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Chapter 511


I nodded.

I am going to marry Norven White soon. So many things have happened before, and White’s family members have a bad impression of me.

If you are late this time because of a change of clothes, it is not worth it.

I took Norven White’s hand and went downstairs with him-

Because we got out early, there are not many cars on the road.

It was just half past six when we arrived at White’s house.

When I entered, the house was already very lively.

White Zhaokun, Luo Shuhui, and White Yanhai, all three of them were surrounding Shuo Shuo.

Shuo Shuo was just six years old, smart and energetic. When people asked him anything, he could answer like a little adult.

When we entered, the three of them looked at me, and White Yanhai straightened up first and said with a smile on his face, “Come on.”

“Well, Grandpa White is good.”

After I greeted White Yanhai, I said to White Zhaokun and Luo Shuhui, “Hello Uncle White, Aunt Luo.”

The relationship between me and Norven White is not yet firmly established.

I can’t call my parents.

When Luo Shuhui saw me calling her Aunt Luo, he smiled and said, “Ah, family, don’t be polite, come and sit down, don’t be tired.”

With that said, take the initiative to give up my seat to sit for me.

White Zhaokun was also smiling.

Looking at their attitude, a big rock in my heart also let go.

Before I came, I was actually very afraid that two people would give me a face when they came in.

Now it seems that maybe because of Shuo Shuo, they didn’t intend to embarrass me.

Shuo Shuo also took the initiative to stand up, ran to my side and said, “Mom, I will help you walk.”

“Thank you Shuosuo.”

I thank him.

When I sat down, Luo Shuhui said, “Oh, Shuo Shuo is so sensible at such a young age, it sounds much better than my Xiao xuan.”

“That’s because my mother has a little sister in her belly, and I am going to be an older brother soon. My mother said that when I am a brother, I must protect my sister! I can protect my sister by supporting my mother!”

Shuo Shuo said in a straightforward manner.

After he finished speaking, White Yanhai laughed, “Yes, Shuo Shuo is right.”

At this time, White Zhaokun looked at my stomach, raised his head and asked Norven White, who had just sat down, “What are your plans for your marriage? Are you waiting for your legs to heal completely?”

“Wait until the child is born.” Luo Shuhui said first, “After all, it’s the first time for Xiaodie to wear a wedding dress for herself. Which woman would like to wear a wedding dress with her big belly?”

I gratefully glanced at Luo Shuhui.

If not for the manor, it would be the first time I wore a wedding dress for myself.

Norven White also nodded, “Well, when the child is born, the doctor said, when my legs arrive, there should be no problem in walking normally for a short time.”


White Zhaokun was a little worried.

“Well, rest assured, I have a sense of measure.”

Norven White said confidently.

Looking at him, I felt a little worried. After all, Norven White’s legs, according to the current situation, were not very well recovered.

Even if it’s another six months, it may not be possible to take a few more steps.

At that time, if the wedding does not have to worry about support at all, it may be impossible.

However, the wedding will be half a year later at the earliest, so let’s see the situation at that time, and now I think it’s just worrying.

Luo Shuhui looked at my belly and asked, “Is it really a little sister?”

I nodded, “Well, I went to get the test results today, it is indeed my daughter.”

“Okay!” White Yanhai was overjoyed, “This is how we put together the word’good’. We haven’t had a girl in our family for a long time!”

To put it bluntly, the only junior in the family is Norven White.

After White Shubai was divorced last time, she didn’t look for it again and she had no children.

Not to mention Zhaoming White.

White Yanhai said so, White Zhaokun said, “Isn’t that, today the little girl is bringing her boyfriend back?”


“When did you say it?”

These two questions come from Luo Shuhui and White Yanhai.

White Zhaokun said, “I called her today and told her that we are going to the country today and let her come to eat. She said she can come and bring her boyfriend.”

“Really?” White Yanhai listened, his expression was surprised and happy, “She, don’t tell me anything.”

I sat aside, thinking of what happened before, my heart pounding.

It shouldn’t be him who brought it, right?

Probably not…

White Shubai is also fifty years old, so she wouldn’t be so ignorant in her heart.

“what happened?”

