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Chapter 215:

Meeting Old Classmates Again

“Sheldon, this is the fruit I bought for you. I have washed it. Come and eat it!”

Myla carried a plate of fruit on the coffee table, took an apple and watched TV while gnawing on it.

It made Sheldon feel that she didn’t seem to have come to escape the marriage, but came to vacation.

Sheldon returned half an hour ago.

After Myla settled down, she went to take a bath.

Seeing Myla acting like a fool, Sheldon didn’t know what to say.

As for why he lived in the suite, Sheldon just passed on after a few prevarications.

I just wanted to pretend, but didn’t pretend, now Sheldon doesn’t want to pretend, otherwise it will be embarrassing.

“O’ao, you’d better make it clear to your father about the matter of your decision to kiss. It’s no way to hold on like this. The crisis of the company will pass sooner or later. There is no need to sacrifice your daughter’s happiness, right?”

Sheldon sat down and said.

He also thought about it. If there is a problem with Myla’s corporate funds, he can invest a sum of money.

“I understand, but this matter is not as simple as you thought. Ouch, I finally became calmer. Don’t keep talking about these things, okay?”

Myla narrowed her mouth.

Looking at Sheldon with a smile, “Sheldon, I haven’t seen you for many days. I find that you have turned white and handsome!”

“Is it!”

Sheldon gave a wry smile.

At this moment, Myla’s cell phone rang.

I can see that she didn’t want to answer the call, but after thinking about it, she was connected:

“What are you doing? I said I won’t go back, so don’t look for me, unless you veto this matter, I will go home!”

“I can’t make a date with him. I don’t like him at all. On the contrary, I hate him very much, and I don’t want to make a date so early. Don’t tell me, I am fine now!”

“If there is nothing else, I’ll hang up!”

Myla threw the phone on the coffee table, feeling very depressed again.

Sheldon was listening. It should be her father who called her to persuade her to go back.

At this time, Myla’s cell phone rang again.

“Is it annoying!”

Myla angrily picked up the phone to connect: “I said it! Huh? Tongtong, is that you?”

Myla’s face was relieved.

He pressed the hands-free at the moment, held his legs in both hands, and the two of them talked with their chins on their knees.

“Myla, you won’t really go to Sheldon, do you? You don’t know. Just now your dad called my dad and asked if you are in my house, and the sisters in our dorm, your dad also I’m asking! He is so worried!”

Zhao Tongtong said.

“Yeah, I have come to Sheldon, so worry about it. In any case, it is absolutely impossible for me to be married to that person!”

“Yeah, I’m fine at home anyway. I still have a few friends in Ping An County. It just so happens. I’ll go find you to play with Sheldon. After you two are married, Sheldon hasn’t invited us to dinner. , Cough cough, honestly, Sheldon has become your boyfriend. It’s really a flower inserted…”

Zhao Tongtong started talking like he poured beans.

Then the nervous Myla hurriedly turned off the handsfree.

He took a careful look at Sheldon, who was bewildered.

Sheldon is dumbfounded, when did he become Myla’s boyfriend?

What did she say!

After a while, Myla returned after the call.

Looking at Sheldon with an apologetic expression: “Sheldon, I came to you. They know it. I’m afraid they will misunderstand me, so I just say you are my boyfriend! Do you mind?”

Sheldon shook his head: “It’s okay!”

What can I say.

“By the way, Sheldon, Tongtong said, she will drive to Ping’an County to visit us soon. She has a cousin from Ping’an County. Let’s go out and play together!”

“I am mainly afraid that if you don’t go, she has to misunderstand!”

Myla pleaded the same.

“Okay, let me go!”

Since he agreed to help her, Sheldon couldn’t refuse.

When it was almost noon, Zhao Tongtong drove up with one of her little cousins.

The little cousin seems to be a high school student and also from Roston.

And Zhao Tongtong drove a Camry, quite domineering.

“Huh, Sheldon, I can’t think of it, you little dick can actually become the boyfriend of the goddess Myla, let’s go dreaming!”

When they met, Zhao Tongtong just said.

“Yes Yes Yes!”

Sheldon nodded.

“Ah? Sister Tongtong, this person is Sister Myla’s boyfriend? Oh my God, I feel my Three Views are going to be ruined!”

The little cousin was holding her forehead in surprise, because she felt she was going to faint.

Seriously, anyone who knows Myla, who doesn’t know that Myla is a beauty among beauties, a goddess among goddesses.

I did not expect to find such a boyfriend.

