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Chapter 175

Karen Xia knowingly knelt in front of Carlo Xia suddenly, “Dad, I beg you to let me keep this child! If you kill him, I won’t have any children in my life!”

“Karen, it’s not that dad didn’t let you keep this child, but this child… Hey!” If it was another man’s child, Carlo Xia would let Karen Xia stay, but this child is Juan Mu’s. Go to Jamie Ye to get her back with Juan Mu. Now that something like this has happened, how does he face Jamie Ye?

Patricia Liu stretched out her hand to wipe her tears, “Child, this is your fate, you can accept it!”

“Dad, what a cruel thing it is for a woman not to have children. I was calculated by others, not my fault. You can’t do this to me!”

Karen Xia’s meeting is not a pretense. If Carlo Xia really wants her to kill the child, then her life is really over. Juan Mu will not have trouble with her, and she will not have children. Think about it.

“Dad, I know you are afraid that I will disturb my sister and brother-in-law, I swear! I won’t disturb them, I will go far, don’t you let me go abroad, I will leave immediately, never stay here! “

Carlo Xia looked at his daughter who was kneeling on the ground crying, and felt uncomfortable. He stretched out his hand to help Karen Xia, “Get up, we’ll talk about this when we go back.”

This was a concession. Patricia Liu and Karen Xia felt relieved. Patricia Liu reached out to support Karen Xia, and the family returned to Olathe. On the way back, Carlo Xia kept closing his eyes and rested without a word.

Patricia Liu and Karen Xia did not speak either, but the hearts of the mother and daughter finally settled down. As the saying goes, tiger poison does not eat children, and Carlo Xia is soft-hearted as expected. They eventually won this round.

When they were a few children, they returned to Olathe, the car stopped outside the villa, Carlo Xia pulled the car door and got out of the car, and Patricia Liu and daughter entered immediately.

Carlo Xia entered the house and directly entered the study, signaled Patricia Liu and daughter to follow along, closed the door, and said, “I just thought about it in the car. Now that this has happened, I should actively find a way to face it. Jamie Ye and Juan don’t know about this. In order to prevent things from being enlarged and for the good of everyone, Karen, you go abroad immediately, and the child will be born abroad. Don’t come back if there is nothing to do.”

“I listen to Dad.” Karen Xia has a well-behaved look. As long as Carlo Xia agrees to let her give birth to a child, it is a victory for her. As for never coming back, is it possible? Not to mention that she wouldn’t go abroad at all, even if she didn’t come back abroad, now that the communication technology is so advanced, how could she disclose the pregnancy news to Jamie Ye.

With her time bomb, Jamie Ye and Juan Mu would not even think about remarrying.

Karen Xia thought this way, and Carlo Xia spoke again, “I have not finished my words. I agree that you should give birth to this child only because of your physical relationship. There is no other reason. You should not make any wrong ideas, thinking that you will give birth. A child is an opportunity. I put the ugly words first, Juan Mu is not something you can think of!”

“Dad, don’t worry, I have no thoughts about Juan Mu for a long time.” Karen Xia promised.

“It’s best if you don’t have a mind. I also want to warn you that Karen’s pregnancy must be kept secret to me. If you let me know that you deliberately leaked the news to Jamie, I would never be polite!”

The mother and daughter were busy guaranteeing that they would never leak it. At this time, Aunt put the food on the table to greet them to eat. Now that Carlo Xia and Patricia Liu and daughter are hungry, the three of them ate silently while Aunt was there. Waiting on the side.

After eating, Carlo Xia entered the study again, and Aunt was busy cleaning up. Karen Xia said that she was tired and went upstairs to rest. Patricia Liu made Carlo Xia tea and brought it in, and went to her daughter’s room.

“Mom, what should I do now?” Karen Xia asked in a low voice.

“The top priority now is to disclose the news of your pregnancy to Jamie Ye.”

“I know, but with the attitude of Dad now, if we reveal the news of my pregnancy at this time, he will definitely think that we did it. What should I do?”

“Isn’t there a ready-made one at home?” Patricia Liu sneered.

“You mean Aunt Kin?”

“Yeah, she is so good to that little b!tch. You deliberately feel sick and vomit in front of her. She will definitely think of this. Then she will help us and reveal the news to Jamie Ye.”

Karen Xia nodded, “This is a good idea!”

The mother and daughter are here to discuss how to let Aunt Kin reveal this to Jamie Ye. Carlo Xia also called Aunt Kin into the study and told about Karen Xia’s pregnancy. Don’t tell Jamie, if you tell Jamie, she will definitely not forgive Juan Mu.”

