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Chapter 377:

Meeting Bell Again

“The old man said that before we looked for him, a group of people came to look for him, asking about the incident 22 years ago. And the whereabouts of the maid!”

Zhu Mingdao.

Sheldon was puzzled.

Who is the one?

I originally thought that my father just let myself find someone so simple, but I didn’t expect this matter to look complicated.

But Sheldon didn’t think too much, and thinking was useless.

What we need to do now is to quickly find the servant.

Immediately, Sheldon made an arrangement, and planned to go to Hong County today, and at the same time make a phone call, so that Tianlong and Dihu will bring people over as soon as possible.

At this time, a message rang from the class group, which was sent by the instructor.

Sheldon looked at…


In a luxury car.

“Miss, although we didn’t find the whereabouts of the eldest before, we finally got an important clue, and that was the whereabouts of the eldest’s personal servant, Asya! Back then, the eldest and Asya used to stay in a hotel… …”

Fang Nuannian listened carefully to the report.

He nodded immediately and said, “Have someone been sent over?”

“We have already sent additional staff, and Miss, there is one thing I need to report to you. That is to inquire about the whereabouts of Miss. It seems that we are not the only group of people. Just now, our people asked the hotel owner to confirm that he Tell us, there are also a group of people looking for, and they are very generous!”

“who is it?”

At this time, Johan Adam frowned slightly.

“Sorry miss, I haven’t found it yet, but I think we should be more cautious!”

Fang Yunan nodded: “Okay, then as soon as possible. By the way, this time I will bring my twelve teachers and aunts into the family. They were vigorous and resolute, and many people were offended. Even if they are looking for it, it should be our side. I’m just looking for home!”

“Subordinates understand!”

Just after Fang Nun’s arrangements, a message suddenly came from the class group, which was sent by the instructor.

Although Fang Nunnan usually doesn’t interact with the classmates.

But the class group is added.

Looked at it now.

It turned out that the instructor was talking about the outing organized by the department tomorrow morning, which coincidentally went to Hong County.

A lot of people went.

The specific person in charge is Wang Xiaopang from the next class.

“This little fat is getting bigger and bigger!”

Looking at the information, Fang Nuan gave a wry smile.

Then I got out of the car and returned to campus.

Speaking of Sheldon, Sheldon did not go back to school, but after talking to the school.

I hurried to Hong County in Shuchuan.

Yvonnen is not too far from Shudu.

Project development is now underway.

As for the manpower arrangement, Zhu Ming has sent some of his men to look for it.

As for Sheldon, because he was in a hurry, he hurriedly brought a few people over.

Su Qiangwei, Zhu Ming and the others, waited for Tianlong and Earthhu to bring people to arrive, and then rushed over.

Sheldon did not have the energy to participate in any outing organized by the school.

After arriving in Hong County and finding a hotel to settle down, Sheldon asked some of his men to contact the group of people.


In the underground garage, Sheldon took his wallet and was about to take the elevator back to his room.

At this time, a female voice suddenly shouted.

Looking back, Sheldon couldn’t help being a little surprised.

It’s Bell.

Next to Bell were Silvia and two other girls.

“I’m going, it’s really Sheldon, what a coincidence!”

When Sheldon turned around, the other girl also said.

Obviously she was surprised to see Sheldonre.

And this girl.

At first, Sheldon didn’t recognize it until she spoke.

“Huh, Sheldon, do you still know me?”

Said the girl. It’s just that there is an inexplicable sense of superiority in his tone.

“Of course, you are Alexandra!”

Sheldon smiled.

Alexandra was also a member of the high school competition team.

I remember that I should be in the same class as Bell, and my academic performance must be very good.

Her character, how can I say, belongs to the kind with very strong youth characteristics.

Some similarities with Murphy.

But it’s not the same.

Alexandra plays very well with many boys. Of course, those boys are either the ruffian who doesn’t study well but have social connections, or they are rich or powerful at home.

It’s a kind of society, crazy to play, but with excellent academic performance.

It is easier to be emotional.

Speaking of which, Sheldon had some unspeakable vignettes with her at that time.

Ha ha!

Now, Alexandra should be with Bell, and both have been admitted to Shudu University.

When I saw Bell the other day, Bell also raised a mouth with Sheldon.

“Ha ha!”

Alexandra glanced at Sheldon up and down.

I couldn’t help but contemptuously said: “I heard Wenwen said that you have come to the capital of Shu, and haven’t left yet? And are you staying in such a good hotel?”

“Hmm, I’ll be leaving in a few days!”

