His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 111 – 112

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Chapter 111

Lisa was in a coma for two full days.

At that time, Elbert carried her in blood and rushed into the hospital in the middle of the night.

After a phone call, Tonny Jiang rushed to the operating room from home. When he saw the situation inside, his brows were frowned. Does your ex-wife have depression? After the operation, Tonny Jiang said to Elbert in a white coat. Elbert was silent for a long time before uttering a word, yes. Tonny Jiang smiled silently, then congratulations, if you want to force her to die, why bother to take her to the hospital a few minutes later and let her die completely.

Isn’t it better for Elbert to sting her heart, so she asked quickly. Why do I want to kill her? She has depression. Tonny Jiang tried his best to keep her voice calm.

I dare to swear that if it wasn’t for what you did to force her or cause her to relapse, she wouldn’t cut her wrists and self-mutilate, don’t you know? The moment she started, it was already I don’t want to live anymore. Tonny Jiang almost screamed hard at the end.

The man couldn’t understand.

If Elbert loved Lisa, why did he send her to jail five years ago? What Elbert was yelled with pale by Tonny Jiang, he stood there, I did not force her, I just wanted her to stay at Bo’s house. Five years ago, in the circle of the rich second generation, Lisa had always been a person they respected. Even if something happened to Lisa five years ago, there were people who helped her back and forth. Tonny Jiang also maintained awe of Lisa and suffered so many things. , From five years ago to now, she has been so strong that people cannot imagine. But this is such a strong woman, but was forced to collapse by Elbert over and over again. Tonny Jiang asked him in a soft voice, Elbert, how thin is your heart, Ye’s pupils contracted a bit, Tonny Jiang’s words were not loud, but It was like a heavy hammer in his heart.

He rarely showed a little panic, as if he was explaining something, I don’t have me, don’t force her anymore, Elbert, if Lisa really killed someone five years ago, the price she had paid would be huge enough. Tonny Jiang stared at Elbert’s eyes, trying to see a trace of guilt from his face, but there was no, he continued, if Lisa hadn’t killed anyone five years ago.

So Elbert, tell me, what you owe her, will you still have to be clear in this life? Elbert’s whole body was shaken, blood is flowing back, his back is cold, he looks at Tonny Jiang, you are talking for her, I am doing Facts speak. Tonny Jiang put his hands in his pockets and sighed for him when he looked at Elbert. Elbert may not yet understand his true feelings, so Tonny Jiang patted him on the shoulder, Elbert, there is a sentence to tell you, while the person is still there, go and finish all the accounts that should be paid.


He should be counted, what should be paid, what debt should he find Lisa to do, and what debt should he pay? In the night, he fell into a huge panic. Tonny Jiang had already walked away.

He was looking at Lisa in the ward, and the woman was lying pale.

The hospital bed, as if lifeless. For two whole nights, Elbert didn’t close his eyes.

He was in a mess now, and countless emotions needed a vent. Until Lisa wakes up. But she woke up, the first sentence was, don’t hit me, don’t hit me, I didn’t kill, I didn’t

Chapter 112

At that moment, looking at Lisa like a bird with a frightened bow, Christian’s heart was cut like a knife.

He didn’t know why he was like this.

He just looked at her in pain, he would hug him with the painful Lisa, shrink up, and tell in vain that I didn’t kill anyone. Five years ago, who was it that killed her. Push up to the whirlpool Elbert and comfort her softly, Lisa, it’s me.

Lisa raised his head, looking blankly at Elbert, it was you.

Those eyes made Elbert’s whole heart cold.

The two looked at each other, and Lisa saw himself from the bottom of Elbert’s eyes, such a small reflection.

She said, it’s a pity that you can leave me alone, Elbert, but I can’t. what a pity.

She said, Elbert, don’t harm me again. Elbert was shaking.

He wanted to keep Lisa, but he didn’t have the courage.

He wouldn’t dare to step forward to touch the woman who was covered with injuries.

Lisa clutched his stomach and asked, “Is the child still there? Elbert’s eyes were red, and he slowly closed his eyes.

In the early stage of pregnancy, his body was too weak and the child did not keep it.

Lisa smiled and smiled lowly.

She laughed so much that tears flowed out, and she couldn’t stop twitching.

She saw the pain on Elbert’s face in the dim tears of her tears, and the more she laughed, the happier she was. Elbert, I just don’t want this child.

I don’t want everything related to you.

This child will suffer from being born.

I laughed at him as he walked so early. Elbert pressed on Lisa’s shoulders so hard, how much are you? I disliked Lisa, her eyes widened, looking at Elbert, her eyes were splitting, Elbert, didn’t you try hard to want me to atone for your sins, didn’t you love peace and love to death? Why, my child, you will also feel sorry for you.

There is a face to mention Sarah An Elbert quickly countered it subconsciously. What qualifications do you have, but you were half-stunned.

The hurtful words that could have been blurted out in the past are now in his throat. Why is Lisa laughing ironically? Why, you want to say whether I am a murderer or not? Anyway, I have so many lives in my hands. Now I have a piece of my own child’s Lisa on my back. , Three points hurt oneself. Elbert’s eyes hurt, and his fingers tightened quickly.

How could you be so cruel than everyone. Don’t be better than Lisa’s laughter.

The laughter hits Elbert’s soul inch by inch.

Isn’t it revenge on me? Come on, Elbert, you can do everything you can to hurt me.

I tell you, everything, everything you did to me, I remember it, you better not regret it, otherwise, I won’t move Don’t forgive, don’t forgive for the rest of your life, don’t repeat the same mistakes, don’t reconcile, save all the pain he gave, and keep all the mistakes he committed in captivity. Don’t give him another chance, don’t let him atone for his sins, loss can never be recovered.

In the coming years, if he is conscious and regretful, in the end he will be swallowed by his own sins.

Since her love and hatred have come to an end, it is better to be completely broken.

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