Aunt Kin nodded, “I know, I won’t tell Jamie.”

Patricia Liu used Karen Xia to rob Meghan Ye’s man, and now her daughter has broken Jamie Ye’s man’s child again. It is unbearable. Aunt Kin really wished to kill the child in Karen Xia’s belly.

It’s just that Carlo Xia said that this child can’t move because Karen Xia’s body is defective. If the child is taken, she will never have a child again in her life. Aunt Kin thought viciously in her heart that this child would be good and let her live.

There was no light in the room. Juan Mu stood by the window and looked outside quietly. Mother Lisa Lin’s sharp voice came from downstairs. It should be Erin Liu who angered her again. His mother’s temper has always been such a bad temper. A little bit of things can be extended, and most people simply can’t bear it.

Juan Mu remembers that the babysitter at home was often changing, until Erin Liu came to their house as a babysitter.

Erin Liu has a good temper, and she is hardworking and can bear no matter how her mother picks her up. He also sympathizes with Erin Liu, and the salary for Erin Liu is not generally high. In this way, Erin Liu has never left because of his mother’s reproach.

The scolding downstairs became louder and louder, and it became more and more intense. Juan raised his brows. What is the mother trying to make?

It seems that recently she has become more dissatisfied with Erin Liu than before. Juan Mu didn’t want to care about it, but finally he couldn’t bear it and opened the door and walked out.

Looking down from the second floor, he saw Lisa Lin sitting in a wheelchair scolding Erin Liu emotionally. Erin Liu turned her back to his mother, lowered her head and held a towel, half-kneeled on the ground and wiped the floor silently. Juan Mu stood there. The upstairs was going to speak to persuade, but when he saw the resentment on Erin Liu’s face, he swallowed it back.

I never dreamed that Erin Liu would show that expression if he didn’t say a word, but knew that Erin Liu would show that kind of expression. He coughed softly. With his soft cough, the resentment on Erin Liu’s face suddenly disappeared and replaced by the usual one. Meek and humble. Juan Mu even suspected that there was a problem with his eyes just now.

With a move in his heart, he stepped downstairs, “Mom, what are you doing?”

“I asked her to make me bird’s nest with rock sugar. She puts so much sugar, she wants to sweeten me to death?” Lisa Lin exhaled.

“This is a small matter, as for?” Juan Mu frowned.

“What little things? She has been here for more than nine years. A person who has been in our house for nine years can’t even grasp the master’s taste. It proves that she is not dedicated to serving. Should you say that?”

The number nine made Juan Mu’s brows frown even more tightly. He and Jamie Ye also met and married nine years ago. Think about it, Erin Liu indeed came to their house as a nanny after he and Jamie Ye got married. His preparations continued to scold Erin Liu, and Juan Mu signaled Erin Liu to leave and stop listening to his mother’s nagging here, and he pushed his mother to the activity room.

Shut the door, Juan Mu spoke with blame, “Mom, people have missed their hands and horses, and this time you don’t need to make such a fuss. Think about what others usually do for you. Not everyone is willing to work hard.”

“What is hard work, I didn’t give her money? Think about it for yourself, which nanny will have such a high salary? She has been in our family for nine years, and she has earned a few million.”

“So we have to cherish it even more. She has saved so much money in the past few years. She doesn’t have to work so hard at all. Instead, she can use the money to start a small business and enjoy her twilight years.”

Juan Mu continued to persuade, “She stayed at our house to prove that she has feelings for us. Mom, we are human. Even if we have been raising a dog for nine years, we will still be reluctant, let alone an individual. You can’t treat others like this.”

“Do you think she really wants to stay in our house?” Lisa Lin snorted coldly, “I tell you, her stay in our house has nothing to do with feelings, but it really has something to do with money.”

“People can’t do their work for nothing. It’s just right to earn money by labor?”

“I didn’t want to shake her out of the scandal. Since you defend her so well, if you think she is good, I will let you see who you are defending.”

Lisa Lin was also angry, “I tell you, this Erin Liu is not a good thing at all. She actually raises a little white face outside. Do you know who the person she is raising is? Carlo Xia’s driver. I’ve seen Carlo Xia’s driver. She has to be several decades younger. You said that this old woman is not ashamed. Why should you find a man who is about the same age if you want to find a young man who can be someone’s mother…”

“She is just a nanny for our family, not a slave. We can’t control other people’s private affairs.” Juan Mu interrupted Lisa Lin.