When Sheldon saw Alexandra talk, she felt a little prickly. Could it be that little misunderstanding back then? Does she still remember?

Not so.

However, Sheldon didn’t talk to her much, and turned to Bell and said, “Bell, what are you doing?”

“We are going to participate in a big party here. Alexandra and her boyfriend have an admission ticket, so they come and have fun together!”

Bell is quite good to Sheldon.

Smiled now.

“O’ao, Alexandra has a boyfriend too!”

Sheldon echoed the road.

Alexandra looked at Sheldon triumphantly and rolled her eyes.

“Hehe, do you know who Alexandra’s boyfriend is, the son of the boss of a listed company!”

Silvia said silently.


In order to match Silvia’s tone, Sheldon nodded in surprise.

“Is he the same Sheldon you were talking about in high school?”

At this time, a girl on the side also asked.

She should be Bell and Alexandra’s classmates.

It looks pretty.

Obviously, Alexandra should have told her about her high school.

Because Sheldon saw that this girl looked at herself with a somewhat lazy look.

And I don’t know if I have bubbles on my face.

When the girl saw herself, she curled her lips and looked down.

Bell certainly wouldn’t say anything else, but Alexandra is not necessarily so.

“Hmm, I was, when we were in high school, we were all on the competition team!”

Sheldon still smiled.

“By the way, Sheldon, I haven’t had time to ask you, do you have a girlfriend? If not, I can introduce you to Ao!”

Bell said with a smile.

It seems that Sheldon also has them, but to be honest, Bell doesn’t look like Sheldon, and Bell has no other meaning, just thinking that Sheldon might lie to everyone for the sake of face, so she wanted to find him a girlfriend. .

“Come on, definitely not, hehe, it’s better to let Sheldon consider Yafei, Yafei. Although Sheldon has no money, he is quite honest. Didn’t your mother tell you, I will introduce you to an honest man. If you can listen to you after marriage, don’t look for someone like your ex-husband!”

Alexandra said jokingly.

“Oh, Alexandra, I will get angry if you say that again, you are so bad!”

Concubine Wang Ya had a fight with Alexandra.

Obviously, the second married concubine Wang Ya was not inferior to Sheldon.

When Sheldonard this, he just shook his head with a wry smile.

And this time.

“Alexandra, what are you doing? Why haven’t you come up yet?”

A hearty voice sounded, and a handsome man in a suit came over…

Chapter 378

“Li Liang, don’t you run into a classmate!”

Alexandra waved to Li Liang affectionately, obviously this is her boyfriend.

And Bell said at this time: “Alexandra, didn’t you just say that you still have one more admission ticket in your hand? It happened to be shown to Sheldon. We haven’t seen each other for so many years, and we just sat together. Relive the past!”

“Well…” Alexandra’s eyes rolled: “Okay, then let Sheldon go, and also take Sheldon to see the big scene!”

“Got you a Sheldon, you go with us too!”

Alexandra said.

“Yeah, let’s go, it’s okay!”

Bell pulled Sheldon’s arm and said.


Sheldon nodded and agreed.

If it was Alexandra’s simple invitation, Sheldon would really not go.

But Bell, the relationship is pretty good, plus Sheldon has to wait for news now, and he is indeed idle and idle, so he is going to check it out.

Several people took the elevator together and went directly to the third floor of the hotel.

There is a hall inside.

It is specially used for party PART.

It is a very high-end hotel in Hong County.

Everyone showed their admission tickets and walked in.

A lot of people have come.

This seems to be a gathering of development before a big project is launched.

According to Alexandra’s introduction to Sheldon.

That is, you have no money or power, and you don’t even have the opportunity to show your face.

As for Alexandra’s boyfriend Li Liang, it was obvious that he came in on this occasion.

I knew many people, and after greeting their friends one by one, they sat down at a table.

“What are you doing?”

And Sheldon also sat beside Bell and Silvia.

At this time, Alexandra said.

“What are you doing?”

Sheldon shook his head and smiled bitterly.

“You! Go and sit there for me! Is this where you can sit?”

Alexandra is like a pervert. Since entering this venue, her attitude towards Sheldon has changed too much.

This is the whole thing, the admission ticket was also given by you.

And Sheldon turned his head and glanced at the direction of Alexandra’s finger. The table was in the corner, and the one there should be the driver’s secretary who came to the meeting place today.

Obviously, Alexandra thought she was not qualified to sit at the same table with her.

And Alexandra’s voice also caused everyone around her to focus on her. She was embarrassed in public, which was obviously embarrassing.

