, I always find him very attractive, it turns out he is Roston Young Master Sheldon!”

Everyone said and laughed.

The next topic center is naturally Sheldon.

Vern’s plan is to first lead his younger sister and them around in several campus libraries and swimming pools, and then go to campus for cultural fun.

When strolling around, a few girls couldn’t move.

After all, Roston University is quite big.

“No way, I have to rest, I’m dying of thirst!”

Several girls wailed again and again.

“Thirsty, that’s easy to say, I’ll buy you drinks!”

Vern said.

“I’ll go too!” Liyan saw that it was embarrassing to stay here, so he also followed Vern.

The nearest supermarket, there must be seven or eight minutes of tutorials from here.

Vern bought six bottles of black tea.

Just came out of the supermarket with Liyan.

But I saw two luxury Maybach cars parked at the entrance of the supermarket.

In front of the luxury car, there were seven or eight young people wearing sunglasses.

Staring at Vern and Liyan.

Seeing the two came out, seven or eight young people blocked them.

“What are you doing?”

Vern said.

“Come with us over there!”

The headed young man has long hair and wears sunglasses like a woman, but his cold temperament makes people shudder.

At this moment, he pointed to the wall behind the supermarket and said coldly.

“Why are you going there, we don’t know you!”

Liyan said.

After talking with Vern, I wanted to leave.

The long-haired youth grabbed Liyan’s shoulder at once.

Those people behind even came up, holding Liyan and Vern, and pressing into the wall behind.

There are naturally many people in the supermarket.

Seeing this scene is a little stunned.

After all, it was Maybach who was listening, and none of these people looked like ordinary social people.

So no one dared to mess with, not even a photo.

Ten minutes later.

This group of people came out from behind the wall shaking their necks and wrists.

The headed sunglasses grew hairy, and he wiped the blood from his hands with a tissue, and threw the tissue aside.

A group of people all walked to the supermarket.

In front of a girl who was licking ice cream with her tongue out and giggling.

“Second Miss, it’s done!”

Long hair said lightly.

It seems that whoever is talking to, his voice is very cold.

“Hey, Brother Longmao, it’s been hard work, but it’s a pity that I got my eyes in their side and came back to report early, so that you didn’t stop Sheldon. Damn, it’s really unhappy!”

The girl in front of me, who else could be Yang Lu.

Don’t let Yang Lu arrive at school one day.

But beside her, there are already many younger sisters.

Moreover, in the school, almost rampant, no one dared to provoke.

Just because when school just started, Yang Lu came with the team, very high profile.

Are afraid of her.

“It’s no hard work, I’m honored to do things for Miss and Miss!”

Long hair.

“Okay, then you go back first and wait for my call anytime!”

Yang Lu waved her hand, licked the ice cream and led the people away.

the other side.

“Oh, how come it’s been so long, Chad Hui and brother Bin haven’t come back yet?”

The girls said strangely.

“Who knows, it’s been twenty minutes, why don’t we go find it?”


At this moment.

A girl ran towards Yang Xiaoru and the others.

At first glance, it turned out to be a classmate in the dorm next door.

“Xiao Ru, it’s not good! Just now I went to the supermarket to buy things, and your brother was blocked and beaten by someone!”

Obviously, this girl knew Vern, and she was also there.

“Huh?” Yang Xiaoru shook her body, “Where is my brother now?”

“follow me!”

The girls ran over.

In the past, it turned out that Chad Hui and Brother Bin were lying on the ground at the moment, bleeding a lot.


“Xiao Ru, I’m fine, but these people are really cruel!”

Vern was also a man, and he did not fight less.

Recalling the scene just now, Vern also had lingering fears.

This group of people did it when they came up, and Vern and Liyan would definitely fight back.

But, I was lifted up by that long hair.

With just one kick, Vern felt that it was going to be dark.

Liyan also did not resist a punch.

The next one beats hard.

“Who did it? I’ll call the police!”

Yang Xiaoru cried.

Vern grabbed his hand and said, “Call Sheldon, these people seem to be coming for Sheldon!”

“Okay, I will fight now!”

Yang Xiaoru cried and said.

“Yue Zheng, no, no, no, I should be called Mr. Zheng now, haha, congratulations, now I am the manager of Yunmengshan’s newly developed bar!”

At this time, in the underground garage of a restaurant.

