His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 159 – 160

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Chapter 159

This frightened look imprinted in Marven Su’s eyes.

He felt a little distressed for the child in front of him.

His mother was forced to separate from him.

The father didn’t care for his mother or his mother.

There was also Bialla Anwho wanted to kill him every day.

It’s not easy for children living in wealthy families.

Alas, if you don’t want to talk about it, let’s just talk about it. What do you plan to do when you are discharged from the hospital? You escaped by yourself.

I was kidnapped.

I shrank back, and no longer dared to call you a little bastard. You fu(k!ng, this is a little wolf cub, you are cruel, your godfather, my heart trembles, do you fu(k!ng take advantage of others? Jiang When Ling came in, he scolded him. Why did he claim to be his godfather? Marven Su rolled his eyes.

I want to be happy to be your godfather.

I’m not happy Tonny Jiang scolded and scolded him. Don’t think about it.

Rare, who would like to take care of you. Come here, look at your godfather.

I bought you some new clothes.

Marven Su helped Christianxin buy a few sets of clothes.

They put them on the sofa.

Their senior ward has a lot of space. Tonny Jiang came in and hooked them out with his feet.

The folding table behind the door carries a bunch of takeaways. Damn, Ajiang, you are so interesting, what kind of Hunan food did you order? Tonny Jiang smiled, it’s very spicy, can you eat it? Tonny Jiang is younger and has a more gentle temperament.

Christian thinks that he is like a big brother, saving the dead and helping the wounded, and being upright. Neng Christian was a little excited and shouted, thank you, brother Jiang Marven Su, clutching his chest, no, why do you call my uncle called his brother and we are two years behind us.

Christiancui said vigorously that the younger brother Jiang was young.

Marven Su glanced at Tonny Jiang, but he couldn’t see where he was younger than me, am I old? Tonny Jiang and Christian nodded tacitly.

Are you old at twenty-seven? Marven Su wailed, it’s over, A Jiang, does your hospital have a plastic surgery department? Give me a few injections. Tonny Jiang and Christian both laughed.

They put the table on the end of Christian’s bed, and then spread out the takeaway. Tonny Jiang said, your wound is still repairing, so you can’t eat too spicy food.

I will order it for you. Porridge.

Thank you, Brother Jiang. fu*k, Brother Jiang is addicted.

Marven Su shouted unwillingly on the side, then you should call my brother Su too. Uncle Su.

Marven Su was vomiting blood, why are you so irritating like your mom? Christian blinked. My mummy looks pretty and good-natured.

It’s impossible to look at this stinky kid to protect his mother.

Marven Su wondered if he would do something to Lisa in the future, Christian would go to their house to reveal the tiles.

It just so happens that I will send you to your mother after you recover from your injury. Your mother still doesn’t know how you’ve gone.

Marven Su glanced at Christian again, and sighed with emotion. You’re a young age.

I’ll grow up very much later.

Elbert would definitely not tell my mother this kind of thing, he doesn’t have the guts to tell my mother now. Christian held up his chest.

I successfully retaliated against Elbert. From now on, I will live with my mother.

There will be no bad guys to bully us. What a boring life for the two of you, add me.

Marven Su uttered these words straightforwardly.

Chapter 160

Tonny Jiang, who was eating on the other side, shook his hand, and a piece of blood he had caught was lost. When Marven Su said what he said was too ambiguous, he quickly changed the subject.

Anyway, if you remember me, you can come to see me and give me some gifts to honor me during the New Year.

Christian smiled very cleverly, I know, do you like my mummy Marven Su jumped up from the original position as if he had eaten a bomb, the man’s exquisite face was in a panic, how could I be him? Mom, rich and handsome, I don’t like your mom if I don’t like a woman, don’t think too much, right? Christian scooped a spoonful of porridge and put it in his mouth. My mom doesn’t like you either. Don’t worry.

Marven Su felt a few arrows in his chest. Tonny Jiang laughed out of breath.

I told you that Uncle Su is also a scumbag, and he’s not even close to your father, so don’t be fooled by his talkative manner.

Marven Su slammed his chopsticks over. Did you dismantle me like this? Unexpectedly, Christian nodded again.

I know my mom said that you often bully her too.

It’s not that he thinks she wants to bully her because she doesn’t have the power to restrain her.

Let’s talk about it.

It’s fun to see her flustered in her arms.

Marven Su said shamelessly, I’m just trying to test your mommy. character. You made her cry. Don’t talk about it, the more you talk about it, the more he feels ashamed. My mother doesn’t have a good impression of you now, so if you want to chase my mother, it’s probably difficult.

Christian bit his chopsticks with a look on his face like that. Who told you to treat her so badly at first.

Isn’t that bad? Then it’s worse when he is ruthless, so compared to him, he is kind to Lisa, he hasn’t done anything to her yet Marven Su makes excuses for himself, I don’t know who he is comforting, woman It’s all duplicity.

Christian slapped him directly, no, my mom really hates you.

Marven Su felt that sooner or later he would be mad at this little bastard. Tonny Jiang kept laughing on the side, and when he finished laughing, he stretched out his hand and touched Christian’s face. Why are you so cute? The first time I saw someone stun Marven Su that he couldn’t let out a fart.

Christian looked up and looked proud.

It was my mom who taught well.

He taught her well.

Marven Su applauded her Lisa to see the good son she taught.

Marven Su said, if you want to eat or not, go to bed quickly. You have been injured for half a month. Do you want to confess with your mommy when you go back? Christian said fearlessly that he must be confessed. Gee. Tonny Jiang shook his head and commented, I think Elbert is quite pitiful now.

If Lisa really knew about this, I guess he would never want to see him again in his life. poor person must have something mean.

Christian quickly picked it up.

All of this was caused by him.

He didn’t deserve to be pitiful.

Seeing the steadfast light in Christian’s eyes, Marven Su stared blankly for a long time before he came back to his senses. Your character is too extreme, and you will tend to be radical in the future.

Christian smiled, the light in his eyes split when he laughed, but my extremes were also caused by him.

The two big men Marven Su and Tonny Jiang were silent.

This crime was borne by Elbert alone, and he was more than guilty.

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