Norven White was sitting not far away from me. He seemed to see my nervousness, so he asked me.

When speaking, he stretched out his hand to me.

“Nothing.” I shook my head, got up, sat next to the man, and whispered, “I saw your aunt and Yin Shijie together last time.”


Maybe my voice is low, Norven White did not hear clearly.

When I was about to repeat it louder, there was the sound of a servant opening the door.

Immediately after that, I heard the sound of crisp high heels hitting the wooden floor.

I looked up and saw White Shubai walking in, and the person who followed her in was Yin Shijie.

After White Shubai stood firm, he held Yin Shijie beside him and said with a blushing face, “I will introduce you to everyone. This is my boyfriend, Yin Shijie.”

Yin Shijie is extremely tall, and today he wore a white suit with dark flowers, which was well tailored.

Three-dimensional features, like a prince.

For a moment, there was silence in the hall.

After a while, I heard White Yanhai tap the table, “What a joke!”

“Dad.” White Shubai was so angry that White Yanhai was so angry, “I’m all this age, I know what kind of man I want, I and him…”

“To shut up!”

White Yan interrupted him angrily.

At this time, White Zhaokun’s face was not good, “Little sister, what are you… who is he, do you understand? He is about the same age as your son.”

Well, if White Shubai got married and had children earlier.

Now my son is about this age.

The family disagreed, White Shubai was already uncomfortable, and his face was already unhappy.

However, Yin Shijie’s expression was calm, as if everything had nothing to do with him.

After everyone in the family had published one, Yin Shijie said, “Hello everyone, my name is Yin Shijie, yes…”

“Get out!” Before Yin Shijie introduced himself, White Yanhai directly issued a eviction order, “Even if you lie to her, you can’t lie to us!”

I know that in White Yanhai’s eyes, Yin Shijie is a little white face who cheats White’s property by his face.

Only I know that it may not be that simple.

After all, there have been so many things before, and Yin Shijie also clearly expressed that he just wants White Jia to jump.

At this moment, Norven White, who was sitting next to him, said, “Yin Shijie, what are you going to do?”

The man’s voice was extremely cold, but calm.

“Where is President White?” Yin Shijie turned his head to look at Norven White, and quickly looked at me next to me, and curled his lips. “

Chapter 512

His words made White Zhaokun’s expression ugly.

Norven White hugged me, “You seem to be very concerned about our White’s affairs. Every time we have a dispute, you are eager to help? Now you are hitting my aunt again?”

“No.” After Yin Shijie finished speaking, following Norven White’s appearance, he put White Shubai beside him in his arms and said, “I and Xiaobai truly love each other.”


My face is black.

It’s not that I don’t believe in year-end love, but the two are too far apart.

As Norven White’s aunt, White Shubai’s appearance is not bad, but she is getting older, and she may have encountered too many unsatisfactory things a few years ago, and the whole person has become more acrid.

And Yin Shijie beside him.

No matter from which point of view, it is a woman’s dream, and he is not poor himself. He stretches out his hand, and surely there are all kinds of women.

Indeed, no matter how he looked at it, it was impossible for him to see White Shubai.

No wonder White Yanhai will be angry.

White Shubai said with a cold face, “I have been single for so many years, and it is hard to find someone I like. As my family, not only do you not bless me, but also say such things?”

“Xiaobai, don’t be angry.” Yin Shijie said in a gentle voice, “Your father may think that I am here to fight for the family property. We can make a prenuptial agreement. If we divorce, I won’t want anything that belongs to you. .”

When he said that, the expression on White Zhaokun’s face eased a bit.

But White Yanhai was even more angry. He stood up and pointed at two people and asked, “Get married? Are you still planning to get married? You don’t look at how old you are, 52 years old! What about him? Is he only 30 years old? , You have such a big gap, and you still want to get married? Our White family’s face will be lost by you!”

Hearing this, White Shubai took a few steps forward and said coldly, “Is the White family’s face ashamed of me?”

She pointed to Norven White and me, “It’s because this woman lost everything! For her, Zhaoming White and Norven White’s uncle and nephew, you vie for me. How many things have you done? It is famous in Flipvilla and even the whole country. Up!

