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Chapter 985


Sheldon also laughed and looked at Tang De and explained: “Hehe, uncle, don’t worry, I don’t need to be particularly tired at work. It’s fine if you need your help in the management. The salary is 10,000 Dollar a month.”

“Really? A 10,000 Dollar salary, such a good job.”

Before Tang De could speak, Wang Yuehong suddenly exclaimed. .

Just kidding, Wang Yuehong and Tang De didn’t dare to imagine that they could find a job with a monthly income of over 10,000.

“Of course it is true. Since you are looking for a job, Uncle, I am still short of people. Uncle, you should go to work with me.”

Sheldon directly proposed to Tang De.

In fact, this is not the case. Sheldon only said that he had such a job to help Tang De.

“Well, since Xiao Chen is so worthy of me, of course I am willing to go to your place.”

Tang De agreed without any objection.

Just kidding, a job opportunity with a monthly income of over 10,000 Dollar is in front of Tang De. How can Tang De miss it? Then he is really too stupid.

“That’s OK, uncle, you can report to Yaojiang Group tomorrow. I will let someone go through the entry procedures for you, and someone will tell you the work process.”

Sheldon watched Tang De’s narration.

“Hey, okay, okay, okay!”

Tang De quickly responded with excitement.

Wang Yuehong and Tang Yuxin on one side were also very happy.

“Xiao Chen, thank you so much. You said that you not only saved our lives, but also introduced work to Yuxin’s father. It really troubles you too much.”

Wang Yuehong looked from the heart. Thanks to Sheldon.

Sheldon also responded with a faint smile.


please don’t say that. It’s a trivial matter to me, and it’s just what I need.” Wang Yuehong, Tang De and Tang Yuxin really don’t know how to thank Sheldon. Their family has already accepted Chen. The benefits of too many songs.

But this is nothing but a trivial matter for Sheldon.

To use an idiom, that means helping others.

After another while, Tang De helped Wang Yuehong go upstairs to rest.

Only Sheldon and Tang Yuxin were left in the living room downstairs.

“Yuxin, will there be time in the wait? I haven’t eaten dinner yet, let me go out to eat some.”

In order to break the embarrassing atmosphere, Sheldon took the initiative to send out a kind invitation to Tang Yuxin.

“Okay!” After

Tang Yuxin heard this, she agreed without thinking.

After speaking, Sheldon left the villa with Tang Yuxin.

After getting in the car, the two drove toward the Tianhai Night Market.

In the car, neither of them spoke much.

Tang Yuxin didn’t know what to say to Sheldon, she felt very embarrassed.

Soon, the two arrived at Tianhai Night Market.

The Tianhai Night Market is very famous. To put it bluntly, it is just a snack street with various foods and stalls. It is very lively after ten o’clock every night.

It is also a place for countless office workers to have fun after get off work.

In the past, Sheldon did not visit this place for food, drink, and fun, but his status changed and he went up to a higher level. He went to those high-end bars and clubs.

Therefore, Sheldon hasn’t come back for a long time, and it can be regarded as coming back to find the feelings and memories of the year.

When he arrived at the night market, Sheldon led Tang Yuxin to a stall and sat down.

I haven’t been here for a long time, and basically the entire night market has undergone tremendous changes.

The stall where Sheldon sat down was a pair of mother and daughter.

“Madam boss!”

Sheldon yelled to the boss after sitting down.

When the lady boss heard this, she walked over immediately.

“Hey, handsome and beautiful, come and see, what to eat.” The

proprietress handed the menu to Sheldon and Tang Yuxin, and said.

Sheldon and Tang Yuxin looked at them immediately.

To be honest, Tang Yuxin didn’t know much about this, and she had never eaten food from the overnight market.

“Madame, 20 mutton skewers, one plate of fried noodles, one grilled carp, one crispy bone…”

Sheldon immediately ordered the dishes after watching it for a while.

Sheldon ordered a lot of food.

“Yuxin, what about you, look at what you want to eat, just order it, it’s okay.”

After he finished ordering, Sheldon looked at Tang Yuxin’s proposal.

Tang Yuxin smiled slightly and shook her head.


senior , you have already ordered a lot, let’s eat first.” Sheldon had no objection when he heard Tang Yuxin’s words, so he immediately said to the lady boss, ” Miss boss, let’s order so much first, we will order if we don’t have enough.”

“Okay, wait a minute, and you will come up soon!” The

lady boss gestured to Sheldon with a smile, and then turned and left and returned to the booth.

To be honest, most of the stalls around the whole business are very good, only the stall of the mother and daughter is not many people, except for the table of Sheldon, there is no one, and it still looks very bleak.

Therefore, the mother and daughter were very happy to see Sheldon and they came. Finally, it was about to open tonight.

“Senior, look at the skewers that turned out to be the proprietress’s daughter!” The

sharp-eyed Tang Yuxin immediately reminded Sheldon when she noticed a place.

As soon as Sheldon heard it, he immediately turned his head to look.

Sure enough, it was indeed true that the skewers were a girl about the same age as Tang Yuxin, and she should be the boss’s daughter.

“I didn’t expect to take on the task of making money at such a young age.”

Tang Yuxin sighed again. She felt that she was really much happier than this girl.

After about twenty minutes, Sheldon’s food was all available.

“Madam boss, is that your daughter?”

Sheldon asked the boss at this moment on the opportunity.

“Haha, yeah, it’s my daughter. She works-study. She comes to help me after school. I can’t do it alone.” The lady

boss explained with a faint smile.

“You eat slowly first, I have to go busy beforehand, just call me if I have something to do.” The

lady boss gestured to the two Sheldon again, and then turned around and returned to the stall to continue to work.

Sheldon and Tang Yuxin ate together.

It’s been a long time since Sheldon has had a barbecue, and Sheldon also feels endless aftertaste. It is a beautiful thing that makes people miss, and it is simply too happy.

“Go away!”



Just when Sheldon and the two were eating happily, there were noisy noises not far away, with various things being smashed. The voice sounded very chaotic.

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