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Chapter 306

“Happy pupa breaking, gorgeous new life impulse…”

When Tang Ruo asked my name, my phone rang.

I took a look, it was Norven White.

Yesterday, I told Norven White of my number.

I hesitated for a while, still picked up the phone and asked him, “Is there something wrong?”

On the other side of the phone, the man was silent for a few seconds before speaking, “I just want to tell you that I am back to the company. The next days may be busy after all. I may not be able to contact you. After the advertisement auction, I will talk to you. related.”

After the ad auction…

“Okay, I’ll wait for you to contact me.”

I said so, but I was not sure at all whether Norven White and I could meet after this auction.

When I hung up, Tang Ruo asked me, “Or, let’s call our studio Swallowtail Butterfly!”

“Swallowtail butterfly?”

This is the name of my mobile phone ringtone.

“Yes, we are all starting to break out of cocoons and become butterflies again. The swallowtail butterfly is the largest of the butterflies. It is colorful. I think it has a good meaning.” Tang Ruo said, picking up the pen and drew on the paper beside him. , Said, “Also called this name, the logo is also very well designed. It is an expanded butterfly with two colors on both sides, one for me and one for you.”

“I agree.”

I vote by show of hands.

In fact, at this time, I was full of other things in my heart, and I planned to listen to Tang Ruo all about this.

In the afternoon, Tang Ruo and I went to Tianlu Company and told their heads about our two component studios.

And verbal agreement can cooperate.

Seeing that the auction is approaching, my anxiety is getting deeper and deeper.

Finally, the day before the auction, I asked Xiangli Mou to bring Shuosuo back to Su Town.

With regard to White’s affairs, Xiangli Mou knew a little bit.

He didn’t even ask, so he agreed.

Of course Shuo Shuo disagrees. I just promised to take him back one month later, and he reluctantly agreed.

The next day is the auction.

This auction is in the afternoon.

I woke up early in the morning, dressed meticulously and gave up the Chinese dress. Instead, I chose a noble sapphire blue dress. I used a curling iron to turn my straight hair into curly hair. The makeup on my face was exquisite.

In front of the mirror, he really looked like a senior figure.

After everything was set up, I went to the Noah Center, the auction site of next year’s advertisement on National TV.

I want to see if I can get in.

When I reached the door, I couldn’t help being frightened by the battle at the door.

The huge square at the entrance of Noah Center is full of luxury cars. These luxury cars are not the ones you usually see on the road, like Bentleys and Porsches.

On the contrary, there are signs that have never been seen before.

Even for some common models, the color is definitely never seen.

It seems that this step alone has shown the extraordinary strength of today’s guests.

I immediately understood why Norven White’s expression was so bleak when he talked about the assurance of winning the bid this time.

After all, there are people outside of people, and there are heaven outside.

It is easier said than done to get prime time commercials on national television.

I crossed the square to the door of Noah Center.

As soon as I stood there, I was stopped by the staff at the door, “Madam, please show me the invitation letter.”

Invitation card?

These three words immediately felt confused.

It turns out that not everyone can enter here, but an invitation letter is required.

I didn’t have an invitation letter at all, and my face was guilty, but I opened the bag pretendingly, flipped through it carefully, and then said to the staff, “I seem to…forgot to bring it.”

“I’m sorry, madam, you can’t enter without an invitation letter.”

The staff told me formulaically.

There was a bit of contempt in his expression.

Obviously, he saw a lot of such lies.

I looked a little cramped and realized that I was too careless.

When I was standing there at a loss, the staff looked behind me, raised their heads high, and said respectfully, “Mr. Yin.”

I looked back and saw only the upper body of a man.

look up.

I saw a familiar face.

Yin Shijie.

Yin Shijie lowered his eyes slightly and looked at me, but he paused slightly before walking inward.

When I saw Yin Shijie, the first thing I thought of was the phone calls before Qiaoyu Lu’s death.

Maybe Yin Shijie knew the truth about Qiaoyu Lu’s death!

