His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 109 – 110

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Chapter 109

Lisa was pressed back to Bo’s house almost all the way. Elbert was probably afraid that Christian would see this situation.

So when he got to the door of Bo’s house, he called someone to let go, and then lowered his voice. You’d better weigh it in your heart.

He is threatening her.

Lisa’s face was pale. When the door opened, Christian was shocked when he saw Lisa outside the door.

Then the little boy burst into tears and rushed to her arms. Why did you come to see me, Lisa, Mommy? It hurts to death, and the fingers holding Christian are trembling. Mommy has a lot of things these days.

How busy it is to go with the man. Elbert sneered, and then walked in.

He looked at the scene of mother and son embracing indifferently.

As if I were an outsider, I will ask someone to clean up the room for you, and you will stay at Bo’s house from today. What he said was a little better.

Taking care of Christian’s presence, to put it bluntly, Lisa has no freedom of life since then.

He really wants to imprison her Lisa holding Christian, so that he won’t see anything strange.

The little boy asked his mother, mother, you are shaking.

It’s okay, my mother is so happy to see you.

Lisa touched Christian’s face.

Are you good these days? I’m good, I’m a big squad leader.

Christian can’t wait to share his recent experience with his mother, so Pulling Lisa upstairs, mother, are you going to live here with me? The child’s eyes are so simple, Lisa feels like a knife.

The mother and son didn’t come out until very late.

Lisa put Christian to sleep and opened the door, only to find Elbert standing outside the room.

He had cold eyebrows, profound features, this face, the midnight dream once made her fall to death.

She has never been his opponent.

It’s a pity that Elbert’s good-looking eyes are what a cruel heart is under this magnificent skin. Your room is across the hall. Elbert said coldly, Christian fell asleep.

Lisa just responded and walked out. Elbert’s voice sounded again. Don’t think of running away, Lisa, you have to live this child if you are not born.

Lisa covers your belly.

At that moment, she actually had the idea of dying and breaking the net. Elbert, the child is here.

In my stomach, do you think you can control me like this? Elbert has a rare loss of control in his eyes, Lisa, how do you want to have this baby?

Chapter 110

However, Lisa’s shouting could not restore the man’s pace of leaving. Elbert left like this.

Lisa stared at the protective fence outside the window, feeling that he had been sent to prison again.

Those dark days returned to her mind when she was least prepared, and all the humiliation in the prison made her fall into great fear again.

Lisa curled up on the ground, she didn’t even have the strength to run to the bed.

She just lay on the ground and hugged herself, her face pale, her sweat slid down, and she muttered like hysteria, opening the door and letting me go out is not my prisoner.

It’s not that I let me go out.

Lisa’s tears stayed uncontrollably.

Her eyes were full of horror, as if she was suffering from something, she shouted helplessly, calling for help in the air over and over again, don’t shut me down, I didn’t kill people.

I saved her world into a nightmare again.

There is a habit that has penetrated into the bones, even if you have forgotten, the body remembers it for you, so conditioned reflex, so instinctive reaction.

She hugged herself, her fingers pressed so hard that the knuckles were bluish white. But Lisa didn’t know that this room was soundproofed, no matter how hoarsely she shouted for help countless times, no one would come to save her.

At the end of the darkness, no one was waiting for her. When Lisa was unable to retreat, she grabbed her chest and took a deep breath.

She was about to suffocate. Depression would destroy her life.

She seemed to have hallucinations and saw her brother smiling at her.

Lisa eyes Hollow, brother, I really didn’t kill anyone. Elbert only opened the door of the room the next night.

He thought that Lisa would obediently converge after closing such a day, but he didn’t expect the picture of opening the door to enter, so shocking.

Lisa was lying on the floor, her left hand squeezed a piece of broken bedside lamp fragments, because she pinched too hard, the fragments had been embedded in the flesh of her palm, and there was a dazzling new scar and blood on her right wrist.

At that moment, Elbert’s soul seemed to be severely hammered.

His chest and heart were violently trembling, and the man’s fingertips were trembling.

Then he shouted, Lisa rushed forward, Lisa picked up from the ground, the blood was fresh and it was still wet, so he dyed him like this.

The man was holding Lisa with red eyes and rushed out of the house like crazy, calling the nanny at the door, quickly call 120 Tang only came out of the house when he heard the movement, but before he could see what had happened, he saw his so-called father holding his mother and rushing out of the house.

He wanted to follow, but was stopped by the nanny.

Is there something wrong with my mother, Young Master, don’t worry, Young Master Bo has already followed.

The nanny can only hold him to prevent him from seeing the scene.

The little boy looked to the ground, and a drop of blood spread straight to the gate in the direction Elbert ran out.

At that moment, Christian’s eyes were full of hatred.

The babysitter was startled by Christian.

The moment he raised his head, the look in his eyes made the baby’s back frightened. Obviously, he is only a five-year-old child, why does he have such terrible eyes

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