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Chapter 383

“Shaoyun, it’s been a long time since I saw you, you said that when you came to see me, you didn’t know how happy I was!”

Chris smiled when he saw Long Shaoyun.

“By the way, Uncle Long at home, are they all in good health? My dad was still talking about it some time ago, so I have time to go to Yanjing and visit Uncle Long!”

“Thanks to Chad, it’s all good!”

Long Shaoyun said.

Chris asked Long Shaoyun to sit down, “What’s the matter, I heard that Uncle Long was taught a while ago? I was locked up for half a month in confinement?”

“Hehe, don’t mention that. I’m very hot when I mention it. By the way, Chad, let’s talk about your affairs. I have brought you people, and you have seen them. These people are from North Africa. All are good hands!”

“I can see that, Shaoyun, the manpower you found for me, I feel relieved!”

“Okay, then wish us success in our actions tomorrow!”


the next day.

Roberson and they all came.

Because Sheldon arranged it last night and asked Roberson to call four or five reliable boys.

Roberson naturally did not dare to be careless.

So arranged for other students to lead the tour, and four or five of them followed Sheldon.

Johan Adamnan and Fang Yi had obviously discussed in advance.

Because today, the two of them, just like before, didn’t talk to Sheldon, they still looked cold.

Xu Yangyang is also here today, but compared to her, she has changed quite a bit.

First of all, she did not pester Liang Fei as before, instead she glanced at Sheldon with a blushing face from time to time.

I don’t know what Sheldon talked with Murphy and Xu Yangyang last time, let her be like this.

But Sheldon’s attention was clearly not on her.

We greeted Roberson, and they were four or five, and they were going to part with their classmates and head to a place called Qingshui Village.

“Stop, Roberson, Sheldon, what are you guys doing? Why don’t you come with us?”

Just when Sheldon was about to drive, a girl ran after him.

The face was puzzled.

“Laura, you have too much control, right? Where are we going, do we need to say hello to you?”

Roberson said.

“Hmph, from the time I got in the car, I watched you sneaky. It turns out that you really are going to other places. Is there something fun, don’t you take us to play?”

Lin Sheng said angrily.

At the same time, he glanced at Sheldon secretly.

I want to see if Sheldon looks at himself.

As a result, Sheldon put his hands in his pockets, leaning on his side on a luxurious Big Ben, his eyes already looking elsewhere.

Laura couldn’t help being a little disappointed.

Sometimes a person’s feeling is strange, vague, and unpredictable.

At the very beginning, Laura, like Xu Yangyang, didn’t put Sheldon in his eyes. What did you think of you?

If Sheldon hadn’t offended Xu Yangyang, he would vent his anger on Xu Yangyang’s behalf, and he would have been totally unwilling to do so.

However, several things happened later, which proved that Sheldon was very rich and seemed to be well-connected.

In this way, it feels different.

Sheldon is still Sheldon, but he didn’t feel anything about himself before, but now, if he ignores himself, Laura feels a little strangely uncomfortable in his heart.

It’s as if your life is flawed and unbalanced.

The classmates came this morning too.

Sheldon greeted several classmates.

Only did not look at himself.

So Laura chased after him, he had to ask Roberson what he was going to do!

Hope to attract Sheldon’s attention.

But obviously, she miscalculated.

“Why don’t you take you to play, we have important things to do, let’s play!”

Roberson is no longer what it used to be. When I saw Laura before, I felt inferior and afraid.

It’s hard now.

While talking, he drew a cigarette.

“Yeah, hurry up and play with you, don’t ask!”

Several other boys also echoed the Tao.

“You… why are you talking like this! Sheldon! You don’t know how to control them, you see what their tone is now!”

Laura glanced at Sheldon angrily.

Sheldon turned his face and said, “Okay, Fatty, don’t talk about it, let’s go!”

“Good Brother Sheldon!”

Roberson nodded hurriedly.

Then several people got in the car.

Roberson’s driver’s license has not yet been tested.

So there is no way, Sheldon drove this Daben business by himself.

And Laura was also stubborn.

Seeing that Sheldon was still ignoring himself, he actually ran to the co-pilot, opened the car door and sat on it.

“I’m going, what are you doing?”

