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Chapter 109

Nina Hua shook his head.

“I’m fine, don’t call the police.”

She took a deep breath and seemed to be trying to calm herself down.

“Jenny, help me get my clothes, will you?”

Jenny looked at her deeply.

She knew that with Nina Hua’s status, ordinary people wouldn’t dare to do that to her, and with her bodyguards following her at all times, no mugger could get close enough to her.

Now that she’s like this, I’m afraid…something else is going on.

She didn’t say anything else and turned around to go out and find Nina Hua’s clothes, bringing them in and then helping her to the bathroom for a quick wash, before leaving with her.

Land Park.

Aunt Liu was so happy to see her go out and bring back a girl, a girl she had still seen on TV.

“Auntie Liu, this is my friend Nina Hua, he might be staying here for the next few days, so please help me get some light supper up here.”

“Eh, good.”

Jenny Jing helped Nina Hua into the room.

“Jenny, I want to take a shower.”


The guest room is unused and is complete with all the amenities.

Jenny Jing helped her put the water on and let her clean herself in it, turning out to ask Aunt Liu to help call a doctor over.

Ever since she moved into Lu Yuan, a female doctor had been added to the family’s spare doctor, and although it was close to New Year’s Eve, it was easy to come over since the other doctor was also from Visterdem and lived not far away.

After Nina Hua finished her shower, Jenny Jing asked her to check on Nina Hua for her.

“The doctor is one of us, don’t worry!It won’t be told.”

Facing Nina Hua’s wary gaze, Jenny Jing explained.

Only then did Nina Hua’s guard come off, and the doctor told her to take off her clothes, but Jenny couldn’t bear to see it and turned around to go out.

About ten minutes later, the doctor came out and told her it was okay.

Jenny asked a few questions, knowing that in addition to the bruises on her body, there were some hidden lacerations, she had an approximate understanding of what was going on, so she didn’t ask more questions and let her prescribe the medicine and left.

She entered the guest room again and saw that Nina Hua was already dressed and was leaning against the bed looking out the window.

“What the hell happened?Can you talk to me now?”

“Jenny, I don’t want to say.”

Her face was a little pale, her eyes unfocused, and her exit voice was soft, and her whole body looked frail as hell.

Jenny Jing fiercely knitted his eyebrows.

“I’m so hungry, do you have anything to eat?”

Seemingly sensing her anger, Nina Hua turned his head and smiled weakly at her.

Jenny was angry and said, “Still knowing how to be hungry, it looks like you can’t die.”

Even though it was hard to talk, in the end, still went downstairs and personally brought up the supper that Aunt Liu had prepared.

Nina Hua’s entire body was already very tired after eating.

Jenny couldn’t bear to disturb her, and then again if she didn’t want to talk about it, there must be a reason why she didn’t want to talk about it.

So while there was still some anger, in the end, she didn’t say anything and let her rest.

The next day.

On the thirtieth day of the lunar month, Biden Lu called her and said that he would be back in the afternoon to spend the New Year with her.

Jenny was surprised, before the man said he was going back to Kyoto, she thought he would return to Kyoto for the New Year.

She has been displaced all these years, and then even when she returned to China, she had no family and no friends, and Rovell Mu was going back to the Mu family for the New Year, so naturally she couldn’t accompany her, so her heart for the New Year also faded.

Always felt that it was actually nice to be alone.

Now that I think about it, I’m probably just used to it!

Aunt Liu is naturally happy that Biden Lu is coming back, and has prepared a few more dishes and wine for the evening, which is also a lively New Year’s Eve dinner.

The man arrived home at five o’clock in the afternoon.

Once home, from the extra shoes at the door, Min.

Sharply aware of a guest in the house.

Sure enough, in the next second, Nina Hua was seen coming down the escalator with a cup in his hand.

“Hello, Mr. Lu.See you again.”

Biden Lu frowned fiercely.

“Why is she here?”

This was asked of Aunt Liu next to her.

Aunt Liu was a little confused.

