His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 133 – 134

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Chapter 133

Elbert smiled lowly, are you mocking me and never got it? Messy Lin did not speak. Elbert knew that Messy Lin was in awe of Lisa.

He raised his head and looked at Messy Lin. What do you think about Lisa being kidnapped? I can’t make a judgment.

Messy Lin respectfully distanced himself from Elbert, Elbert, what you think is what you think.

He would not help Lisa to explain to Elbert, and Lisa must also be disdainful.

Looking at his special assistant, Elbert smiled.

I arrested all the people involved in this incident.

Their unified calibre was to kidnap Lisa only when they suddenly became interested. Whether it was coercion or lure, or torture, their lines There is no one word change. But Lisa kept saying that Bialla Anwas planning everything.

I want to know why she had to say it was An RuMessylowered her eyelids.

If Elbert is in doubt, she can ask Miss Tang by herself.

I asked Elbert as if he heard a joke, Lisa didn’t bother it, wasn’t it just a woman, I would be more comfortable without her. Yes, it’s good to go.

He’s comfortable after leaving.

He wants to take a look.

Lisa said that the mastermind behind An Ru’s courage comes from where Bialla Anhas been with me for five years.

If there really is something, I won’t be unconscious. . Elbert lowered his head.

After Sarah An’s death, I have been taking care of Bialla Anfor her.

Lisa probably hated Sarah An, so I took it against An Ru.

Since you already have some insights in your mind, you don’t need to ask me again.

Messy Lin remained silent for a long time before speaking out.

I hope Elbert you will not regret it in the future.

Regret him. Elbert took a glass for himself again and poured a new glass of wine.

He said softly, not knowing who he was talking to.

I will not regret it, nor can I regret it. But when he thought of the voice of a man next to Lisa just now, Elbert felt that he was irritable for no reason.

She was obviously sleeping, so late, sleeping with a man.

Thinking of Elbert, I felt that I couldn’t restrain the urge to rush over and grab them from the bed.

Lisa loved him five years ago, why can I just leave now? She is cruel and cruel Elbert will be pure wine.

Looking up and drinking, Messy Lin silently helped him pour the wine.

Since Lisa left, Elbert now sleeps by drinking at night.

He was afraid of dreaming about the face of Lisa, and he kept getting drunk.

It’s not like that.

It’s Lisa who committed the crime five years ago.

She has clearly established a relationship with herself. Why does he feel like this? What is wrong? Elbert kicked over the bottle.

The alcohol spilled all over the floor, and a pungent smell came out. With red eyes in Elbert, he threw the wine glass out and smashed it into pieces on the wall.

Messy Lin guarded it silently and didn’t help him pick up the wine glass fragments.

A woman in a small area, a woman Elbert clenched her fingers tightly. Why did she accuse me that she wasn’t fooling around with a man on the bed now, thinking of the picture of Lisa sleeping with others, Elbert wanted to go crazy, what else? What bargaining chip can make him hold Lisa in the palm of his hand and what can make him close her not to let her escape.

Some thoughts flashed in the man’s mind, he immediately looked at Messy Lin, and even his voice was trembling. Check me out about Lisa Where are the parents hiding now

Chapter 134

The next day when Jia Qi woke up was Monday, Jia Qi was going to work. When the alarm clock rang, she got up and looked at Lisa and Chris who were still asleep in the guest room.

The woman smiled, and then packed herself to go to work.

It was the afternoon when Lisa and Chris woke up.

They drank red wine yesterday, so they slept a little late.

Since living the present life, Lisa feels that her schedule is getting more and more lazy.

She got up to see Chris still lying in bed, kicked the quilt and got up. Chris rubbed his hair, and took a look at his phone.

He was taken aback when he saw the date on it.

He shouted, Oh, I have to go back to America.

I’m going back so soon Lisa changed his clothes and turned his head to look at him, didn’t you just come back? I just returned to China because of you. Chris rolled his eyes. My family and I asked for leave.

The company will also go back to operate and die.

It is estimated that I will be busy after returning.

Lisa smiled, you can ask me to cooperate. Please fart. Chris quickly got up and got up.

I’ll wait to book a ticket.

Let’s have the last afternoon tea. ok.

Lisa adjusted her haircut, and it happened that I was going to pick up my relatives from get off work at night, and she seemed not very happy these days.

After the two people chose the restaurant they wanted to go to, they went out and took a taxi. When they arrived at the hotel lobby, they realized that the first floor here was contracted by a company for a New Year’s Eve party.

Thinking about it, it’s already winter, and it’s coming soon.

That year, Lisa wrapped up his coat and walked to a box with Chris.

It will be a little quieter here, and the atmosphere is still good in the lobby.

If you don’t mind going with all the employees of that company, the waiter asked carefully. We can arrange two seats for you two.

It’s okay, just here, thank you.

Lisa indicated that he didn’t need to bother the waiter anymore, and then sat down with Chris.

The two began to read the menu.

There were people coming and going in the lobby on the first floor below.

A table and round tables were full of people.

I want to come to this company.

The entire floor of this hotel was wrapped up. Chris ordered some signature dishes at random.

Lisa got up and said that he wanted to go to the bathroom, so he left Chris in the private room alone. But she didn’t expect that she would meet Daniel Ye here. Even more unexpectedly, Daniel Ye wrapped up the lower floor and invited their company employees to have lunch, and also invited his partner Elbert to join him. When she met on a narrow road, she stood at the door of the toilet room, her face changed.

After she reacted, she turned around and left without even saying hello.

The voice of Elbert came from standing behind, but when he heard his words, Lisa took a bigger step, as if desperately wanting to escape from this place, but she didn’t take a few steps before her hand was grabbed hard.

Living. Elbert was sneer at her. Why, run away as soon as I see me.

I have nothing to say with you.

Lisa tried hard to withdraw her hand, but Elbert held it tightly.

She couldn’t get out, Xiao Shao, let go.

She is now exactly the same as Christian’s call to him, Elbert is angry.

In the past, this woman had only him in her eyes, for He can give anything, but why is this woman running as soon as he sees him, how terrible is he in her eyes?

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