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Chapter 516

Norven White and I had a wedding in the past 100 days.

Although he wanted to do something special, he was rejected by me.

The main age is older, and I have already seen these false gifts. I understand that this is Norven White’s heart for me, and I have not refused.

So it means that as long as you call some good friends, you can do a small one.

Norven White couldn’t help me, so naturally he agreed-

It was the wedding day in a blink of an eye.

Mei Lan’s wedding dress was also delivered.

Because it is a small wedding, there are only 7-8 tables.

Most of the people who came were from our studio and DynaSky.

Everyone is familiar with faces.

In order to solve the marriage problem of older single young women in the studio, Tang Ruo and I also dedicated a lot of effort to the shooting table.

Specially put single men and women of marriageable age at the same table, hoping that they can develop-

Early in the morning, I put on my makeup in the lounge.

Naturally, it was Amy who made up for me. He made up for me. He stood behind and looked at me and said, “I have put on you so many makeup. This is the first bridal makeup. Hopefully, it is the last once.”

“Thank you.”

I am grateful.

I think it will be the last time.

When the wedding dress was put on and the makeup was done, I took out a pink diamond necklace from my bag and handed it to him, “Bring it for me.”

Amy took the necklace and blinked, “Well, this necklace won’t be the one…on the news back then?!”

“Well, Norven White gave it to me. After we had a bad relationship, we stayed with me and used it again today.”

I nodded.

Amy held the necklace, and kept rubbing it in her hand, “God, this is the most expensive thing I have ever seen.” He said, rubbing his face, “Oh, I’m also touched. “

I didn’t stop him either.

After he had seen enough, he put it on for me. After putting on the necklace, Amy couldn’t help nodding, “It’s really icing on the cake.”

At this moment, Tang Ruo opened the door and asked, “Alright? The ceremony is about to begin over there.”

“All right.”

I nodded and stood up.

Tang Ruo stood there, looking at the necklace around my neck, and was stunned, “Wow, this is…”

“This is the whole big pink diamond!” When Amy on the side saw Tang Ruo’s expression, she knew that she knew what she was doing, and said excitedly, “This is the first time I have seen such a big diamond. It’s perfect! “

Tang Ruo also leaned over and looked at it carefully. There were stars in his eyes, God, it was really beautiful.


Tang Ruo and Amy stood in front of me, looking and looking around the diamond necklace.

When they were about to see it, I asked, “Well, can I go out?”

Tang Ruo then reacted, stood up, nodded, “Yes, you can, go quickly, you will miss the auspicious time later.”

As she said, she took me and walked out.

When I went out, I saw Norven Jimou Xiangli standing there.

Seeing him, my heart moved.

During the wedding, the father of the bride takes the bride down the red carpet and then hands the bride to the groom.

This role could not be more suitable for him.

I walked over and shouted, “Master.”

Xiangli Mou nodded.

I didn’t say anything-

As the wedding march sounded, the door of the banquet hall in front of me opened, and I walked in with Xiangli Mou in my arm.

Stepped on the red carpet.

I saw that Norven White was standing on the other side of the red carpet, wearing a black suit, and his hair was very nice.

Looking at him, my tears couldn’t help rolling in my eyes.

Xiangli Mou took me forward, and I moved forward step by step, getting closer and closer to him.

What comes to mind are all the things we have experienced, from the first encounter to later marrying him in the name of Julia Rhodes.

Getting married, he sent me to jail, I approached him with hatred, and divorced.

And many more later.

Divide and recombine many times.

How many times have I thought that I will never be with him again.

But I didn’t dare to dream, and finally one day, I stood on the red carpet.

He was waiting for me at the end of the red carpet.

Finally, I walked along the red carpet to the man’s side.

You Xiangli Mou handed me over to him.

The man took my hand and led me to the priest.

Like all brides and grooms, we exchange vows.

Say I do.

Exchange rings.

I have imagined the scene countless times, and it finally came true today.