What did i do? I just married a man who was 20 years younger than me! what is this! “

After she finished speaking, she seemed to be angry with White Yanhai, and said to Yin Shijie behind her, “Why do you want to establish a prenuptial agreement? I am willing to share my money with him, no one can control it!”

As soon as White Shu’s vernacular voice fell, I saw an imperceptible smile flashing through Yin Shijie’s eyes.

The corners of his mouth also raised slightly.

“Give it! It doesn’t matter if you give it all. Starting today, I White Yanhai doesn’t have your daughter!” White Yan patted the table with air.

“Just go.”

White Shubai did not show any weakness, turned around and took Yin Shijie to go out.

As they walked out, I realized that White Yanhai’s expression was wrong, and I quickly stood up, “Grandpa White.”

Shouted and walked towards White Yanhai.

Before he got there, White Yanhai drove forward with him!




White Yanhai fell, and the rest of the people came together.

Because of previous experience, everyone leveled White Yanhai and I started playing 120.

White Shubai and Yin Shijie did not leave either.

Just stand at the door.

White Shubai’s expression just wanted to come and have a look, but he was embarrassed.

When Yin Shijie stood behind him, the smile on his face became more apparent.

The corners of the mouth were curved, and he couldn’t even close it.

I finished the call, looked at Yin Shijie, and said angrily, “Don’t hold back, what you are doing now is for this purpose, right?”

“You shut up!” White Shubai scolded me as soon as I spoke, “You are not our White family at all, no one speaks for you!”

I looked at White Shubai and then at Yin Shijie.

Angrily swallowed the words.

White Shubai was really brainwashed by Yin Shijie.

Norven White pulled me to his side and said to Yin Shijie, “Happy?”

White Shubai looked at Norven White and said that Yin Shijie was unhappy.

Just about to speak, Yin Shijie behind her admitted, “Yes, I’m happy. If you wait for the old man to go to the hospital and declare that the rescue is invalid, then I will be even more happy.”

Hearing what Yin Shijie said behind him, White Shubai was stunned. He turned around and looked at Yin Shijie behind him. His face turned pale, “Ajie, don’t be angry. My father didn’t mean to say that about you. It’s true that the two of us are age difference. He can’t accept it, so he will say that. He doesn’t understand you.”

“You don’t know me either.” Yin Shijie walked a few steps to face White Shubai, stretched out his slender fingers, raised White Shubai’s chin, and smiled evilly at the corner of his mouth, “Auntie, you wouldn’t think that I really love you Right?”


White Shubai’s face turned pale instantly.

Yin Shijie put his hands in his pockets, looking at White Shubai condescendingly, his face expressionless, “What kind of woman do I want to have? Why do I want to have you, an old and ugly woman? Even if you find a rich woman, your money It’s not enough for me.”

“You, what are you talking about, Ajie.”

White Shubai stood there, the expression on her face completely broken.

On weekdays, she is the kind of superior and indispensable strong woman, but this time, the arrogance on her face is gone.

White Zhaokun couldn’t stand it anymore, “Why on earth are you!”

“Why?” Yin Shijie looked down at White Yanhai who was lying there, “Of course it is because I hope this old thing will die soon?”

“Why do you say that to my dad!”

White Shubai wanted to fight Yin Shijie.

The man just stepped slightly, and dexterously avoided White Shubai’s attack, curled his lips and said, “I say that, he sounds nice. Why is my grandfather dead and his old thing is still alive?”

“You, your grandpa?”

White Shubai asked.

Yin Shijie curled his lips, “Yes, my grandfather, I was angry with this old man back then. At that time, their business was about the same size. No, it should be my grandpa who did a bigger job. This old man was jealous of my grandpa, so I persuaded him Build a building, shoot an advertisement and become the bidding king, but my grandfather lost it and committed suicide by jumping off the building despicably, but this old thing is alive and well.”

When he finished speaking, everyone present had different expressions.

Norven White next to me said, “Is it really my grandpa who killed your grandpa?”

“Otherwise?” Yin Shijie looked at him.

“Isn’t it the endless greed and the ability that doesn’t match your ambition that killed your grandpa?”

