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Chapter 421

“Come here, you!”

But at this moment, a five-and-three rough subordinate wanted to take advantage of Sheldon’s conversation and grab Myla from the side.

However, his hand just stretched out.

The wrist was caught directly.

Then I heard a crisp click.

This person’s entire wrist was bent at an extremely twisted angle.


There was a scream like a pig.

Then, Sheldon grabbed this person’s hair and tried his best!

The whole person’s head came into close contact with the marble wine table in front of him.


With a sound, the marble wine table was smashed to pieces by this man’s head.

Suddenly the blood ran down, and he lay on the ground convulsing.


And Bao Ge’s drinking spirit suddenly woke up three points.

Unexpectedly, the Maotou boy in front of him is so powerful, he is one of his own more powerful thugs.

But he was like playing with a chicken, and it was a second in an instant.

And this hairy boy is too ruthless!

“Ah! Sheldon!”

And Myla was also shocked, especially when he saw the blood on his face and his nose was crooked, so scared to death!

When did Sheldon be so ruthless! ?

Myla’s heart was beating.

“Your name is Zhou Bao, Li Jun is your eldest brother?”

Sheldon asked coldly.

“You…who are you?”

When Zhou Bao heard it, his heart suddenly shook.

Brother Jun is someone with a big background, and he used to be the driver of Hou Ping, the boss of Yanjing Xinfeng Group.

Therefore, after Jun Ge made his debut, he was in no trouble in Yanjing.

I am also taking care of the military brother, and got some jobs.

Brother Jun has a peculiar background, so no one dared to call Jun Brother by his name.

And this kid actually knows the bottom line!

Speaking of it, it was last night, and I don’t know how Hou Ping knew that Perl was almost corrupted.

So he called and asked, saying that the man’s patron was the younger brother of a younger brother of his previous driver, so he was naturally Zhou Bao.

Ask Sheldon if he will be Zhou Bao and the couple, and vent his anger to Sheldon’s cousin, Beckham.

Sheldon said that trivial matters don’t matter.

“You don’t deserve to know who I am! If you have a chance, go and ask Li Jun!”

After speaking, Sheldon walked over and pushed Zhou Bao away.

After holding onto Beckham’s hand, he took a warning look at Zhou Bao, and then left.

As for Zhou Bao, even though he was a ruthless person, at this moment, he didn’t dare to show up.

One was shocked by Sheldon’s ability to beat people just now.

The other is that he seems to ignore Junge.

Zhou Bao felt that this person seemed extremely difficult.

After all, what are they mixing? Mixed sites? Definitely not. To put it bluntly, isn’t it just a mixed relationship?

Layer by layer.

It’s fine to squeeze the pretending that there is no back. If you really want to run into a background, they don’t dare to breathe.

“Brother Bao, he beat our brother like this, just let him go?”

A little brother said.

Zhou Baoning said, “Hmph, when this kid mentioned Brother Jun, I was frightened. It’s okay. Yang Ye told me that this kid is poor Sheldon from Roston. But to be on the safe side, I still ask. Brother Jun, if this kid dares to lie to me, I will surely let him not see the sun tomorrow!”

Yes, this is exactly the game that Yang Ye called just now.

Prepare to humiliate Sheldon from the country.

At the moment, Zhou Bao still had the mentality of carefully sailing the Wannian Ship, and called Brother Jun.

Briefly talk about Sheldon’s information.

Then all the boys saw Zhou Bao’s face getting whiter and whiter!

“You don’t deserve to know who he is. If you want to live now, whoever has touched Miss Perl will chop off someone’s hand. Maybe you can still live!”

After speaking the last sentence, the soldier inside hung up the phone in a sympathetic tone.

“Brother Bao, what’s the situation? What did Brother Jun say?”

Seeing that Zhou Bao’s expression was wrong, the boys hurriedly asked.

“Damn! Yang Ye’s stinky kid hurt me!”

Then, Zhou Bao severely smashed the phone to the ground.

Besides, Sheldon took Beckham’s hand and walked straight out. Beckham went to the box and said to the cousins ​​that it was all right.

As for her, she was really frightened, so she didn’t want to play anymore, and was about to leave with Sheldon.

As for Myla, she had no interest at all.

Besides, Sheldon came, and then left, there is no point in her staying.

Just followed Sheldon and left.

Yang Ye was burning with jealousy, and his heart was even more shocked.

“what’s the situation?”

