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Chapter 189

The Strongest Medical Team

“Sheldon, the subordinate is at the base, what instructions do you have?”

Tianlong and Earthhu are now Sheldon’s personal bodyguards. It is completely unnecessary for them to follow him 24 hours a day, so Sheldon asked them to take charge of the emergency base.

“Can the medical team at the base treat some intractable diseases?” Sheldon asked.

“Of course you can. The medical team includes masters of American and Western medicine. If they are allowed to take action, they will eliminate all diseases! Sheldon, do you have any orders?”

“In the Provincial People’s Hospital, there is a patient’s daughter named Myla who is studying at Roston University. You can check it for me. If possible, send the medical team from our base over!”

“Understood Sheldon!”

After hanging up the phone, Sheldon thought, the only thing he can help is this.

I don’t want Myla to be grateful to herself. Besides, it is not convenient for Sheldon to reveal his identity.

He turned around and went back to the dorm to study.

At the same time, in the senior ward of the provincial hospital.

“President, you must find a way to save my wife, no matter how much money it costs, my Qin family is willing!”

A middle-aged man was begging to the dean of the provincial hospital and his group, his face paled anxiously.

And beside the middle-aged man, there was also a beautiful girl.

Tears rolled in his eyes.

It is Myla, the middle-aged person is naturally Griffin, Myla’s father.

“Mr. Qin, we have contacted a well-known doctor across the country for consultation. Alas, to be honest, Mrs. Qin’s illness has not appeared in medical history, but it has not been diagnosed, but you can rest assured that our hospital will do its best. Work hard!”

The dean was just ashamed.

Griffin stepped back weakly, and was supported by Myla before sitting in a chair to rest for a while.

“Dad, do you want to contact Yanjing? If there is, I think there must be a way!”

Myla really felt distressed when he saw his father like this.

Can not help but tentatively asked.

Griffin shook his head helplessly: “No, since we have cut off relations with your grandparents and they have no relationship with the family, is there any reason to beg them! Could it be… is this your mother’s life? She followed me and worked hard almost all the time!”

Griffin was also the mother who really loved Myla, and the big man was crying now.

Myla also cried distressedly.

“Uncle Qin, Xiaoya, let’s see Auntie!”

At this moment, several figures came over.

It is Myla’s roommate, and a boy, Cohen.

They are holding a lot of things.

Zhao Tongtong returned to the dorm to get his wallet, and took a taxi with his roommate.

“It’s Xiaoya’s classmate, thank you so much!”

Griffin still forced a smile.

“Thank you for coming to see my mother!”

Myla was also a little touched.

“Xiaoya, don’t say thank you. Auntie’s illness, hasn’t been diagnosed yet?” Zhao Tongtong asked worriedly.

“No, this morning, the dean called some experts from all over the country to have an expert consultation, it still doesn’t work!”

Myla cried and shook her head.

“Otherwise, my dad is now abroad, and my dad also knows a lot of famous doctors in the medical field in America. Let my dad ask some doctors to come and see?”

Cohen said something at this time.

Both Griffin and Myla raised their eyebrows.

Griffin thanked: “Then Cohen, if possible, thank you so much!”

“It’s okay, uncle, Xiaoya and I are good classmates!”

Cohen also smiled.

At the moment, he quickly called his dad abroad.

In fact, when the dean called some experts from all over the country, Cohen felt embarrassed.

Those connections of his father are not much stronger than Griffin.

What kind of doctor can you call?

But anyway, just like just now, I took the initiative to help this, and I didn’t lose money.

As soon as Dad Cohen heard it, he agreed.

It’s just such a son who has been a favorite since childhood.

So I started to contact some medical friends abroad, and some American medicine doctors I knew in America.

Cohen went back cheerfully.

“Uncle Qin, my dad arranged it, maybe tomorrow, they will be in place!”

Cohen said.

“Well, Cohen, no matter how much money is spent this time, it is counted as my Qin family. Our Qin family owes you a favor, Xiaoya, thank you Cohen!”

Griffin said hurriedly.

“Cohen, thank you!”

Myla said softly.

Cohen nodded: “Don’t be polite, haha!”


“Hey, it’s me, I’m Lao Li, haha, is the Durang expert at Notre Dame Hospital here? He tomorrow… O’ao, I don’t have time, I will trouble you, sorry!”

Li Annan took a closed-door approach and was very upset.

But now the son has obviously promised him, and he can’t do it and he doesn’t have face.

Several other foreign experts were contacted one after another.

There is time when there is time, but they all refused to ask them to leave within these two days.

You are not a big boss, who is flying to America in a hurry for you.

It takes a week to prepare.

It doesn’t seem to work for foreign ones, only domestic ones.