Every word Norven White uttered did not carry any emotion.

Yin Shijie was taken aback for a moment, but quickly stopped his emotions, “How is it possible.”

“My grandpa suggested that your grandpa do things, he is doing it himself, he just told your grandpa about his successful experience, but unfortunately your grandpa is not capable.” Norven White looked at me, “just like me, now How can I tell you the secret of making the enterprise bigger, you can’t replicate my success, because you are a person-vision, vision, shortness and shallowness.

Chapter 513

Norven White’s words were like a sharp sword, fiercely inserted into Yin Shijie’s heart.

Yin Shijie stood there, although on the surface it was calm, but the whole person seemed to have completely lost his momentum.

At this time, the sound of an ambulance sounded outside.

Although White Shubai was angry and unacceptable, she still knew the priority.

Open the door first to let the doctor in.

The doctor came in and checked White Yanhai first, and then quickly carried him into the ambulance.

Because the car is almost small, it can only be with two people.

White Zhaokun and Luo Shuhui followed.

As soon as they left, I, Norven White, White Shubai, and Yin Shijie were left in the room.

“I’ll let the driver bring the car over.” Norven White said, taking out his mobile phone to call the driver.

Then I helped him go out.

White Shubai and Yin Shijie would stand there without saying a word.

Norven White didn’t talk to them either, and got into the car with me.

Shuo Shuo will be taken care of by the servant first.

In the car we called Liu Xuejun and asked her to pick up Shuosuo.

120 because other cars gave way, so they went very fast.

When our car arrived at the Sacred Heart Hospital, White Yanhai had been sent to the rescue room.

In the hallway, White Zhaokun gritted his teeth angrily, “Why is the little girl so confused! I was so easily fooled by a little white face! If my dad has something short and long, I will never end with her!”

“Forget it, she is also confused.”

Luo Shuhui is an outsider after all, and she naturally can’t say that White Shubai is wrong, she can only persuade her.

“Never mind this matter in the past.” Norven White also persuaded, “I just said that, I think my aunt also understands that there will be no pie in the world. She should be the most painful person now.”


White Zhaokun sighed.

After all, it is the younger sister who grew up together.

He was just saying that in the end, he certainly couldn’t really do anything to White Shubai.

While we were waiting for White Yanhai’s surgery, the lights in the operating room suddenly went out.

All of us stood up, and couldn’t help getting nervous.

Just as White Yanhai entered, the light went out, could it be…

Everyone in the room looked at each other, they must be guessing the worst possible, but no one said it.

Soon, the door opened, and we leaned over, and a nurse blocked us and said, “Let me, the patient needs to return the patient to the surgical operating room.”


We leaned over.

The nurse didn’t explain, but just said to give in.

None of us dared to stand in the way, and followed all the way, watching the nurse change White Yanhai from emergency to surgery.

When we got upstairs, we found that there was already a person waiting there.

Zhaoming White.

“Why are you here? You did this operation?”

When White Zhaokun saw Zhaoming White, he immediately asked.

At the same time, the expression is very bad.

Now the White family’s trust in Zhaoming White is very poor. If he had an operation, in the hearts of the White family, it seemed that he would have been sentenced to death.

At this time, a doctor came to explain, “The patient’s situation is more complicated and the operation time is relatively long. Although our deputy dean is also an excellent doctor, but he is too old, the operation may last more than ten hours. May not keep up.”

“That’s not okay!” White Zhaokun immediately refused. He stared at Zhaoming White very defensively. “This person, if my dad is dead, I will never agree to his operation on my dad!”

Hearing what he said, Zhaoming White’s expression was calm, and he said to the doctor on the side, “Tell the patient’s family, which doctor can do this operation.”

The doctor explained to White Zhaokun, “The patient’s condition is special, coupled with his age, the operation is very difficult and the risk is high, Dr. White…”

“What kind of doctor is he! He is not just a businessman, but also a bachelor’s degree graduate. Before you want to praise him, think about it!”

White Zhaokun directly interrupted the doctor who explained to him.

Hearing this, Zhaoming White sneered, and said to the doctor, “Re-arrange a doctor and let the family members sign the preoperative agreement. Don’t have any problems at that time and get medical troubles with me.”