Sheldon thought, what happened to Laura?

Why is it so evil today.

Didn’t she also like to play with Liang Fei and the others? Why did she come over to take care of herself?

It’s not a problem anymore.

That is, since the Taekwondo competition, the class has automatically been divided into two forces.

One is Liang Fei, a small force formed with his old friends, and the other is a large force headed by SheldonRoberson.

Laura belongs to Liang Fei’s small force.

Now, I actually ran into my car.

“Are you shameless Laura, what are you doing in the car?”

“That’s right, follow you with a faceless face, I have never seen you like this!”

Roberson directly sprayed them.

As for Laura, the humiliation that Sheldon had brought to her immediately burst out.

I couldn’t help but my eyes were red, and I actually shed tears.

“Why do you guys say that to me? Where do I go to play instead of playing? What happened to me? What happened?”

Then turned his head to look at Sheldon: “And Sheldon, why are you ignoring me? I greet you and you don’t even look at me. When you meet me in the cafeteria, you ignore me. I know I treated you when you first came. Not good, but I told you before! You said it’s okay!”

“Huh? Is there?”

Sheldon was startled.

“Yes, in the past few days, several times, you haven’t said hello to me! Don’t pay attention to me!”

Laura said.

Sheldon scratched his head awkwardly: “Then I may have forgotten!” During this period of time, Sheldon had a lot of things in his mind, so how could he have time to bother about them. “

And Laura is also the kind of girl who is too aggressive.

To deal with this kind of girl, it’s best to use the method of trying to get rid of her. The more you ignore her, the more she wants you to take care of her.

Of course, Sheldon didn’t think so much.

Seeing Laura cry.

Sheldon is also a little embarrassed, after all, there is really no deep hatred against her.

He nodded: “Well, there is not much more, just follow along if you like!”

Laura stopped crying this time: “Okay, I can buy water and drinks for your boys!”

And Roberson behind, looking at Laura’s current attitude, goose bumps are almost getting up.

I rub, this attitude change is too fast.

Sheldon set off.

And Jimmy and Fang Yi glanced at each other, and then drove off.

Just waiting for Jimmy and Fang Yi’s car to start.

On the side of the road, seven or eight luxury cars rushed out one after another, heading straight for Jimmy’s car…

Chapter 384:

Strange Woman
Qingshui Village is not far from Hong County.

When a few people went there, they found the family according to Fang Yi’s request.

When I opened the door, I saw that it was opened by a middle-aged woman, but her face was covered with scars from the burn.

It looks extremely scary.

“Who are you looking for?”

When the woman saw Sheldon and the others, she couldn’t help being startled.

Maybe she was also afraid that her face would scare these strangers, the woman lowered her head embarrassingly.

“Hello Auntie, are you Aunt Xia’s cousin? She said that you have something in your custody and we want to take it away. She said that when you read this letter, you understand!”

At this time, Fang Nuan also came over and said.

Also handed a letter.

The woman glanced at the envelope, especially at Fang Nuan a few more times, and then nodded.

“Well, I know, you can take it away!”

The woman let Sheldon and the others walk in.

It turned out that the Aunt Xia that Jimmy said was a large wooden box.

Not many people can move it.

When Sheldonard this, it seemed that Aunt Xia should be the maid!

As for Laura, I didn’t expect Sheldon and the others to just come to work.

Not here to play at all.

So very disappointed.

Moreover, the woman’s face was irritating, and after a few more glances, Laura’s goose bumps were about to rise.

So while Sheldon and the others moved, Laura walked out.

I was taking a boring walk outside the door.

Suddenly, Laura saw that at the entrance of the village, a few luxury cars were coming and were driving towards this side.

Laura, she usually belongs to the kind of bold and careful girl.

I think these cars are very puzzled.

Because just on their way, Laura noticed these luxury cars.

Nothing was said at the time.

Seeing the car full of people from a distance, Laura was even more curious.

Ran in immediately.

“Sheldon, there are many cars coming out! There are many people on the cars!”

Laura said.


Fang Yi was taken aback.

Then he hurried out to take a look.

“Sheldon, it’s not good, there are indeed a lot of people here, and they are coming to our side!”

Fang Yi jumped in a hurry.