“Sir, Miss Wahl is a friend of Madam’s and says she’s staying here for a couple of days.”


As soon as the words left his mouth, Jenny walked out of the bedroom.

“Why not?”

She stepped forward and grabbed Nina Hua and raised her eyebrows, “Yao Yao is my best friend, I’ll keep her here for the New Year, it won’t bother you, so why not?”

Biden Lu’s face was a bit dark.

Jenny Jing knew that the man had a bit of an issue with Nina Hua because of the previous incident.

But now that something like this happened to Nina Hua, she couldn’t ignore it.

So in three steps, he walked to Biden Lu’s side and pulled on his corner.

A low-brow whispered, “At least he’s my friend, give him face.”

When had she ever spoken to him so softly?

And with a bit of a petulant tone?

Some man immediately became nonchalant, looked at her, and finally, with a taut, cold voice, said, “Just two days.”

Nina Hua sneered coldly, “Don’t worry, even if you keep me here after two days, I won’t want to stay here!”

Afterwards, he twisted around and swaggered back to his room.

Biden Lu’s face darkened even more by two points.

Jenny smiled awkwardly and smoothed his hair for him.

“Tired after a long day of flying?Sit down and wait while I go get you a glass of water.”

After a night’s rest, Nina Hua’s spirits were much better today.

The injuries were almost all over her body, and she couldn’t see them in her turtleneck jumper, so to the outside world, she looked the same as usual except that she was a little pale.

Nina Hua still refused to tell Jenny Jing the truth of the matter, and Jenny Jing could do nothing about it.

Just in the afternoon, Hua Sheng’s chairman, Hua Jingze had given her a call, and Jenny accidentally passed by the door, vaguely hearing the sound of an argument inside.

This must be the reason why Nina Hua refused to go home.

As worried as she was, she eventually had to put the matter behind her.

At any rate, it’s New Year’s Eve and fireworks are not allowed in urban areas, but they are allowed in the suburbs.

After dinner, Jenny wanted to go out to eat, so Biden Lu took her to the suburban Water Birch Chinese Garden to watch the fireworks, Nina Hua was too lazy to move and refused to go, hiding in her room to sleep lazily.

They drove and by the time they reached their destination, there were a lot of people.

Biden Lu had made reservations in advance at the high-rise revolving restaurant, where he had a unique view of not only the fireworks, but also the traffic that leaped up on New Year’s Eve.

“Sir and ma’am, your drinks.”

A waiter came over with a tray, and Jenny was looking out the window, not caring.

As I reached for my drink, something suddenly touched my fingertips.

She froze slightly and turned back, meeting the waiter’s otherworldly gaze.

The face changed slightly.

Fortunately, Biden Lu was answering the phone at this time and didn’t notice this side.

She kept her hand back until the waiter retired respectfully, still feeling her fingertips tremble.

“Have a seat, I’m going to go to the bathroom.”

Jenny Jing said to Biden Lu and stood up.

It was only when she went inside the bathroom and closed the door that she squared the note in her hand.

There were only a few simple, scrawled words written on it, “SEVEN, long time no see!”

Jenny Jing’s face changed.

Is it him?

Chapter 110

Coming out again, it was ten minutes later.

Biden Lu had finished answering the phone and was sitting at the dining table waiting for her.

Jenny took a deep breath, gathered himself and walked over.

“Is everything okay in there for so long?”

Jenny shook her head, “Nothing.”

The fireworks haven’t started yet now, and there’s a cellist playing melodious and beautiful music in the restaurant.

It was surrounded by romantic candlelight, which is a different kind of romantic and touching on a night like this.

Biden Lu looked at her and smiled, “Mrs. Lu, would you like to dance?”

Jenny was stunned.

The man had stood up and walked over to her, bending down behind her.

She looked at the palm in front of her and cried a little.

“Land King Deep, I’m not wearing a tux.”

“I’m not wearing a suit either.”

Regardless, he still held her hand and pulled her up from the seat.

