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Chapter 489

“I’m going, what’s special about the teacher? Babuling doesn’t know that there are many young people on the roads, where they gather to hold parties and drag racing. It’s smoky!”

Some students are speechless.

“Oh, tell him what these are doing, Jinxiang will dare to go anywhere as long as she gets crazy. That’s how the accident happened last time, let’s go and get her back quickly!”

Li Ningning was crying anxiously.

Li Ningning, although he is a good girlfriend with Tulip.

But Li Ningning’s father is actually the housekeeper of the Yu family.

And Li Ningning is usually responsible for taking care of the tulips.

You know, the second lady of the Yu family is notoriously crazy.

This time I didn’t want to go out in class, and I played even harder.

More than 30 classmates were also very loyal, and all of them ran out immediately.

Fortunately, this group of people was a lot less wealthy, and they all had cars. They got in twos and threes and left.

“Isn’t it so evil?”

Sheldon said helplessly.

“Don’t really have an accident, if something happens, will you run away soon after this trip!”

I thought to myself.

In addition, Tulips are stared at by so many forces now, and they are not at ease. They rode on their battery carts and followed them.

After Tulip drove the car all the way to Babuling, he felt a little regretful. This is not just a racing track, but more like an Colosseum.

The Babuling Circuit is located in the outskirts of Yuncheng, at the foot of a mountain.

Due to the circling and staggering, so the caring people set up a drag racing venue here.

Originally, it was a deserted open space, but now it is filled with all kinds of cars, not to mention the top sports cars like Ferrari Maybach.

There are many young men and women at the scene.

The heart-piercing voice and violent instrument beats were ear-stopping.

Tulip was surprised by this place full of hormonal smells, opened his small mouth, and looked at all this with an incredible face. In this world, there is such a kind of people. This is something she has never seen or imagined before.

She had heard of Babuling a long time ago, but she didn’t want to come, because her father had ordered it to ban it.

However, Tulip has been in a bad mood recently. First, the family sister’s affairs bothered her. It hasn’t passed yet. Today, another counselor was forced to feel a bit of a sorrow.

When I think of these things, oops, I’m going crazy.

As long as he gets upset and forgets all orders, Tulip wants to come to Babuling to play a game.

At this moment, Tulip sat in the car a little at a loss and was about to leave here. At this moment, the explosive head with the left ear staring at the row of white stud earrings walked to her car and said, “Yeah, the new girl is here? How about? Let’s run a game. If you beat me, I will be there at night. Here is a PART for you!”

“Forget it, I didn’t want to compare, just want to come and see!” Tulip shook his head.

“No comparison? You look like a student, I’m afraid you can’t compare it, right? You are blind to this sports car!”

“fu*k your mother!” Tulip cursed.

“Comparation, who is afraid of you!”

But after saying this, Tulip felt a little regretful.

She just wanted to come and see what the long-rumored Babuling Circuit looks like and run a winding road. But she didn’t expect it to be such a scene here, she really couldn’t adapt.

The Afro also knew what Tulip was worried about. He pointed to the crowd around him and said, “This is a damn group of livestock, don’t treat them as human beings. If you really don’t want to look at it, just close your eyes.”

Tulip hesitated, but saw the afro standing next to him, vowing to die early, and said, “Since it’s all over, you don’t talk nonsense, then let’s hurry up.”

“No. We have to wait for the next one. Now someone has taken the lead.” The exploded head pointed at the two cars ready to start in the open.

Just when Tulip slammed the steering wheel a little angrily, waiting anxiously.

“Look, sister Xiang’s car!”

Li Ningning and the others arrived.

A dozen cars stopped.

Li Ningning and the others ran towards Tulip.

“Oh oh oh!!!”

As Li Ningning and her classmates ran over, hundreds of men and women gathered around the scene, howling and whistling.

After all, they have never seen anyone dressed as students come here.

And among the thirty-odd people who came, most of them were tall, pure and lovely girls.

It’s almost all!

The explosive head was also very excited, and he jumped out of the car, his eyes straightened.

“Ningning, you… why are you here?”

Tulip couldn’t help asking.