The little cousin and Zhao Tongtong seem to have similar personalities.

Looking at Sheldon now, his mouth slumped with contempt.

fu*k, what look in your eyes!

Sheldon cursed inwardly.

“Okay, don’t say anything. By the way, Tongtong, didn’t you say that there are still a few distant relatives in Ping’an County, aren’t they coming?”

Myla interrupted Zhao Tongtong at this time.

He also took Sheldon’s arm affectionately.

At the same time, Sheldon gave Sheldon a white look.

That means it’s like telling Sheldon, huh, see it, people think it’s surprising that I’m with you, just like that, some people don’t know how to cherish it!

“O’ao, of course I am coming. I called them and asked me where to eat! Sheldon, where should we go for lunch?”

Zhao Tongtong asked unceremoniously.

It’s as if Sheldon and Myla became involved and did something to sorry her.

There is hatred.

Yes, Zhao Tongtong himself looks down on Sheldon a bit. After all, she is in the city, Sheldon is in the village, and people like Sheldon are honest and have no money, so they can usually tease and play.

But if he really wants to integrate into his own circle, Zhao Tongtong can’t accept it.

“I can arrange the place to eat. There is a nice restaurant in Ping’an County called Midu Restaurant. Let’s go there!”

Sheldon gave a wry smile.

“Hmph, don’t say it soon! Let’s go Xiaoya, let’s go in my car!”

A group of people came to the Midu restaurant in the county seat.

This is considered to be the most upscale restaurant in the county. Most of the people who come to eat here are some of the bosses in the county.

After arriving, Zhao Tongtong mysteriously said that he wanted to find a place to park, and he also asked Myla to go with her so that he could set the position first.

Sheldon was thinking about it.

I arrived at the restaurant and booked a seat for eight people.

Of course, this is not a restaurant, all locations are in the lobby of the restaurant.

Just finished.

at this time.

“fu*k, isn’t that Sheldon?”

Someone shouted.

“It’s really him, why did he come to rice to eat?”

After seeing Sheldon, a group of young men and women who were eating could not help but said in surprise.

As for Sheldon, he naturally heard someone say his name.

Turning his head and looking at it now.

There were about six or seven young men and women at that table.

We are eating together.

And this group of people are not others.

It was Li Mingxue and Li Chao, their high school classmates.

What a coincidence!

Sheldon thought…

Chapter 216-

Can I Add Instagram

“Sheldon, are you here for dinner?”

Li Mingxue looked at Sheldon and asked at this time, it seemed quite surprised.

This group of people is not just Li Mingxue, her boyfriend, and Li Chao.

At this moment, they all smiled at Sheldon.

To be honest, the grade of Midu is very high, and it is based on the per capita price.

Eating here, the lowest starting point is 188.

Counting drinks or something, at least one or two thousand consumption.

Everyone knows that Sheldon is very poor, so it feels very strange.

“Yeah, some of my friends are coming and invite them to have a meal here! I didn’t expect it to be so coincidental that you are also eating here!”

Sheldon said with a smile.

“Puff, it’s normal for us to eat here, okay!”

“Oh, Sheldon, you said that if you invite classmates, please invite classmates, then do you know that the per capita standard here is to start at 188!? You have come here to invite!”

The girl sitting next to Li Mingxue is also Sheldon’s high school classmate.

It’s Su Li, she looks pretty good.

At this moment, he couldn’t help but said something.

That’s right, the grades here are quite high, and people like them who already have a certain status in society come here.

There is no sense of superiority.

But when I think about it, you, Sheldon, the pauper, come here to eat, which makes people feel quite uncomfortable.

Like Sheldon, just find a dumpling restaurant fast food restaurant.

So I feel very shameless. In this way, wouldn’t Sheldon be equal to them?

Talking now is a bit more acrid.

“Hey, Su Li, don’t you talk about Sheldon like that. Everyone has a good face. Sheldon eats here and eats here. It happened to introduce her friends to us! Hahaha!”

Li Chao gave a wry smile at this time.

Whether he is family or career, he is regarded as the most successful among this group of people.

Therefore, it is also the backbone of everyone.

Su Li smiled and said, “Ah, Brother Chao, what kind of friends are Sheldon’s friends? Are you embarrassed to know each other?”

“Furthermore, am I doing this for him? I don’t look at my own conditions, so I just come to some places to eat. Is face important? People who have swollen faces and fat people are the most despised!”

Su Li, I was annoyed and looked down upon Sheldon since high school.

Feeling that a poor man dangling in front of her was disgusting.