This man is too dangerous, and I cannot expose myself in front of him.

When I saw that Yin Shijie’s head was a little messy, the man actually went back, stood in front of me, and said, “Miss Rhodes, long time no see.”


I was surprised!

I didn’t expect Yin Shijie to recognize me!

I turned around and decided to go, but after just two steps, I heard him change his mouth again behind me, “Oh no, it should be Miss Chu Die now.”

Hearing him call me, the staff member just now asked, “This lady, is President Yin your friend?”


Yin Shijie admitted directly.

It’s not surprising that he recognizes me, after all, Zain Rhodes and Lumia Fan were talking about me.

Compared to him, he has been monitoring me for a long time.

I turned my head and denied, “I don’t have a noble friend like President Yin.”

Yin Shijie raised his eyebrows slightly, and looked at me with a smile, “Noble friend? It’s me who can’t climb Miss Chu. After all, Ms. Chu’s uncle and nephew of the White family turned against each other, and the nephew who was involved was in a coma. For five days and five nights around you, regardless of the company, uncle caught the gap and cut off Qingtian’s arm directly.”


I was stunned.

What he said just now is too much information!

But it also confirmed Norven White’s words that day.

Sure enough, Zhaoming White did it.

It’s just that… the five days I was with was…

At this time, because the auction was about to begin, many more people came one after another.

The staff was busy checking the invitation letter, and Yin Shijie stood there, and people going back and forth kept greeting him.

Yin Shijie dealt with it for a while before asking me, “Miss Chu, do you need me to take you in? One invitation letter can go to two people.”


“But I want to remind you that both uncles and nephews will be there today. By that time, I’m afraid the auction will become a Shura fair, right?”

Yin Shijie interrupted me.

His words convinced me, who had planned to go in with him, at once.

Will Zhaoming White and Norven White come?

Then this is not for me.

I shook my head, “Thank Mr. Yin for his kindness, I won’t go.”

After that, I turned around and wanted to leave, thinking of Qiaoyu Lu, stopped and turned to ask him, “President Yin, do you know Qiaoyu Lu? About his death, I want to ask if you know?”

Originally, I wanted to ask questions.

But I really didn’t know how to knock, so I just asked directly.

Hearing me ask him, Yin Shijie’s mouth twitched slightly, and a hint of surprise appeared on his handsome face, “Ms. Chu is very capable, can you find out about this?”

Chapter 307

“I have my own method.” I said with mystery.

In order to deceive him.

Yin Shijie smiled, “It’s all trivial things, I have forgotten it if Miss Chu doesn’t say it, but it’s not a shameful thing, it doesn’t hurt to tell you, but…” The man paused and continued, “I’ll tell you ,What’s good?”

Sure enough, they are all businessmen.

“Then needless to say, it’s all from the past anyway, I was just asking casually.”

I know exactly who Yin Shijie is.

Forcing Zain Rhodes and Lumia Fan to have no money, working as a small job, did not dare to look for him, and finally used them to almost kill me!

Such a person can be contacted without contact.

I turned around and left.

Yin Shijie did not call me again.

When I came to the intersection and was about to take a taxi home, a familiar black car stopped beside me.

When Norven White got out of the car, the man saw me, walked over quickly, looked at me again, and finally landed on the thin ankles exposed under my coat, “Why do you dress like this?”

“I… I wanted to go in and take a look. I thought I would be exempt from inspection if I dressed better.”

I looked at Norven White, what Yin Shijie just said was still echoing in my mind.

It turned out that Norven White was with me when I was in a coma.

Norven White frowned slightly, took my hand and said, “Let’s go, go in with me.”

At this moment, Ye Ze just got out of the car.

Keep up with the outside.

I looked at Ye Ze and remembered that Yin Shijie said that an invitation letter can only enter two people, and I was afraid that it would be embarrassing for a while, so I asked, “Can the three of us enter with an invitation letter?”

“Miss Chu, we have more than one invitation letter.”

Ye Ze explained behind him.