Fang Nun frowned.

She was already very careful. To be on the safe side, she didn’t even bring her own subordinates, just like taking a trip in a normal day, and going out to play with her classmates.

But I didn’t expect it to be followed.

“How to do?”

Fang Nuan was a little flustered.

Sheldon was also wondering, I wiped it out, and his own people didn’t come, why are there so many groups of people?

“囝囡, you come to the room with me!”

At this moment, the woman with a burned face suddenly grabbed Fang Naun’s arm.

Leading Sheldon and them to a room inside.

Open the bed board directly and you will see a passage inside.

Johan Adam looked at the woman suspiciously.

The woman said: “My cousin used to come to live with me often because there are so many people looking for her. Therefore, both of our sisters have this kind of access in their homes. Since my cousin asked you to come to me, I must trust you. I come!”

Johan Adam nodded.

Sheldon couldn’t help but glanced at the woman a few more times. He felt as if he had met the woman from somewhere, very familiar, but he couldn’t remember where he had seen it.

At the moment, I don’t know which god has offended.

Had to jump in too.

Soon, the group of people arrived and went straight into it.

Obviously, it was directed at Fang Nain and the others.

“What you reported was really timely!”

Sheldon shrank inside and glanced at Laura immediately.

After listening to the movement outside, the group of people apparently refused to give up and were looking around.

Fang Nun’s anxious forehead was covered with sweat.

This is not a solution.

Sheldon squeezed in the back, Laura was beside Sheldon.

At this time, I saw Sheldon taking out a delicate and small instrument from his pocket.

And seeing this instrument, Laura was very surprised and felt the extraordinary features of this instrument.

At the moment Sheldon quietly made a silent gesture to her.

Then he pressed the button of the instrument and dialed it directly.

“This…what is this? Can I ask for help?”

Laura widened his eyes and said softly.

Sheldon her head and leaned to her ear and whispered, “Forget what you just saw, don’t talk nonsense!”

Laura nodded fiercely.

I am even more curious about what this thing is. What does Sheldon mean by clicking that?

A few people stayed in this passage and waited for nearly ten minutes.

At this time, I heard a buzzing sound from the sky outside.

“What’s going on?”

“Boss, it’s not good, we are surrounded, and a dozen helicopters are coming up! It will be too late if we don’t leave!”

Just listen to the people outside shouting.

“What? Damn, get out!”

Then I heard the sound of these people leaving the room one after another.

Laura’s eyes were wide open, obviously frightened by the words of those outside.


Sheldon actually called for a helicopter?

Is this true?

Who is Sheldon?

Now the ordinary rich second generation, how can there be such a skill!

But Sheldon told her not to let her talk nonsense, and Laura was afraid to talk.

And soon, the sound of the helicopter in the sky gradually disappeared.

“It’s safe now, let’s go out!”

The woman behind Sheldon spoke.

Fang Nun’s then walked out with doubts.

Sheldon also went out from behind.

And the woman is the last.

It’s just that at this moment, she was preparing to come out, and she seemed to be given something at her feet.

When I picked it up, it was a piece of jade pendant.

Yes, it was when the young man accidentally dropped the small instrument from his pocket just now.

But after touching this jade pendant.

The woman’s body suddenly shook.

In the darkness in the passage, the woman touched the jade pendant with both hands.

“This, this…”

She shivered suddenly.

“Huh? Why didn’t that aunt come out?”

“Yes, Auntie, are you coming out?”

Roberson shouted.

The woman just walked out.

“Auntie, thank you so much. This is a sum of money. Don’t worry, we will send Aunt Xia back after we find the person we want to find.!”

Johan Adam put a bank card on the table, “The password is Aunt Xia’s birthday!”

“Nin, it shouldn’t be too late. I think we’d better go. It was really dangerous just now. It’s weird. How could there be a helicopter to rescue us?”

Fang Yi was puzzled.

Fang Nunan shook his head: “I don’t know, I’d better leave first before talking! Sheldon, let’s go!”

It seems that Jimmy has indeed grasped the whereabouts of the servant.

Sheldon nodded, leading Roberson and the others to leave.

“Little brother, wait a minute!”

At this moment, the woman suddenly shouted to Sheldon with some excitement…

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