As agreed, didn’t Sheldon come out embarrassed now, and then take someone over to see Sheldon’s embarrassment?

What the hell is Zhou Bao doing? How to do it?

Right now, Yang Ye came directly to Zhou Bao’s box with a bit of resentment.

“What are you doing?”

Yang Ye directly asked Zhou Bao coldly.

After seeing a man lying on the ground, bleeding all over, he was stunned.

“what happened?”

Yang Ye asked.


The answer to Yang Ye was Zhou Bao’s red wine bottle, which directly exploded Yang Ye on the ground.

“Yang Ye, let’s settle this account slowly from now on! Let’s go! And you guys, go to Tangkou tonight to perform family law!

After Zhou Bao finished speaking, he left with cold sweat on his face.

Just because the military brother on the phone said a word, and it was this sentence that made Zhou Baomang stabbed in his back, and his three souls and seven souls disappeared in an instant!

“His identity, you and I don’t deserve to know, you just need to remember that even President Hou Ping has to bend over to speak when he sees him!”

After going back with Beckham.

Because Myla followed him, Sheldon sent Myla downstairs again.

The same goes for two people, no one will take the initiative to speak, just walk forward together like this.

“Sheldon, you have changed!”

Myla said suddenly.

“I have changed? Nothing!”

Sheldon smiled.

Sheldon feels that although he has returned to the family, he really hasn’t changed. He is not as extravagant as his sister. He is still the same as before, and he likes to lead a plain life.


“It’s just changed, maybe you can’t feel it, but I can feel it in your eyes, really, you are really different from before!”

“When Zhao Tongtong and others mocked you before, you just lowered your head, but now it’s different! And you hit someone just now, it really scared me, and made me feel that I think it’s not Chen standing in front of me. Song, but a stranger!”

Myla couldn’t tell what it was like.

If you have to say something, the only biggest change for yourself is that Sheldon has found a sense of security in the past, and now has a sense of security.

“I really haven’t changed, it’s just that we got along too little before!”

Sheldon smiled bitterly.

As for Myla, she didn’t speak, she carefully raised her eyes and glanced at Sheldon, then stopped and whispered:

“Sheldon, what happened to Lilla?”

Although she knew that this would make Sheldon feel depressed.

But Myla followed, just wanting to know…

Chapter 422:

Visiting Grandma

“The Negston Sea is so big, it’s been so long, Lilla…?”

Myla finished listening to Sheldon’s account.

While shocked, he said worriedly.

Seeing Sheldon’s expression darkened, she didn’t continue.

Myla’s mood now does not know how to describe it.

Although competing with Lilla, Myla had to admit that Lilla is a particularly good girl and loves Sheldon very much.

Myla felt a little sad when something happened to her.

But apart from these sad emotions, Myla actually had a trace of excitement.

She knew that she had other wrong ideas, but she couldn’t control herself.

Sheldon did not stay with Myla for a long time.

It was also talking about Lilla that made Sheldon’s mood down again.

Then he returned to the room.

Tomorrow noon, I will go to Yang’s house to visit grandma.

The next day, Yanjing Yang’s meeting room.

Everyone in the Yang family is here.

The Yang Group is a family business, and the executives of the group are all produced by family members.

Therefore, home business meetings similar to this kind are held frequently.

“The Yang family has become more and more lonely in recent years. The Yang family used to be the first of the four big families. What about now? You guys take a good look at the revenue data of the Yang family and say it is one of the three big families. Can it be considered the three big families?”

The voice of an eighty-year-old lady was sonorous and powerful.

Her drowsy eyes glanced coldly at the descendants of future generations.

He knocked hard on the crutch in his hand.

“I’m getting older and older, so I may not go there any day. If I leave the family to you, how can I rest assured? Let’s talk about it!”

The old lady said.

She is the patriarch of the Yang family and the current chairman of the Yang Group, Mrs. Yang.

Mrs. Yang used to be a well-known strong woman in Yanjing, but as she gets older and older, she has retreated behind the scenes in recent years. Except for the company’s major decisions, she has rarely done it herself as before.

It is precisely because of this that the generation of senior executives of the family’s children and grandchildren have serious internal struggles, divided into gangs, and the Yang family’s family traditions are rapidly falling.

At this moment, descendants of children and grandchildren bow their heads.

“Talk to me all!”

The old lady slapped the table angrily, her face turned purple with anger.