Fredrick was coming out after dinner with Carla.

Now, because of the relationship between Carla and Sheldon, his status has risen rapidly, and now he can be regarded as equal to Fredrick.

She is also the older sister.

In the past two months, Roston has changed a lot. Some of the shops in Yunmeng Mountain have begun to be officially pre-sold.

“What Mr. Zheng, Mr. Chapman, call me Xiao Zheng!”

Carla said with a smile.

“Little Li, go drive and send Mr. Zheng back!”

Fredrick followed five or six bodyguards in black, and said lightly at the moment.

Xiao Li went immediately.

As a result, I waited for a full five or six minutes and didn’t come out and didn’t move.

“what’s the situation?”

Fredrick asked.

The two bodyguards walked to the corner and took a look.


One screamed.

Fredrick’s vigilance was immediately aroused.

About to rush over.

At this time, several Maybachs rushed out, and they ran across the two ends of the underground garage.

The road between Fredrick and Carla was blocked.

Afterwards, many people in black with sunglasses got out of the car.

And the leader was the young man with long hair and sunglasses.

His face is extremely white, and it can even be described as dead white.

It looks more like a hoarfrost.

“Damn! Interesting, really interesting. In Roston, no one dares to treat me like Fredrick. Seeing that you are all fresh faces, where?”

Fredrick calmly lit a cigarette.

After all, it is the top thug and bodyguard under Chapman, and Fredrick has never seen anything.

The long-haired young man pointed at Carla lightly: “Your name is Carla? Come with us!”

As for Fredrick, seeing this young man was really arrogant, completely ignoring his own words.

Now motioned to two men.

The two subordinates immediately rushed forward, but before they got to the front, they were rushed to the ground by the person behind Shao Mao.

Fredrick was startled and threw the cigarette to the ground.

“I have two chances, but I want Carla to go with you, and I will pass the level of Fredrick first!”

After speaking, Fredrick flew up directly.

He punched Long Mao’s face.


There was a sound.

Carla saw that Fredrick, who rushed in front of Long Mao, stopped moving. Then his legs softened and he knelt down slowly.

Only then did Long Mao’s fist hit his face.

Fredrick felt a virtual image in front of him, and the blood was flowing in his mouth.

His face was unbelievable.

But still strenuously, raised his trembling hand, and grabbed the collar of Shaggy.

The button was torn open, and there was a word printed on Shaggy’s chest:


Chapter 300

And now, Sheldon has received a call from Yang Xiaoru, knowing that something is wrong with Vern and Liyan.

Rushed to the hospital immediately.

“What’s the matter?”

Looking at Vern and Liyan who had been beaten seriously, Sheldon asked anxiously.

“We don’t know, it’s a group of people. We fight when we see them. We have never seen them, but it seems that they are coming for you, so I want to remind you!”

Vern said.

Coming for yourself?

Sheldon was surprised.


“Brother Sheldon, my classmates told us that the one who instructed them to beat Gebin Hui was actually a girl in our department. Her name was Yang Lu. She was very domineering. She shouted all those people!”

“What? Yang Lu!”

Sheldon was even more surprised.

He has just listened to Vern and Liyan’s description.

This group of people is not simple, it is not at all comparable to ordinary social gangsters, and this group of people drove a Maybach, well-trained, much like the aura of a family bodyguard.

Yang Lu?

How is this possible, Marcella’s Sheldon also knows, how could there be such a bodyguard?

But in that case, one thing is certain.

That is Yang Lu did come for herself.

Thinking of the triumphant look she looked at herself when she first met her on campus, no wonder she was looking around at the time. It turned out that she had long wanted to avenge herself.

Of course, he and Yang Lu did not hate him.

And it is Marcella who wants to avenge himself?

Yes, when Elsa went to Yanjing before, she told herself that Marcella was very different now.

As for Marcella, when she left because she couldn’t stand the humiliation, she warned herself viciously that she would come back sooner or later!

To be honest, I was indeed ashamed to let Marcella drop out of school because of the bad handling of that matter.

Even if you feel ashamed, Marcella, if you want to retaliate, you should retaliate against yourself. Why don’t you even let Vern and Liyan who are good to you?

At this time, Sheldon received a call.

It was from Chapman.


After Sheldon connected, he was taken aback.

