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Chapter 988


“Mom, what are you talking about.”

Zhang Yun quickly explained to his mother, with a shy expression on his face.

But how can mothers fail to see it.

“Xiao Yun, your task now is to study hard, but mom doesn’t object to your dating, as long as you are nice to you.” The

lady boss reminded her that she looked at her daughter Zhang Yun earnestly.

After listening to Zhang Yun, she also nodded for a while, all her heart was the clearest in her heart.

But for Sheldon, Zhang Yun was really tempted. She felt that Sheldon was really different. He was the most secure man she had ever seen.

If there is a chance, Zhang Yun still wants to meet Sheldon, or the two of them can talk alone.

But will this opportunity really exist? Zhang Yun couldn’t help but think about it.

Late at night, Sheldon sent Tang Yuxin back before returning to his villa.

After returning home, Zhou Nuo and Lin Xue’er were already asleep, and Sheldon could only sit in the living room alone, poured a glass of red wine and drank alone.

The next morning, Sheldon got up early and took Zhou Nuo and Lin Xueer out.

After sending Lin Xueer to the school, Sheldon took Zhou Nuo to the group.

“Dong Chen, the Chairman Ke of the Zhongtian Group came to our group today. Do you want to meet him here?”

Zhou Nuo sat in the car and reported to Sheldonhui.

“Zhongtian Group?”

Sheldon suddenly felt suspicious after hearing this.

“Yes, he called me and said he was here to apologize for you.”

Zhou Nuo nodded and looked at Sheldon and explained.

After listening to Sheldon, he also suddenly realized.

You know, yesterday when he took Zhou Nuo to the Happy Valley Amusement Park, he ran into Ke Zhongtian’s wife Li Zhulan.

After yesterday’s events, Ke Zhongtian has divorced Li Zhulan.

And in order to keep his own Zhongtian Group, Ke Zhongtian had to come to Sheldon in person today to apologize to Sheldon, ask Sheldon’s forgiveness, and keep his own Zhongtian Group.

“Okay, since people are so sincere, then see you!”

Sheldon paused and thought for a while, then agreed.

Sheldon is not the kind of person who is unreasonable and ruthless.

Originally, what happened yesterday was not about Ke Zhongtian’s business, it was his wife Li Zhulan’s fault, so Sheldon would not embarrass Ke Zhongtian too much.

Soon, after half an hour, Sheldon and the two arrived at Yaojiang Group.

I saw a black car parked at the door of Yaojiang Group.

That’s right, this car is not someone else’s, it is the car of Ke Zhongtian of Zhongtian Group.

Seeing the arrival of Sheldon and Zhou Nuo, Ke Zhongtian got out of the car immediately.

“Dong Chen!”

Ke Zhongtian shouted respectfully to Sheldon.

Sheldon glanced at Ke Zhongtian.

“Ke Dong, we’re seeing each other again!”

Sheldon’s words had a touch of fun, which made Ke Zhongtian feel a little embarrassed.

After all, what my wife did to Sheldon yesterday is really embarrassing to Ke Zhongtian.

But now it’s alright, Ke Zhongtian has divorced Li Zhulan.

“Dong Chen, I was really sorry yesterday, I have divorced my wife according to what you said!”

Ke Zhongtian looked at Sheldon and said in a very firm tone.

Yesterday Sheldon told him that he must divorce Li Zhulan, so how could Ke Zhongtian dare not listen.

Sheldon smiled indifferently, and then began to preach: “Let’s go up and chat!”

After speaking, Sheldon led Ke Zhongtian and others upstairs.

Came upstairs, in Sheldon’s office.

“Come on, Dong Ke, please sit down, Zhou Nuo, have tea!” After

Sheldon walked in, he first gestured to Ke Zhongtian, and then ordered Zhou Nuo.

“Okay Dong Chen!”

Zhou Nuo nodded directly, and then walked out.

“Ke Dong, you don’t have to apologize, I know what happened yesterday is not your business.” He

only heard Sheldon and told Ke Zhongtian.

Hearing Sheldon’s words, Ke Zhongtian was stunned.

Ke Zhongtian didn’t understand the meaning of Sheldon’s words at all.

“Dong Chen, you are…”

Ke Zhongtian asked with some worry, his expression was very flustered.

“Haha, Dong Ke, don’t be nervous, I have no other meaning.”

Sheldon smiled lightly and looked at Ke Zhongtian soothingly.

Now Ke Zhongtian’s expression eased a little.

Of course, Sheldon could see what Ke Zhongtian was worried about. He was definitely worried about whether he would acquire his Zhongtian Group.

In fact, Sheldon did not intend to acquire the Zhongtian Group, but there are other things that he wants to talk to Ke Zhongtian.

Although Zhongtian Group is inferior to Yaojiang Group, it is still one of the leading companies in Tianhai City, and it has also made a lot of contributions to charity.

Based on this alone, Sheldon would not deal with Zhongtian Group.

What’s more, it is true that Ke Zhongtian cannot be blamed for what happened yesterday, and nothing Ke Zhongtian wants to encounter.

“Dong Ke, it is like this. I know that you are also a very good entrepreneur. You started this group from scratch. So, I hope Zhongtian Group can cooperate with our Yaojiang Group.”

Then Sheldon looked at it. Ke Zhongtian spoke his own words.

Indeed, the reason why Sheldon agreed to see Ke Zhongtian today also had this idea.

Hearing Sheldon’s words, Ke Zhongtian was shocked, his face was full of incredible expressions.

He never thought that Sheldon wanted to cooperate with himself, not to deal with himself. He thought too much about everything.

“Dong Chen, really? You really want to cooperate with me?”

Ke Zhongtian looked at Sheldon’s confirmation in surprise and asked, thinking that Sheldon was joking with him.

“I didn’t make a joke with you, really!”

Sheldon nodded, smiling while watching Ke Zhongtian preach.

“Dong Chen, that’s really great, and I have always wanted to cooperate with you!”

Ke Zhongtian looked at Sheldon excitedly and said, he really never thought that Sheldon would take the initiative to talk to himself Cooperation, this is what an exciting thing for him.

“Dong Ke, which aspect of your group is currently operating?”

Then Sheldon asked Ke Zhongtian.

“Dong Chen, our Zhongtian Group now mainly operates construction, including many real estate and regional construction.”

Ke Zhongtian immediately replied to Sheldon.

For Ke Zhongtian, this was an excellent opportunity.

If it can establish a cooperative relationship with Sheldon’s Yaojiang Group, it will be a great development for his Zhongtian Group, and it will bring Zhongtian Group to the next level.

“Ke Dong, what is the biggest project in your hand right now?”

Sheldon also nodded, and then asked Ke Zhongtian directly.

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