His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 101 – 102

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Chapter 101

The party ended at ten o’clock in the evening.

Lisa was sitting by the fountain, wearing high heels.

She was a little tired, so she rested alone. Under the light of the fountain, the delicate profile of the woman looked soft, but she did not face the night.

His exhaustion screamed. When Marven Su came out of the crowd, she just saw her quiet side face.

The man sneered and walked up with his hands in his pockets.

His blue-green eyes looked a little coquettish under the light of the night.

Like a faintly glowing grandmother.

Lisa didn’t put on any excessive expressions when he saw him, just shouted like someone else called him, Good evening Marven Su. good evening.

Marven Su gritted his teeth and yelled this sentence.

This woman just ran into his arms just to play Elbert on purpose.

He hadn’t been used so skillfully by a woman before he grew up. Obviously Lisa didn’t want to be with Marven Su.

The idea of communication, so he remained silent after speaking, until Marven Su stepped up to her.

She raised her head and ran into a pair of blue and green eyes.

She said, Marven Su smiled when something happened, and after using it, she lost it. Do you think I am such a good talker? Lisa chuckled a few times, each of whom he needed , You are not at a loss.

Marven Su sneered even more.

I underestimated you.

How did you pretend to be pure and innocent in the past? It’s still hypocritical that you are a woman.

That’s it.

Lisa stood up and didn’t want to be on the same occasion with Marven Su. Just treat me as hypocrisy.

Hypocrisy is not a bad word anyway. Compared with Elbert’s cruelty, my hypocrisy can even be regarded as praise.

Marven Su smiled, the man’s eyes were stained with deep danger, of course you can’t play with Elbert.

Lisa’s heart trembled and he heard Marven Su continue to ridicule, but you, a woman like you, can only be played by men.

Lisa turned her head and saw the cynical smile on the face of the enchanting man.

She stepped back a few steps away from the fountain. Not far away, Chris just came back and hugged her in his arms. Oh, why is my little baby here? The word alone with Marven Su made Marven Su sneer, but don’t, I can’t afford Miss Tang’s love.

Lisa didn’t speak, and she had to deal with Elbert’s exhaustion so that she didn’t want to make a sound anymore, but Marven Su didn’t know why she had been trying to provoke her anger, and every word was deliberately attacking her and satirizing her. Why do you want to do this.

Marven Su saw that Lisa was silent again, and felt bored again.

At first, this woman looked like a sword drawn in the face of Elbert.

It was a bit of a taste. Why did he get so boring when Chris saw Lisa’s face.

Tired, sighed, where to go at night I told my relatives to drink, you, then I will go with you.

After Chris spoke softly, he looked up at Marven Su.

The man was generous and stood beside Lisa.

At first glance, he looked like a talented woman.

Marven Su didn’t know why this scene was so annoying.

It’s just that Chris’ calmness left him nowhere to start. For example, he would say goodbye to him gracefully, with a full set of etiquette, which makes people unable to pick out a loophole.

Then I will take dawn back to rest first.

If there is a time together at night Where to play, Master Su must be invited to come.

After speaking, he hugged Lisa and left in front of Marven Su, confident and strong.

Marven Su stared at the backs of the two of them who had left for a long time before he shook off his irritability.

Chapter 102

After changing into a dress from the hotel, Lisa lay on one side to rest, and reapplied makeup.

It took a long time for her to get up and change clothes.

She put on a casual sweater, two long legs and knee-high boots under the hot pants. While putting on her lipstick again, she asked Chris, you really want to Come with me? Chris said, yeah, the man next to your little sister is also very handsome.

Lisa thought for a while and said, oh, you say Daniel Ye. Chris nodded, yes, I heard that he is also very good.

Lisa came over and smiled at Chris, even Elbert would give him a bit of face, but if you look at Daniel Ye, you will probably be sad again. Chris cried strangely, what do you mean Lisa continued to smile mysteriously, I think our relatives and Daniel Ye have stories.

It’s over. Chris fell dejectedly back on the quilt, the man I liked either liked you or your little sister, I was so miserable, I don’t want to be gay.

Lisa put his arms around his neck after putting on lipstick, don’t be sad, go out for a drink at night and take a look.

Then you are not allowed to grab a man from me. Chris raised his eyebrows, otherwise your seduction to men is too great, thanks to me being a gay, so they don’t even know what I mean, they look at me and they want to eat me.

Lisa chuckled a few times. What did he have to do with me? After all, I was the abandoned son he didn’t want. Chris is cheering on one side. Come on, he must show his courage.

Let’s go.

Are you ready? Go, my Mr. Chris.

Lisa stretched out his hand to hold his best girlfriend’s shoulders, and then naturally opened the hotel door with a smile.

The subordinates who were following them secretly sent a message to Elbert. Elbert, I saw them coming out. carry on. Elbert’s voice was cold.

How long did they get along? According to my observation, Miss Tang and Mr. Chris had at least rested for more than an hour. Elbert’s fingers gathered in a ball, and other emotions passed in his eyes calmly, and his eyes were pressed by him.

The man seemed to never be influenced by anyone.

He gathered his thoughts, walked indifferently to the floor-to-ceiling window of his hotel room, and gathered the night in his eyes. On the other side, Lisa and Chris set off and rushed over at the bar address given by Jia Qi. When they arrived, Jia Qi was waiting at the door, with a cigarette dangling from his red lips, spitting out smoke rings in his mouth. With half-squinted eyes, he didn’t have the temperament that he was in the meeting place in the afternoon, looking like a little rascal.

Lisa went over, and Jia Qi sprayed smoke on her face, deliberately squeezing a frivolous tone, yo little beauty, come to drink alone. Chris said behind her, and me.

Lord Chris. Jia Qi blinked at him.

Are you coming here too? Yes, it’s been a long time since I came back to such a place. Chris also smiled. When he was young, he went to the bar all the time. Now that he is older, he hasn’t had this fresh and exciting feeling for a long time. Come on, do you have any friends in there? Jia Qi put his arm around Lisa’s shoulder and looked back at Chris.

That must be to entertain Lisa, I’m definitely in place.

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