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Chapter 996


Sheldon did this to strike while the iron is hot. He wants to acquire several leading companies, so as to further strengthen the strength of Yaojiang Group.

Now he has acquired Heisei Company, followed by Sanxin Company, and finally Longguo’s Warwick Company.

These three leaders are the main acquisitions of Sheldon.

Winning these three can be said to make Yaojiang stronger.

The next day.

Early in the morning, the global network was maxed out by a message.

“Yaojiang Group used US$1.2 trillion to acquire Heisei Company!”

This news suddenly became popular on the global network, and it was the news on all major social platforms and websites.

“Oh my God!”


“This Yaojiang is too good to break, he bought the Heisei Company directly!”

“Yes, that’s too great, it’s the pride of our Dragon Kingdom!”

“Hahaha, from From now on, Heisei Company is the product of Longguo!”

I saw many Chinese people on the Internet began to comment.

All felt that Sheldon’s approach was the most correct, and everyone expressed their support and recognition to Sheldon.

And more shocked and unbelievable.

Who would want Sheldon to come up with an astronomical amount of US$1.2 trillion?

However, Sheldon’s operation has made many enterprises and companies nervous.

If you know that even Heisei Company has been acquired, then other companies like them are beginning to be frightened, for fear that they will be acquired by Yaojiang.

But in Sheldon’s view, all this is the most normal operation.

He hasn’t paid attention to the small Heisei company.

In the evening, Sheldon took Zhen Ji to a Michelin seven-star restaurant.

As soon as they arrived at the door, they were stopped by someone.

“Sorry sir, you can’t enter without formal clothes!”

A service staff at the door looked at Sheldon and preached.

After Sheldon listened, his brows frowned.

There is even such a reason, not to enter without wearing formal clothes.

However, Sheldon glanced at his clothes, and it was not particularly bad. Although they weren’t wearing a suit, they were not too shabby.

“Call out your manager!” After a

pause, Sheldon pointed to the service staff to remind.

“Sir, you…”

The waitress wanted to say something.

“I said, call your manager out!”

Sheldon said again in a deep voice.

The waiter had no choice but to turn around and walk into the restaurant.

After a minute or two, the barman walked out with a middle-aged man in a suit.

“Hello sir, I am the manager of this restaurant, and my name is Peter. What can I do for you?”

Peter looked at Sheldon with a smile on his face and asked.

“You are the manager, aren’t you? Is it bad for me to dress like this? Don’t let me in?”

Sheldon asked, staring at Peter.

After Peter heard this, he immediately understood that it was Sheldon who had been stopped.

But looking at Sheldon’s appearance, it really didn’t feel like the feeling of a rich man.

“Sorry sir, this is the rule of our restaurant, so please forgive me.”

Peter was very sorry to explain to Sheldon.

“Okay, right? Yes, then I want to buy this restaurant now and call out the owner of your restaurant!”

Sheldon said directly, staring at Peter.

When Peter heard it, he was immediately surprised, and the male waiter on the side couldn’t help but chuckle.

“What are you laughing at? Do you think I’m joking, right?”

Sheldon asked the male waiter coldly.

The barman shook his head quickly.

“This gentleman, this is indeed the rule of our restaurant.”

Peter did not believe Sheldon’s words, but said to Sheldon again.

“Okay, you wait!”

Sheldon didn’t want to talk nonsense with Peter.

After speaking, Sheldon took out his mobile phone and dialed Gibson’s number.

The call was quickly connected.

Gibson’s voice came through the phone.

“Hey, Dong Chen, what’s your order?” Gibson asked Sheldon respectfully.

“You will bring fifty million dollars to this seven-star hotel on the east coast!”

Sheldon directly ordered Gibson.

After speaking, Sheldon didn’t give Gibson any chance to reply at all, so he hung up the call.

Hearing Sheldon’s words, Peter and the waiter also showed surprises on their faces.

When they listened to Sheldon’s call, they heard it really, not as if they were lying.

Soon, twenty minutes later, Gibson came to this hotel in a sports car.

“Dong Chen!”

Gibson stopped the car and trot all the way, coming to Sheldon’s side and shouted.

Seeing Gibson’s arrival, Peter suddenly showed a more surprised expression.

Who is Gibson, how could Peter not know.

“President Gibson, you are here too!”

Peter greeted Gibson respectfully.

Gibson ignored Peter, but looked at Sheldon and asked, “Dong Chen, I have brought the money. It’s in the car. What else do you want?”

Seeing Gibson respecting Sheldon so much , Peter was shocked.

He knew he had offended people now, but he didn’t expect Sheldon to be so noble.

The waitress was already full of fear on his face.

“Gibson, I’m here for dinner, but they wouldn’t let me in, saying that my clothes are not good, then I have to buy this hotel directly now.”

Sheldon said in a very calm tone. This matter was to him. It’s not a problem at all.

Hearing Sheldon’s words, Gibson also immediately understood.

Gibson immediately turned to look at Peter.

“Blind your dog’s eyes, this is the chairman of Yaojiang Group and the new chairman of our Heisei Company, Sheldon, Chen Dong, you dare to stop him?”

Gibson glared at Peter and scolded him .

Wherever he dared to make a noise, Peter immediately lowered his head and walked in front of Sheldon.

“I’m sorry Dong Chen, we are not good, please forgive our ignorance!”

Peter quickly apologized to Sheldon.

“Oh, Manager Peter, you didn’t have such an attitude just now!”

Sheldon suddenly sneered after hearing this.

Peter really regretted that he had offended this big man.

“Fire him!”

Afterwards, Sheldon pointed to the waiter and ordered Peter.

“Yes, yes, I will fire him right away!”

Peter quickly agreed and replied.

After speaking, Peter looked at the male waiter and angrily reprimanded: “From now on, you are no longer an employee of our hotel. You have been fired. Go to the finances and settle the salary yourself!”

Hearing this, that person The barman also left in disgrace, without any complaints.

After reprimanding the employee, Peter looked at Sheldon again.

“Dong Chen, I have fired him according to your request. Look at this matter…”

Peter looked at Sheldon carefully and asked.

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