“Also about us, isn’t everyone worried about you? Go ahead, dare you come here, be careful to let uncle know that you don’t want to live anymore!”

Li Ningning pulled Tulip’s arm.

Tulip also wants to go back.

“Don’t worry about going, let’s finish this lap? How about? It’s not easy to come once, you are afraid of your parents or something, is it possible that you are also a good student in school?”

Afro sneered.


The people around shouted loudly.

“Fart! Ning Ning waits, I compete with him, let him close his mouth obediently!”

Tulip said.

“That’s fine, by the way, according to our rules, if you are racing a car, there must be a person of the opposite sex in the car. You have so many male classmates here. Choose one from them. Otherwise, you choose A handsome guy here?”

He exploded again.

In his car, there was already a girl with heavy makeup.

“Me, me! Beauty, choose me?”

Shouted the men who were watching.

“Who rarely chooses yours, glasses, come! Get in the car!”

Tulip rolled his eyes.

He greeted his glasses.

“Sister Xiang, I…I dare not!”

The glasses shook his head suddenly: “My sister Xiang who is motion sickness!”

The glasses swallowed and said.

Nobody knows when Tulip is driving. When someone drives someone to a place, passengers usually say thank you, I’m here!

And if you take a tulip car, you usually say thank you sister Xiang, I’m still alive!

It’s basically that crazy.

Glasses are unwilling, and other boys are unwilling.

Dare not.

“It’s useless, it’s all waste!”

Tulip looked at the afro and smiled and slammed the steering wheel anxiously.

“I’m going, isn’t that our teacher? Why is he here too?”

At this moment, Li Ningning pointed in surprise.

I saw Sheldon, a biology teacher, pushing a battery cart, while pushing and running towards this side.

This look is as funny as it is.

“Hahahaha, I’ll go, look at that one!!!”

Everyone at the scene also laughed into a ball.

After all, in such a place, the appearance of a battery car is already funny.

And now, there are people who push the battery car and rush all the way.

“He? Ning Ning! Why is this wimpy here? Who made him follow?”

Tulips are speechless…

Chapter 490

“I don’t know either, I didn’t expect him to follow along!”

Li Ningning was speechless.

“If he tells the school, the school is telling my dad, then I will be over!”

Tulips are going crazy.

“Sister Xiang, don’t worry, I have a way to let him be honest, if your car is not upright but you are of the opposite sex, just let him get in, and after getting in your car, who is not afraid of you, sister Xiang!”

Glasses are now on the way.

“Nima’s…” Tulip was about to scold the glasses, but after thinking about it, this might also be a way.

It just so happened that I was too annoyed by this uselessness, and I was humiliated early in the morning, and it was all his trouble.

Just let him get in his car and play him to death. Seeing him look like a fool, are you afraid that he can tell the truth?

That’s it!

“I said, you skip class, don’t you put school in your eyes?”

Sheldon put the battery car away and walked over and said.

All the way so far, Sheldon’s battery car ran out of power, so he simply ran.

“Shut up, now, you get in my car immediately!”

Tulip ordered.

“Get in your car? Why get in your car? You are all going back to school now!”

Cooper Family.

“Okay, okay, your battery car should be dead, now you get in my car and I will take you back to school! Okay?”

Tulip said.

“Yeah, teacher, you ran so far, let Sister Xiang take you back to school…Your battery car, we think of a way to get it back for you!”

A group of students also said.

Because the race is about to start, everyone is holding the attitude of running early and finishing early, and no one wants to stay here.

“OK then!”

Sheldon nodded.

Of course, I know that Tulip will not be so kind, just to see what she wants to do.

Sheldon got in the car.


With a sound, the door was locked directly.

“What are you doing?” Sheldon asked in surprise.

“Hahaha, you idiot, you are fooled, you really think that Miss Ben is so kind to let you waste my car, I want to take you to the race, huh, tell you, after the run, don’t throw up my car Come on, or I will destroy you!”

Tulip warned.

And there is already ready.

Both parties honked their horns.

Then on the big screen aside.

There was the sound of a countdown.


When the time came, the two cars galloped out like wild horses without the reins.


