His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 105 – 106

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Chapter 105

The man asked Marven Su anxiously to his blue and green eyes. gone back.

Marven Su chuckled, Elbert, you are so glorious. Elbert’s face turned pale, and his whole body seemed to be emptied of strength suddenly.

He stood in place, unexpectedly feeling at a loss.

Marven Su put his hands on his chest, raised his beautiful eyebrows and asked him, if I’m not mistaken, you just couldn’t say a rebuttal when you were angry about a woman you didn’t want.

He was shocked by his loss of control, The silence of the man who did this kind of thing made Marven Su’s eyes deep, Elbert, I thought you would not be tempted by such a woman. Elbert quickly denied it, and Tingxin also matched her with three rhetorical questions in a row to raise Marven Su’s eyebrows.

In that case, you don’t have to fight.

He hugged his hands on his chest, but he unconsciously passed the scene of Lisa crashing into his arms with tears in front of him.

The man condensed his thoughts and said word by word. For this kind of woman, I have many ways to get She, no, got, no, listen, talk. When he said the last sentence, the man said almost word by word, as if he was about to crush all the pride in Lisa, Elbert looked at Marven Su’s face, and a strange feeling of irritability surged in his heart again.

Lisa went back early, because Elbert was no longer in the mood, and she said goodbye to Jia Qi and walked to the underground parking lot alone.

She didn’t drive a car, just wanted to come here to get some breath. Just now, the whole person was depressing and going crazy.

She almost drowned in Elbert’s eyes.

Her fingers are still shaking until now.

The original fear of Elbert has been deep into her bones and has become an instinctive habit.

She hugged herself, and the empty parking lot was silent.

The woman just stood like this, leaning against the wall, Let out a meaningless growl.

How many times does it take to repeat the pain before she can get out of this thin shadowy night.

I have to learn how strong a heart is to withstand your repeated hurts Lisa Tears rolled down uncontrollably, she gasped, her whole heart twitching like a spasm, and a severe pain was felt.

The woman licked and washed the wound alone like a wounded beast.

She could only help herself, others, Neither is her savior.

It was this coincidence that Marven Su said goodbye to Elbert, only to see the thin figure in the parking lot.

At that time, Lisa was in a good mood and planned to call for a car.

As a result, she saw a person coming from a distance, slowly but gracefully, gradually approaching, and she saw that person’s faint green eyes, like a fine jade. Grandmother, shone with a trembling luster.

Marven Su’s light golden hair was wound up and put into a pigtail at random.

The man’s enchanting and handsome facial features were even more surprisingly delicate against the white skin.

He approached, blew his whistle, put his hands in his pockets, why are you here I thought you would run to find someone crying about your sadness.

The ridicule of his words made Lisa frown.

She was about to leave when the man stopped her.

Hello, Lisa.

He seldom called her with the first name and last name. More often, men called her with the frivolous texture of a cat and a mouse.

At this time, he had a rare seriousness in his tone.

Lisa stopped subconsciously and heard the man. Continue, when you pushed Anjing down five years ago, remember what happened at the same time. Why did you suddenly ask about this Lisa and looked back, coldly said, sorry, I don’t really want to mention this to you.

After speaking, she walked out of the parking garage, moving as quickly as a scourge followed.

Marven Su watched her walking away coldly, the mobile phone in his pocket vibrated, and it seemed that someone had sent him a message.

The man took it out and looked down, his slender eyelashes trembled slightly. Obviously, there was something in the message that came from him.

The unexpected.

At night, the crescent moon is high, and the city is panting and entering the final carnival.

Lisa took the elevator from the parking garage back to the bar, and then squeezed the crowd out from the bar.

The woman had a delicate face, which made people constantly approach her.

Hit up a conversation, but she ignored her, her eyes were cold and she walked out of the bar, like a stranger who didn’t fit in.

She called Chris and told him that she had left early and took a taxi home. On the way home, Lisa frowned.

It was obvious that the smell of tobacco and alcohol in the bar made her feel a little nauseous. Now she got in the car and finally got better.

She pressed the car window down, and the woman had a cold white face in the moonlight.

She seemed to try to restrain something. When he got home, Lisa simply paid the money and got off the car, and strode home.

After the night breeze was blowing all the way, the nausea was no longer as strong as before, but this feeling still brought her a faint sense of anxiety.

Let her sweat from head to toe.

This feeling is no stranger.

Chapter 106

Lisa went back and fell asleep.

The next day she got up and went to the drugstore.

She simply bought some things neatly, walked out and went home, and tested it with a pregnancy test stick. One line is obvious, the other is if there is none.

Lisa tried all three different brands of pregnancy test sticks he bought, and the results were all two sticks like this.

She was a little flustered and had never encountered such a situation.

It was directly tested when she was pregnant with Christian.

She was a little anxious, so she could only call Jia Qi and ask if she was free recently.

After talking to Jia Qi about his own affairs, his friend said that he must go to the hospital to check it out to see if he was really pregnant.

So Jia Qi simply asked for a leave, took a taxi to Lisa’s house, and then the two women took a taxi to the hospital again. While registering at the hospital, Lisa met the doctor he met when he had a fever last time.

He glanced at her up and down.

Lisa and Jia Qi were lining up at the gynecology department, but they didn’t pay attention to someone staring at them and reporting the number.

The doctor looked at the figure Lisa walked in, and after a long silence he took out his cell phone from his pocket and dialed a number.

At that time, Elbert was lying on the bed.

He didn’t go to work today, and was in a irritable mood.

At this time, the phone rang.

He picked it up and took a look and found that it was Jiang Xie’s brother, so he connected directly, Tonny Jiang, Is there anything going on with me? Tonny Jiang holds a mobile phone in one hand and puts one hand in his pocket. Wearing a white lab coat, he shuttles through the hospital corridor.

His tall figure draws countless little nurses to look at him.

I saw Lisa.

It was strange that the name popped out of his mouth. Elbert squinted her eyes. What do you mean? I saw her going to the gynecology department with another woman. Tonny Jiang lowered his voice, so he called you. Gynecologist Elbert’s mind seemed to have a picture suddenly passing by.

He just got up from the bed with a shock on his exquisite face.

The man’s voice was unconsciously aggravated. You report the address to me, I The Lisa of that time was sitting in front of the doctor accompanied by Jia Qi.

Hearing her telling the results of the pregnancy test, the doctor pushed the glasses and said ably, well, then I suggest you do a urine test first.

Then draw blood.

She raised her head while typing.

Lisa thought about the date of your menstrual cramps last month, and reported a date.

The doctor calculated it.

It was forty days since last month’s menstruation.

Lisa nodded.

After the doctor said this, he glanced at Lisa and noticed that she was accompanied by a little girl, so he asked again, your boyfriend, boyfriend Lisa’s face is a little pale, don’t mess around if you don’t have a boyfriend. .

The doctor frowned.

Look, you are still at a disadvantage if the problem arises.

The little girl should be rational and don’t play around outside. Jia Qi could only comfort Lisa and tell her not to worry about it.

Then the doctor swiped the card, gave them the chip card, went downstairs to pay, and then went for a urine test, which is on the third floor. Okay, thank you doctor.

After Lisa went out, he heard the electronic screen reporting the number to let the next person in. Jia Qi accompanied her to take a urine test carefully, and then took blood.

The two people were shopping outside the hospital freely while waiting for the test results.

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