I can rest assured.

Seeing that the Noah Center is about to be reached, many people in front of them are waiting to enter.

At a glance, there are also some familiar faces that often appear in the news. Now Norven White is married after all.

I hesitated for a moment, and took my hand out of the man’s warm palm.

Norven White didn’t react. After I took my hand away, he looked back at me and reminded me that my cheeks were slightly red, “You are married.”

He understood a word, and said nothing.

Ye Ze looked at me sideways, and walked two steps forward, side by side with me.

In that way, he and I were like Norven White’s assistant.

At the door, the staff member recognized me at a glance, raised his eyes and glanced at Norven White again. Without saying anything, he let us in.

The huge Noah Center was already full of people.

Our position is still high.

Ye Ze and I sat on both sides of Norven White.

When I sit down, I use my peripheral vision to observe the people around me.

“Who are you looking for?”

Norven White reached out and took my hand again.

My heart warmed, looking at him, hesitated for a while and still said, “I just met Yin Shijie at the door, and he said Zhaoming White will come.”

“Oh.” Norven White responded indifferently, “No surprise.”

We sat there for a long time, I spent a lot of time looking around, until the auction started, I did not see Zhaoming White.

At the beginning of this advertising time auction, there were some humble time slots.

It’s also all the small companies in the back row that are bidding on the thousands.

Norven White’s number plate is 0009.

As time goes by, the auction period gets better and better.

The host said, “The auction period below is 5 seconds after the end of the National Channel weather forecast.”

This time is already very good!

Ye Ze had already taken out the computer and was calculating Norven White’s income during this period and the price range they could bear.

At this time, some small companies began to bid, and the price soared, reaching 4.2 billion!

According to the previous price, the price is not high, but the market has been saturated in recent years, and everyone has been relatively calm about the price of advertising.

Finally, Norven White raised his placard and Ye Ze entered the number.

The host shouted, “No. 9, 4.5 billion!”

As soon as this is said! Everyone looked over!

“Number 9, 4.5 billion, once!”

“Number 9, 4.5 billion, twice!”

When the host said this, I saw the expression on Norven White’s face and did not dare to relax at all.

I thought this was already the time to hold…

“No. 723, 5 billion!”

The host couldn’t help being excited when he reported this number, this number!

Everyone’s eyes immediately turned around!

I also looked over.

Number 723 is too far away from us.

Originally it was difficult for me to see clearly.

However, I was sitting on the side, and No. 723 happened to be on the side. Although there were many rows across the number, I turned my head to be impartial and just saw them…

I saw the man sitting far away, wearing a gray-blue suit and glasses…

“Zhaoming White, it is Zhaoming White.” I immediately turned to Norven White.

Before I knew it, I had already put Zhaoming White on the opposite side.

Especially today, Yin Shijie also told me that it was Zhaoming White who shot the Norven White ai Institute.

And my marriage with him was forced by him with those ai files.

I have completely disliked him.

“I know.” Norven White’s face was calm.

While speaking, he held up the sign again.

Ye Ze enters the numbers.

“Number 9, 5.5 billion!”

The host just reported Norven White’s price, and immediately said, “No. 723, 6 billion!”

Hearing this price, Ye Ze looked at Norven White, “Mr. White, this is already…”


Norven White said a word.

Ye Ze understood.

Seeing that Norven White didn’t plan to bid anymore, the host started shouting.

“No. 723, 6 billion, once!”

“No. 723, 6 billion, twice!”

“No. 723, 6 billion, three times!”

After shouting three times, the host made a final decision and shouted, “Deal!”

As soon as the two words came out, the audience burst into applause!

This time period, 6 billion, is definitely an unprecedented price!

At this moment, I saw Norven White’s face worsened than before.

On the side, Ye Ze kept tapping his fingers on the computer in front of him, but his expression was as solemn as Norven White.

I know that the variables of this war are getting bigger and bigger.

Soon, the host began to shoot more golden advertising time.