The soothing sound of the piano, two people in down jackets together in the open space in front of the restaurant to dance, about wrapped field, this floor are not much customers, the cold wind is isolated by the glass window, but it gives a different kind of warm and down-to-earth feeling.

Jenny was holding his hand and dancing slowly with him, the man’s palm warm and the power underneath it could be clearly felt.

Her heart, which was still a bit restless and unsettled because of that note, was actually settling down in this environment.

“What are you thinking?”

Biden Lu suddenly asked.

Jenny came back to his senses and shook his head incessantly.


Biden Lu lowered his eyes to look deeply at her.

Jenny was a little uncomfortable with his look, slightly removed his face and asked in a low voice, “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t like the way you’re distracted.”

Jenny was stunned.

Immediately afterwards, I heard the man continue, “Seems like I’m unattractive.”

Jenny: “……..”

She couldn’t help but giggle out in the end, pursing her lips and smiling, “No, you’re charming.”

The man’s eyes lit up.

“I’m just a little uncomfortable, it’s been years since I’ve been this serious about New Year’s Eve, I used to lie alone in my room and watch TV or just go to sleep, and today, all of a sudden, it’s a little uncomfortable for me for a while.”

The man’s eyes were dark.

There was a complexity of emotions in those deep eyes that she couldn’t quite articulate and couldn’t quite understand.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be there with you on this day every year from now on, and I won’t leave you alone in the house watching TV anymore.”

Jenny was startled and looked up at him, only to see that the man looked serious, not like he was joking.

Her mind Microsoft and she smiled, “Thanks.”


There was a loud bang, a tree of fireworks suddenly exploded outside, the music stopped, and the violinist put down his instrument and came over, smiling, and said, “Sir, Madam, the fireworks are starting.”

Biden Lu nodded and waved for him to retire, then pulled Jenny Jing to the window.

Only a short distance away, fireworks looked like fireworks, one tree in full bloom in the sky.

Blue, yellow, white, purple, green… countless colours intertwined and entwined together, and eventually they all transformed into a radiant bloom of fire trees and silver flowers.

Even Jenny, who has always been cool and doesn’t like the excitement, was shocked by this prosperous scene and opened her eyes wide to lie on the glass and gave a small “wow”.

Biden Lu wrapped his arms around her from behind and knocked his head on her shoulder.

“Is it pretty?”

“Well, it’s pretty.”

“If you like it, I’ll play it for you every year.”

Jenny was stunned.

Turning his head to look at him incredulously.

“Did you put this there especially for me?

Biden Lu smiled and nodded his head.

Jenny: “……..”

She didn’t know that although fireworks could be set off in the suburban square, it was just some ordinary fireworks for the sake of excitement, where it would be like tonight, the sparkling and beautiful fireworks could almost be described as grand.

There is a place in the heart that is quietly caving in.

Jenny bowed his head slightly for a moment, then raised his head, his eyes somewhat slightly red.


Biden Lu’s heart was warm and soft.

“And I don’t have to be so polite.”

He reached out, stroking away the red marks from the woman’s eyes, and said quietly, “I hope we’ll be this cozy and happy every year from now on.”

Jenny looked at him, half-heartedly, and nodded heavily.


The fireworks went off for a full half hour.

By the time it was finished, it was exactly midnight.

The New Year’s bell rang, and the man wrapped his arms around her from behind and whispered in her ear, “Happy New Year, wife!”

Jenny Jing’s heart softened into a piece, hooked her lips, and also whispered, “Happy New Year.”

And then, in a dark place they didn’t know about, a busty man stood there, looking at the silhouette of the pair embracing under the fireworks, his slightly upturned eyes cold as ice.

A waiter came over and warned, “Sir, this side is booked, you can’t go in.”

He turned back and gave the waiter an indifferent glance.

The waiter saw his face and opened his mouth wide in surprise.

Then he was seen to turn and walk out, and soon the figure was hidden in the darkness where the light could not shine.

How it went back later, Jenny had almost forgotten.

She was too sleepy and fell asleep as soon as she got in the car after watching the fireworks.