After he finished speaking, he was leaving.

I watched Zhaoming White pass by me, hesitated for a moment, and stretched out my hand to hold him, and said to White Zhaokun, “Uncle White, trust him, he is a very good doctor.”

Seeing me helping Zhaoming White speak, White Zhaokun was not happy, “Are you two still…”

“Dad, I also believe in uncle.”

Norven White interrupted what White Zhaokun was about to say.

If this is said, it will definitely be unbearable.

Norven White and I were helping Zhaoming White to speak, and the doctor on the side said, “You cannot rank seniority according to academic qualifications. Dr. White used to perform operations almost every day. He is the youngest and most powerful surgeon like us. If he can’t, then others Even worse.”

Listen to the doctor.

In addition, Luo Shuhui believed in her son, and persuaded White Zhaokun, “Husband, trust him.”

Zhaoming White stood there with his hands in the pockets of his white coat and looked at White Zhaokun, “Have you thought about it? What you are thinking about now is not time, but fate.”

These words made White Zhaokun more entangled.

He frowned, hesitated for a long time, and finally said, “Go!”

“Okay.” Zhaoming White asked the doctor beside him, “has the preoperative agreement been signed?”

“Signed in an emergency.”

The doctor answered.

After hearing this, Zhaoming White entered the operating room to change clothes.

When he entered, White Zhaokun couldn’t sit still again, and asked Norven White, “What do you mean by asking about the preoperative agreement? Will he deliberately fail the operation?”

“The doctor is kind.”

Norven White only said these four words.

Although White Zhaokun is not at ease, he seems to have no other choice now-

We waited in the corridor for one night, and let White Zhaokun and Luo Shuhui go to rest in the middle. In the morning, when the sky outside was fully lit, the lights in the operating room finally went out.

I was already asleep at the time, and I was leaning on Norven White. He moved a bit and I woke up.

The two of us stood up and watched the operating room door open.

Zhaoming White first walked out of the operating room.

“How is the operation?”

Norven White asked first.

Zhaoming White nodded, “Successful, but his father’s health is very poor. Even if he wakes up this time, he may only be in bed for the time being. If there is another time, even the gods will not be saved.”

After hearing what he said, Norven White also breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Uncle, thank you.”

Zhaoming White took off the hat from his head and yawned, “I thank you. Fortunately, it is me for this operation. I am afraid it will be difficult to succeed in another person.”

He lowered his eyes, looked at my already a little pregnant belly, curled his lips, “Congratulations.”

“Thank you.”

I held Norven White and thanked me.

Zhaoming White yawned again, “I’ll go to bed first, and you can watch it when the patient is transferred to the ICU.”

Said, waved, and left.

As soon as Zhaoming White left, White Shubai came over.

Chapter 514

Her complexion was very poor, and the makeup on her face was all crying. It was obvious that after only one night, the whole person showed old attitude.

She looked at us and asked, “How is father’s situation?”

“The operation was successful.”

Norven White answered, but his expression was a little cold.

White Shubai was relieved and said, “That’s good.”

After speaking, turn around and leave.

Norven White watched her leave and said, “Auntie, you don’t have to blame yourself, it’s just that Yin Shijie used you.”

“I’m still stupid.” White Shubai stood there with her back to us, with her head down, “In fact, I understand in my heart, how can such a handsome, outstanding, and young man look after me? But I always hold my heart. With a hint of luck, I thought, what if?”

When she said this, she didn’t say anything further, and left with her head down.

I was a little worried, “What will happen to your aunt, right?”

“No, don’t worry, she is very self-adjusting.” The man finished speaking and patted me on the shoulder. “You also go to rest and stay up all night.”

“It’s okay, I’m not tired, I’ll go see Grandpa White later.”

I insist.

Norven White did not force me-

Later, White Yanhai was indeed out of danger, but the whole person was also much worse, unable to even get out of bed.

After his hospitality got better, we went to see him.

Norven White told White Yanhai about Yin Shijie’s affairs. The old man sighed, “You are a sinner. Old Yin is a paranoid person. I didn’t expect his grandson to be even more so.”

“It’s in the past.”