But I contacted a few old American doctors, saying that it was impossible for them to get up in a hurry.

It will take three days at the earliest.

Li Annan thought, three days later, three days later.

I wanted to call and tell my son, but Cohen was on the phone.

That was the end of the matter, and Li Annan was resting.

Soon, it was the morning of the next day.

The second round of expert consultation is over, including the hospital director and experts from all walks of life, are unable to do anything.

Qin Xiang Nanji’s head was sweaty.

At this time, two doctors rushed up, with a look of excitement.

“Dean, good news! Good news!”

The doctor shouted excitedly.

The dean frowned and glared at the two doctors, indicating that Mr. Qin was still here.

And Griffin frowned at this moment.

“The dean, this is the good news for Mr. Qin. A team of experts came outside and said they were coming to see Mrs. Qin. A dozen of them came, both domestic and foreign!”

“Furthermore, the dean, several of them have a lot of backgrounds more than ten years ago, such as Mr. Yidi, a doctor of country M who once won the medical award, and Mr. Zhao Qing, a famous American medicine master in America, they… …All here!”


The dean and the other experts looked at each other.

Griffin Myla was also very surprised.

Zhao Tongtong, Cohen and the others are naturally there too.

At this moment, Zhao Tongtong’s roommates all looked at Cohen who was a little startled in shock, not to mention how much he admired.

At first, everyone didn’t believe that Cohen could really call for American and Western medicine, because of the strength of their family, to be honest, Zhao Tongtong was clear.

Not bad, and definitely not strong.

It’s not even comparable to Myla’s family.

Uncle Griffin is at a loss, what can he do!

But I didn’t expect that, fu*king, he really called it?

And what about Cohen? It’s a daze.

What’s the situation?

Chapter 190

This group of medical teams just got a brief understanding of the situation and entered the ward

The dean naturally did not dare to bother.

You know, the people in this group are all seniors without exception.

Three and a half hours passed before these masters came out.

Tell the hospital that the root cause of the patient’s illness has been cured, and the rest is long-term cultivation.

“Masters, please stay, there is a press conference here!”

The dean hurried to stay.

But the members of the medical team didn’t make any sense and left the hospital.

“Really! Really! Dean, the patient’s body data is now normal!”

The clinician exclaimed excitedly at this moment.

Not to mention how excited Griffin and Myla and his daughter were.

“Cohen, thank you so much. When your father returns to America, I will definitely thank your father!”

Griffin moved.

“Ahem, you are polite, Uncle Qin!”

As Cohen listened to the compliments of the crowd, he was very happy, but he was also confused.

fu*k, so many of the big names in the medical field were really called by my father?

To be honest, Cohen didn’t believe him, so he had time to go to the bathroom and called Dad.

“Dad, you called all those people?”

“Ah? Who are you?”

“It’s Mr. Yidi, a famous foreign doctor, and Zhao Qing, an old American doctor named by America?”

“Why, how dad know such a powerful person! As for the doctors I call, the only ones I can go to are ordinary old American doctors in our country. After all, experts from all over the country have not seen any results, so son, you Don’t expect too much!”

After hearing this, Cohencai looked disappointed.

I thought it was my father who called it, so I could act as force.

But it’s not my father, who can call it?

The hospital and Uncle Qin’s house must be excluded, because they were quite surprised by their expressions.

As for Myla’s roommate, it is impossible. There is no reason to say nothing.

Who will it be?

Cohen walked out with doubts.

“Lee Shao Malcolm! I have been waiting for you for a long time, Uncle Qin said, I will let Xiaoya invite us to dinner later!”

Zhao Tongtong and others said happily.

Myla is fine now, they must be happy as sisters.

“Okay! I didn’t contribute much, I just called some doctors over!”

Cohen said.

Anyway, I thought it was me now, and Myla’s attitude towards me had obviously improved.

So Cohen is now smashing his teeth and swallowing in his belly, absolutely not telling the truth.

What’s more, now is the best time to pursue Myla.

A crowd was talking and laughing.

Inside the ward.

Myla couldn’t bear to disturb her mother who had just fallen asleep, and was called aside by Griffin.

“Xiaoya, I see how you are so cold and indifferent to Cohen. I can see that he seems to like you! You are just about to graduate. Cohen has a superior family background, and now he has helped us so much. …”

“Dad, what are you talking about!”

Myla adjusted the haircut and said.

“In short, you will be better to Li from now on! It’s not wasted that he helped our family so much!” Griffin said.

“But Dad, don’t you feel weird?” Myla couldn’t help but wonder when thinking about what happened just now.

“What’s weird?”

“You know the strength of Cohen’s family. To be honest, the doctors who came to rescue my mother just now seem to be Ross figures in the medical world, but they don’t charge money or communicate with us too much, especially Yes, they don’t even know Cohen!”