Waking up again, it was the next morning, and she was lying on the soft bed next to the man, sleeping with his eyes closed, his handsome face glowing softly and warmly in the morning light.

She narrowed her eyes and half propped herself up to get up, yet as soon as she moved, the man lifted his hand and fished her back out.

“Get some more sleep.”

The man’s morning voice still had some s*xy huskiness to it.

Jenny Jing smiled, “It’s late, I’ll go check on Yao Yao.”

“She’s gone.”

Jenny was stunned.

Biden Lu finally opened his eyes, the pair of deep eyes still with some morning laziness, one arm resting on his head, faintly, “Last night left, you slept too well, so I didn’t tell you.”

“Where did she go?”

Biden Lu didn’t say anything.

But that look in his eyes clearly said, how does he know?

Nina Hua isn’t his wife. Who cares where she goes?

Only then did Jenny react to the fact that he couldn’t ask him this question, and even climbed up to pick up his phone to call her.

The phone rang for a while before it was answered.

Nina Hua’s clear and bright voice came from the other side.

“Jenny, are you awake?”

“Where have you been?”

“Home Yah.”

“Going home?”

“Of course, father and daughter don’t have a grudge against each other, today is at least the first day of Chinese New Year, of course I have to come back to spend it with my father.”

Jenny: “……..”

“All right!As long as you’re okay.”

“Anon!Don’t worry about me, I’m fine. Happy New Year!Just hang up ha.”

Jenny smiled, “Good, Happy New Year.”

When she hung up, she was relieved and went to the bathroom to wash up.

On the other hand, Nina Hua put down his phone and looked at the man sitting on the couch in front of him, his face instantly sinking.

“Dad, I’m not going to marry him, you’re killing me.”

Chapter 111

Hua Jingze sank down and slapped the desktop hard.

“Nonsense!Who do you want to marry if not Yu?That shrewish scoundrel named Ji?”

Nina Hua quirked an eyebrow.

Trying to explain something, but the slight stab of pain in her heart kept her from saying it in the end.

Half a dozen times, only a deep voice said, “Don’t worry, I won’t marry him either.”

She and he were…long overdue.

How could that man marry her when he hated her to the bone and disliked even touching her?

Nina Hua held back the sourness in his eyes and continued, “I just want to make a good movie right now and nothing else, and I’m still young, so let’s talk about marriage in a few years.”

After saying that, he turned straight to go upstairs.

When Hua Jingze saw this attitude of hers, he was so angry that he blew his whiskers and stared at her.

He roared upstairs, “If you ever let me know you’re meeting with that Ji again, I’ll break your legs!Try me if you don’t believe me!”


During the Chinese New Year, both Land King Deep and Jenny have holidays.

Staying in Visterdem with nothing to do, the two of them decided to take a holiday to the south.

But an hour before departure, I suddenly received a call from Kyoto.

Master Lu was critically ill and was pushed into the emergency room early this morning, and now life and death are unknown.

Biden Lu’s face turned pale right then and there, and he had no choice but to put the trip on hold for the time being, so that he could return to Kyoto to see how the old man was doing first.

Jenny was fine with it, she wasn’t that keen on travel anyway, and the other party was Biden Lu’s grandfather after all, no matter what, it was still the old man’s body that was most important.

After Biden Lu went back, Jenny Jing stayed at home and got bored, so he simply started working.

There’s not much going on at the moment with either Anion International or Starflight’s artists, after all, everyone seems to be coincidentally more low-key during the New Year.

Jenny is happy to be at leisure, looking for some past classic case analysis, as a way to pass the time.

That afternoon, she was sitting on the couch reading information when she suddenly received a call from He.

It’s only the third day of school today, and it’s supposed to be two days before I have to work.

He called at this time, not knowing what it was about.

When Jenny got on the phone, he heard He’s excited voice, “Sister Jenny, do you have time now?Is it convenient to come to the office?”

Jenny was stunned, “What’s happened?”

“Rejoice!There’s a superstar who’s interested in our company and wants to sign with us?”

Jenny was startled.