Norven White said.

White Yanhai was originally looking at Norven White, and we wanted to move behind us. He raised his eyes to look over and shouted, “The third child.”

I also turned my head.

Standing at the door was Zhaoming White.

It was Mei Lan who pushed in front of him.

Mei Lan was sitting in a wheelchair with a blanket on her body, a hat on her head, and no hair underneath. She looked very thin. She put on the back of her leg and the back of her hand with infusion tape.

Mei Lan pointed at White Yanhai, and said respectfully, “Uncle White, it’s been a long time.”

Seeing Mei Lan, White Yanhai seemed to understand something, with a smile on the corner of his eyes, “Xiaomei, it’s been a long time since I saw you, I am very happy to see you.”

“me too.”

Mei Lan answered.

Zhaoming White pushed Mei Lan in and said to White Yanhai, “Father, Lan Lan and I are getting married.”

“Okay, okay.” White Yanhai didn’t mean to object after hearing the news.

Smiles were all over his face.

He stretched out his hand and White Yanhai quickly pushed Mei Lan in front of him. White Yanhai took Mei Lan’s hand and said, “I have waited for this day. I have waited for decades. Fortunately, let me wait.”-

We stayed in the ward with Zhaoming White for a while, because White Yanhai wanted treatment, the four of us came out together.

After coming out, Mei Lan said, “Miss Chu, are you getting married right?”

I touched my stomach, “It will take a while, maybe until the child is born.”

Mei Lan nodded, “Actually, I made two wedding dresses for you, and one in my studio. When you get married, remember to go there and just go to Manager Ma.”

Mei Lan’s last wedding dress was lost at Norven White’s house.

I am a little embarrassed to hear her say, “Is this trouble you.”

“No trouble.” Mei Lan smiled, “We should stand up and wear a good-looking wedding dress, and we will be a family in the future. You don’t have to be polite with me.”

“Thank you.” After I finished speaking, I looked up and asked Zhaoming White, “Miss Mei’s condition…”

“It’s getting better,” Zhaoming White replied.

Hearing this news, my heart was relieved.

We left the ward together.

As soon as we arrived at the door, suddenly several police officers rushed in, saw us, and walked straight over.

Seeing the police, my heart hung high.

The police came over, stood in front of Zhaoming White, revealed his identity, and said, “Mr. Zhaoming White, someone has reported a case. You are suspected of being involved in an illegal imprisonment case. Please come back to the police station with us.”

When the police said, we were all shocked.

Especially Mei Lan, grabbed Zhaoming White, and asked in a panic, “The policeman said first, did he make a mistake?”

The police ignored Mei Lan, but said to Zhaoming White, “Please cooperate.”

Zhaoming White nodded, and from the expression on his face, I could see that he was not surprised at the arrival of the police and what the police said.

It seemed that he knew exactly what the police said.

Zhaoming White turned and patted Mei Lan on the shoulder, “Wait for me, I will be back soon, it’s okay.”


“I’ll follow.”

Norven White said.

After the man said, he left.

I also pushed Mei Lan back to her ward, because I was afraid that Mei Lan was worried, so I stayed with her.

In the ward, Mei Lan grabbed me and kept saying, “You call Norven White and ask what is going on.”

I was afraid that there was really bad news, so I didn’t dare to call, so I could only comfort her and said, “He is in the police station. It is definitely not convenient to answer the phone. He will definitely contact me when he comes out.

Mei Lan was sitting in a wheelchair, and I could see her helplessness.

She looked out the window, her eyes a little hollow, “He promised me that I won’t do bad things again, why…why…”

“Miss Mei.” I walked over and held Mei Lan’s hand. “Don’t you believe him?”

“I…” Mei Lan looked at me, her eyes a little confused.

I understand her.

Zhaoming White’s various things before, plus his calm expression when he was taken away by the police now, Mei Lan could not be unshakable in his heart-

I stayed with Mei Lan in the hospital for a day.

At night, I finally received a call from Norven White.

The man on the phone only told me, “I’ve been released on bail, but now I still need to communicate with the lawyer about the case. I can’t go through it for now.”

“What’s the matter? Who is he imprisoned?” I asked nervously.