There were more people competing this time, and Norven White was obviously unable to do what he wanted when he bid.

In the end, the best time period was no accident, and Zhaoming White was auctioned for 20.9 billion!

20.9 billion.

This is the most shocking number since the auction started at Noah Center.

And this time, Zhaoming White spent nearly 30 billion in Noah Center!

I tilted my head slightly and looked at Zhaoming White not far away, suddenly feeling cold and sweaty.

I have never thought that Zhaoming White, who has been with himself for so many years, actually has the strength to make a 30 billion bid!

The auction was over, everyone went around Zhaoming White and said congratulations.

Norven White sat there motionless, suddenly raised his hand and held my hand with a bit of helplessness on his face, “If I have nothing, would you be willing to leave here with me temporarily and accompany me to make a comeback?”

Chapter 308

“I am willing.” I didn’t even think about this sentence for a second. After I said this sentence, I whispered again, “It doesn’t matter if we don’t make a comeback, it’s just the two of us together.”

Ye Ze heard our conversation and consciously got up and left with the computer.

The people around also left the table one after another, and most of them passed around Zhaoming White.

Here is the place where the winners and losers are the winners. Only Biaowang is the most shining star. The others are just foils.

The front row was empty soon, and I and Norven White were the only ones still there.

The man looked at me sideways, “How can I do it? I said, I want to give you the best. If I can’t do it, then I’m not breaking my promise.”

“What’s the matter? When I was a teenager, I made money to support myself. Now my age has almost doubled. Even if you don’t work, I have no problem raising you!”

I know that Norven White’s heart is very heavy now.

Therefore, I work hard to make my attitude very relaxed.

The man’s hand fell on the back of my neck, and with a slight force, he took me into his arms, before he said for a moment, “Fool, my woman, you can choose to work hard for your career, but you can’t have no choice.”

“I… I like my current job very much, and I am willing to choose hard work. I can support myself and you.”

I hugged him back and continued.

“Then, what about our children?”

Norven White’s words made my heart tense.

Shuo Shuo?


“I’m sorry that day, I have to talk to Lanquan about a very important cooperation, so…”

“It’s okay, I know.”

I know that Norven White definitely didn’t hurt Shuo Shuo on purpose.

No matter how I warn myself, I will always unconditionally choose to believe in him.

The man straightened up and looked at me. The expression on his face seemed to be much better than before. The corners of his mouth were slightly curved, “For you, for our children, I will work hard.” He finished, and patted me. Hand, said, “Let’s go.”

When we walked to the entrance of Noah Center, the staff came over and said, “Go over the party.”

It turns out that there will be a banquet after this auction.

“I have something to do, so I won’t go.” Norven White wanted to go out after speaking.

The staff is only responsible for notifications and will certainly not force anyone to attend.


Just as Norven White and I were about to leave, my name came from the noisy voices behind us.

There were so many voices, but I still clearly heard Zhaoming White call me.

I turned around and saw Zhaoming White, surrounded by a bunch of people, walking towards us.

People around him, May Day is not flattering.

I looked at Zhaoming White, hesitated for a moment, then said, “Congratulations, but I have something to do, so I’m leaving now.”

I don’t know what to call Zhaoming White anymore.

Call A Ming? What he did was revealed, and I couldn’t shout out.

Call Doctor White? Mr. White? President White?

I couldn’t figure it out, so I didn’t shout at all.

Zhaoming White looked at me and then at Norven White next to me, with a gentle expression on his face, “Now there is still some time before the banquet starts. I have something to say to Xiao xuan. Let’s go to the lounge together.”

“No, we won’t disturb my uncle’s Yaxing, let’s go first.”

When Norven White spoke, I just felt my shoulders sink.

Turning his head, I realized that Norven White’s arm fell on my shoulder.

Obviously, I just lay it lightly, but facing Zhaoming White, I feel extremely heavy.

At this moment, Zhaoming White stared at the man’s arm on my shoulder, the mask on his face finally couldn’t cover his face, his mouth drooped, he stretched out his hand and said to me, “Xiaodie, come here.”