Then he looked at Vern and Liyan and said, “I will see you later, Carla and Manager Chapman Feihong have also had an accident. I have to go and see what’s going on!”

After speaking, Sheldon went directly to another hospital.

Carla was also injured, and Fredrick’s injury was not minor, and the bridge of his nose was broken.

Chapman and Zhao Zixing were all present.

As for Carla, his face was swollen.

Sheldon is almost certainly Marcella.

If I remember correctly, it was Carla who slapped Marcella.

That’s why Marcella held a grudge, and retaliated one by one after returning.

What did Marcella go through?


Zhao Zixing and Chapman came to say hello immediately.

And looking at Fredrick with a haggard face, Sheldon was also extremely surprised.

Because Fredrick is definitely a very good fighter, and there are many under him, but that’s it, he was beaten into the hospital.

How can you not be surprised.

Fredrick is inconvenient to speak.

Chapman told Sheldon the details.

“Sheldon, it is almost certain that it was made by the Yanjinglong family!”

Chapman said.

“Yenching Dragon House?”

This Sheldon has heard of it. Myla seems to have told herself that it was the Yanjinglong family who forced her to make a marriage?

But what does this Long Family have to do with sister Marcella?

“Have someone asked them what they want to do?” Sheldon said.

“I have asked, but the Long Family doesn’t admit these things!”

Chapman said.

The most important thing now is that I have to see Marcella and speak clearly to her.

“You take care of them, and my two buddies, I will take care of this!”

Cooper Family.

Since it was a fire that was set up by myself, I had to put it out by myself.

Sheldon was not afraid of the Long Family.

To be honest, if you are really pressing, you can mobilize the family’s maximum energy, even if the Yanjing Dragon family is very strong, it will definitely make him burn with jade.

It’s just that, after all, it was because she was too cruel to Marcella at the beginning, which made her mentally distorted.

What can we do now?

Just find her!

Sheldon went downstairs.

I called Elsa and asked her for Marcella’s phone number.

“Ah? Sheldon, I don’t know, why did you think of calling me, huh, I thought…dududu!”

Before Elsa had spoken over there, Sheldon hung up the phone.

Elsa didn’t have it, it seemed that only one person had it.

That is Yang Lu.

At the moment, Sheldon drove directly back to school.

And directly rushed to the girls’ dorm, where Yang Lu lives, Sheldon can inquire as long as he can.

Immediately rushed into the third floor.

The auntie in the dorm originally wanted to stop her, but when she saw the car that Sheldon was driving, she knew that Sheldon was worth a lot, and she didn’t dare to move.


There was a sound.

Sheldon kicked the girls’ dorm door open.

“Who? Ah!!!”

Suddenly, a girl shouted in the corridor, and several of Yang Lu’s roommates also covered their chests and shouted in the dorm.

Obviously they were terrified.

“fu*k, pervert, get out!”

The girls are afraid of becoming a ball.

And Yang Lu is smoking on the balcony at the moment.

Seeing Sheldon approaching herself angrily, Yang Lu obviously knew what was going on.

Smoking a cigarette and looking at Sheldon lightly.

“Where is your sister?”

Sheldon asked.

“Why should I tell you?”

“If she comes back, I want to see her!”

Cooper Family.

“Why should I see you, my sister said, she doesn’t want to see you!”

Yang Lu said.

“Don’t force me! My friends, you led the fight?”

Sheldon squeezed Yang Lu’s wrist, the pain made her grin suddenly.

“You, you, you, listen to me first!”

Yang Lu desperately broke away from Sheldon, shook her wrist and said, “I know, you are very puzzled about some things now, are you thinking, when did my sister and I have such great abilities?”

“Well, since you rushed directly into our girls’ dorm today, I can tell you something. You can talk to me downstairs!”

Yang Lu said.

Yang Lu always took Sheldon to a small park.

Only then stood still.

“Sheldon, I didn’t know your true identity until yesterday, huh, you’re so amazing, you are actually Young Master Roston. It’s no wonder that you hurt my sister so deeply, but you don’t think you are more than my sister in comparison. Be cruel, what did we do to you? Just taught your friend to make you sad, and what about you to my sister?”

“Do you know that you almost killed her, leaving me almost without a sister?”

“Me? I almost killed her?”

Sheldon was taken aback, then asked in disbelief.

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