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Chapter 419

I’m Sorry

“Sheldon, do you smoke this?”

Everyone felt a little pain in their faces.

Especially poplar leaves.

In fact, the cigarettes Yang Ye brought today were brought by a friend from the country M who was dragging him. They were very expensive.

Be prepared to send a round, and then get some admiration.

After all, when a boy goes out, he first looks at what he wears, second what watch he wears, and third, if he smokes, he looks at what kind of cigarette you smoke to establish those so-called grades.

Unexpectedly, as soon as Sheldon took out the cigarette, he directly slapped Yang Ye in the face.

“I don’t usually smoke, so when I go out, I take a box!”

Sheldon explained.

Unexpectedly, taking out a box of cigarettes casually, it caused some sensation, and Sheldon was also helpless.

“Huh, it’s probably a fake. If it’s as powerful as you said, how can Sheldon get it!”

Meng Can also said to the boy in disbelief.

“Maybe, it must be fake! Sheldon was deceived and I don’t know. Really, Sheldon, tell me you, just go out and get a box of Nanjing Liqun with a dozen dollar. Don’t you make people laugh at this cigarette!”

The boy’s cousin stopped screaming and threw the cigarette aside with a sneer.

As for Yang Ye, it was also to show off in front of Myla.

He also said: “Sheldon, it’s not that I said you. I know my own situation, and we also know your situation very well. There is no need to pretend to us. Have you graduated from college now? Have you found a job? “

Yang Ye spoke like a social man.

While speaking, he looked at Myla on the side.


Sheldon shook his head.

“If you don’t work after graduation, what else do you think? People still have to be realistic. Don’t think about those nihilistic things. Hold your eyes and work steadily. Sheldon, although you are poor now, as long as you work hard, you will become prudent in the future. Maybe, these things on the scene, you should not show off!”

Yang Ye smiled bitterly.

“Wow, Brother Ye is Brother Ye. If you hear Sheldon, look at how reasonable Yang Ye said, you have to go to your heart!”

Meng Can poked Sheldon’s head again with his finger.

Damn, if it wasn’t for the inappropriate occasion, Sheldon really wanted to lick Meng Can’s mouth.

“I mean you should understand. Don’t think about those that are not. The Yang family is more complicated than you think. You should be more pragmatic!”

Yang Ye thought Sheldon had come to divide the family property.

Moreover, talking to Sheldon in this kind of preaching form naturally stepped Sheldon under his feet and let Myla just look at him. In the face of true strength, Sheldon had no brilliance.

At this moment, the door of the box opened.

A foreign girl with golden curly hair walked in.

He also had a bottle of high-end red wine in his hand.

“Mr. Chad, you did not support me less, this bottle of wine is for you!”

The girl spoke in bad American.

“Thank you Sister Tusha!”

Yang Ye immediately stood up with a wry smile.

“I’ll go, Mr. Chad is the Mr. Chad, and you will save face wherever you go!”

Meng Can said excitedly.

She also shook Myla’s arm: “Xiaoya, do you know, this is the top bar in Yanjing, this sister Dusha, is the owner of this bar, there are too many foreigners and people who have a good face? , And Sister Du Sha actually gave Chad wine, what kind of concept is this!”

I heard Meng Can say this.

The other young ladies of the same race also felt very honored.

Then he said: “Huh, it’s not all the face of our Yang family! Plus Ye Ge is strong!”

It can be seen that Yang Ye seems to be very cold towards Myla.

So, of course, cousins, cousins, and cousins ​​all praise Yang Ye in front of Myla.

“Huh? x-one? This…I’m in America, and I have never seen anyone smoke this kind of cigarette!”

And Miss Du Sha was chatting with Yang Ye.

Inadvertently, he caught a glimpse of the cigarette case Sheldon had thrown on the table.

It was deeply attracted.

“I’m going! It’s embarrassing. I knew I asked my cousin to put away the cigarettes. Ms. Tossa’s husband before Ms was very good. I can say that I saw all the scenes. Now, I actually let her know. We smoke fake cigarettes, what kind of impression is this!”

Several boys suddenly looked embarrassed.

Even the girls find their faces unsightly.

“Excuse me, can I smoke one? After coming to America, I haven’t tasted this kind of cigarette for half a year!”

Miss Tu Sha smiled slightly.

“Ah? Miss Tussa still wants to taste it, which means she used to smoke this cigarette when it first came out!”