Bell was anxious to persuade Alexandra.

But Sheldon didn’t want to see Bell embarrassed, so he gave a wry smile and walked over.

“Alexandra, what’s the matter with you? You treated Sheldon well before, but now why do you treat him like this in public? Didn’t you make him embarrassed in public?”

Bell said anxiously.

“That’s right, I just made him make a fool of himself in public, and let him have a taste of it!”

Alexandra suddenly stared at Sheldon with gloomy eyes.

“Why? Sheldon didn’t offend you either. Don’t tell me it’s because of that little thing in high school!”

Bell’s head is big. After all, Sheldon called it by himself. Now that the two friends are awkward, Bell is of course anxious.

“Little things? Wenwen, do you really think that high school thing is a little thing?”

When Alexandra thought about it, she seemed quite angry in her heart.

“At the beginning, you remember that after we participated in the competition, we took the place and came back. The school invited us more than 20 students to eat in the provincial capital. When we finished eating, there were only a few of us left, so we played Truth or Dare. I lost and I have to choose a person on the scene to confess! Did you forget about that?”

Alexandra said.

“Of course I remember, I knew you didn’t like Sheldon at that time, but to be on the safe side, you confessed to Sheldon, who had just returned from moving things to the teacher. You said, Sheldon, I like you!”

Bell also remembered that incident.

“The result? Sheldon actually said in public that the two of us were inappropriate. Walter was so drunk. Isn’t it possible that this D wire really thought I would like him or not. When I think of him like that, I got angry. That day, the whole class All of my classmates pointed at me and laughed, saying that even Sheldon didn’t like me, and the person I really had a crush on was right next to me, you know, at that moment, I was greatly humiliated!!!”

Alexandra said.

“Ah, do you know why Sheldon said it was inappropriate? Sheldon thinks he is poor and he is not worthy of you! You think too much! And he also thinks that you don’t really like him, so he gets nervous That’s what I said! Don’t you always think that Sheldon is poor, and you refuse to go next to Sheldon in the car. Sheldon is afraid of you!”

Bell hurriedly defended.

“What, this D wire, I must make him regret it, and it’s not just that I think he is poor, Wenwen, don’t you dislike it? Don’t think I don’t know, you liked Sheldon at the time, but it was because of Sheldon. Too poor, so you two can’t go any further, right?”

Alexandra’s mouth really said everything once she opened it.

This remark made Bell’s pretty face blush, which hit Bell’s heart.

And Silvia’s face was not good for an instant, no wonder she had pursued Bell at the time, but Bell refused to agree. It turned out that she liked Sheldon at that time?

Now, let’s look at Bell’s current attitude and concern for Sheldon.

Silvia felt jealous.

It’s completely different. Before Bell was good to Sheldon, Silvia didn’t interfere much, just think Sheldon deserves to be his competitor? How could Bell like Sheldon?

But now, it was directly causing Silvia’s heart to jump suddenly.

There is still such a thing about feelings.

Silvia looked at Bell and saw what Bell blushed at the moment, and he was even more certain.

Alexandra’s words really hit Bell’s mind.

She was right, she really liked Sheldon at that time.

Indeed, because Sheldon has no money, even though Bell tried it, I thought about it, if I really got together with Sheldon.

What do the fellow learners think of themselves? What would you say to yourself?

Still didn’t pass this level, and finally gave up on further development with Sheldon.

But this does not prevent Bell from hope that Sheldon will be better.

Regarding the relationship, once any one of the two parties has concerns, the relationship will be cracked, right?

The atmosphere in the game became more and more subtle.

Sheldon did not hear Alexandra’s conversation with Bell.

A driver next to him said, “Isn’t Mr. Chapman’s son Li Liang next to him? My boss said, today Li Liang is here on behalf of Mr. Chapman. Let us also express in the past. After all, they are all taken from Mr. Chapman. Project! After all, the first level is crushing to death!”

“Yes, our family president Wang also specially explained that, at least we have to toast a glass of wine to express!”

Several driver secretaries discussed.

Li Liang’s family started a company, and the cooperative alliance between some companies is too normal.

So, Du Duo said that this is always okay.

“Okay, since we have explained everything, let’s go over together, lest we have no chance to toast drinks when the meeting starts!”

Said a female secretary.

Immediately these people stood up directly.

“Brother, why don’t you go there too?”

At this time, a driver beside Sheldon patted Sheldon on the shoulder.

Obviously he is treating Sheldon as a driver…

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