“Have you forgotten that you are my fiancee?”

Zhaoming White’s voice is no longer gentle, and all that is left is sharp commands!

“Sorry, let’s talk about this after today.”

It is impossible for me to tell those things in front of so many people.

At this time, Norven White next to him said, “Let’s go to the lounge.”

Norven White certainly understood that he could not leave.

Things must also be resolved.

That being the case, for White’s family, I have to find a private place to talk.

“Well, I forgot. For a few years, that lounge has been exclusive to Xiao xuan.” Zhaoming White said lightly.

This sentence now sounds particularly miserable.

Our group went to the lounge.

When we opened the door, we found that the door was full of bodyguards in black! Norven White immediately stopped.

Turning around to leave, on both sides of the corridor, suddenly many bodyguards appeared!

These people surrounded us round and round.

Zhaoming White looked outside with a cold face, and said two words, “Please.”

This is not please.

We have nowhere to go, we can only go in.

When we went in together, the door of the lounge was closed, and Zhaoming White said the four words again, “Xiaodie, come here.”

“Mr. White, I’m sorry, I don’t plan to marry you anymore.” There are bodyguards here, but there are no outsiders, and I have nothing to deceive.

“Because of Xiao xuan?” Zhaoming White looked at Norven White.

My words did not surprise him at all.

“No.” I shook my head, stood there, looked at him, and said, “During my coma, it was not you who accompanied me, but Norven White, and what are you doing during this time? You are looking for someone to engage in discipline. Norven’s AI Research Institute is trying to destroy him! The reason Grandpa White persuaded me to get engaged with you is only because you threatened him with the AI ​​file!”

Zhaoming White heard what I said, walked to the sofa, sat down slowly, and said to a person next to him, “Take things out.”

At this time, the man opened the file bag in his hand and took out a black portable hard drive from it, and a few pieces that seemed to be agreements.

As for the person who took the things, I distinguished it carefully before I found out.

He is Wang Chao!

When I was disfigured, he met me as an assistant to the sponsor.

Looking at Wang Chao, thinking about what happened back then, I finally said, “That kidnapping back then was really you arranged, right? The one who kept me from being defiled and made everything into an illusion was you. right!”

Thinking about it now, at that time, Defile actually believed that Zhaoming White was a good person!

It’s really stupid!

“I said no, you don’t believe it now, do you?”

When Zhaoming White said this, his eyes were full of sadness.

But he is right, I will not believe it.

I did not answer him.

Zhaoming White took two things from Wang Chao and said, “Do you know what this is? Xiao xuan.”

“All the materials studied by ai, as well as the agreement for this auction.”

Norven White answered.

He took me to sit on the sofa opposite Zhaoming White.

The man’s hand has been on my shoulder from beginning to end, never leaving for a moment.

Chapter 309

Zhaoming White shook the agreement and asked him, “Do you want it?”

“No need.” Norven White refused directly.

I know why he refused.

Because Zhaoming White waited a moment to put forward the conditions I can think of.

“Really? That’s a shame.”

Zhaoming White winked at Wang Chao.

The man immediately brought a small fish tank from the lounge.

Zhaoming White smiled and lifted the mobile hard drive up high and placed it on top of the fish tank. “Since you don’t want it, I will throw it in. I said in advance that this is only one copy and there is no backup.”

Hearing what he said, my heart suddenly became tense and wanted to move.

But Norven White’s five fingers clasped my shoulder tightly, and I couldn’t move at all.

“Throw it.”

Norven White said calmly.

I can’t do this to him. I looked at Norven White, “You are crazy, it’s all your money in this.”

“Not much, not as much as my uncle spends a day today.” Norven White’s black eyes were cold.

It seems that this mobile hard drive has nothing to do with him.