“It’s over, I’m embarrassed and thrown abroad this time!”

Finally, a girl couldn’t help but said: “Wait for Miss Tussa!”

“what happened?”

Dusha smiled sweetly.

“You can’t smoke this cigarette, because we also discovered that this cigarette is actually fake!”

It’s better for girls to tell the truth than to be discovered by others.

Then, everyone looked at Sheldon with disgust.

A countryman is a countryman, so hopeless!

“Fake? Haha, this little sister, I just want to smoke one, don’t be so reluctant, besides, if you can afford this kind of cigarette, why bother with a cigarette so that you make up such a lie Come lie to me!”

Miss Tu Sha took the cigarette and looked at it carefully, and sniffed it on the tip of her nose, then said with a wry smile.

“How can you lie to Miss Tussa, it’s really fake!”

Another cousin also said.

“Let’s tell you, my ex-husband was the leader of the R&D department in this cigarette factory before. Hehe, although there are imitations on the market, I still don’t even have the ability to distinguish between serious and fake. This cigarette, of course It’s true!”

Dusha said with a smile.


All of them were dumbfounded.

Dusha’s words are justified and well-founded, and naturally they will not lie to them.

But how could Sheldon be able to afford it?

“Sheldon, where did you buy this cigarette?”

The boy asked.

“This cigarette doesn’t seem to be bought. I don’t know where I bought it. I got it from home!”

Sheldon smiled bitterly.

“Huh, based on your family’s conditions, you still want to buy this?”

Meng Can screamed like a mouse stepping on its tail.

“Master Sheldon, I can smoke a cigarette from you, right?”

As for Du Sha, she glared at Sheldon and said with a smile.


Sheldon smiled bitterly.

“Miss Tusha, what do you call his young master to do? I don’t know where he got this cigarette! His family is quite poor and can’t eat the kind!”

At first glance, Du Sha actually respected Sheldon so much, and she ignored herself.

Yang Ye couldn’t help but sneered.

“He is poor? What are you kidding about Mr. Chad Ye? Not to mention the value of this cigarette, the clothes made by the French classic tailor made by this master Sheldon is not comparable to ordinary people!”

As Du Sha was talking, she slowly sat next to Sheldon, “Did you say I was right, Sheldon!”

Chapter 420

Perl Was Captured

“What French classical? What’s the situation?”

And everyone was stunned.

Perl saw that Yanjing’s number one socialite was so respectful to his cousin.

Anyway, Perl was very happy.

“Sheldon, it’s my honor to meet you today. No matter how much you spend tonight, I will pay for it!”

Dusha stood up and politely stretched out her hand to Sheldon.

Sheldon also reached out and shook her hand.

“Thank you Miss Tusha!”

Obviously, in Dusha’s eyes, if he could make friends with such a great man, his value would be far greater than the consumption bill this time.

Then, Dusha left.

Everyone was silent.

Only Yang Ye looked embarrassed.

Obviously, he was hit in the face, the kind that hurts.

“Cousin Sheldon, let me smoke your cigarette and try it!”

At this time, a boy couldn’t help but took one and ordered it.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he gave Sheldon a gloomy look, then walked out pretending to call.

Since childhood, who didn’t follow his Yang Ye, and the poor Sheldon who came from the country, dare to come by himself.

Let yourself not come to stage in front of the goddess.

If you are allowed to play in Yanjing’s own territory, then Yang Ye will simply die.

Right now, Yang Ye walked out and lit a cigarette.

Found a phone number and dialed it.

“Brother Bao, what are you up to?”

Yang Ye said while smoking.

“Play, hehe, Shao Ye, I suddenly remembered me, what can I tell you?”

There was a laughter on the phone.

“It’s okay, it’s just that I’m in a bad mood and I’ve been stunned!”

“Hehe, in the Yanjing site, who would dare to dare you, Mr. Chad? Let’s talk about Young Master, who is it? I will do it for you!”

“No need to do it, just let him be ashamed!”

Yang Ye said, and then said the address.

“I’m going, it’s a coincidence. I happened to be drinking with a few brothers around here, I’ll go right away!”

After Yang Ye finished the call, he sneered and waited outside, smoking a cigarette.

Obviously this is not the first time he has done something similar to this kind of punishing.

At this moment, inside the box.

“Sister Xuan Xuan, who of you go to the bathroom? Let’s go to the bathroom?”

Several girls go to the bathroom together.

Perl also followed.