He saw Carlo Xia’s driver and Erin Liu at the pharmacy that they felt abnormal, so he asked Spencer Liu to investigate. Now there is no result, but he didn’t expect to get news from his mother by accident. The driver of Carlo Xia and Erin Liu turned out to be in this kind of relationship.

“When choosing an employee, we must also choose a good moral character. Why should I make such a morally corrupt thing an eye-catcher in our house?” Lisa Lin asked rhetorically.

Juan Mu sneered when he heard the words, “I heard that my mother said so well, since you hate morally corrupt people, why do you have to marry a junior’s daughter into the house?”

Lisa Lin was speechless when he asked, and Juan Mu continued to ask, “Aren’t you the person who dislikes moral corruption the most? But your best friend Flora Wu is an authentic junior, you said You have to think about yourself when you are human.”

Lisa Lin became angry. “The reason why Flora Wu and I are good is not because of this. I know that Flora Wu has treated me well in the past, and I will naturally treat her well. As for Karen Xia, she is kind and has never done anything to hurt the heavens and the truth. Things that are unethical, although her mother is a junior, but Karen Xia doesn’t want to, she can’t be blamed for this matter.”

It is no wonder that there is no reason to like and hate someone. Lisa Lin maintained that Karen Xia was in Juan Mu’s expectation, and he never thought of changing his mother’s view of Karen Xia in a short period of time.

At this moment, he didn’t want to expose his purpose too early. Karen Xia’s white lotus pretended to be so good that he was even deceived. Not to mention his mother. He would slowly tear off her disguise to let her see clearly.

Chapter 176

Persuaded his mother to go back to the room and sleep, Juan Mu also went back to his room and took a shower. Spencer Liu called him, “Mr. Mu, today Carlo Xia took Karen Xia and her mother to the hospital in City C. .”

“Running so far to the hospital?”

“Yes, when I let people go, I only knew that Carlo Xia had found his old classmate Jay Chen, because privately only a few of them had contact with them, and they were not sure what they were going to do. However, this Chen is a famous obstetrician in City C.”

“Is that so?” Juan Mu’s brain jumped suddenly. At this time, Carlo Xia took his wife and daughter to find an obstetrician and gynecologist.

Karen Xia, her mother and Flora Wu are going to settle their affairs, do Carlo Xia know? No, he had to talk to Carlo Xia and tell him that he wouldn’t have anything to do with Karen Xia.

While thinking about it, Spencer Liu said again, “I sent someone to check Erin Liu and Mike Li, and found that they were very abnormal, as if they were in that kind of relationship.”

Juan Mu hummed, “I just heard about it, let this one go beforehand, just keep an eye on Karen Xia.”

The next morning, Karen Xia deliberately nauseated and retched in front of Aunt Kin, trying to let Aunt Kin know that she was pregnant, but Aunt Kin didn’t look at her directly. Karen Xia covered her mouth and went into the bathroom during the meal.

After tossing back and forth three times, Aunt Kin finally said, “Miss, you don’t have to pretend to be pregnant at home, but you should pretend to be outside. It is not a good thing to let people know that you are pregnant.”

She knows she is pregnant, Karen Xia, mother and daughter are petrified.

Aunt Kin said again, “The secretary said, it’s better not to go out in this situation, so as to avoid problems, wait until he completes the formalities of your study abroad, let me accompany you to go abroad to have children, so it is best for the young lady during this time.”

Karen Xia hated her. Aunt Kin wouldn’t disclose the news to Jamie Ye at all. What can we do?

Let Flora Wu reveal it? No, my father was very suspicious of them now, and asked Flora Wu to reveal that this kind of thing was impossible. Carlo Xia made it very clear. If Jamie Ye knew about this, he would not be soft.

This matter has reached this point. With Carlo Xia’s cruel heart, he will surely get rid of her child without hesitation if he provokes Carlo Xia’s cruelty. Is it really going to be like Aunt Kin said to have a child abroad? Counterattack after giving birth to the child like the mother did?

The situation of her mother back then was completely different from her now. Carlo Xia used to be an official, and was most afraid that this style issue would affect her career, so he was forced to marry her mother. Juan Mu is different. He is a businessman, and it doesn’t matter what style he is. , She wanted to counterattack like her mother was completely unworkable, and the plan for the present was to make Jamie Ye completely give up on Juan Mu.

