His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 147 – 148

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Chapter 147

When I got up to work the next day, because the people in the studio had notified Lisa to receive clients in advance, she specially painted a makeup, put on lipstick, and wore a thick windbreaker to go out. When she arrived at the company , Fangfang looked at her with her chin on one side, tusk, if I were a man, I would definitely fall in love with you.

Lisa smiled, and then asked, what time the client will come and one in the afternoon. Fangfang again gave Lisa a cup of coffee in accordance with the rules of the rivers and lakes, a cup of instant coffee a day, staying up all night no longer afraid of sudden death.

The green dinosaur was dangling in the studio in his pajamas, spraying water on the potted flowers while cleaning the desk over there. Fangfang said that Aaron often sleeps in the studio because he can’t go back because of overtime work.

This reason is simply dangling in pajamas all year round.

Lisa looked at the open-mouthed dinosaur head on his head and the little tail dragging on the ground behind him, and found it very funny.

Stop spraying water bro.

The little moon screamed when he entered the door. You killed our four pots of cacti in a month.

I beg you, have you considered the feelings of cacti? You only think about yourself.

The last person to check in was Cyril Cong.

He almost drifted all the way to work, wearing a pair of sunglasses and thin-rimmed glasses.

He was like a cult professor who was crazy about doing research and led to a madness. Once he arrived at the studio.

He fell on the ground with a bang.

Lisa was startled. When I saw him in the past, Cyril Cong had already quickly entered sleep mode on his desk, closing his eyes. What’s wrong with him? Habits.

Lao Wang waved his hand disapprovingly.

He goes to work every day.

He is charging now and starts working when he wakes up at night.

The biological clock is different from ours.

The little moon shrugged and pointed to the back of the green dinosaur.

Look at the otaku.

He is so energetic every night to go to bed and early to wake up. When he has time, he waters the flowers.

His mother was drowned, he kept cacti as daffodils.

The green dinosaur still has time to do morning exercises, wears one-piece pajamas, twists his tail, and exercises with his butt pouting.

Aaron said, this is my hobby. Otherwise, I can’t type the code.

It’s fate that such a group of strange and loving people can get together.

At one o’clock in the afternoon, when the client was about to come, Lao Wang patted Lisa on the shoulder with heavy responsibility and told her that the studio’s pension expenses depend on you.

Lisa held a nervous and expectant mood.

At 1:20, the client finally went upstairs and came to the reception hall outside their studio.

Lisa noticed the movement and raised his head. Just about to say hello, the lines stuck in his mouth.

It didn’t come up. Elbert stood opposite her, in a well-cut suit that matched his exquisite appearance.

Messy Lin followed him.

Messy Lin greeted Lisa with his eyes, but Lisa was still stunned. Elbert sat down on the sofa opposite her and sneered, how unexpectedly this familiar ridiculous tone made Lisa involuntarily take a breath, why did Elbert entangle her life so sullenly and why she always wanted it again and again I had no choice but to meet him. Elbert saw the disgust and resistance on Lisa’s face. For the first time, I felt that some people could hurt people like this as soon as they frowned.

Chapter 148

At this moment, Elbert was sneer at Lisa, the smile on his face made people feel flustered.

He watched Lisa for a long time, and then said quietly, “Why, this is the attitude your company receives customers.

Lisa feels deeply insulted.”

, Had to clenched his fist again, and came to Elbert and poured him a cup of coffee. Elbert stared at her white neck with deep eyes.

Instantly, he sneered.

The studio was so poor that Lisa couldn’t stand Elbert’s insult. You don’t like this attitude. Elbert sneered with a fierce sneer.

If you can’t bear it, Lisa , You are more suitable to fend for themselves. What he meant was that she was not worthy of the job.

Lisa’s fingers were trembling faintly while holding the file.

She endured it for a long time before she could endure the feeling of turning around and leaving.

Then she passed the file in her hand directly.

This is our recent plan before going public.

Studio You may need a start-up capital in the near future, so I want to see if you have any intentions for Elbert to speak, but Messy Lin took the file in front of him and showed him, Elbert took a look, then raised his head and continued to look at the nervous Lisa. Next, I didn’t say refusal. Why do you pretend to be like this? Lisa endured the pain in my heart, sat down and told him about the recent needs of their studio.

Then she looked at Elbert, wondering how Elbertyi would go for a week.

Let me give you an answer later, I need you a game positioning and audience statistics. Elbert hit the nail on the head and pointed out the shortcomings in the report.

If it is only for 1225-year-old girls, then a larger part of other groups will be lost.

If you can, I hope you can change some plans to expand the audience.

His serious and calm look caused Lisa to be in a daze.

She remembered that she had spied on Elbert’s video conference at home five years ago.

The man at that time was like this, rational and decisive, and talked about things quickly.

There will be no personal emotions.

Lisa came out for a while and God reacted immediately and took the file back. We will make changes based on your suggestions after we go back.

I hope that Elbert will allocate funds and Elbert will smile meaningfully with Lisa. Your love game needs to be launched.

So far, how many Lisa’s lips have been raised in financing.

She is a newcomer.

She only knows that Daniel Ye has the money to cultivate this, but other things have not been investigated yet.

It seems that you haven’t figured out your work yet, so let’s talk about it.

As for investing in you, I think we need to look at the revised look. Elbert quickly finished speaking and got up. When discussing business, he was so cold and strong, and he didn’t give anyone a chance to refute.

Lisa stared at Elbert walking in a daze.

He didn’t expect that he had not succeeded in persuading the client, and in turn made him criticize him.

She yelled to him, and Elbert took his footsteps.

She probably didn’t expect to call him on the initiative. When she turned her head, her eyes were slightly surprised, and there was something else.

He was trying to restrain the calm of his voice.

If you make things difficult for the studio because of me, then please let go of such boring thoughts.

This sentence from Lisa directly irritated Elbert.

He sneered, and his delicate face became more and more handsome.

Since you look at yourself so highly , It’s better not to come and beg me to invest in you

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