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Chapter 981

Jump in the queue.

After all, for Lin Xueer now, Sheldon and Zhou Nuo are her relatives.

If neither of them treats Lin Xue’er well, then no one in this world will treat Lin Xue’er well.

Until late at night, Sheldonsan gradually fell asleep.

Lin Xueer slept with Zhou Nuo, and Zhou Nuo hugged Lin Xueer into the dreamland calmly.

Sheldon opened a bottle of wine alone, then poured a glass and walked to the balcony to sit on a chair, leaning on the chair and looking up at the night sky outside.

It’s a good saying that when it’s late at night, people will think of many things in their minds.

Sheldon took a sip of wine gently.

The wine entered the throat and slipped into the abdomen.

Although Sheldon’s body can volatilize alcohol immediately, Sheldon can still feel the stimulation of alcohol.

Looking up at the night sky, Sheldon couldn’t help but think of his father’s appearance.

If his father is still alive, then their family will be happy now, and his father will be proud of Sheldon.

But all this is completely impossible.

It was not until early morning that Sheldon returned to the room to rest.

Sheldon was woken up by the alarm clock when he fell asleep until exactly eight in the morning.

Sheldon quickly got up, washed, and after having breakfast with Lin Xueer and Zhou Nuo, he set off to Happy Valley Amusement Park in Tianhai City.

To be honest, Happy Valley Amusement Park Sheldon also went to it for the first time.

Sheldon hadn’t been there before.

But this is good, it is a rare opportunity to relax, and Sheldon can take advantage of this opportunity to have a good time and accompany Lin Xueer.

Sheldon drove his car and successfully arrived at Happy Valley Amusement Park after tens of minutes by car.

Happy Valley Amusement Park is located in the northern suburbs of Tianhai City. Because it covers a large area, it can only be located in this area.

After parking the car, Zhou Nuo went to get the tickets, and then the three of Sheldon immediately entered the amusement park.


“Uncle Sheldon, sister Zhou Nuo, this amusement park is so big and beautiful!” As

soon as she entered the amusement park, Lin Xueer couldn’t help but exclaimed.

For Lin Xueer, it was also the first time in her life that she came to an amusement park to play. She had never thought that one day she could go to an amusement park. It was only a fantasy.

Finally, the fantasy was realized.

“Xue’er, if you want to play today, tell me what you want to eat, play, and buy!”

Sheldon looked at Lin Xueer’s suggestion generously at this time.

After Lin Xueer heard this, she also moved her little head.

Immediately afterwards, the three of them immediately began to play in the amusement park.

I have to say, don’t look at Lin Xue’er’s pretentious look, but in fact she is really bold.

If it weren’t for the height and age restrictions of some rides, I’m afraid Lin Xueer would have rushed in.

Such exciting amusements, such as roller coasters, etc., made Lin Xue’er very curious, and she wanted to try it. She was more courageous than Zhou Nuo.

In a blink of an eye, more than two hours passed.

It’s time to eat at noon.

Sheldon and Zhou Nuocai took Lin Xueer to sit down and rest, but Lin Xueer had an unfulfilled expression.

“Xue’er, how do you feel? Is it fun?”

Sheldon looked at Lin Xueer and asked.

Lin Xueer nodded quickly in response: “It’s fun, Uncle Sheldon, can you bring me here to play more in the future?”

“Of course you can!”

“Xueer, if you want to come to play in the future, just tell me, or It’s okay to tell Sister Zhou Nuo, and we will take you to play.”

Sheldon agreed without any comments.

“Well, thank Uncle Sheldon and Sister Zhou Nuo!”

Lin Xueer also smiled and nodded to thank Sheldon.

“Sister Zhou Nuo, I want to go to the bathroom!”

Then, Lin Xueer suggested to Zhou Nuo.

“Okay, then I will take you there!”

Zhou Nuo directly agreed.

After speaking, Zhou Nuo led Lin Xueer towards the bathroom.

Sheldon sat down beside the flowerbed not far from the bathroom.

Zhou Nuo and Lin Xueer came to the door of the bathroom.

I saw a long queue at the bathroom door.

But of course this is also the state of the women’s toilet, the men’s toilet on the other side is much smoother, no one is in line.

No way, the comparison between women and men at this time is reflected.

Zhou Nuo and Lin Xueer could only line up honestly.

After waiting for almost fifteen minutes, it was finally the turn of Zhou Nuo and Lin Xueer.

However, at this moment, only a woman suddenly jumped in from Zhou Nuo and Lin Xueer’s side and rushed in front of them.

“This lady, how can you jump in the line?”

Zhou Nuo asked when seeing this and immediately grabbed the woman.

The woman suddenly turned her head and stared at Zhou Nuo angrily.

“Huh, be nosy, I jump in if I want to jump in the queue!” The

woman didn’t mean to give in at all, snorted even more, and then shook her arm vigorously to shake Zhou Nuo’s hand away.

As a result, Zhou Nuo almost couldn’t stand firm. Fortunately, there was a kind person behind Zhou Nuo who supported him.

“Sister Zhou Nuo, are you okay? How could you jump in, obviously we were in line first!”

Upon seeing this, Lin Xueer first asked Zhou Nuo with concern, and then pointed at the woman.

When the woman heard it, her brow furrowed and her face was extremely gloomy.

“Slap!” In the

next second, the woman slapped Lin Xueer directly.

Seeing this scene, everyone present was stunned, who could want this woman to even let go of a little girl, and make a cruel move.

Lin Xueer blushed immediately after being beaten, and tears couldn’t stop flowing out of her eyes.


Zhou Nuo also hurriedly yelled to Lin Xue’er, and then squatted down to check Lin Xue’er’s face.

“Hmph, a little kid would dare to control me!” The

woman had no regrets at all, and she gave another cold snort.


Before everyone could react, the woman was taken away.

Then Sheldon appeared in front of Lin Xueer and Zhou Nuo.

Yes, it was Sheldon who made the shot.

The scene where the woman shot Zhou Nuo and Lin Xueer just now was seen by Sheldon, which made Sheldon extremely angry, so Sheldon did not hesitate to do it. There is no need to be merciful when dealing with such a woman. Must teach her a severe lesson.

“Cher, let Uncle take a look!”

Sheldon immediately squatted down to check Lin Xueer’s face.

Seeing Sheldon’s arrival, Zhou Nuo and Lin Xueer felt at ease, feeling a strong sense of security surrounding them.

With Sheldon there, they knew everything would be fine, because Sheldon would definitely not let people bully them.

At this time, Sheldon used the bioelectric current in his body to input Lin Xueer’s face.

After a blink of an eye, Lin Xueer’s face recovered and the red seal disappeared.

“Xue’er, is it still painful?”

Sheldon asked, looking at Lin Xue’er dozingly.

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