Zhaoming White retracted his hand, took out a piece of paper, carefully wiped the mobile hard disk, and said while wiping, “Xiao Xuan, I advise you not to be hard-headed. If it’s just this little money, how could Qingtian be so miserable? This project is about to come. There is a result. I heard that you paid a lot of money to order the equipment in the factory and it is ready to be put into production. Are you sure it is really just this little money?”

When Zhaoming White said that, I obviously felt Norven White’s fingers pressing my shoulder slightly.

It seems that Zhaoming White was really right.

Although the man has a straight back, he does not seem to lose Zhaoming White at all in his aura.

But, I know, he feels distressed.

Norven White has always been a decent businessman, and every penny in it has been earned by him.

“You don’t need to worry about these things. If you want to throw them away, hurry up. We can leave if you throw them away.”

After Norven White calmly finished speaking, he simply leaned against the back of the sofa.

Cross your legs.

Looks very lazy.

“Oh.” Zhaoming White lifted the hard drive again, “Since Xiao xuan said it, there is no way, say’Sorry for me to the tens of thousands of Qingtian employees who are about to lose their jobs.”


While he was talking about this, Norven White finally couldn’t sit still.

Zhaoming White seems to have grasped Norven White’s sense of responsibility as a boss.

He raised his eyes to look at Norven White, “What’s the matter?”

“Let’s talk about it, conditions, everything is fine except her.”

Norven White spoke directly.

Zhaoming White said, “I only want her, you take the others.”


Norven White refused.

“Then I’m sorry.” After Zhaoming White finished speaking, he stood up and loosened his hand…

The black hard drive fell freely.


I shouted in my heart, rushed over, caught the hard drive at once, and fell straight down, pressing my back on the goldfish bowl!

Fall aside!

Spine, it hurts!

I was lying on the coffee table in pain, unable to move.

But this time, all the bodyguards rushed over, trying to take away the mobile hard drive!

I clung to it, wanting to give it to Norven White!

As soon as he stretched out his hand, all the bodyguards stood in front of me, blocking Norven White firmly, while Zhaoming White leaned in slightly, helped me up a little, and said distressedly, “Is it all right?”

I resisted the pain and sat up from the coffee table, holding the mobile hard disk tightly with both hands, and looking at Zhaoming White with alarm.

The man smiled faintly, put his hand on my head and patted it twice, “Don’t be afraid, I won’t grab it.”

“This thing originally belonged to Norven White, aren’t you relatives? Why do you want this?” I looked at Zhaoming White.

Tried to move him.

However, Zhaoming White heard me say this, his mouth was full of sarcastic smiles, “Uncle nephew? He is the dignified boss, will one day be his brother?”

“From the first day you entered White’s house, I knew you were wolfish ambition.”

Norven White spoke through the bodyguard.

“Really?” Zhaoming White stood up and walked towards Norven White step by step, “Wolf ambition? Mr. White, did you know that when you and your father bear the name White, you can eat the best food and live in At the top of the time, when I was sought after and flattered, where was I?”

Norven White looked at him without speaking.

Zhaoming White stood up, looked at him condescendingly, and said, “Mother was sick. When I was in the hardest time, I could only wear a sweater that others didn’t want in the winter. The air leaked everywhere. I ate the soup made with leaves from the vegetable market. I was hungry and vomited acid water. Even so, I had to go to work and wash the dishes. I didn’t dare to spend the money, so I used it to buy medicine for my mother.

“Zhaoming White…”

Hearing Zhaoming White’s words, my heart suddenly became sore.

He used to have such a life?

“Unexpectedly?” Zhaoming White looked at me and then at Norven White, “So every time I see White Yanhai and your news on the restaurant TV, I hate it!”

“It’s all a choice.” Norven White also stood up, putting his hands in his pockets, “My grandfather said that he was drunk that day, and then he gave your mother a lot of money for your mother to kill the child, but Your mother didn’t listen, she wanted to be born, and then kept asking grandpa for money. Grandpa gave it to him at first. Later, your mother got into gambling and became a bottomless pit, so…”

“Shut up!” Zhaoming White had a smirk, “Even so, the child is not wrong! The best of the White family is Norven White, then after you die, I will definitely divide you into three pieces and send you one piece. Parents who are far abroad, give a piece to your dear aunt, and then I will bring your head to your grandpa myself.”