So she never cared about Sheldon’s feelings.

What’s more, Sheldon’s ability to eat with her in a restaurant has seriously trampled on her self-esteem.

“Well, Sheldon’s friend should be here in a while, so let’s just say a few words!”

Li Mingxue couldn’t stand it, so she said.

Sheldon looked at her and nodded with a smile at her.

“Brother Chao, who is this person? Are you high school classmates?”

At this time, a beautifully dressed girl next to Li Chao asked curiously.

“Yeah, hahaha, he is handsome or not, if you look handsome, Sheldon doesn’t have a girlfriend yet, let him be his girlfriend!”

Li Chao laughed.

“Oh, Brother Chao, you are necrotic, if you do this again, I will ignore you!”

The girl was very angry and pinched Li Chao’s soft flesh.

A group of people chuckled and laughed.

Sheldon didn’t say anything, but nodded silently.

“Hmph, look, Sheldon actually blushed, I know, he must want Meimei to be his girlfriend, otherwise, how could he blush? Haha!”

A boy also teased.

“Yeah! Sheldon really, if you like it, this beauty will be your girlfriend. I have the final say!”

Li Chao laughed.

“No, I have a girlfriend!”

Sheldon gave a wry smile.

Although I know that this group of people deliberately bullied themselves.

It was like this in high school before.

But Sheldon didn’t have much to say.

I can’t be like a nouveau riche, telling people that I am so rich and smash your face, right?

Haha, what did that happen!

“Oh my god, Sheldon actually has a girlfriend? Damn it, this is really big news. We will have a reunion with high school classmates in the next few days. When the time comes, it will definitely break the news!”

A boy said in horror.

“fu*k, I don’t know which girl would like him, my God, isn’t it a dinosaur?”

Su Li took a sip of juice and shook her head speechlessly.

It made a group of people laugh again.

Li Mingxue looked at Sheldon and felt embarrassed.

At the moment he smiled and said, “Sheldon, today is because I got promoted and became a reserve cadre, so I specially invited Li Chao to dinner. How many friends did you come, or else?”

“Forget it, no, it might be seven or eight!”

Sheldon smiled.

It turned out that Li Mingxue’s matter was finally resolved.

I remember that I greeted Chapman once.

However, Chapman didn’t give any feedback to himself, probably because he thought it was too small.

But now, Sheldon didn’t know whether it was his own power or Li Chao’s power.

It was hard to say anything, so he nodded, and then sat down at the table next to them.

To be honest, Sheldon felt embarrassed himself.

But the business in this store is very good, and there are no seats next to it. Sheldon is too embarrassed to tune in if there are seats.

Moreover, it is not too convenient to go by yourself!

In short, it is embarrassing in capitalization.

At exactly this time, Myla and Zhao Tongtong came in.

Following Zhao Tongtong, in addition to her little cousin, there were also two boys and two girls, probably those distant relatives of Zhao Tongtong.

“fuk, fuk! Beauty, big beauty!”

At this time, Li Chao and the boys happened to see Myla and Zhao Tongtong.

I was shocked at the moment.

Because it is so beautiful!

“Who are they? They are so beautiful, absolute goddess of temperament!”

Said the boy next to Li Chao.

“Huh, what’s wrong with being pretty? Isn’t it just being tall and temperamental? Humph!”

Su Li saw that Myla and Zhao Tongtong were really beautiful and star-like, and said something jealously.

The girl with heavy makeup next to Li Chao was even more raptured. Compared with the two beauties, she was like a clown.

“Which one of you dares to ask for Instagram? Who dares to ask for Instagram, I consider him a father!”

A boy was drooling.

Then several people glanced at Li Chao.

After all, Li Chao’s family is the best and the most superior!

Li Chao is not letting go.

He coughed and stood up and straightened his clothes.

“Wait, I will ask for it!”

“Wow, Super Brother is the most handsome!”

“Super Goma to success!”

But he said Li Chao had already walked over.

“Beauties, come to eat, have you found the location? Would you like me to help, I’m familiar here!”

Looking at the two big beauties, Li Chao was also a little excited.

“No, thanks!”

When confronted with the boys, Myla and Zhao Tongtong both responded lightly.

They are very disgusted.

“Ahem, it’s not convenient for Fang to leave Instagram, my name is Li Chao, and I am at home…”

Li Chao took out his cell phone.

“He is there, let’s go over!”

At this time, Zhao Tongtong saw Sheldon, and he led everyone, Li Chao went straight towards Sheldon…

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