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Chapter 935

Soul Bamboo


When Sheldon thought he was going to die, the whole surroundings suddenly recovered.

“Congratulations, Sheldon, you have passed the fourth test!”

Taban walked to Sheldon, looked at Sheldon and said with a smile.

Hearing this, Sheldon opened his eyes.

“Me, did I pass?”

Sheldon asked in a daze.

“Yes, you passed!”

Taban could not nod in response.

“Why? Does it mean to sacrifice myself to pass?”

Sheldon asked with some incomprehension.

“No, this level is not to test whether you will sacrifice your own life, but whether you choose to give up your friends because of temptation and desire.”

“It seems that you are not such a person now, so you have passed this level!”

Taban looked at Sheldon and explained.

After listening to Taban’s explanation, Sheldon understood.

If you just made a choice, no matter who you choose, you will fail.

“One more thing, if you made a choice just now, the person you chose will really die! So you saved the lives of the three of them!”

Then only listened to the Taban reminder to Sheldon.

Sheldon was suddenly startled, his eyes widened.

In an instant, a panic of fear occurred in Sheldon’s heart. He was glad that he had not made a choice just now, otherwise it would really be dead.

“Okay, Sheldon, you are the strongest and kindest person I have ever met so far. The next level is the last level. Are you ready?”

Taban looked at Sheldon and said.

“Well, come on!”

Sheldon responded after taking a deep breath.

When the sound fell, Taban led Sheldon to a bamboo forest in a blink of an eye.

“this is?”

Sheldon looked at Taban in a puzzled way, and didn’t understand what Taban did when he came to a bamboo forest with him.

“This is called the Soul Bamboo. You can only pass the test by breaking the Soul Bamboo.”

Taban made an explanation to Sheldon.

Hearing this, Sheldon was surprised. He felt that this bamboo should be easy to break.

“Isn’t that easy?”

Sheldon looked at Taban confidently and said.

“Hehe, you go try it!”

Taban also gestured with a light smile.

After listening, Sheldon stepped forward and stood in front of the soul bamboo.

After taking a deep breath, Sheldon waved his hand and chopped off the soul bamboo in front of him.


Sheldon’s hand slashed heavily on the soul bamboo.

However, the soul bamboo did not move at all.

Seeing this scene, Sheldon was immediately shocked. He didn’t expect that he would not be able to crush this soul bamboo.

“How? Isn’t it easy?”

Taban looked at Sheldon and asked with an interesting expression.

Sheldon now knew why Taban would let himself try so calmly. Sure enough, this soul bamboo was not so easy to break.

“Sheldon, every soul bamboo has different meanings, and only after you understand the meaning and principles in it, you can break it. All this depends on your own good fortune.”

At this moment, Taban gave a hint to Sheldon.

After listening to Taban’s prompt, Sheldon understood the meaning.

“Then how should I feel the meaning of this soul bamboo?”

Sheldon asked Taban about the method.

“Put your hand on the soul bamboo and feel it, and it will naturally transfer its own meaning into your mind! Remember one sentence, feel it with your heart, and don’t be led away!”

Taban patiently told in detail.

After speaking, Sheldon put his hand on the soul bamboo in front of him according to what Taban said.

Suddenly, this soul bamboo produced a light blue light, and the light instantly illuminated Sheldon’s palm.

In the next second, Sheldon entered a white space.

There is an old man in the space.

The old man sat on the ground, and a Go chess board was placed in front of him.

Sheldon was stunned for a moment, then walked over and stood in front of the old man.

“Little friend, you are here, sit down!”

Before Sheldon could speak, the old man took the initiative to speak to Sheldon.

After Sheldon listened, he immediately sat down.

“Come on, how about the next game with the old man?”

After sitting down, the old man spoke to Sheldon again.

After listening to Sheldon, he naturally had no opinion, so he nodded and agreed: “Of course, it is my honor to be able to play chess with you.”

Hearing what Sheldon said, the old man also smiled without saying a word.

In the blink of an eye, the board was clean.

“Senior, you first!”

Sheldon respectfully said to the old man in front of him.

The old man also smiled, but he did not reach out to play chess.

The next second, a magical scene happened.

I saw the chess pieces in Chess Gu moved by themselves, flew out and landed on the chessboard.

Seeing this scene really surprised Sheldon.

When it was Sheldon’s turn, Sheldon gently took out a black chess piece from the chess Gu and placed it on the board.

Sheldon has been in contact with Go, but he only knows a little bit and he is not very good at it.

Soon, Sheldon and the old man will follow you as soon as you come.

But it didn’t take long before Sheldon was defeated.

“Little friend, don’t be impetuous, but know how to understand the deep meaning of this chessboard.”

He only listened to the old man and said to Sheldon.

The old man’s words have meaning behind the words, and there are words in the words.

Sheldon knew that if he wanted to understand the meaning, it seemed that he had to start from this chessboard.

After speaking, the two began the second game.

However, in this second game, Sheldon is obviously better than the first game.

In the first game, Sheldon was basically defending, so in the end he had no power to fight back and he was led by the nose.

In this round, Sheldon changed. Instead of actively defending the old man, he chose to launch an offense. It was even harder to kill with the old man.

But in the end, Sheldon still lost.

“Little friends, this round is very progress, only one step away from success!”

The old man reminded Sheldon again.

Then, the third round began.

As soon as the game started, Sheldon took the initiative to attack, and did not give the old man any chance to attack.

Sheldon will never let the old man lead him again in this round, he will lead the old man away.

Sure enough, after the first two rounds of competition, Sheldon’s chess skills improved by leaps and bounds, completely different from the previous two rounds, which surprised Sheldon himself.

After some fierce battle, Sheldon finally won this round.

“Little friend, congratulations on your successful understanding, you can go back!”

After winning, the old man said directly to Sheldon.

Sheldon also looked surprised.

Before Sheldon could ask for the reason, Sheldon was sent out.

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