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Chapter 385


Sheldon pointed at himself.

“Young man, I think you are very smart, can you help me with some work?”

The woman also calmed down her emotions in time.

“Good auntie, just let Sheldon stay and help you do it!”

Fang Yidao.

Really regard Sheldon as her servant.

No way, Sheldon couldn’t refuse, so he had no choice but to agree.

And wait until they are all gone.

The woman suddenly grabbed Sheldon’s hands.

Sheldon was shocked.

“Auntie, what’s the matter?”

Sheldon hurriedly said.

“Little brother, although I don’t know who you are, I think you are very kind. Can you tell me where did you come from?”

While the woman was talking, she picked up the jade pendant she had just picked up.

Yes, it was the piece of jade pendant with dreams engraved by Qiangwei for herself.

Sheldon was a little frightened by the woman’s emotions.

But he still said, “This is my sister’s, what’s the matter, Auntie?”

The woman hurriedly said, “That means she is your sister. Is she still alive? Isn’t she?”

The woman shook Sheldon’s shoulder abruptly.

Sheldon nodded: “Sure!”

At the moment, the woman shed two lines of tears directly.

No matter how stupid it is, it should be clear now.

Because the woman’s emotions are too emotional.

And now, Sheldon finally understands why when he first saw the woman, he felt that she was familiar, as if she had seen her from somewhere.

But now a touch of thought drifted through Sheldon’s mind.

Because he finally remembered that although the woman’s face was completely ruined, her expression and eyes were all like a rose.

Is it possible…

“Auntie, you shouldn’t be that Aunt Xia’s cousin, right?”

Sheldon asked tentatively.

“I…I am!”

The woman hurriedly wiped her tears.

Hide your emotions.

But how could it be possible to live in hiding.

“Mengyu on this jade pendant, is it you? Are you Fang Mengyu?”

Sheldon asked directly.

“Fang…Who is Fang Mengyu? I don’t know! I’ve never heard of it. You have admitted the wrong person!”

The woman shook her head abruptly: “I am a rural woman. I have lived here since I was a child. You have admitted the wrong person!”

“I won’t admit it wrong, because Qiangwei looks so much like you, you two are exactly the same!”

Sheldon also had a touch of excitement in his heart.

To be honest, why did you come to Shuchuan after all your hard work? Not just to find Fang Mengyu.

But Sheldon also knew that in the current form, it would be difficult to find Fang Mengyu.

Because there have been several waves of forces.

Even the only clue came to the Fang family.

What should Sheldon have a headache?

But now, a woman almost identical to Qiangwei appeared in front of her.

And seeing Yupei is so excited again, is this still an explanation!

“You mean her name is Qiangwei? Is she really exactly like me?”

The woman said excitedly again.

“Yeah, this jade pendant was given to me by her. She dreamed of finding her mother. For so many years, she has been alone. She doesn’t eat well and wears well! She grew up in an orphanage!”

Cooper Family.

Tears flowed from the woman’s eyes.

And while crying, he sat weakly on the chair.

“Don’t you admit it? You are Fang Mengyu?”

Sheldon asked.

As for the woman, she finally covered her face and nodded, “I am!”

Afterwards, she stood up abruptly and took Sheldon’s arm: “I beg you, let me see Qiangwei, no matter which side you are, I will finally agree to go with you, as long as you let me see See Qiangwei!”

Fang Mengyu cried.

A big rock on Sheldon’s chest finally fell.

Fang Mengyu found it just like that.

“Auntie Fang, don’t worry, I will definitely let you see Qiangwei. This time, I also brought her to Shuchuan!”

To be honest, Sheldon is also very happy now.

My task is completed, and most importantly, Qiangwei’s mother has been found!

“Qianwei is here too, where is she?”

Fang Mengyu said.

“In the villa where I live, I asked her to wait for my news.” When Sheldon saw Fang Mengyu, he felt a little unwarranted and said immediately, “But Aunt Fang, I know you used to be a famous beauty. Did something happen to you later?”

Fang Mengyu touched his cheek, “You mean my face, right?”

Sheldon nodded.

“I ruined it myself, you know, there are many people looking for me, in order to hide it better, I can’t do it!”

“So twenty years ago, I personally ruined my face, and then settled in Qingshui Village in Shuchuan. Sister Xia and I have always cooperated like this. As long as someone finds Sister Xia, Sister Xia will use it. This way to get out of trouble, ha ha, no one would have thought that an extremely ugly rural woman would actually be Fang Mengyu of the year!”

