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Chapter 379

Alexandra Is Depressed

“I won’t go!”

Sheldon shook his head.

“Hmph, don’t pull it down, what pretend to be!”

Some female secretaries were dissatisfied.

Then everyone went to Li Liang’s table to toast.

And watching everyone come to toast his boyfriend.

Alexandra glanced at Sheldon who was sitting alone.

As if wanting to see the shame and shame on Sheldon’s face.

You dared to refuse me back then, let’s see, how big is the gap between you and me!

And how big is the gap between you and Li Liang.

Do you really think that if you let you come, do you want to see the world?


Alexandra deliberately wanted to humiliate Sheldon, because the bigger the scene, the stronger the shame in Sheldon’s heart!

The pleasure of this kind of revenge is not usual.

Bell saw Sheldon alone, and Alexandra obviously called Sheldon to come, embarrassing him.

So I wanted to go with Sheldon.

“What are you going to do!”

As a result, Silvia grabbed his arm roughly.

And Bell did not expect Silvia to be like this.

Knowing what Alexandra said just now may have affected Silvia.

So Bell didn’t say anything!

At this time, many people at the neighboring table came to offer drinks to Li Liang and Alexandra.

Alexandra dealt with overwhelmingly, while looking at Sheldon.

The more I look at it, the happier I am.

And this is the time.


Suddenly someone shouted.

It was a middle-aged man who was shouting, himself, he was surrounded by many people, and he seemed to be a very influential figure.

As he yelled, the whole scene fell silent instantly.

Everyone looked at him.

“It’s really Sheldon!”

At this time, another middle-aged man beside the middle-aged man also shouted.

At the moment, about a dozen well-dressed people ran towards the rear seat.

And the person who was rushed was Sheldon.

“Yeah, isn’t that Mr. Guo!”

“Yes, it’s Mr. Guo and the others, how did they go there?”

“Yes, and you see, not only Mr. Guo, Mr. Chapman, Mr. Wang, Mr. Qin, they all passed, and they look pretty happy!”

Naturally, many people at the scene knew Mr. Guo.

To be honest, these bosses are the top ones in the whole party.

What does that mean?

Just like before, when they spoke, everyone had to shut up and listen.

At the moment, everyone looked even more.

And Alexandra’s table was also stunned.

Especially Alexandra, because she had been staring at Sheldon, she could see most clearly when everyone ran over.

A sip of red wine almost choked to death.

“Sheldon? What’s the situation? What status is Guo always? How could he know D silk like Sheldon?”

Alexandra was surprised.

The pleasure of revenge just now is gone.

Some is a touch of tension in my heart.

Bell also saw it, feeling a little excited in her inexplicable heart.

As for Silvia, the jealousy in his eyes is even stronger.

The group of people toasting also looked at what was going on.

“You are?”

And this group of people stood in front of Sheldon, Sheldon looked dumbfounded and didn’t even know them!

“fu*k, what’s the situation, Mr. Guo went to say hello to him, this kid doesn’t know who Guo is always?”

“It’s so mad, are you polite? Who taught it?”

“I’m wondering, did Mr. Guo admit the wrong person? Or, who is the driver of that guy? How could it be possible? Mr. Guo is the most powerful one here today, right?”

Everyone talked a lot.

“Young Master Sheldon, you have forgotten many things, you may have forgotten, you don’t know me, I can know you, haha, this is my business card!”

Mr. Guo smiled happily.

Before, Sheldon couldn’t reach it at all. Now, it’s obviously his home court, and Sheldon actually came to his home court.

Sheldon took the business card and looked at it. Guo always engages in real estate development.

The company name is familiar.

“Sheldon, the last time we met was at Miss Lin’s birthday party, and we also went there! At the time of the development of Ping An County, we won three projects! Haha!”

Mr. Guo said.

“O’ao, I remember, hello, Mr. Guo!”

Sheldon still didn’t remember, but if he continued to struggle with this issue, it would obviously be a bit embarrassing.


“Sheldon, I toast you!”

“Young Master Sheldon, I toast you too!”

At the moment, these bosses brought wine glasses one after another and wanted to clink glasses with Sheldon.

After Sheldon finished drinking.

Mr. Guo invited Sheldon to sit in the front seat, but Sheldon refused to say anything.

Just say it’s nice to sit here.

Seeing that Sheldon was unwilling, Mr. Guo had some regrets, but he did not continue to persuade him.