I really can’t think of it.

On the other side of the phone, Norven White was silent for a while, seeming to be entangled, and finally chose to tell me, “Qi Lanlan.”

These three words came out.

I understand.

If it were him, I would understand.

No wonder, after the accident, Qi Lanlan seemed to have evaporated.

It now appears that Zhaoming White found him and locked her up.

When I returned to the ward, Mei Lan stared at me nervously, “What did you say?”

I smiled, “It’s okay, people have already been released on bail”

“What did he do?” Sure enough, Mei Lan still asked me.

I looked at her, tangled for a while, and didn’t know how to say it, and finally said, “Let him explain it to you.”

This matter is a bit complicated, and coupled with the relationship between Qi Lanlan and Zhaoming White, I am afraid that it will be a bad idea to stimulate Mei Lan.

Mei Lan read a little bit in my expression, and smiled bitterly, “I see, is it his lover or something.”

“No, don’t think about it.” I quickly consoled.

Mei Lan shook her head. Although her expression was a little helpless, she still said, “I believe this is a thing of the past, and I also believe that after he and I are back together, he has not contaminated other women.”

Chapter 515

Listening to Mei Lan’s words, I can’t help but feel fortunate for Zhaoming White.

Fortunately, he turned his head.

Fortunately, he returned to Mei Lan’s side.

Back to the person who loved him-

In Zhaoming White’s case, Song Yiran was hired as a defense lawyer.

I asked Norven White about the situation, and it seemed that Zhaoming White had been locked up for Qi Lanlan for a while, but she was soon released.

But after that, Qi Lanlan asked Zhaoming White for money, and Zhaoming White gave some. After Qi Lanlan spent all the money, desperate, she went to report the crime.

I want to make Zhaoming White give money in this way.

After listening to Norven White’s words, I realized that Qi Lanlan was too naive.

If this matter is true, then someone might help her, but it was she who exposed the video at first, and everyone could see it, and everything was in harmony.

Now everything she said was getting darker and darker.

Qi Lanlan had no money, so she could only go to the assigned lawyer to bring a lawsuit.

In the first instance three months later, he lost the case directly.

Qi Lanlan was not reconciled and wanted to appeal, but she really had no money, and all the evidence was against her. In the end, Qi Lanlan could only withdraw the case-

It didn’t take long for Zhaoming White to do so, and my months were getting bigger and bigger, and I was about to give birth.

Norven White worried about me, so he admitted me to the hospital first.

On the afternoon of December 31st, I started to suffer from labor pains, and soon gave me instructions and was sent to the delivery room.

Maybe because I gave birth to one child and this daughter is petite, I gave birth very smoothly. It took me less than half an hour to give birth.

When the child came out of my stomach, I heard the doctor say, “January 1st at 0:01.”

After reporting this time, the doctor and I both laughed.

The doctor cut off the umbilical cord for the child, then wiped it clean, wrapped it with the wrap sheet prepared in advance, put it in my arms, and said with a smile, “Look, this lid is born in the New Year.”


I nodded.

The girl in her arms had a lot of hair just after she was born. She was dark and shiny, and her big black eyes were already open. Seeing me, she looked at me curiously for a while, and suddenly laughed.

I was taken aback and laughed.

The doctor also saw it and said, “Oh, when I deliver so many children in one day, there are not many people who laugh at this birth. It is said that children who laugh at birth are smart.”

After listening to the doctor, I smiled and said, “Follow dad.”-

When everything was done, my daughter was sent to the intensive care unit and I was sent out of the delivery room.

Norven White was waiting outside, when he saw me, he hurried over, grabbed my hand and said, “My wife, you have worked hard.”

“It’s not hard, it’s very fast.”

I smiled.

“Mom, mom, where’s the little sister?”

Shuo Shuo obviously had been waiting a long time ago.

This will see me alone coming in, poking my head in a hurry.

I patted my son on the head lightly, “You have to observe the baby before it is born before you can bring it. You can ask your father to take you there first.”

“I’m not going, let Grandpa take you there.” Norven White dragged me and refused to go, and sent this job to White Zhaokun.

Of course White Zhaokun was happy.

