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Chapter 487

Sheldon has a handsome appearance, and now it is easier for girls to favor suits and shoes.

And this colleague named Shen Meng also looked like he had just graduated from college.

Sheldon nodded to her.

Yu Qiang on the side was also a young man. At this moment, seeing this big beauty Shen Meng seemed to be a little bit interesting for Sheldon. The core of the topic has always been on Sheldon.

Can not help but frown, jealous.

Originally, the two newcomers had the same occupation and major, but they came at the same time.

There is a certain competitive relationship.

And now, Shen Meng showed goodness to him, wasn’t it just belittle himself.

This feeling made Yu Jiang a little unhappy.

However, he was not a brainless person. He didn’t say a word at the moment and just followed him to watch Shen Meng talk to Sheldon.

“Teacher Shen Meng, these are the two new teachers in our group? They are both very handsome!”

At this moment, several young teachers came over.

Say hello to Shen Meng.

They are all girls, they look about the same age as Shen Meng.

“Yes, this is Teacher Sheldon, this…”

“Sorry, I forgot your name…”

Shen Meng suddenly looked embarrassed.

Yes, just now, Shen Meng felt that Sheldon looked handsome in suits and leather shoes.

So I couldn’t help but focus mostly on Sheldon.

As for Yu Jiang, he smiled slightly: “My name is Yu Jiang!”

At the same time, a touch of jealousy emerged in my heart.

And these young female teachers also spoke to Sheldon.

Suddenly this time.

Suddenly, luxury cars drove over.

Stopped directly in front of a few people.

The girls such as Shen Meng were all a little shocked.

At this moment, several black bodyguards got out of the car.

“Master, today the boss said, you are here for the first time in Amagi, tonight, I will help you to clean the dust!”

The black bodyguard bowed slightly to one person.

As for Yu Jiang, he gently supported his gold glasses: “Well, tell cousin, I will be over tonight!”

“It’s Master!”

Several bodyguards bowed again.

Only then left.

The young female colleagues around Sheldon were instantly stunned and opened their mouths directly.

Looking at Yu Jiang in astonishment.

“Teacher Yu Jiang, why do they call you Master?”

Some female colleagues asked in astonishment.

“Ao, they are my cousin’s people, and my cousin has opened several bars and hotels in Yuncheng!”

Yu Jiang said lightly.

And Shen Meng couldn’t help but glance at Yu Jiang a few more times.

“Then Teacher Yu Jiang, but you don’t seem to be from Celestial City. I didn’t expect you to have such a great cousin!”

Shen Meng asked with a smile.

“Well, I’m from Tagou Town, have you heard of the five forces?”

Yu Jiang asked lightly.

“I’ve heard that Tagou Town is controlled by the five forces! It’s very powerful, and it also has a high status in Sky City!”

A female colleague asked in surprise, and suddenly became very interested.

“My dad is the steward of the Cao family, one of the five forces!”

Yu Jiang said with a smile.


Everyone was even more shocked.

They are all locals in Tiancheng, affected by the environment, and prefer the so-called chaos.

Because only with a good mix, can you better live in the city of heaven, with unlimited scenery.

This is the yearning of all girls.

It seems that the row of cars that came just now has already made a few girls envious, and this Yu Jiang is actually a member of the five forces!

“Then you don’t work in your group?”

The girls asked one after another.

“Hehe, don’t want to do it. Now Tagou Town is also quite chaotic. The five forces are now under the orders of the newly-rising Tianlong Group. My dad meant, let me come out first!”

Yu Jiang shook his head with a wry smile.

Shen Meng smiled slightly, unable to think that Yu Jiang was so mature and stable.

“This is just right, Teacher Yu, you are so young, if you make a lot of turmoil, maybe you will open up a new world!”

Shen Meng came to Yu Jiang and smiled.

“I think so!”

Next, everyone listened to Yu Jiang talking about some major events in Tiancheng and Tagou Town recently.

It was a great chat.

And Sheldon just shook his head and gave a bitter smile.

Such a scene has long been commonplace.

As for Yu Jiang, he glanced at Sheldon, who was left out in the cold, and a smug flashed across his face.

There was no trial lecture in the morning.

Sheldon has been sitting in the office.

It was noon soon.

Sheldon looked at Shen Meng on the side and smiled: “Mr. Shen, let’s go to the cafeteria at noon, I invite you!”

When chatting in the morning, Shen Meng told Sheldon that he would take Sheldon to the cafeteria for dinner at noon. After all, Sheldon was unfamiliar when he first arrived.