When the priest said “Groom, you can k!ss your bride now”.

The man lifted the veil in front of me.

I looked up expectantly, and I saw the strong smile of a man.

And the fine sweat beads on the forehead.

My heart throbbed hard.

I know that he has been standing for too long, his legs must have been unable to stand.

At that moment, I couldn’t take care of the others. I stretched out my hand to hug the man and raised my head to stabilize his lips.

When I k!ssed him, there was applause from the audience.

I can feel the man holding me tightly, most of his weight on my body.

After the k!ss, he hugged me and said in a very soft voice, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” I worried about him and said, “Why don’t you let Ye Ze take the crutches…”

“No, it’s okay, I can.”

Before I finished speaking, Norven White interrupted me.

The man just hugged me to rest, and straightened up.

Next, you can step down.

This banquet hall is so big that Norven White will walk down a few meters.

This distance is just a few steps for us normal people, but I feel that when the man’s hand is full of sweat when holding me, I know it is too far for him.

I helped him go down.

The man looked calm and composed, but his hands were sweating more and more.

Step by step, we finally got here, off the stage.

In the applause of everyone, we entered the lounge.

When the door of the lounge opened, the man fell straight forward!

“Norven White!”

I was so scared that I hurried to chase after.

Tang Ruo and Ziyi’an also followed us behind, and they were shocked when they saw Norven White down.

“What’s the matter?” Tang Ruo looked at me.

“It’s okay.” Before I answered, Norven White, who was lying there, answered first, “Legs hurt. Just rest for a while.”

After Norven White finished speaking, he sat up, his forehead was full of sweat.

He took off his suit jacket, and the shirt inside was soaked with sweat.

Seeing this scene, my heart aches.

Although I can’t feel it, just by looking at the sweat, I can imagine what kind of pain he just suffered.

“Why are you acting bravely?” Looking at Norven White like this, my heart is very sad.

Tears rolled in his eyes.

But the man stretched out his hand and hugged me in front of him, patted my back lightly, and said, “It’s okay. I have only one wedding in your life. I don’t want to leave regrets.”

When he spoke, his chest rose and fell sharply and was still panting.

After resting for a while, he continued, “You see, didn’t I stick to it, it’s all over.”

“Well, don’t try hard next time.”

“There is no next time.” Norven White held my face and said softly, “This marriage will last a lifetime. There will be no next time.”

He said, leaning over and k!ssing.

Behind me, I heard the sound of Tang Ruo and Ziyi’an withdrawing to close the door, and no longer shy, raised their hands to hook the man’s neck, and responded enthusiastically to him.

Between the k!sses, the man said in a slightly hoarse voice, “I love you.”

“me too.”

For a lifetime, I only love Norven White.

Chapter 517

After the wedding of Norven White and I, the honeymoon plan was postponed because Tong Tong was still young and Norven White’s legs had not fully recovered.

During this time, I have been resting at home to take care of Tong Dong, and occasionally communicate with Tang Ruo about work.

Today is a hundred days ago, and it happens to be March when spring is blooming.

Early in the morning, Norven White went out as usual, and I drove him to the door.

The man held my face, k!ssed his forehead softly, and said softly, “This morning you prepare what you use frequently, and in the afternoon we will go to the new home.”

“New home? Where is it? Why haven’t I heard you mention it?”

I froze for a moment.

For so long, I have never heard Norven White talk about the new home.

With a mysterious look, the man sorted out the messy hair on the side of my face, “You’ll know when the afternoon comes.”

After that, without waiting for me to ask any more, he glanced at his watch and hurried out.

New home?

I thought about it carefully. After I got married with Norven White, we moved into the house in Flipvilla No. 1, and the room in Tong Dong was also changed from the previous guest room.

He seems to have mentioned the new house several times, but he didn’t say anything specifically, nor did I ask specifically.

I think Flipvilla No. 1 is also very good, the property is good, the community is separated from the people and cars, and there is CBD around, in short everything is very convenient-

“Ding Dong.”