“Mom, don’t get angry!” the eldest son Yang Yuting said, “Family matters, we are also working hard to catch up with the two big families of Long and Qin, but in terms of comprehensive personal connections, our Yang family is not as good as the Long and Qin families. of!”

“The real estate business of the three of us, we were not even able to bid. This is the biggest cause of the rapid overtaking by the Longqin and Qin families!”

Yang Yuting said.

“Bid bidding! Since you all know our weaknesses, why not put your energy into doing it and expand your network! In the past ten years, the Longqin and Qin families have received a lot of indicators from the Xinfeng Group through fawning on the Xinfeng Group. , Why can’t we? Have you sent someone to do it?”

The old lady poked Yang Yuting’s head and said.

The rest of his sons and daughters covered their mouths and laughed.

“What are you laughing at! Look at you one by one, the big one is not big and the small one is not small!”

He glanced at Yang Ye with a scarf on his head.

Mrs. Yang said angrily, “Looking at what you look like, I am so angry that I doubt if I can finish my big birthday tomorrow!”

At this time.

The door of the meeting room opened.

A middle-aged servant walked in respectfully.

“Chairman, the luncheon is ready!”

The old lady took a deep breath, then slowed down and said, “If there is no way, just think about it. It’s useless to complain. Okay, let’s have a reunion dinner!”

According to the rules, after every family meeting, one must have a family meal.

When everyone said something to each other, they all walked into the hall.

Just came here.

I also saw that there were two young men sitting on the sofa in the hall.

“Huh, isn’t this Perl? It’s been morning, and the family meeting didn’t see you. I came here, why, I followed a little boy to find a boyfriend!”

After all these people came to the hall.

People like Beckham’s aunt and aunt sneered.

As for Beckham’s mother, she naturally stood still and dare not speak.

Just look ugly.

How many times have I said, don’t come with Sheldon, just don’t listen, but come with Sheldon!

“Three aunts, six aunts, he is not my boyfriend, he is my cousin Sheldon!”

Perl said.

“What? Chen… Sheldon?”

“it’s him!”

As soon as these words came out, everyone in the hall became quiet.

Everyone stopped their gazes on Sheldon.

Although they all know that Yang Yuping went out and gave birth to a pair of children named Alicia and Sheldon.

But this is not the first time I have seen you in 20 years.

“Unexpectedly, that woman is really a good blessing, but she has a handsome son!”

A woman sneered slightly.

“Cousin, let me introduce to you, this is…”

At the moment, Beckham introduced Sheldon to the people present.

Sheldon also called them one by one.

It’s just that, except for the fourth uncle who looked at him and smiled and nodded, none of them responded.

“Why are you standing? Sit down!”

At this time, the old lady was helped and walked out.

“Mom, see who is coming, your good granddaughter, Beckham, brought you a big gift before your birthday! I brought you that woman’s son!”

The eldest aunt ran over to support the old lady at the moment, and sneered at the same time.


The old lady immediately turned to look at Sheldon.

It was the first time for Sheldon to see his grandmother since he was young.

In fact, I was a little excited.


Sheldon shouted.

The old lady’s hands trembled a little when she heard this grandma, she didn’t make a sound immediately, just nodded.

“Your name is Sheldon, right, where is your sister?”

The old lady took a deep breath, then sat down.

“My sister is abroad now and hasn’t come back yet!”

Cooper Family.

“Huh, what are you doing? After all these years, do you still know you have a grandma?”

The old lady frowned.

Although indifferent, as Sheldon’s mother told Sheldon when she came, the old lady would not be too harsh on Sheldon.

Seeing Sheldon lowered his head and said nothing.

The old lady didn’t want to be too harsh to scare the child.

Just a little bit of relaxation: “But you are still filial, knowing to come and see me!”

And seeing that the old lady didn’t anger Sheldon, in fact, both the uncle and the aunt were very surprised.

Especially Yang Ye, because he was ashamed and beaten yesterday, it has something to do with Sheldon.

With a grudge at the moment, he touched his mother’s arm under the table.

Immediately, the aunt sneered:

“Hehe, Mom, you think too well, think about it, they haven’t come to see us for 20 years, why are they here now? It’s still before your birthday. To put it bluntly, it’s not to be able to get it. Some properties of our Yang family, otherwise, would they put you in their eyes!”

But the old lady, after the aunt’s provocation, seemed to have lost some of the original family affection.

“Sheldon, do you want to divide the property of the Yang family?”

At the moment, the old lady said unhappy.

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