Thinking of this Karen Xia hated it again. If it weren’t for Hallie Tang to reveal the affairs of Jamie Ye’s child to Juan Mu, it would be impossible for Jamie Ye and Juan Mu to be together.

Thinking of Hallie Tang, she thought of Hallie Tang’s business card to herself, why not use Hallie Tang to let her reveal her pregnancy to Jamie Ye.

Karen Xia called Hallie Tang and talked about her pregnancy. Hallie Tang was so happy when she heard that she couldn’t think of a way to clean up Jamie Ye. Now this incident can be used to beat Jamie Ye.

Juan Mu went to see Carlo Xia. Carlo Xia was also a secretary and Jamie Ye’s father. Therefore, Juan Mu saved Carlo Xia three points of face. He did not directly say that Karen Xia and his mother partnered to do nasty things, but expressed his meaning very gently.

“I want to make it clear to you, except for Jamie Ye, I have no thoughts about Karen Xia. I used to agree to be engaged only because she would not have children. Now, Devis is sick, and my mind is on Jamie Ye and Devis. I don’t want to have any more details on my body. Please help Miss Karen. I don’t want her to show up at my house again and have any trouble with my mother.”

Carlo Xia’s old face was a little hot, and he naturally knew that this was Juan Mu’s saving face, so he didn’t mention Karen Xia’s s*x with him.

Karen Xia had a relationship with Juan Mu. He didn’t believe in Karen Xia’s words of drunkenness. Wendy Tian calculated the drunkenness. She calculated the same thing. Because he felt that Karen Xia was unreasonable, he tried to get her to go abroad, so that she could not think of him. .

Now that Juan Mu asked him to deal with Carlo Xia so directly, he also knew that Juan Mu was disgusted to the extreme. It was really sad that a woman was disgusted by men without knowing it.

I hated Karen Xia for being unwilling, and also hated Patricia Liu for teaching her daughter, so she expressed his position, “I will take care of this matter. I am already dealing with sending her abroad. I will send her abroad soon, and she will not bother you again in the future.”

Juan Mu had no objection to Carlo Xia’s handling of this. Only Karen Xia knew what happened that night. Thinking of what Spencer Liu said about Karen Xia and mother going to the hospital, Juan Mu couldn’t help but talk about his doubts. , “I heard that you went to the hospital in City C yesterday. Is it uncomfortable?”

Carlo Xia originally wanted to conceal the fact that Karen Xia was pregnant. Seeing that Juan Mu began to pay attention to him, she said bitterly, “Karen is pregnant.”

“What are you talking about?” Juan Mu jumped up all of a sudden, and found himself too gaffe, he sat down again, “How are you going to deal with this matter?”

“I wanted her to kill the child, but Karen’s body didn’t allow it. The doctor said that if she was operated on, she might not get pregnant in her life.”

“What do you mean? Are you planning to let her give birth to the baby?”

“I’m sorry! I don’t want to do this either, but if we don’t let her give birth to a child, she will never be able to have a child again in this life. I really can’t bear it.”

“No! This child can’t be born!” Juan Mu flatly refused, “I never intended to let another woman give birth to a child for me. It used to be, and it is now. I won’t let this child be born!”

“But Karen is too pitiful.” Carlo Xia pleaded, “Juan, you can let her give birth to the baby. I will send her abroad and keep her from coming back for the rest of her life.”

“She is a human being, not a cat or dog. Secretary Xia thinks that sending her abroad will kill everything?” Juan Mu sneered, “If she brings the child back, how would you let me face it in the future?”

“But the doctor said, Karen became like this because of the injuries suffered by the abortion that year…”

Juan Mu interrupted Carlo Xia unceremoniously, “After all, what happened back then was that you were sorry for her and it had no relationship with me. I have given her so much money as compensation over the years. If she is a person with a conscience You should know that enough is enough, not shamelessly continue to entangle, I tell you, this child was obtained by Karen Xia through improper means, and her purpose is to rely on the child to take the lead! For this shameless person, I will never sympathize! Secretary Xia, I can tell you very clearly that I will not want this child. Karen Xia’s inability to have children is her business, and it has nothing to do with me. There are only two choices now, one is that you let her do it. The second thing is, I will use all means to make her shed this child!”

Seeing Juan Mu’s tough attitude, Carlo Xia couldn’t help it. He knew Juan Mu’s worries in his heart, but Karen Xia was also his daughter no matter how hard she was. No matter how cruel he was, he wouldn’t let his daughter be helpless in the next life. This Juan Mu It’s too unfeeling.