Therefore, Sheldon simply took the initiative to speak out. Apart from that, Sheldon didn’t have any extra thoughts.

“No, Mrs. Chen, I have something to do at noon, sorry!”

Shen Meng adjusted his hair slightly.

Sheldon smiled and nodded, “Then I will look for it myself!”

Then I went.

Although Tiancheng has always been chaotic, it has all the internal organs, medical and health institutions, education and training institutions.

In this school, apart from the fact that the students are like gangsters, there is nothing different.

All are students.

Sheldon asked for a portion of rice, plus two portions of meat and vegetable, and found a place to sit down and eat.

It’s been a long time since I enjoyed such a life.

As Shen Wanshan’s boss, it’s better to be a teacher quietly in school.

Sheldon couldn’t help but smile wryly.

But how long can such a quiet and comfortable life last? Ugh!

Just when Sheldon was eating.

“Xiaomeng, let’s be here, I look more spacious!”

A male voice rang.

“No, there is a VIP area, and there is a seat fee!”

“Hahaha, it’s okay, that is, there will be a meeting in the afternoon, let’s be in a hurry, or I will take you out!”

The male voice laughed.

And Sheldon looked up and saw that this was a man and a woman, not someone else.

It is Shen Meng and Yu Jiang.

It turned out that Shen Meng said that she had something to do and wanted to eat with Yu Jiang, and Sheldon smiled bitterly.

And Yu Jiang and Shen Meng had obviously seen Sheldon.

Because Sheldon is sitting on the side of the VIP area, because the food in the VIP area is a status symbol.

The reason why Sheldon is deserted here is that it is easy to form a sharp contrast here, so generally no one will be here.

Yu Jiang glanced contemptuously at Sheldon, who lowered his head to eat.

As for Shen Meng, it was a little embarrassing.

Obviously, Sheldon had seen himself just now. He had made an appointment with him for dinner before, but at noon he said that he had something to do, so he came with Yu Jiang.

This is more or less embarrassing for any girl.


Shen Meng quickly adjusted the haircut and took back his gaze, smiled and nodded.

“Isn’t this Teacher Sheldon, why is he sitting here!?”

At this moment, several female voices rang…

Chapter 488

Sheldon looked up and saw that it was the young female colleagues in the same group.

They obviously also find a place to eat.

I just saw Sheldon.

When Sheldon saw them, he smiled at them and nodded.

“I went, I was really drunk, I don’t know anything, where to eat is not good, I have to eat here!”

Instead, they ignored Sheldon’s smile.

But it was funny, each covering his mouth.

Then he turned and left without looking back.

“Hey, look at it, it looks like Teacher Yu Jiang and Teacher Shen Meng, hi!”

Several girls saw Yu Jiang and waved their hands with a smile.

“It’s such a coincidence. I knew I called you to come together. Come and sit together?”

Yu Jiang smiled heartily.

“Is that good?”

A few girls laughed, but finally sat down.

A group of people talked and laughed.

Sheldon also knew that he was nothing compared to Yu Jiang, but at the same time, Sheldon didn’t want to have too much ties with these colleagues.

After all, this is not his main task.

Sheldon wanted to see that tulip as soon as possible.

The meeting was over in the afternoon.

Sheldon won his first class, and there are more than 30 students in the class. The most conspicuous one is the tulip.

Because this beautiful girl is obviously the eldest sister in the class.

Since the first class is an experimental class, we need to go to the laboratory to take the students to observe some specimens.

This is a major subject in the Department of Biology.

And when I heard that I didn’t need to stay in the classroom, the students were obviously very excited. They took their notebooks and followed Sheldon.

“Hey, Jinxiang, have you noticed that our somewhat handsome teacher seems to be interested in you?”

On the way, a girl grabbed the tulip and said.

“Bad girl, what nonsense?”

Tulip is speechless.

“Really, from the moment he came in to the completion of his self-introduction, during the whole process, I found that his gaze would fall on you from time to time, and when he was out just now, he glanced at you again, sure. , He was attracted by your beauty!”


Tulip smiled bitterly: “Don’t let me find out. If I find him really peeking at me, I will goug his eyes out to Rhubarb! I don’t like him very much. Quietly and honestly, I hate him most. It’s not bloody at all!”

Rhubarb is a Tibetan mastiff raised by tulips.

The girls suddenly laughed into a ball.

Only when Sheldon brought them.