He took Shuosuo and went to see it with Luo Shuhui.

About an hour later, the child was put in a crib dedicated to newborns in the hospital after the examination was completed and pushed in.

When Shuo Shuo was born last time, Norven White was not around. When he saw him again, Shuo Shuo was four years old.

He had never seen such a small child.

When he saw his daughter, Norven White was stunned for a moment, and then hid his hands directly behind him.

She didn’t mean to hold her daughter at all.

I didn’t say a word. First, I took my daughter from the nurse, hugged him, and then handed it to Norven White and said, “Don’t you?”

The man looked awkward, “Let’s stop now.”

I saw him like this and deliberately said, “Don’t you be afraid of the heavens and you are not afraid. If you meet Mr. White who can solve everything, you will be afraid of hugging your child?”

At the beginning, this radical method was useful for Norven White. The man rubbed his hands and reached out to hold him, but just touched it, the child was not much longer than his palm, so he hurriedly put it back, “I’m afraid of getting my daughter hurt.”

“What are you afraid of?” Luo Shuhui said on the side, “Don’t you think you will hug your baby in the future?”

“She, will grow up soon.” Norven White stood a little embarrassed.

It seems still, I saw Norven White like this for the first time.

Before today, he must have thought that there is nothing he can’t do in the world, but now looking at the little baby, he must find that there are really things he can’t do in the world.

“How can it be so fast?” Luo Shuhui said, took the child over and handed it to him, “Hug.”

Norven White’s legs are much better now, and he can stand or walk for a while, but it can’t be too long.

He stood there looking at the daughter in front of him, as if he was determined to die.

Raised both hands in the air, tangled for a long time and did not start.

“I want to hug, I want to hug!” Shuo Shuo was anxious on the side, “Daddy dare not hug, I dare.”

As he said, he reached out to grab it.

Luo Shuhui dared to let Norven White hug, but didn’t dare to let Shuo Shuo hug, and quickly said to Norven White, “Hold it, or you will be looked down upon by your son.”

Norven White was really forced to do nothing, and finally reached out and put the little baby into his arms.

He held it with both hands, as if he was holding something.

Luo Shuhui couldn’t stand it anymore and helped him correct it, “This way, it’s not like you, your child is uncomfortable.”

With her help, Norven White finally found the correct posture after several adjustments.

When he held the child in his arms and looked down.

The daughter was awake, looked at him with big sullen eyes, grinned and smiled.

Norven White had been squeezing his face tightly before. At this moment, when he saw his daughter smile, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

After everyone hugged for a while, with my consent, Shuo Shuo also hugged her little sister, and finally came to the next step.

Because everyone was arguing about their daughter’s name in the past, and each had its own ideas, plus Zhaoming White’s matter, ultimately did not give her daughter a name.

Instead, Shuo Shuo’s name was changed.

According to White’s family tree, Shuoshuo was renamed White Chenshuo.

The nickname remains unchanged.

Now that the daughter is born, everyone can’t be without a name, so we just pick it up on the spot.

I hugged, and my daughter returned to my arms. I looked at the petite and lovely daughter in my arms and thought for a while and said, “Since she was born on New Year’s Day, although it is not the Lunar New Year, it is a New Year, Wang Anshi’s There is a sentence in Yuanri: Thousands of households will always exchange new peaches for the old characters.”

I just finished speaking, and White Yanhai behind me didn’t know when he would come.

He was helped by the nurse.

“Grandpa.” Norven White turned to look at him.

White Yanhai nodded, “The name is good and the meaning is good.”

It looks bright and warm at sunrise.

It’s really good, now that White Yanhai nodded, my heart fell.

“What about the big name?” White Zhaokun asked.

“Since the nickname is all called this, let’s call it White Letong.” White Yanhai finished. “I now think that no matter how you hit a child, you can be happy. Nothing else matters.”

Now that White Yanhai has spoken, no one can say no.

But I think the name is good, nodded, “Well, I agree.”

I agreed, Norven White did not refuse, “Okay, just this name.”

Because the parents agreed, White Zhaokun and the others also agreed.

“I am the brother!” Shuo Shuo shouted happily from the side.

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