After he finished speaking, all the bodyguards in the room suddenly took out their guns from their clothes!

Among them, several people close to Norven White placed their muzzles on the back of his head, heart, and abdomen.

The atmosphere in the entire room suddenly became tense!

“Do not!”

For a moment, I was frightened, I didn’t dare to move, I could only look at Zhaoming White.

Zhaoming White beckoned to me, still those four words, “Xiaodie, come here.”

This time, I was obedient. I walked towards Zhaoming White little by little, walked to his side, and stopped obediently.

The man’s hand fell on my head and patted it lightly, “Really good.”

I looked at so many guns, and I was so scared that I was so sweaty. I looked at Zhaoming White nervously and begged him, “Return this hard drive to him, let him go, I will marry you, I… I promise never to Stop contacting him, okay!”

I begged Zhaoming White.

The man took me in his arms, bowed his head and k!ssed my forehead lightly, “Well, listen to you.”

At this moment, Wang Chao walked to my side and reached out to me.

However, Zhaoming White shook his head, “Xiaodie, go by yourself, give things to Xiao xuan, and then tell him what you just said again.”

Kill the heart.

Zhaoming White really did a great job.

However, I have no choice.

I took the hard drive to Norven White step by step, wanting to give it to him.

However, when I walked into the man’s range, Norven White directly reached out and pulled me to his side.

Chapter 310

“What are you doing!” At this moment, the bodyguard beside Norven White was still pointing at him!

When he moved, the bodyguard’s guns followed, but no one dared to shoot.

“Put down the hard drive in your hand, I said long ago, I don’t want this, I just want you.” The man said, grabbing the hard drive from me, putting it on the coffee table, and looking at me affectionately, “Don’t be afraid , I have given up on you once, and will not give up on you a second time.”

However, the muzzles of several bodyguards were attached to Norven White’s body.


Zhaoming White called me behind him.

I trembled all over.

How much I want to stand beside Norven White, but I know I can’t.

I know that if I dare to follow Norven White, Zhaoming White will dare to kill!

I thought before, I don’t ask to be with him, I just ask him to live well in this time.

Finally I bent down and picked up the mobile hard drive, stuffed it into Norven White’s hand, looked at him, and let my expression as cold as possible, said, “Mr. White, take it, I’m your uncle’s fiancee, see you next time I, remember to call me auntie.”

After I finished talking, I was about to leave, but Norven White clung to my hand.

I looked at him, “Let go, President White, you are now a person who is about to close down the company immediately, and A Ming has just shot 30 billion yuan of commercials for the prime time period of national TV. The future is bright. Who will you choose? , Put it in front of any woman, I think there is no suspense.”

My expression is very cold.

However, my heart is bleeding.

Every word I said was like a knife. It didn’t hit him, but it stuck in my own heart.

One click, one click, leaving a hole of blood.

It hurts, it hurts.

I gritted my teeth to prevent myself from showing a sad expression.

Norven White looked at me and smiled bitterly, “I know why you say that, it’s useless to blame me.”

“Mr. White, don’t speculate randomly. Women like winners. Don’t you think I’m not a woman?” I raised my chin slightly and looked at Norven White, “What’s more, you have hurt me so many times, and A Ming once Haven’t hurt me, how could I choose you.”

“Jia Rhodes, Xiaodie, no matter who you are, I love you. I have only loved you in my life.” Norven White took my hand tighter and tighter.

He took a five-fingerprint on my arm, which was very obvious.

“Mr. White, let it go, people have to look forward. The relationship between me and you has ended after you sent me out of [The Most Aristocratic Family].”

When I spoke, I tried very hard to draw this hand.

Norven White refused to let go.

Finally, Zhaoming White came over and took me in his arms. With a look, a few bodyguards came over and pointed the muzzle of his gun directly at Norven White’s wrist!

