His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 139 – 140

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Chapter 139

Marven Su Marven Su waited for a woman in high heels behind me to chase him out, but Marven Su didn’t even look at her.

He pinched a pile of money from the wallet and spilled it from the car window, and then the car roared.

He left the place, leaving the rolled up money flying all over the sky, and the woman stood in place unbelievably, having not recovered for a long time.

Marven Su sent Lisa to the hospital at one o’clock in the middle of the night. Tonny Jiang was still asleep, but this forced a call to wake him from his sleep, saying that someone here needs gastric lavage. When Tonny Jiang hurriedly arrived at the hospital in a white coat, he happened to see Lisa lying on it.

He sighed, did she have been bullied by someone? Jia Qi was crying on the side, Marven Su listened to one head and two children.

I yelled irritably, stop crying, crying? Jia Qi cried more vigorously when he heard that, Marven Su was angry, shut up, and bothered me to call Daniel Ye.

Sure enough, using Daniel Ye to intimidate Jia Qi was very effective.

She stopped crying immediately.

Marven Su looked at Lisa and Tonny Jiang inside.

The two waited outside. Tonny Jiang came out after more than forty minutes. You can help her go through the hospitalization procedures.

Alcoholism and gastric bleeding, come later and call a bunch of people crying outside. Tonny Jiang took off the rubber gloves and glanced at Jia Qi. Why can she drink so much? Jia Qi told the story again with grievances.

Marven Su listened, his eyes gradually sinking.

Is there no man outside to help her? He always thought that Lisa never lacked men, but he didn’t expect that in today’s situation, no one would stand up to help the two weak women. Jia Qi’s eyes were red again. What kind of man Lisa used to have Braden guarding her, but now Braden is gone, Lisa is alone even Christian’s little man is gone.

Marven Su didn’t speak, and the man was silent. Yes, she started to withdraw money again, pinched a stack of money from her wallet, and helped her go through the hospitalization procedures. Jia Qi cried, then, what are you doing then I am here waiting for her to wake up. Jia Qi looked at Marven Su for a long while, do you like her? Marven Su shrank and fought back quickly.

I like a man who has been in jail and gave birth to a child. Jia Qi stepped on high heels to go to the Lisa to go through the formalities, here Lisa was admitted to the hospital in advance, Marven Su went into the ward and sat on the side, Tonny Jiang put his hands in his pockets, dressed in a white coat. When passing by the hospital corridor, a few night shift nurses who were dozing off became energetic as soon as they saw him, and blushed and asked, “Why Doctor Jiang is here tonight? Tonny Jiang smiled.

An acquaintance he knew had a bad body.

I’ll come over and see if something is wrong.

The little girl is like a nympho, I worked hard for you, Doctor Jiang. Tonny Jiang smiled again, and left without saying a word.

The little nurses looked at his back and became idiots, so handsome, Dr. Jiang. Don’t look at it, you won’t be the handsome one.

I heard that Dr. Jiang also has an older brother who is a well-known lawyer, and his family is really amazing.

I also saw a beautiful mixed-race man tonight, who was sitting in the hallway before and didn’t know where he was now.

Handsome thief, like a foreign male celebrity, it seems that the duty tonight is really worth it

Chapter 140

Lisa didn’t expect to see Marven Su’s face when he woke up.

She thought she had an illusion in her consciousness, but closed her eyes and opened it again.

It was Marven Su’s unsmiling face.

The man raised his eyebrows.

He was a wicked ruffian, wearing a sweater and ripped jeans.

Stretching his long legs under the hospital bed, he was holding a pillow and smiling at her.

That smile made Lisa feel cold.

Marven Su blew a whistle, oh, wake up Lisa just wanted to talk, Marven Su put his feet up and stood up, looked closer at Lisa’s face, those blue-green eyes looked badly, you are quite capable.

A bottle of Hennessy was blown out in five minutes.

Lisa’s complexion was still sick, she said, is it related to you? It had nothing to do with me before.

Marven Su shrugged, but now he has.

I brought you to the hospital. Do you need to thank me? Every time you encounter something unbearable, you will run into this man.

Lisa sighed, her eyes full of resistance.

Marven Su gently squeezed her chin and smiled, probably because he was afraid of hurting her.

I said Lisa, you should show your desperate energy to Elbert earlier, and he wouldn’t have been so miserable now.

He always poked her heart every word, knowing that what to say could make her hurt.

Lisa smiled, laughing sarcastically.

I don’t know who he was ridiculing. What should I do? I love him, I can’t bear it.

Hearing from Lisa’s mouth that she loves Elbert, Marven Su’s pupils shrank, and the man’s evil smile suddenly turned into a sneer.

His blue and green eyes were just like wolves, which was really cheap.

He briefly evaluated her in three words.

Lisa said indifferently, thank you for your praise.

This invulnerability made Marven Su grind his teeth.

This woman is really cruel and can bear everything, so she looks terrible.

The more tolerant the person is, the deeper he hides, and when it comes to a complete outbreak, no one can stop her.

Marven Su retracted his hand, and he smiled playfully, as if he was only interested in catching prey in Lisas, even if he wanted to, Marven Su’s flowers in the flowers were thrown by women, so he couldn’t waste his energy. On a woman who was so damaged.

Lisa knew that he had a skin that was shocking to the heavens, but the soul might be no different from the devil.

The woman closed her eyes and indicated with her actions that she did not want to see him.

Marven Su smiled.

Lisa can only open his eyes to see him with his attitude towards the savior.

I will pay you back how much.

Marven Su laughed angrily by her attitude.

The time and energy that Young Master was wasting on you, Lisa laughed too, then I will find you a girl again this time.

Marven Su is angry and stands up directly, Lisa , Don’t know whether he sent her to the hospital anyway, so you can take care of her and say thank you, but Lisa can’t, he won’t say thank you to such a man who has hurt him, even if he uses any way to remedy it.

There is no way to save his bad image in her heart.

Lisa chuckled a few times, Marven Su, I thought of the way you held an umbrella for me on the rainy night before.

I think that you were still at that time and amazed me even more. When the memory came back, she could no longer see that expression on Marven Su’s face.

It was just a scene, a scene designed to resonate with her.

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