Myla glared at Sheldon in secret, waiting for Sheldon to take the initiative to speak to herself.

But this guy, eating fruit over there, there is no movement at all.

Myla was anxious but couldn’t get out of it, not to mention embarrassing.

“Are you and Lilla okay?”

Myla couldn’t help asking.

Although everyone present didn’t know the identity of Sheldon, Myla knew it.

But Myla obviously didn’t take this point seriously, but asked instead.

“Lilla is missing!”

Sheldon couldn’t help but feel a pain when he thought of Lilla.

I don’t know whether the day after tomorrow’s grandmother’s birthday can comfort her good grandma, relax the relationship between the two families, and let her ask the people of the Palmer Family.

“what happened?”

Myla was surprised.

“I’ll talk to you later if I have a chance!”

Sheldon said lightly.

“Hey hey, Xiaoya, who is Lilla? Wouldn’t it be Sheldon’s girlfriend? I’ll go, just like Sheldon, can I find a girlfriend?”

Meng Can said in surprise.

Mylakan brought up Sheldon’s sadness, which made him feel bad.

He didn’t have Ying Mengcan’s words.

“You two are talking? Who is Lilla?”

Just when Meng Can yelled in a hurry.

The door of the box was slammed open.

It was the cousin named Yang Xuan who hurriedly opened the door and came in:

“It’s not good, it’s not good, there are a few drunks who have to take Beckham to their box to drink!

Yang Xuan shouted.


As soon as Sheldonard it, he rushed out.

At this moment, her cousin is running towards her.

Obviously I was scared just now.

“Where is Beckham?”

Sheldon asked coldly.

“They were taken to Room 103!”

Said a girl.

Then, I saw Sheldon rushing over.

The rest of the boys were entangled in place.

First of all, as the younger brother of the Yang family, they are certainly not afraid of things.

But I am afraid of causing trouble directly.

Those people are supposed to be social gangsters, and it would be inappropriate to be beaten by them after the past.

So, just prepare to make a call outside.

As for Myla, seeing Sheldon rushing over alone, she also followed Sheldon with a worried look.

“What should I do? What should I do?”

Said the girls.

Just now they went out to the bathroom, and then they ran into a few drunk young people who insisted on dragging them to drink with them.

Said that he had to start to pull Xuan Xuan.

Then, Beckham pushed the man away.

At this time, the conflict did not rise. When Perl and the others walked back, the men caught up again.

He grabbed Beckham’s hair and pulled it to their box.

“Now only Sheldon has gone. I saw that there are seven or eight of them! Brother Ye doesn’t know where to go now!”

Xuan Xuan was also moved by Beckham, after all, Beckham was trying to save herself.

So worried.

“What else can I do, call the family right now, dare to provoke our Yang family, huh!”

Said a boy.

“Wait a minute, no need to fight! Don’t worry, Beckham will be fine!”

I don’t know when, Yang Ye stood behind everyone.

Stopped the boy who wanted to call.

“Huh? But Brother Ye, Perl was taken away!”

Yang Ye sneered and said, “Anyway, don’t worry, Beckham must be fine, but someone may be in trouble!”

I saw Myla rushing towards Sheldon just now.

Yang Ye has great vinegar.

At the moment, it is even more gloomy.

As for the crowd, they seem to have understood something.

No words at all at the moment.

Instead, they all returned to their boxes.

“Let her go!”

At the same time, Sheldon kicked open the box door.

Several drunks are forcibly holding Beckham in their arms.

Sheldon angered.

Wu Jiu’s family has a deep connection with his family.

And Beckham treats his cousin very well.

How could Sheldon let Beckham take the slightest harm.

“Damn, just relying on you stinky boy, yes! You actually brought a beautiful woman? Haha, is this going to give Abron a double gun?”

Led a young man with a laugh.

Because Myla was worried about Sheldon, she followed in.

“Brother Bao, you are so blessed, you’re finished, can you make your brothers also cool?”

Everyone laughed.

“Fine, come, bring me that woman too! I brought it to the door by myself, it would be irrational for me to refuse!”

Brother Bao waved.

“Brother Bao, it’s best not to mess around, otherwise don’t blame me for not warning you!”

A coldness flashed across Sheldon’s face.

“Oh? Hahaha, still want to scare me? Brother, if you want me to let this woman go, come, come and get under the crotches of our brothers, how about forgiving you?”

Brother Bao laughed.

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