The two met this time and broke up. Carlo Xia was angry, and Juan Mu was also angry, thinking that he had been fcked by Karen Xia in vain, and it was so fuking wrong to let her hold the child.

Prior to this, he still had a slight illusion that he and Jamie Ye would start again, but after such a fight, Juan Mu clearly realized that he and Jamie Ye would no longer be possible.

He was in a depressed mood. Karen Xia wanted to give birth to the child and dream, no matter what, he would shed her off the child.

Juan Mu was depressed here, Hallie Tang came to look for Jamie Ye, “Jamie Ye, you are so pitiful, here you are desperate to raise children for Juan Mu to save his son, but he secretly kept relationship with your sister.”

“Miss Tang was wrong. I saved my son and Juan Mu has nothing to do. It’s just a mother doing what she can. As for Juan Mu, Juan Mu and I are already divorced. It is justified for him to be with other women. There is no such thing as the secretiveness you said.”

“You are really generous, but I don’t think your generosity is sincere. I don’t believe you are not sad at all.” Hallie Tang sneered, “Tell you again, your sister is pregnant.”

Jamie Ye was stunned. Didn’t Juan Mu say that Karen Xia would not have children? What happened to this child?

Seeing her stunned, Hallie Tang knew that she had hit the subject, and smiled more evilly, “I heard that she was pregnant with twins. You said that if she adds two sons to Juan Mu, your child probably won’t have a dollar. It’s worth it. As a child’s mother, shouldn’t you think of a way to get your child to fight for the rights they deserve?”

“It doesn’t take much care for Miss Tang. My child is a priceless treasure in my heart. As for the rights and interests you mentioned, it is something that can be considered by the moths who do nothing. My child has hands and feet and has the ability to create a good life by himself.”

“Just pretend, I don’t believe you really regard money as dung. If you really are like this, you won’t be entangled with my brother and sons, but you are honestly looking for a pauper to marry him up.”

“That’s only Miss Tang’s wishful thinking. I know the facts as much as I want, and I don’t need to be understood by others. We are not fools. Your purpose here today is not to see how sad I am. Now that I am like this, you can be satisfied. “Jamie Ye looked at Hallie Tang mockingly and smiled.

Hallie Tang’s thoughts were pierced and her face turned red. “Jamie Ye, I only came to tell you that I am sorry for you. Don’t be kind of a donkey liver and lungs!”

“That’s really sorry, I really take Miss Tang’s kindness as donkey liver and lungs!” Jamie Ye sneered, “I still don’t do anything to accompany Miss Tang, you don’t take it away!”

Hallie Tang blushed and left angrily, and met Juan Mu at the door. Juan Mu was uncomfortable looking at Hallie Tang, “Ms. Tang is so diligent and what the hell do you want to make?”

“This is my fiance’s villa. I want to come and leave as long as I want to close your business?” Hallie Tang became angry.

“Of course it’s not my business that you come to your fiance’s villa, but I want to warn you that wife and my child live in this villa. If you don’t play their ideas, I will be rude to you!”

“What wife? It’s just an ex-wife, and do you think I’ll be afraid of you?” Hallie Tang robbed him.

“I know Miss Tang is not afraid, but I want to make a bet with Miss Tang, do you believe that I will have someone strip you tonight and throw you on the street as tomorrow’s headline?”

Hallie Tang looked at Juan Mu’s gloomy face and did not dare to talk back. This is Olathe, Juan Mu’s site, and the consequences would not be too good to offend him.

Seeing Juan Mu coming, Jamie Ye controlled the disgust in her heart and tried her best to calmly talk to him, “It hasn’t been long since Devis slept. If you want to see him, go in and have a look. Leave when he wakes up, he is not happy to see you.”

Juan Mu shook his head, “Jamie, I didn’t come to see Devis, I want you to have something to say.”

Jamie Ye nodded and asked Juan Mu to sit on the sofa and pour him a glass of water. Juan Mu lowered his head and dared not look at her.

After breaking up with Carlo Xia, his mood was angry and desperate. The anger was because Karen Xia was too shameless. The despair was that he and Jamie Ye would never be possible again in this life. He had been waiting on the spot because of her. No derailment, he thought he had a reason for Jamie Ye to forgive him, and now, he had no reason for Jamie Ye to forgive him.

Juan Mu came here after thinking for a long time and plucking up his courage. He wanted to tell Jamie Ye all these things, “Jamie, Karen Xia is pregnant.”

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