His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 103 – 104

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Chapter 103

Lisa finally understood what Jia Qi meant by the hospitality in place.

As soon as she sat down on the deck, a row of young handsome guys came over, all of them were small fresh meats, each one was super eye-catching, so they sat down directly around the Lisa, posture better than Jia Qi.

I have to exaggerate once, calling my sister one by one.

Lisa got goosebumps all over, but Chris’ eyes glowed directly, and he played with the group of male publicists. Under the agitation of electronic music, all the dark desires in people’s hearts were about to move. Under the colorful lights, everyone’s faces were illuminated in different ways, laughing and cursing, like actor.

Lisa thinks every time that this bar is like a purgatory on earth. Everyone is wearing a horse and a horse face. You can sing me on the stage. Everyone amplifies all sensory perceptions, drinks and squanders, and spends life time wantonly. , Just for a night of joy, in this noisy place where the soul is unrest, fall into the abyss over and over again.

The men around her were desperately persuading her to drink.

Lisa couldn’t help them, so she could only shirk off with a smile.

If she couldn’t shirk, she could only drink it. When the alcohol rolled over her throat, the soul overflowed from her lips and tongue that had been burned. Feeling that her consciousness was paralyzed along with the alcohol, she smiled and leaned on the man beside her, letting the light hit her face, flickering and dimming, half heaven and hell. Elbert, Marven Su and others were called to the bar by friends, but they unexpectedly met with Lisa here.

At that time, she was facing like a flower leaning against another man’s arms, and a cup of wine touched her lips. Dyed with a bright red water spirit, she was like a fairy in the Fengyue Huanchang, Elbert’s apple jerk moved up and down unconsciously, and then her eyes sank.

Lisa noticed that someone was hitting her with a hot sight, so she raised her head and ran into the man’s eyes for an instant.

She raised her eyebrows slightly, retracting her eyes as if she hadn’t seen them, and then easily passed the wine glass in her hand.

To the lips of the man next to him, he acted skillfully as if he had flirted countless times. Elbert stepped forward, and Marven Su followed closely.

The two of them came to the Lisaka seat one after the other, causing her to chuckle. Would you like to sit down for a drink? Elbert stared at Lisa, trying to see her face Seeing something strange, but no, Lisa is probably already drunk, she is squinting her eyes and looking at them, not afraid of death, and whispered, looking for me but sneer at night, Lisa, why did I underestimate you to seduce a man Ability This sentence caused Lisa to laugh again.

She smiled on the shoulders of the man next to her, and she looked really charming, Elbert, who am I to seduce, is it related to you? Elbert got a prick in his heart, and quickly stepped forward and grabbed Lisa.

Lisa’s smile faded from his wrist, and her eyes gradually condensed on his face.

She spoke, every word, please let go.

Lisa Elbert raised his voice, why, why did he feel so upset when he saw this scene, why did he feel that Lisa was leaning on someone else, the damn dazzling eyes, why Elbert’s heart was frustrated and couldn’t find the way out, and his subordinates firmly grasped Lisa The wrist, painful and even made her drink sober, Lisa stood up and shook off his hand fiercely.

I said let go of my whole process.

Marven Su stood behind them without saying a word, only looking at Lisa The look in his eyes is deep and dangerous.

Chapter 104

Elbert seemed to be fierce, and dragged Lisa to the side of the deck. Jia Qi called to his feet, and Elbert returned with cold eyes.

He clung to Lisa and didn’t let go.

The rest of the people on the deck also stood up. Everyone thought it was going to fight, and they wanted to stay away. Jia Qi’s eyes reddened and pointed at Elbert. You put Lisa down and Elbert sneered. What position did you teach me? Jia Qi laughed at his statement, and what position did you use to take her away from Elbert. Back then, it was you.

I don’t want people with my own hands. Now I’m going to post it upside down. Elbert was irritated by Jia Qi’s sharp mouth.

Lisa wanted to take out his hand. Unexpectedly, the man refused.

He grabbed her and walked out. Everyone turned their heads and looked around. When they saw Elbert’s iconic face, they quickly turned their heads back.

Lisa couldn’t resist Elbert’s brute force.

The whole face was flushed red, everyone was watching you. Now that you know that everyone is watching, it’s better to stop Elbert and drag her directly into the safe passage, and then the door is closed hard, isolating everyone’s curiosity.

The man’s hand has been pinched on her neck, and it is ambiguous.

Lisa’s posture tightened, Lisa laughed, and laughed bitterly, Elbert, you want to insult me again, right? Elbert trembled and looked down at the woman in his arms.

He instinctively didn’t want her drunk appearance to be seen by anyone, so he wanted to lock her up when did the idea come about, and how much impact it had on him.

He suddenly let go of his hand at night, Lisa Kneeling down to cover her throat, the woman was forced out of physiological tears, looking at Elbert with red eyes, there was only one word, the tendon in his mind was completely broken, when the dignity was repeatedly ignored, he He picked up the collar of Lisa’s chest heavily, pressed her under him, and K!$$ed her fiercely.

The next second when his mouth was invaded by someone, Lisa forced his face to the side, the woman’s slender voice sounded like a last weak defense, you let go of me, I am sick of being out of control, and slapped my backhand.

Her face.

That slap completely stunned Lisa.

Her clothes were messy, her eyes were red, and half of her face was now severely tingling, and even her eardrums were beginning to hurt.

She recovered and covered her face and body.


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