It’s not that she doesn’t have confidence in herself, it’s just that Starflight is just starting out and her strength is really limited, which superstar would sign with her?

The mind though, the body moved on.

As I went upstairs to change, I asked, “Who is it?”

“You’ll see when you get here.”

He deliberately sold out, then hung up the phone.

Jenny frowned, feeling a little strange, but didn’t think much of it, changed clothes and drove to the office.

During the New Year, there was naturally no one in the company.

Taking the lift all the way to the sixteenth floor, I heard the happy voice of He in the office from afar, should be greeting guests.

Jenny stepped in.

“Mr. Lin, as you can see, this is a video of our company’s previous activities, although we are still small, we have the strength to back Anning International, as long as you are willing to sign on to our company, we guarantee to give you the best resources.”

An arrogant voice rang out.

“Chuckle!If we didn’t have the resources, why would we come to your little shitty company?Why don’t we just go to Serenity International?Is it any wonder they’re not giving good resources to Tin?”

Ho’s face.

A stiff.

In business, if you see it through and don’t say it, how can you talk about it next?

The sound of high heels on the ground came from outside.

Xiao He’s eyes lit up and he ran to the door, and indeed he saw Jenny.

“Jenny, you’re here!”

Jenny nodded, and with a cool glance to the side, he caught a glimpse of the man sitting on the couch.

Footsteps lagged.

“Sister Jenny, let me introduce you, this is Mr. Lin Tian Lin, Mr. Lin, she is the owner of our company, Jenny Jing.”

The man sitting on the couch turned his head.

Revealing a face that was beautiful enough to topple all beings like a demon.

Rao Jenny had already seen this face many times, but seeing it again at first glance, he still couldn’t help but be amazed.

The exquisite to impeccable features, smooth and thin face shape, hair a little messy on the forehead, the tail of the eyes slightly upward, when looking at people just carelessly a look, it seems to contain three points of love, people’s heartbeat accelerated.

She couldn’t help but gulp.

Half a dozen times before finding his voice.

“Lin Tian, why are you?”

Lin Tian smiled and stood up from the sofa.

“Ninnie, we meet again.”

Little Ho: ????

“Jenny, you guys know each other?”

Jenny’s skin tugged at the corners of his mouth with a smile.

I know!Why not?

But if given the choice, she’d rather never know the douchebag!

She turned to Dao, “Get out of here, there’s nothing for you to do here.”

He was a little confused.

Eyes darted around between the two, but in the end said nothing and went out nicely.

Rin Tin Tin also waved to the agent behind him, “bob, you go outside.”

The agent was still a little reluctant, but when Lin Tian glared at him, he also left obediently.

Once everyone had left and only Jenny and Lin Tian were left in the room, she took a deep breath and hugged her arms.

“Go ahead!What do you want from me?”

Lin Tian raised his eyebrows at her.

He is extremely good-looking, and as one of the rare Asian male celebrities who is popular all over the world, he has a face that can almost be said to be popular with the young and old, and crazy about thousands of girls.

And unlike today’s idol traffic stars, he’s also very good at business, only in his twenties, and has already released eight albums, each of which has sold all over the world, with countless songs that have been big hits.

No one will dislike an idol who is talented and worthy.

But what everyone doesn’t know is that the man who looks evil and seductive on the outside, putting aside the aura of his idol, is also the branch head of a very powerful racing club in the underground.

“Seven, you’re out of line for saying that, at any rate, we were once comrades who fought together, I’ve come all this way to find you, and this is how you treat me?”

Lin Tian said as he covered his chest in a sad state.

Jenny gave him a blank stare.

Not having the patience to bullshit with him, he turned and walked away.

“Love to say it or not, I’m leaving!”

“Eh, don’t!”

Lin Tian pulled her back and squared up under Jenny’s impatient gaze.

“The first year is dead.”


The Dragon Crew, the largest racing club in the underground of F, is said to have been started by a Chinese, and most of its members are also Chinese.

Jenny used to join them by mistake when he was abroad, in order to survive.

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