“If it hadn’t been for me to see this jade pendant falling from you, you wouldn’t have thought of it, right?”

Fang Mengyu said.

“Yeah, I didn’t expect it!”

“Originally, when I saw the girl who came in with you, I couldn’t control my emotions. Isn’t she called 囝囡? Is it my elder brother’s daughter? It must be, when I was young, I used to hold her. Just now, I almost couldn’t hold back in front of her, because I didn’t want to see anyone in Fang’s family again…Until I picked up the jade pendant I left with my daughter, I lost control, my daughter, I miss her every day , I think she is thinking so hard!”

“I used to hate God countless times for being so unfair to me, but now, God is so good to me, my daughter is still alive and has come to me!”

Fang Mengyu cried.

Sheldon really understands this sentiment.

“By the way, little brother, what’s your name? I heard Fang Yi call you just now, your name is Sheldon? Are you from the Negston Cooper Family?”

Fang Mengyu asked.


Sheldon didn’t expect Fang Mengyu to see so many things.

He hesitated and said nothing at the moment.

“It must be, I know. You called those helicopters just now. This is a satellite guard device unique to your Cooper Family? You are the first generation of the Cooper Family. Do you know Chen Pingan?”

Fang Mengyu asked many questions in a series.

Sheldon really surrendered. It seems that he is in front of her and there is no secret at all.

Then he said: “I don’t know how many generations I belong to the Cooper Family. I have never heard of Chen Ping An. I just know that someone in the Cooper Family wants to see you, Aunt Fang, I want you to reunite with Qiangwei, but afterwards, Aunt Fang, you have to come with me! I only have this one condition!”

“Hehe, you are from the Cooper Family, I understand, Sheldon, I will go with you when I see my daughter, some grievances, which started because of the two of us back then, should it be over now, right?”

Fang Mengyu touched Sheldon’s head as if touching his own child.

Then he said: “But Sheldon, I also have one condition. I don’t know what is your relationship with my niece, but I want you to promise me that my identity will never be revealed to the public, especially the Fang family, okay? “

Chapter 386

Sheldon naturally agreed.

Now the Fang family is also looking for Aunt Fang, Sheldon will not be so stupid that he will trouble himself.

At the same time, Sheldon now has great interest in learning about the affairs between Aunt Fang and her family.

What is the relationship between myself and Qiangwei?

Seeing Sheldon asked, Fang Mengyu knew everything.


Chen Pingan, whom Aunt Fang said was the second son of the Cooper Family at the time, young and handsome, and at the same time, Qiangwei’s father.

According to normal logic, this man named Chen Pingan should be the second uncle his father mentioned when he was a child, right?

At that time, my father told himself that your second uncle worked outside all year round and he didn’t come back very much!

No wonder I felt a kind of intimacy when I saw Su Qiangwei.

It turns out that Qiangwei is his cousin.

The grievances between the Chen Fang family are obviously not so simple.

Aunt Fang meant that the Cooper Family was supposed to get something from the Fang family, but for many years, she had some grudges with the Fang family.

So twenty years ago, the Cooper Family sent their second uncle over to hide their identity undercover, trying to get closer to the Fang family and get what he wanted.

Aunt Fang smiled sweetly at this point.

At that time, Auntie Fang was beautiful and charming, and she was already the boss of a large listed group under the Fang family and an absolute strong woman.

The second uncle Chen Ping’an also worked hard to get close to Fang Mengyu.

First entered the company’s sales department.

Later, with his super ability, he gradually became the general manager of the company.

In two years, I have been very familiar with Fang Mengyu.

But at that time, although Chen Ping’an was handsome and extraordinary, with superb working ability, Fang Mengyu admired his second uncle very much.

But because of the Fang family’s harsh house rules, occasionally, Fang Mengyu was a little tempted with his second uncle, and soon gave up the idea.

Until later, something happened.

After an annual meeting of the company, Fang Mengyu drove home alone.

On the road, he was attacked by a business enemy. More than two dozen people surrounded Fang Mengyu’s car and wanted to kidnap Fang Mengyu.

Fortunately, the second uncle Chen Pingan rushed out during the crisis. Chen Pingan not only has a particularly high EQ and IQ, but also has excellent skills.

In the end, the second uncle was injured, but still repelled the ten or twenty people.

Carrying Fang Mengyu to escape.

This can be said to be a typical hero saving the United States, but it is a very real example.

From that moment, Fang Mengyu seemed to have found a man who could be trusted for life.