While I was cleaning up the house while sleeping, the doorbell rang.

Could it be that Norven White is back?

I put down the things in my hand, turned around and came out of the bedroom, and saw Liu Xuejun opening the door. At this moment, she had just received a pink medium-sized box from the outside with a beautiful ribbon on it.

“this is……”

I looked at the box with some doubts.

Liu Xuejun walked over, handed me the box and said, “This is just delivered by the property, and the property said it was left by a gentleman just now.”


I looked at the box in my arms and shook it. A slight noise could be heard inside.

This size seems to be a pair of shoes?

I hesitated, and sat on the sofa and opened the present.

Sure enough, there was a pair of high heels and a pair of silver-white high heels. When I opened it, I was amazed.

Look at the size again, it happens to be my size.

At this moment, Liu Xuejun next to him leaned in, “Wow, ma’am, these shoes are so good-looking, did you get them from your husband?”

It’s not.

Although I don’t know who sent it, I have a hunch that it was not given to me by Norven White.

I took a closer look in the box and found a small handwritten greeting card sandwiched between the lid of the box.

[Sister Chu Die:

This is a wedding gift I gave you. I wanted to give it to you when I got married, but I’m sorry, I didn’t save enough money at the time, so I gave it to you now.

In short, I wish you a happy wedding and always happy. 】

There is no signature below, but I know it is Bo Jingran.

I put the card back to its original place, looked at the beautiful pair of shoes in the box, and said secretly, “Thank you, and wish you happiness.”

I put the shoes away, hesitated, but put them in the bottom of the shoe cabinet and kept them well.

After putting it away, he came out and said to Liu Xuejun, “Don’t tell your husband about the shoes.”

Liu Xuejun was a little surprised, but seemed to understand something, and nodded-

After four o’clock in the afternoon, Tong Tong was still sleeping, and Norven White came home.

The man came in, and the first sentence was to ask me, “Are you ready?”

“Yeah.” I nodded, but couldn’t help asking, “Where is the new home?”

Norven White approached me and looked down at me with a puzzled face, “What? I’m afraid I won’t sell you?”

“Then you remember to call me to help you count the money.”

I said with a smile.

In fact, I am just curious, where is this new home?

For work reasons, in fact, Flipvilla’s newly opened more famous discs. Tang Ruo and I will look at the styles if they are interested, but most of them are similar, and no one is particularly brilliant.

For a while, I couldn’t think of where Norven White’s new home was.

“Where is Tongdong?” Norven White glanced in.

“Just fell asleep.” I replied, somewhat embarrassed, “She finally fell asleep again, or we wait…”

Speaking of which, I stopped.

Tong Tong is only three months old, and he can sleep super well. Sometimes, I can sleep from more than 3 o’clock in the afternoon to more than 6 o’clock the next morning. Even if I wake up in the middle, I can’t wake up for a few hours.

Norven White looked at Chen’s Wife and Liu Xuejun standing aside, and said to me, “Then give Tong Tong to them first. Let’s go first, later, or pick them up tomorrow.”


I don’t believe in Chen Sao and Liu Xuejun, they are just three months old. To be honest, I haven’t separated much from her.

Seeing I hesitate, Liu Xuejun said very clearly, “Leave it to us, don’t worry, I will definitely not let Tong Dong lose a feather!”

“Look, don’t you worry about people who have been with me for a few years?” Norven White advised me.

Yes, everything is the first time.

I finally nodded, “Okay.”-

Norven White helped me carry my things out.

Drive by the driver.

The car drove all the way to the outer ring road. Looking at this direction, I couldn’t help feeling a bit familiar, and I had a little guesswork in my heart.

However, it was not particularly certain, so I did not speak.

In the middle, one of Norven White’s mobile phones came in. I glanced at the screen and it seemed to be Ziyi’an.

Norven White picked it up, only saying, “It’s coming.”

Just hang up.

