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My Billionaire Mom is the story of parents who forgot they have a boy to take care of. It takes us through the experiences of a boy who has just crossed the adolescent phase of his life. The novel takes us through the difficulties one has to face growing up without parents.

Just like the ducklings that grow infatuation to the first object they see moving around this boy falls in love with a girl who was brought up by his grandfather alongside him. Now the life for him is to take the orders from her and live life according to the ideals of this woman.

How would you react when one day find yourself capable of no more a need to listen to the words of an authoritative figure in your life? This would be the day of liberation indeed. But freedom comes in stages. The limitations will be part of life no matter what.

The Billionaire Mom

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Money brings freedom to life but comes with its own clutches. A cohort of factors will always make sure we have no complete freedom. Nature has its own way of taming humans. Nevertheless, clever minds know how to maneuver these circumstances to maximize opportunities.

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The success can still be achieved and progress can still be made. Life will give us chances. It then becomes a matter of our own capabilities how we translate these rare opportunities into success stories. This depends on how farsighted we are in the decision we make and the actions we commit.

My Billionaire Mom Novel

My Billionaire Mom is the story of a man who has just celebrated his 18th birthday. Life has shown him one of the most unusual childhoods a person can imagine. With parents absent since the memories can stand he and a girl older than his age are looked after by the grandfather.

The parents where they are and whether they are living or dead he has no idea. Thus the life is that of an orphan except for the existence of grandfather and this girl. The girl is the one with whom he has no idea when he fell in love with. He cannot live a second without her.

The grandfather is aware of this situation and decides to marry the girl to this boy who is younger than her. After the demise of grandfather, they are living together but are husband and wife only on paper. The attitude of the girl changes drastically soon after. She does not treat him like a child anymore.

She finds him lazy and is disappointed with him. On the other hand, she has worked really hard to get some status. Now she teaches at a university and runs a company that provides training to individuals and companies. You will find in the story, that the My Billionaire Mom Wattpad novel, not everything is perfect for her.

The business she gave her life to is not in good shape for the last few years and the husband despite setting his foot into the manhood has no interest in the life affairs. So there is no way, at least for now, the possibility of prosperous days ahead. This irks her and the young husband becomes the object of her rage and anger.

One day after receiving the usual dose of insult and sneers from his wife he sets out towards university on foot, empty stomach. At the university, he has already borrowed money from his fellows and they are demanding the money back. There seems no way for him to pay them back because his wife has squeezed his budget already to none.

In this My Billionaire Mom Novelcat PDF version, life takes a one-eighty turn for the poor guy. He gets a call from an unknown number from abroad. “I am your mother and I am sorry for not giving you attention”, the female voice on the phone says.

As an immediate action, she deposits five million in her son’s bank account and promises to return to the country to take care of him. The man who was hiding from people because he could not pay a few hundred is a millionaire now in a matter of seconds.

My Billionaire Mom Novel Story

Despite the sudden access to a huge amount of wealth, the boy has no interest in showing the wealth off. This is something that makes him better than his fellow who knows how to flaunt the riches of their parents.

This shows the main character has no interest in the show-offs and pompous living. His so-called wife wanted him out of her house now he has the opportunity. So he decides to move out, with millions in the account that is not an impossible option for him.

As he decides to get out of her life, soon he finds himself reaching out to help her. She is in desperate need of financial support as the wife of the protagonist in the My Billionaire Mom novel, is going through the worst of her times.

She has looked after him after the death of the grandfather. Given him food and shelter despite her bad attitude and disrespect towards him. It is time to pay for her good deeds in the past. Thus he gives her financial support without revealing his identity.

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My Billionaire Mom Novel Read Online

So how long would he keep helping her from behind the curtains? Would he leave her and move on with his new life. Now he has access to unlimited money supply from his original family? You can find that out by going for My Billionaire Mom Novel Read Online free options.

How is he going to deal with the marital life? Would he take this opportunity to become a successful man or live the life of an ordinary boy living on the money of rich parents?

Know all about it and find out what happens next in the life of this ordinary man who has been giving an opportunity of the lifetime by luck and chance. If you are a fan of the light-read novels here you can read the My Billionaire Mom Novel for free.

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