Later, the two had a feeling of affection and came together.

It is precisely because of this that, in the future, Su Qiangwei was abandoned, Fang Mengyu was expelled from Fang’s family, Chen Ping’an was missing, and the escalation of the grievances between Chen Fang’s family and the family laid the groundwork!

After Fang Mengyu was pregnant, he still wanted to hide it, but how could it be possible to hide things like pregnancy.

On that day, the fire broke out because the paper could not contain it.

The identity of Chen Ping’an was also exposed. The Fang family’s old man was so angry that he sent his family’s men to kill Chen Ping’an.

In order to save Chen Ping’an, Fang Mengyu did not hesitate to give three high-fives to the old man of the Fang family, and voluntarily left the Fang family, and only took his own maid and left the Fang family.

Sheldon listened to Fang Mengyu’s narration.

There was also a feeling of discomfort in my heart, feeling that what I am doing now is similar to that of my second uncle.

It’s a pity that the second uncle is a man of temperament and fell in love with the opponent’s daughter.

It is doomed that this relationship will not come to the end.

“What happened later? If it was just because of you and me… the union of our family, Chen Ping’an, and the grievances between the Chen Fang family, wouldn’t it be so confusing?”

Sheldon asked curiously.

Subconsciously believed that Sheldon could not disclose his identity as the young master of the Cooper Family.

“Yeah, if it were just like this, it wouldn’t make Donald attack the Fang family like this!”

Fang Mengyu said.

And Donald is his father’s name.

Sheldon shook his heart, did not speak, and listened quietly.

“That’s because something happened later…”

“Later, Donald, the head of the Cooper Family, put Ping An under house arrest, but Ping still missed our mother and daughter. So one night, Ping An said that he would elope with me. At that time, Qiangwei was already born, and we were going to hide. No one can find our place to live a good life!”

Chen Mengyu preached…

That night, it was the night Fang Mengyu hurriedly took the servant Xia sister out to find the hotel.

Because although it broke off with the Fang family.

But because of some things, the Fang family always sent someone to supervise him.

So it rained heavily that night, Fang Mengyu still held his daughter, and followed the agreed route with Chen Pingan for rounds.

After all, we must avoid the Fang family.

Because of the rush, Fang Mengyu pledged his personal jade pendant.

The driver who came to deliver the money the next day was actually a personal driver sent by Chen Ping’an.

When everything was fine, we met in Khanh City,

But unexpectedly, there was an accident on the way.

An accident happened safely!

There has been no news from him since then.

The driver confirmed that Ping An did arrive in Qing city, but he couldn’t get in touch.

It’s as if the world has evaporated.

Donald believed that the Fang family had harmed his younger brother, so he began a series of revenges against the Fang family. The grievances between the Chen Fang family and the two families escalated and they calculated each other.

At that time, I felt that Donald deliberately captured Ping An in order to bring down the Fang family.

But then I rejected it.

Your Patriarch Donald, although cunning, he loves his brother Ping An very much. He will never force Ping An’s opposition to forcefully target the Fang family.

So, that is really something wrong with Ping An!

“The two families had a lot of trouble at the time. Although your Cooper Family is powerful, our Fang family was once a big family no less than the Cooper Family. The so-called skinny camel is bigger than the horse. Back then, we still managed to wrestle with your Cooper Family. of.”

“At that time, my eldest brother and his wife left because of an accident!”

“Sheldon, you are a child of the Cooper Family. I believe you should also know that the children of the Fang family do not go out, and the children of the Cooper Family are not well-known.

“This is related to the long-term grievances between the Chen Fang family, but in recent years, the contradiction has been completely intensified because of the matter between me and Ping An!”

Sheldon nodded.

Only now did he finally understand something.

It’s no wonder that my father also told me to keep a low profile, otherwise he would bring himself back to the family.

It turns out that the Cooper Family also has enemies.

It’s just that Sheldon is not aware of how the grievances between Chen Fang and his family were caused by generations.

Fang Mengyu obviously did not go on.

Just to talk about her later events, in order to prevent Qiangwei from living a life of drifting and wandering, she asked Sister Xia to find a place to settle down, and she came to an orphanage in Roston holding Qiangwei and put Qiangwei away. There.

I just returned to Shuchuan.

“Sheldon, can you take me to see Qiangwei now? Just be Aunt Fang, please!”

Fang Mengyu obviously still remembered Su Qiangwei.

Of course Sheldon will do it well, and nodded, “Okay Auntie Fang, come with me!”

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