Although I don’t like the atmosphere here, it is really enjoyable to run.

The excited tulip yelled.

“Look at the road, look at the road, look at the road!”

Sheldon also yelled.

He was really frightened, and he held the handle tightly.

The hairs are standing up.

Tulip is too crazy to drive.

But there are still car skills.

The car with the explosive head was left far behind by her.

Doesn’t make sense?

Sheldon glanced through the rearview mirror and clearly had many opportunities to overtake, but he did not have a super explosive head.

His brows frowned.


At this moment, Tulip suddenly shouted.

Sheldon looked to the front.

A roadblock appeared unexpectedly.

The steel thorns were bright and dazzling.

But it is obviously too late to slow down now.

Tulip closed his eyes.

Rushed directly.


The result is that both tires burst.

The car stopped halfway.

“Damn, who is so wicked, is actually putting a barrier here!”

Tulip curse.

However, Sheldon’s eyes suddenly became vigilant and looked around.

The car behind, stopped in time, blocking the entire backward road.

There is a situation!

Sheldon immediately heard a voice in his heart.

The Afro got out of the car with the girl at the moment.

“Hey, the people on your side are too bad, take a road to bring it over, it doesn’t count, let’s start again!”

Tulip is not convinced.

“Okay, Miss Tulip, you are the second Miss of the Yu family, you can start again whatever you want, hahaha!”

Blow up and laugh.

“You… how do you know my name?”

Only then did Tulip react to something wrong.

“Huh, get off the car quickly, second lady, save us trouble!”

The explosive head’s expression changed, and he tore off his hair and threw it aside, revealing a bald head.

At the same time, he took out the first hand* and pointed it at the tulip.

“Get off, immediately!”

He roared.

Tulip’s face changed wildly, her pretty face turned pale in fright, and she knew that she had been kidnapped again.

He raised his hands and walked out of the car.

The girl also took out a gun.

“Dance dance, go! Get rid of that kid, tell old A that the person is already in hand, let him respond quickly!”


The girl nodded and walked towards the co-pilot of the car.


The girl was startled suddenly.

He raised his head and looked at the bald head: “Lone wolf, this… why is there no one in the car?”

“Nobody? Were you in the car just now?”

The bald head pressed the tulip and walked towards the direction of the car.

At first glance, there was no one.

“Evil door, broad daylight, where are people?”

The bald head was also horrified.

This…this is just a blink of an eye!

“Ah! I did it with you!”

At this moment, a voice rang behind the bald head.

Looking back, I saw a big rock, zoomed in before my eyes… zoomed in! enlarge! ! !


There was a loud noise, his bald head rolled his eyes and he was unconscious.

The girl subconsciously wanted to open *, but she didn’t know what was going on, she raised her arm halfway and suddenly couldn’t lift it.


The young man shouted again, holding the big rock, and staggeringly slammed at the girl’s head.


The girl also fainted.

And this young man, who else could be Sheldon?

However, Sheldon cannot reveal his identity, so he can only act.


Tulip was saved in a blink of an eye and shouted excitedly: “Teacher, you…you killed them all! You are done, you are murdered!”

Sheldon rolled his eyes.

“I’m not dead, I’m just in a coma, now their people are coming right away, let’s go!”

“Oh yes, go!”

When he got into the bald car, Tulip hurriedly turned his head and ran to the back.

And they just left.

On the roadside, several off-road vehicles hurried over.

Seeing the tulip, they had already walked away, on the way, comatose lone wolf and dancing.

The head of the car smashed a car shell severely.

“Damn, all the ducks can fly! Who saved her?”

“Then brother, can we still chase after?”

“Chasing after Nima, the mountain is full of people, you don’t want to live anymore, take these two wastes and leave quickly!”

“I’ll go, sir, you were too cruel just now!”

Tulip said with a little admiration at this moment.

“No way, not cruel, we all have to die there!”

Sheldon was also thinking that he would have to follow him to watch it, otherwise something really happened.

“No teacher!”

Tulip said as if thinking of something again.

“what happened?”

“When I got out of the car just now, you were also in the car, why did you suddenly run behind them?”

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