Sheldon just let Mr. Guo busy with them first. If you have anything, you can communicate later.

Mr. Guo is naturally willing.

After a lap of respect, they left.

Alexandra looked silly.

“How is it possible? How is it possible? How does President Guo know Sheldon? And he looks respectful to Sheldon?”

Today, Alexandra originally wanted to use this big scene to humiliate Sheldon.

Sheldon reported his hatred for shame.

But now, Alexandra was obviously beaten in the face.

And the stronger the revenge, the harder the face hit!

What about Mr. Guo and Mr. Wang, Li Liang was toasting them on behalf of his father at most, and now they collectively toast Sheldon!

Who knows this kind of feeling?

As for Bell, it was bright, and it was obvious that the accident Sheldon gave her was a bit too big.

Even Bell had a somewhat complicated emotion in her heart.

Right now Alexandra didn’t want to drink anymore, and sat down very depressed.

“What the hell is going on? Wenwen, did you hear Mr. Guo and Sheldon just now?”

Alexandra said anxiously.

Bell shook her head.

“I heard a little bit. It seems to be a project in Ping An County, and that is our hometown with Sheldon. They are engaged in big development. Maybe Sheldon and Mr. Guo knew each other at that time?”

Silvia said very upset.

“But, there is no need for President Guo to toast Sheldon?”

Alexandra said anxiously.

It was as if Sheldon had stolen something from her.

“I don’t know. I ask our high school classmates if they know anything? Let me ask!”

Right now, Silvia asked in their class group.

Alexandra waited anxiously.

“I’ll go, someone really knows!”

Silvia suddenly came to his spirits.

He said hurriedly: “It turns out that Sheldon has a very good hairpin. His hairpin is very powerful in Ping’an County. He has set up a large automobile trade and has a very wide network!”

“Ah? That is to say, Sheldon relied on his childhood to know Mr. Guo?”

Alexandra said.

“It must be the case, because some classmates have heard that Sheldon’s hairpin is really awesome!” Silvia said.

“Damn, it scares me to death, and it’s really damn it, why does Sheldon have such good luck?”

Alexandra was still very angry.

At this time, above the venue, the host took the stage.

And the big screen on the stage also showed a very majestic villa.

Everyone didn’t know what it meant to show this big villa, but they were obviously shocked by this villa.

Alexandra also covered her mouth: “I’m going, this villa is so handsome, it’s on the top of the mountain!”

Chapter 380

Bell, Silvia and the others were deeply attracted to the Genting Villa on the display!

“Roston actually has this kind of villa? Wenwen, why haven’t I heard of it?”

Alexandra said in surprise.

Bell also nodded: “I’ve seen it for the first time. However, I seem to have heard about our Roston Genting Villa. It is said that it is worth close to one billion!”


Alexandra bit her lip: “What a tyrant this must be!”

“This is the Genting Villa in Roston. Everyone has seen it. In fact, the purpose of organizing this gathering, I will also make it clear. Hong County, with outstanding people and beautiful scenery! Our group intends to build a Genting Villa in Hong County!”

Mr. Guo said.

The audience was in an uproar as soon as this statement was made.

“If such a magnificent Genting Villa could appear in Hong County, it would be really amazing!”

“I don’t know how much money, but it must be more than five or six billion!”

Everyone said.

Mr. Guo smiled and said, “It’s embarrassing to say it. In fact, we plan to take a close-up shot of the spectacular scenery of Roston Genting Villa, but it’s a pity that you can’t get close to it casually! Therefore, we I selected a few angles and took a multi-directional shot. You can take a look first!”

Mr. Guo is also a master of marketing.

First of all, this kind of villa can only be purchased by the rich, and the strongest publicity channel is also the son of these rich.

Their word of mouth will definitely bring a lot of public opinion and popularity to the upcoming Yvonnen Yunding Villa project.

This is also the biggest purpose of Mr. Guo organizing the gathering today.

Mr. Guo looked at everyone’s surprised expressions, and he was still very satisfied.

Now I cut to another front main picture.

Looking at it from this position, there is a long stairway leading to Yunding.

And it’s a bit surprising.

This picture was taken with people.

Just below the foot of the mountain, full of luxury cars parked.

A team of black-clothed bodyguards, standing with their hands behind each other, stood on both sides.

This kind of scene is definitely only the scene when the wealthy families appear in the movie.

