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Chapter 936

Psychic Taoist

After returning to reality, Sheldon suddenly felt refreshed, and he had an additional understanding in his mind. It turned out that this understanding could not be understood until he returned.

Afterwards, Sheldon raised his hand again.

The sense of hand up and down.


A hand knife slashed on the soul bamboo in front of him.

The soul bamboo was directly broken by Sheldon.

It really succeeded!

Sheldon was extremely excited.

He now knew what the meaning of this first soul bamboo was.

We must pay attention to gradual and orderly progress in everything, and we must not rush for quick success. This is the meaning of this soul bamboo.

This is why when Sheldon and the old man played chess in a game, he improved more quickly.

“Congratulations, Sheldon, for breaking the first soul bamboo!”

Taban was also standing behind, smiling at Sheldon and congratulated him.

Sheldon also smiled slightly, and then walked to the next soul bamboo.

In the same motion, stretched out his hand and placed it on the second soul bamboo.

In an instant, Sheldon’s consciousness entered a space again.

Unlike the last space, this space is full of beautiful scenes.

The scene is always undergoing different changes.

At this time, another old man appeared in front of Sheldon.

“Little friend, can you see what this scene represents?”

The old man looked at Sheldon with a gentle smile and asked.

After listening to Sheldon, he was taken aback.

“I don’t know how to call senior?”

Sheldon did not rush to answer, but asked the old man.

“Hehe, the old man is a psychic Taoist.”

The old man smiled faintly and replied.

“Hello, Senior Psychic, this scene is endlessly changing, I only see that it has representatives of the spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons.”

Sheldon first gave a respectful greeting to the psychic Taoist and then told him.

The psychic Taoist also nodded in satisfaction.

“You are right. Spring, summer, autumn and winter are indeed the representatives of this, but there are other different representatives among them. You need to calm down and feel it with your heart, little friend.”

The psychic Taoist also reminded and guided Sheldon.

Sheldon also nodded in understanding, then calmed down his heart, and then carefully felt the changing scene in front of him.

After a while, Sheldon opened his eyes.

“I see, senior psychic, this scene not only represents spring, summer, autumn and winter, but also represents different life scenes.”

“Spring means that when a person is just born, it seems like a scene where a new shoot grows.”

“Xia, represents everything a person experiences and encounters while growing up, just like hot weather, there will always be some difficulties and distress.”

“Autumn represents the season when a person has had a happy life and harvest.”

“Winter, represents that a person has reached the end of life, the representative looking back at the past.”

Just listening to Sheldon tells all his insights.

“Papa Papa!”

After listening to what Sheldon said, the psychic Taoist directly stretched out his hand and patted it.

“Yes, yes, little friend, you are really extraordinary. It is really different to have such an understanding. Yes, spring, summer, autumn and winter really represent a person’s life.”

“Okay, little friend, you have understood it, you can go back!”

Just listening to the psychic Taoist commanded Sheldon.

When the voice fell, Sheldon’s consciousness was transmitted and returned to reality.

Sheldon immediately raised his hand and slashed on the second soul bamboo.


The soul bamboo was broken instantly.

The second soul bamboo, Sheldon understands the meaning of life.

He knows that life is like spring, summer, autumn and winter. It is a seasonal change, but everyone has to experience birth, aging, sickness and death in his life. The only thing he can do is to feel this life experience, not to make a destiny change. thing.

Seeing Sheldon smashed the second soul bamboo, Taban also smiled with satisfaction and joy.

Because Sheldon did not disappoint him.

Then, Sheldon immediately placed his hand on the third soul bamboo.

In an instant, Sheldon’s consciousness entered a new space.

The third soul bamboo.

After Sheldon’s consciousness entered, he saw a person who looked exactly like him before his eyes.

Sheldon was immediately surprised.

“you are?”

Sheldon asked suspiciously.

“I am you!”

The other party also looked at Sheldon with a smile.

“You are me? Then who am I?”

Sheldon continued to ask.

“You are me, I am you, we are the same person, but two different thoughts!”

The other party replied to Sheldon meaningfully.

“What do different thoughts mean?”

Sheldon also asked somewhat not quite understandably.

“Haha, to be precise, I am the other self in your heart, and also the dark self, commonly known as the heart demon!”

The other party explained with a chuckle.

Now Sheldon understood that the person in front of him who looked the same as himself was his own demon.

Sheldon knew that this third soul bamboo was to test himself and face the inner demon, and only after defeating the inner demon could he understand its meaning.

“Sheldon, why didn’t you just sacrifice Lei Lie in exchange for the key to open the door to the territory of the Guidong tribe? Are you stupid? Such a good opportunity was wasted by you!”

Just listening to the inner demon, his face suddenly became gloomy and looked at Sheldon angrily.

Sheldon also stared closely at the inner demon.

“I will not use my friends as a bargaining chip for sacrifice!”

Sheldon also immediately retorted to his own demon.


After hearing Sheldon’s words, the inner demon yelled at Sheldon again.

“Do you know what you are doing? There was a great opportunity in front of you, but you didn’t know how to cherish it. You are simply stupid!”

The inner demon stared at Sheldon angrily and continuously insulted.

“Shut up, you are just the devil in my heart, you have no way to control and determine my thoughts!”

Sheldon couldn’t help it anymore, and directly refuted it angrily.


Hearing Sheldon’s retort, the heart demon suddenly laughed out loud.

Suddenly, the whole darkness was filled with the laughter of the demons, the laughter was so sharp and gloomy.

“Really? Then if I swallow you, you will only live under me forever!”

The look of the inner demon instantly became sinister and cunning, staring straight at Sheldon and said.

After speaking, a weapon appeared in the hand of the inner demon.

“Xing Yuan Sword!”

Sheldon was suddenly startled when he saw this.

That’s right, the weapon in the hands of the inner demon was nothing but Sheldon’s own Xingyuan sword.

Sheldon did not expect that his own inner demon could also control the Xingyuan Sword.

“Sheldon, since you are so stupid, don’t blame me for being impolite, I want to wipe you out completely, I want to occupy your whole body and mind!”

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