I was so frightened that I took a breath, “Let go!”

Norven White shook his head, “Either scrap my hand or you will go with me.”

“You are crazy!”

I finally couldn’t help it.

Zhaoming White said, “Since Xiao xuan has said so…”

“Let go!”

Without waiting for Zhaoming White to finish, I lifted my foot and kicked directly to the deadliest place of a man!

At once, Norven White not only let go, but he curled up like a shrimp, clutching there.

I pulled back, took Zhaoming White’s arm directly, smiled and said, “Let’s go.”

“Wait a minute.” Zhaoming White raised his hand and took the few agreements from Wang Chao and said, “Xiao xuan, I can transfer these advertising time slots to you without interest…”

“No need!”

Norven White held back the pain this time and straightened up.

But the pain there seemed to continue, and his waist couldn’t be completely straight.

When Zhaoming White heard this, he shrugged, “Okay.”

After holding Zhaoming White, I kept looking at the direction of the door, not daring to see Norven White. I was afraid that I could not help but want to leave.

Finally, Zhaoming White is leaving.

I just followed him like this, walking out without looking back.

But, I know.

Every step I take now is not only the distance between me and Norven White at this moment, but also the distance between me and him in the future.

It is the distance between our lives that is opening.

Every step is so heavy, I bit my lip firmly to keep my tears from falling.

Tears eventually fell in my heart.

But today there are too many new injuries, and my tears are high in salt, and my heart hurts so much.

It hurts.

The distance from the sofa to the door has become unprecedentedly long.

Take these steps, as if walking for a century.

Finally, Zhaoming White and I walked to the door.

I was worried about Norven White, and said, “Let him go.”

“Good.” Zhaoming White patted my hand without turning his head, and said to the bodyguard behind him, “Send Xiao xuan back.”

All the bodyguards withdrew.

Norven White left.

When he came out, I could use my peripheral vision to see him looking at me.

But I deliberately turned my head away from him.

After tossing for so long, the dinner after the auction began.

Because Zhaoming White took the top spot, he naturally sat on the round table in the first row.

And I sit beside him.

People around kept coming to toast, many of them specifically asked, “Mr. White, this lady is…”

“It’s my fiancee.”

As Zhaoming White said, he stretched out his hand and took me into his arms.

I lifted my lips and smiled formulaically.

Upon hearing this answer, anyone who comes to the toast will say, “Congratulations.”

Someone would say to me, “You are so lucky to find such a good husband like President White! We can’t even envy you.”


I only sneered when I heard these people’s words.

If possible, I will exchange with you, OK?

But I can’t say, I can only cope with a smile.

At the end of the banquet, Yin Shijie finally walked over from the farthest table, held a glass of champagne and said, “Mr. White, congratulations.”

“Thank you.”

Zhaoming White was a little tired at first, but when Yin Shijie came, he obviously looked different.

Yin Shijie’s gaze fell on me, “Mr. White is really double-happiness. He took the prime time and embraced the beauty again.”

“Yeah.” It was obvious that Zhaoming White’s attitude towards Yin Shijie was very unfriendly.

It seems to be wary of him.

Yin Shijie was not angry either. He reached out his hand and touched the champagne with Zhaoming White. He drank his head and said to me, “Ms. Chu, don’t you have something to ask me? You will come to my table when you are done. I can Tell you.”

I froze.

Where is Yin Shijie singing?

Zhaoming White took my hand and asked me, “What’s the matter?”

Yin Shijie looked at Zhaoming White mysteriously and smiled, “Ms. White is interested in murder and death?”

When Zhaoming White heard this, his face immediately turned bad.

I want to know, since I can’t leave, I hesitated for a moment or put my lips to Zhaoming White’s ears and told him, “I have seen Qiaoyu Lu’s cell phone during his lifetime, and Yin Shijie contacted him. I want to know why they contacted.”

Zhaoming White looked at me, seemingly surprised that I told him this, and nodded for a moment, “You go with him.”

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