The car drove for another fifteen minutes. In this direction, I recalled the real estate I visited before, because this direction has almost been developed, and there is really no new community.

Could it be…

“Aren’t we going there?”

I looked at Norven White and it was basically confirmed.

Norven White looked at me, black eyes with a slightly secretive smile, stretched out his hand, grasped my hand, and said, “It’s almost there.”

He did not answer directly, but he already had an answer.

Soon, the car drove to the neighborhood that I couldn’t be more familiar with.

There are four big characters written at the door——【Shangshan Ruoshui】, but the two characters Ruoshui in this community are bigger.

If water pavilion.

Tang Ruo’s studio and I became famous because of this community.

This project also brought us many things.

Later, the developer gave us two houses at a discount, and Ziyi’an also bought one. Not long ago, both of them moved.

At that time, I mentioned to Norven White that we also moved there, but Norven White refused on the grounds of “too small”. Later, I gave the house to Xiangli Mou and Moulan Xi to live.

Did he buy other houses in the community?

At the door, Norven White took me out of the car, and the two of us walked into the community.

I couldn’t help but worry a little, “Your legs are all right?”

“So look down on your husband and me?” Norven White said as he stretched out his hand and took me into his arms, leading me to the community.

Although this community was designed by our studio, it was the first time I came after it was built.

After a year, the green plants have grown to scale, and it is spring again, the whole community is full of spring breath.

Norven White led me, as expected, he was walking towards Tang Ruo and me.

Did he buy someone else’s second-hand house there too?

I didn’t ask too much.

He took me, and when he was about to reach the door of Tang Ruo and me, he turned a corner and reached the door of a large courtyard next to him.


I froze.

I thought about it carefully. At that time, for the privacy of each apartment type, the apartment types of the whole community were scattered. For example, Tang Ruo and I placed a large apartment with six rooms next to the two three-bedroom apartment. The landscape will look much better.

Could it be…

When I thought about it, I saw Norven White take out the key and opened the door in front of me…

“My wife, come in and have a look, are you satisfied with our new home?” Norven White took me in.

I followed Norven White in. I couldn’t be more familiar with it here, because this is the largest type of house in the whole community, and there are only two houses in the second phase, so we designed it with extra care.

In order to give the owner the feeling of a deep house compound, it is specially designed with methods such as shifting the scenery.

Only then did I think that Ziyi’an said at the time that when he bought a new house, he wanted to buy the one next to Tang Ruo and me, but he bought the one next to him.

“When did you buy it? I remember this apartment was gone as soon as it came out?” I looked at Norven White, feeling incredible.

The man curled his lips and looked at me, his eyes filled with everything under control, “My wife’s most proud dish, of course I want to buy a set.”

“Then you don’t tell me?”

“Didn’t I tell you now?” Norven White said, lowered his head, and k!ssed the tip of my nose lightly. The next second, he k!ssed my lips lightly, and said in a pitiful way, “Wife, I It has been a month and a half for the ligation operation, and the doctor said it will be done in a month…Look at tonight…”

“Brother, you are here!”

The man didn’t finish speaking, and a discordant voice came from the door.

I already knew who it was without looking back.

In the next second, I heard Ziyi’an say in a very embarrassing manner, “Go on, and then call me.”

I raised my hand to hold Norven White’s neck, and k!ssed the man’s lips on tiptoe, and said with a smile, “Whatever, if you get infected, you can go to the doctor again.”

Norven White lowered his head to k!ss me, but the k!ss stopped in mid-air, and the man’s face was tangled.

Soon he raised his face again, his lips pressed into a line, and he said for a while, “Let’s save it until the evening, and there will be a dazzling hundred-day banquet in the evening.”

After speaking, he quickly let go of me, turned around and said to Ziyi’an, “Come in.”

As soon as the voice fell, Ziyi’an’s head poked in from the door frame, “Big brother, I have everything ready, you say it’s okay, I’ll let all the people move over and set it up for you.”

“You set it up.” After Norven White finished speaking, he pulled me and said, “Go, I’ll take you in to see our new house.”