Alexandra obviously cares about this kind of cool and cool Genting Villa.

Look carefully at the characters in the picture.

Because of the black bodyguards on both sides, at this moment, they looked respectfully at a young man who was walking slowly towards the top of the cloud.

It is a pity that because of the shooting angle, all I saw was the back of this young man.

Obviously, this was taken by President Guo when he was celebrating Danna’s birthday.

“Who is this young man?”

“I have to ask, this pomp must be the owner of Genting Villa!”

“Tsk tusk tusk, this is life, life should live like this, it’s so enviable!”

Everyone praised each other.

After watching for a while, Alexandra couldn’t help being taken aback.


However, Alexandra seemed very scared, and did not say anything.

At this time, Bell pulled Alexandra’s arm and said, “Alexandra Alexandra, look at it, the one in the middle, how come you look more like Sheldon? Have you noticed it?”

“Ah? How could it be him? It’s a bit like at best. How could Sheldon afford such an expensive villa!”

Alexandra said.

Really, Alexandra was not mentally prepared at all. What if this person is Sheldon? I guess I will die, haha, how could it be a pity!

“No, I really look alike! Let me ask Sheldon!”

Bell was inexplicably excited.

Now he turned his head and looked towards Sheldon.

And Alexandra also looked towards Sheldon.

However, the two girls were shocked at the same time: “Huh? Where is Sheldon?”

“Still here just now, where did he go?”

Alexandra said.

“Hmph, I know, Sheldon must be staying here with special restraints, so he simply hid, after all, he is still afraid!”

Alexandra seemed to have found a point of venting and said directly.

Bell just shook her head helplessly.

She wanted to call Sheldon now, and wanted to ask where Sheldon was going, but when she saw Silvia’s face that was almost green, she didn’t make the call.

Let’s talk about Sheldon.

Yes, when Mr. Guo said something about Roston Cloud Villa.

Sheldon knew what the theme of Mr. Guo’s party was today.

Stay here, it’s embarrassing.

It’s not good if someone recognizes it.

Especially in front of Alexandra.

So Sheldon walked out early.

After all, I came to play with Bell’s face.

But there is still a lot to do, obviously not for long.

I am ready to go back to my room.

At this time, Sheldon received a call from a subordinate.

“Sheldon, it’s our fault. We had already found the whereabouts of the maid, so we hurried away, but in the end…the old servant was picked up ahead of schedule!”

Now that there is a clue, the subordinates follow the vine and find that maid is not a problem.

But what Sheldon didn’t expect was that even though he had been extremely cautious and sent his subordinates as soon as he got the news, he was still one step ahead!

Let Sheldon hate in his heart.

“Who picked it up?” Sheldon asked.

“At the moment we are still investigating, but we have determined that besides us, there is a group of people who are rushing to find this maid with us!”

“I see. I will quickly increase the number of people. You should investigate as soon as possible!”

Sheldon hung up the phone a little big.

I really don’t know what to do, it is such a trouble to find someone!


And just when Sheldon was about to go upstairs.

Behind him, a girl shouted to herself.

The sound was a bit unexpected.

Sheldon turned around, but also a little surprised.

Because in the lobby of the hotel, many people have already arrived at this moment.

They are all the black bodyguards, wearing sunglasses, with extraordinary momentum.

There are more than 30 people without saying.

If he hadn’t seen the two girls in the group, Sheldon would have thought that his men had arrived!

These two girls are not bystanders, they are Johan Adam and Fang Yi!

“It’s you!”

Sheldon said with a smile.

If you remember well, this should be the second time that you have seen Fang Nunan enter and exit such a big show!

And Sheldon suddenly became sensitive.

It doesn’t make sense. Fang Nun’s and Fang Yi love to study so much at ordinary times, and they don’t give up a lesson. Why today, such a big show rushed to Hong County.

But Sheldon quickly understood something.

Yes, Johan Adamnan and Fang Yi are members of the Fang family.

And so did Fang Mengyu.

The group of people who came to find the whereabouts of Fang Mengyu’s maid should be Jimmy and the others!

“Unexpectedly, I saw you here, what are you doing in Hong County?”

Fang Yi asked puzzledly.

But soon, Fang Yi frowned, looked at each other with Johan Adam, and immediately stared at Sheldon up and down.

While being stared at by the two girls, Sheldon felt a little hairy.

Under what circumstances, did you reveal yourself? No way?

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