It was discovered that there were already two classes in the laboratory.

The laboratory is usually shared by two students from the neighboring class. Today, it is Sheldon’s class and Shen Meng’s class.

But now, Yu Jiang is taking the students from his class inside.

“Teacher Chen?”

Shen Meng saw Sheldon, a little embarrassed.

“This class isn’t our two classes together? Why did Teacher Yu bring people here?”

Although Sheldon has no sense of belonging here, it still makes him a little unhappy.

“Excuse me, Mr. Sheldon, Mr. Yu told me that he was taking students for the first time and he had no experience. He wanted to come and join me in the joint hall. I thought he had already told you, so I agreed!”

Shen Meng’s face blushed slightly.

“Ahem, teacher, I think I will forget it in the future, so let’s just go to the joint class of our two classes? We like to go with Teacher Shen and Teacher Yu!”

Shouted several students in Yu Jiang’s class.

“Why? It’s all arranged. Do you give it to whomever you want?”

Tulip was dissatisfied, and brought a few girls to retort.

Seeing it is about to quarrel.

Think about it, it’s like poking old faces here, and coming with a notebook enthusiastically, but instead of being greeted by someone, they directly occupy the laboratory.

It’s a shame to think about it.

“Ahem, Teacher Chen, we are ready to do the experiment, so let’s take your students back, right?”

Yu Jiang sneered coldly with his hands in his pockets.

“What’s the matter? Why is it so noisy that you don’t let people go to class?”

In the next laboratory, two young female teachers came out.

Dissatisfied now.

Then Yu Jiang said to them, “It’s Teacher Chen, no, I was in class with Teacher Shen Meng and wanted to learn from experience, but I accidentally ran into Teacher Chen’s class! Alas, mine is wrong!”

“Teacher Yu is not your fault, but Teacher Chen is no longer sympathetic. If it’s a big deal, you will go to the next class?”

The two female teachers said together.

Shen Meng adjusted her hair slightly: “Mr. Sheldon, would you like to go back first?”

After all, it’s not good to keep on like this.

Sheldon frowned slightly.

It’s not worth it to have some general knowledge with them.

He said lightly: “Let’s go!”

After speaking, he turned around and took the students back.

“Okay, let’s go!”

The students in the class booed loudly.

“Damn damn, I’m so mad at me!”

Tulip slammed the notebook.

Two pink fists waved.

This incident can be regarded as an episode that happened after Sheldon came to school.

The students also gave Sheldon a nickname, called Teacher Soft Egg.

It is Sheldon’s mind, not here.

This does not affect Sheldon’s observation of the situation around the tulips.

Sheldon found that the school really meant a little undercurrent.

There are several forces that have begun to play Tulips.

But even if this tulip was kidnapped some time ago, he still has no fear.

In school, the eldest sister is still a big school.

“I’m going, what should I do? Oh, Jin Xiang ran out again!”

The first class obviously ended in a different atmosphere.

When it was the second class, Sheldon went to the classroom again.

As soon as I entered the classroom, I heard several female students talking anxiously.

“what happened?”

Sheldon frowned and walked over to ask.

“Huh, don’t care about your ass, trash it. If you are kicked out, you will be kicked out and be your student. You will be ashamed of it! Jin Xiang didn’t want to take your class, so he drove out to play!

A girl complained: “Jin Xiang’s father repeatedly told me to watch Jin Xiang. This is fine. Even I have to be scolded. The culprit is you, huh!”

After the girl finished speaking, she pushed Sheldon away.

Then angrily wanted to run out to find tulips.

Tulips have this kind of character, they are unrestrained and unrestrained, and they have an aura of freedom.

If one is not satisfied, I want to go out and play.

But at this moment.

A boy with glasses ran back.

Happily met with Tulip’s girlfriend.

He gasped loudly: “Sister Ningning, it’s okay. I saw Sister Jin Xiang driving in the direction of Babuling in a sports car. She said she was going out to play. Let me tell you. class……”

When the spectacle man said this, after seeing Sheldon, he didn’t speak again, his face was embarrassed.

“I’m going to run Babuling? It’s over. If I let my uncle know that she went there to play, maybe even my dad would have to be killed! The place is so dangerous that there are mixed fish and snakes, what should I do? Come with me and get Jinxiang back!”

Li Ningning jumped anxiously.

“I go!”

“I am coming too!”

A group of boys volunteered.

“Babuling, what is that place?”

At this moment, Sheldon couldn’t help asking.

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