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Chapter 994

Is shocked. It

can be said that Sheldon’s invention has completely felt the crisis in the big country.

Originally, a big country is a big high-tech industrial country.

The big nations are the world’s top technology leaders.

But now?

A Sheldon appeared.

The feeling that Sheldon’s random invention has left all the technologies of the big country behind for decades.

You say this is not irritating?

Annoying? It’s so annoying.

The state government was so angry that it almost didn’t lift the table.

Helplessness, despair, all came to the hearts of the great nations.

“Notify me, and inform all the scientific researchers and experts that new technologies must be developed for me as soon as possible!”

At this moment, Te Reliable screamed at the people in front of them.

I don’t believe it because I’m a big country, but Sheldon’s strength alone.

Unfortunately, it is true.

Sheldon’s strength alone can surpass the strength of the entire great nation.

At this moment, far away in Longguo’s research room.

Zhen Ji walked in with her high heels.

“Sheldon, there is a situation I need to report to you!”

Zhen Ji walked in and said to Sheldon, who was focusing on research and development.

Sheldon stretched out his hand and motioned to Zhen Ji first, telling her not to speak.

Upon seeing this, Zhen Ji had to wait quietly, waiting for Sheldon to finish all work and research and development.

After about half an hour, Sheldon was over.

Take off the blindfold and gloves, stand up and look at Zhen Ji.

“Zhen Ji, what’s the matter?”

Sheldon asked Zhen Ji curiously.

While talking, he picked up a bottle of energy drink on the table and drank it.

“That’s the case. The Heisei Company of Big Bangguo wants to rely on our Yaojiang. I’m here to ask Sheldon for your opinion.”

Zhen Ji explained the specific situation to Sheldon.

After Sheldon heard it, he immediately understood.

How could he not know the thoughts of those people at Heisei Company.

It seems that they want to strengthen their own Heisei company with their own technology.

That being the case, Sheldon decided not to do two things, and just to shuffle all the cards.

“Zhen Ji, you go to the Heisei Company of Dabangguo and say that we Yaojiang will acquire Heisei Company and prepare them to be acquired!”

Then Sheldon looked at Zhen Ji with a serious expression, without any joking. Said meaning.

When Zhen Ji heard this, she was immediately surprised.

She didn’t expect Sheldon to directly choose to acquire Heisei.

“Sheldon, would you like to think about it? After all, the acquisition of Heisei Company is not a simple matter, it requires a lot of funds.”

Zhen Ji quickly looked at Sheldon and made a kind reminder.

Just kidding, Heisei is a big company in a big country. How can it be said that if you want to buy it, you must buy it.

“Haha, don’t worry, funding is not a problem, you can just reply to them for me.”

Sheldon smiled faintly, and ordered Zhen Ji.

After speaking, Sheldon put on his blindfold and gloves again and continued to work on his R&D business.

Zhen Ji had no choice but to do what Sheldon said, silently nodded and turned and walked out of the research room.

As far as Sheldon is concerned, funding is nothing at all.

If he wants money, tens of billions or even hundreds of billions will be received every minute.

It just so happened that Sheldon felt that after the acquisition of Heisei Company, Yaojiang, who can better grow funds, can better develop new technologies by the way.

Heisei’s technology can be considered forward.

Winning the Heisei Company is equivalent to occupying a large commercial position in a large country.

Soon, Zhen Ji told Sheldon’s reply to the top of Heisei Company.

This shocked the other party. They thought Sheldon was joking.

The next day, Sheldon took Zhen Ji and immediately flew to the big country by private jet.

“Zhen Ji, what did the people at the Heisei company say?”

Sheldon asked Zhen Ji while sitting on the plane.

“They are shocked. The specific situation will be discussed in detail after receiving Dabangguo Heisei Company.”

Zhen Ji simply replied to Sheldon.

The acquisition of Heisei Company is not simply a matter of one sentence.

Arrived at ten o’clock in the morning abroad.

After getting off the plane, Sheldon and Zhen Ji went to the headquarters of the Heisei company.

Zhen Ji has contacted and notified the senior staff of Heisei Company, so all of them are already ready to welcome Sheldon’s arrival.

On the way, Sheldon entered his mind and talked with Mengmeng.

“Mengmeng, what is the exchange value?”

Sheldonchao asked Mengmeng in his mind.

“Master, you still have an exchange value of 40,000. Do you need to exchange it?”

Mengmeng immediately responded to Sheldon.

“Okay, don’t use it for the time being!”

Sheldon also responded after listening.

He just came to check whether his exchange value was enough. After all, he was here to buy Heisei Company today, so a lot of money would have to be spent.

Fortunately, the exchange value of 40,000 is enough for Sheldon.

Anyway, in a word, Sheldon is really not bad for money.

Things that can be solved with money are not things for Sheldon.

After dozens of minutes, he successfully arrived at the headquarters of the Heisei company.

I have to say that the headquarters of the Heisei company is still very grand and luxurious.

At this time, several foreign men were already standing downstairs, and there were many bodyguards in black standing around.

These are all here to protect Sheldon.

“Hello, Mr. Sheldon, I am the current CEO of Heisei Company, and my name is Gibson.”

A bald man stepped forward to greet Sheldon respectfully.

After listening, Sheldon smiled slightly, reached out and shook Gibson’s hand, and then walked into the Heisei company headquarters together.

Gibson took Sheldon and the two to the conference room.

I saw that the meeting room was already full of major shareholders.

“Mr. Sheldon, Miss Leng, please sit down!”

Gibson gestured towards Sheldon with a smile.

Sheldon and Zhen Ji nodded, then sat down.

“Mr. Sheldon, is it true that you asked Miss Zhen Ji to reply to us yesterday? You really want to buy our Heisei Company?”

Gibson asked Sheldon with a smile.

In fact, Gibson was really shocked when he heard this news yesterday.

He really couldn’t believe what Sheldon said.

So he has to ask Sheldon for sure today.

After all, no one has ever dared to say this, not even the once richest man in the world, Bill Motz.

When Sheldon heard it, he looked at Gibson.

“President Gibson, do you think I want to be joking again?”

Sheldon cast a light glance at Gibson and asked indifferently.

After speaking, Sheldon turned his attention to Zhen Ji beside him.

Zhen Ji immediately understood what Sheldon meant.

Zhen Ji stood up and opened the briefcase she had brought.

He took out a contract from his bag and handed it to Gibson.

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