As he said, he pulled me into the house.

Although this house is six rooms, the design is not a complete backyard of the whole courtyard. The courtyard is still used. Go out behind the main hall. There is also a courtyard. In the courtyard, there is a lotus pond and a small pavilion. The front entrance is directly opposite to the lotus pond, and the second bedrooms next to it have different views no matter the doorway or the window.

After Norven White took me to see the master bedroom, study, Shuosuo and Tong Dong’s bedrooms, he took me to the tea room and guest bedroom.

When they came out again, Ziyi’an’s people had almost arranged the front yard.

Seeing us out, Ziyi’an began to say, “At that time, my little Qinqin didn’t see your house and had no objection. After seeing it, he kept saying why I didn’t buy this one. Later I learned that it was my elder brother. , She is safe.”

As Ziyi’an said, she walked over and hugged Norven White’s other arm, “Big brother, thank you for buying it, otherwise I’m afraid Xiao Qinqin will let me negotiate with this owner to change the house every day.”

“Let go.” Norven White looked disgusted, “The other room was empty at the time, I think you didn’t plan to buy it either.”

“Ahem, don’t tell Xiao Qinqin about this.” Ziyi’an quickly said nervously, “Mainly your house is too big, I really can’t buy it, and there are not so many people in our family, so I don’t need to live in it. It’s so big, the four rooms are just right, just right.”


When Ziyi’an spoke, Tang Ruo and Gu Ziming also appeared at the door.

Only then did I know that Norven White had notified them early, not only they, but also Xiangli Mou and Mou Lanxi.

In the evening, a small barbecue party will be held in the new home to celebrate the hundred days.

After a while, Shuo Shuo and Xia Xia also returned from school. They were already in elementary school.

Because Norven White had decided to live here a long time ago, he deliberately chose a primary school away from this community, and Xia Xia happened to be there.

When the two people came, they all went upstairs to do their homework together before the party started.

After 7 o’clock in the evening, Xiangli Mou and Mou Lanxi returned from outside.

At a glance, I saw two people carrying a small silver ring in each hand, leaning over, pretending to be upset and asking, “When is the matter? Why didn’t even my daughter notify me?”

Moulan felt a little embarrassed when he heard it, and bowed his head without speaking.

Xiangli Mou is not polite, “I just bought it yesterday, and I plan to pick it up next Wednesday to get the certificate. I won’t have time to change my mouth then.”

“Well, good!” I nodded desperately, and asked deliberately, “Is there any change fee?”

“Yes!” Xiangli Mou said, “not only you have it, Shuoshuo has it, and can also prepay!”

“Master is generous.”

Moulanxi’s situation is much better now, and life is unintentional with normal people.

And I am most gratified that Xiangli Mou is willing to accept her.

Not long after Moulanxi and Xiangli came, the awake Tongtong was finally brought over by Liu Xuejun and others.

The party begins as soon as the protagonist enters the venue.

Norven White served as the “main roaster.”

Poorly Jiang Rhodes is the only one abroad, facing the bright sky, watching us eating barbecue, complaining desperately, “No, you have to drive one when I get back, or I will run away from home!”

“Yes, yes, it must be opened. It is better than this. It has seafood. Lobster king crab is enough!” Ziyi’an desperately catered.

After listening, Jiang Rhodes nodded, “That’s pretty much the same.”

Shuo Shuo and Xia Xia also came downstairs.

When I saw so many people, I danced happily. While coaxing me, I watched the busy people in the yard. Looking not far away, Norven White, who rolled up his shirt sleeves and barbecued for everyone, looked sensible. Son, lovely daughter.

And Jiang Rhodes who is far abroad.

In the days to come, everyone can be neighbors, meet often, have dinner together, think about it, and feel very much looking forward to it.

Now that I think about it, everything started five years ago. That was the wrong wedding. In the name of Julia Rhodes, I married the most beloved man of my life, Norven White.


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