“They gave me the feeling that they were completing a heavyweight task, rather than being invited to treat my mother specifically!”

Myla said.

Griffin nodded: “What you said, I also find it strange, but apart from Cohen calling his father to ask a doctor to come over, no one has come to help our house. As for Yanjing, it is even more impossible! “

“Also, didn’t Cohen call his father to confirm? Maybe it’s his father’s relationship abroad, Xiaoya, don’t think too much!”

After Griffin’s encouragement, Myla went out for dinner with Cohen and the others.

“Xiaoya, I ran into Sheldon before I came to the hospital today!”

Zhao Tongtong said while eating.

Myla was startled when she heard Sheldon’s name, and then an indescribable feeling appeared on her face.

It seems more, it should be disappointing.


Myla said lightly.

To be honest, Sheldon first helped himself and then gave himself his most noble gift, which really moved Myla.

I also have a very good impression of Sheldon.

Usually, Myla wants to see Sheldon, then talk to him, sit together and study.

I felt that the dumb Sheldon was fine.

But Myla knew that Sheldon seemed to hate herself very much.

Moreover, something happened to himself and posted to Moments, Sheldon ignored it.

I want to be friends with him, and even have some good feelings in that respect.

But Sheldon’s approach made Myla really chill.

“Huh, that poor dick, you’ll see it when you see it, what’s so great!”

Cohen was indignant.

Everyone will stop discussing him.

Only Myla felt uncomfortable. What’s wrong with me, Myla? Ever since I was young, no boy has rejected me like this, but what do you mean, Sheldon?

Let’s talk about Sheldon.

After learning that Myla’s mother had recovered from his illness, he was also relieved.

Life goes on as usual.

That evening, Sheldon took the materials to the library to return the books.

As soon as I walked to the door, I saw a girl standing in the library, as if waiting for someone.

Sheldon was startled.

This tall girl wearing a black close-fitting sweater, who is not Myla!

When Myla looked up, she also happened to see Sheldon.

“Myla, are you coming to the library to study?”

Sheldon asked awkwardly.

“No, I’ll return the information!”

Myla said something copingly.

Because of the previous incident, Sheldon was very sorry.

I immediately said, “Have you eaten yet, shall I invite you to eat in the cafeteria? I only heard about my aunt today! Is my aunt better?”

“O’ao, thank you, my mother is healed, so I won’t go to eat, I made an appointment with a friend!”

Myla nodded politely to Sheldon.

Sheldon didn’t know what to say.

“By the way, classmate Sheldon, this is the Longyun jade bracelet you gave me. I wanted to keep it for you before, but I thought, this thing is so precious, I keep it very bad, and it is easy for others to misunderstand. Now give it back to you. As for my jade bracelet, you don’t have to pay it!”

With that said, Myla took the jade bracelet out of her bag and gave it back to Sheldon with a smile.

At this moment, a BMW 7 Series rushed over.

The window rolled down, and Cohen poked his head out wearing sunglasses: “Hey, Xiaoya, I’m three minutes late. Where shall we go for dinner at night? You can pick any place!”

“Just find a western restaurant, I’m not too picky about eating! And I will invite you tonight. After all, you have been with me in the hospital these few days, and you are my mother’s lifesaver. I just invited you at noon. But this time I invite you alone this evening!”

While talking and laughing, Myla passed in front of Sheldon and got into the passenger seat.

“There is a good movie tonight, I still want to go to the movies!”

Myla said again.

Peach blossoms appeared on Cohen’s face, and he was so happy, “Good, good!”

When the car started, Cohen glanced at Sheldon triumphantly and then drove Myla away.

Sheldon stood by the side in a daze and watched people go away. He couldn’t talk about love to Myla, but he felt a little bit sore in his heart.

In particular, Sheldon also understood. It seems that the medical team he sent was taken by Cohen.

Myla was grateful to Cohen, and the relationship between the two got closer.

Do you want to tell the truth?


Sheldon, Sheldon, why are you telling the truth? Could it be that Myla would be grateful to you again, isn’t it exactly what you imagined, the jade bracelet thing is over.

Since Cohen quite likes Myla, he also has Lilla, and it seems to be a good favor to do so!

Myla had already followed Cohen to leave school.

“Xiaoya, which store would you like to go to? I know there is a western restaurant next to a movie theater. Of course, you choose where to go…”

Cohen said excitedly.

Just now, I suddenly received Myla’s Instagram and wanted to pick her up by myself. I was so excited.

“Just stop in front…”

Only then did Myla withdraw his gaze from the rearview mirror, and said lightly.

“Huh? There is no western restaurant!”

“I’m not going to a western restaurant, parking, I want to go home!”

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