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Chapter 241


After Sheldon connected the video, he cried respectfully.

Although this is not the first time I have opened a video for my father after knowing his identity, Sheldon’s attitude is somewhat respectful.

After all, my father is much more majestic than before.

“Little Sheldon, what are you up to?”

Dad looked at Sheldonci and smiled.

“I’m ready to rest, Dad, you are calling so late, what’s the matter?”

“Yeah, there is something. I asked your sister to check it out. I know you spend most of your energy on your homework, but now your sister is going to the North Africa industry, so It was delayed. I wonder if your sister told you?”

“Let me find a woman for you?”

Sheldon remembered what his sister had confided in the front-end time, and asked him to help check a woman.

“Yes, I will fax you her picture in a while. You can help me find out her whereabouts as much as possible. Alas, otherwise, Dad will blame himself for life!”

“And there is one thing you have to remember, don’t let your mother know!”

Dad sighed.

Make Sheldon sound awkward.

Even his complexion is unsightly.

Is this a woman that my dad once failed?

Damn, now I let my siblings take pictures secretly, the first thing Sheldon thinks of is his mother. I feel like this is too sorry for my mother, right?

“What does she have to do with you? Your energy is greater than us. If you want to find it, you will definitely find it, right?”

Sheldon said.

“Oh, kid, if it’s easy for Dad to find it, should you ask your sister and brother to find it? What is the relationship? You and your sister have the same problem. Anyway, let me tell you that it’s not the relationship you imagined. She is related to a major event that happened in our family that year. After so many years, our Cooper Family is very sorry to her. As for what happened, don’t ask, I will tell you later!”

“Okay, that’s it, give me a treat on this matter!”

After speaking, Dad hung up the phone.

Before long, Sheldon received a fax message on his cell phone.

It’s a black-and-white photo of that kind of decades.

In the photo, it is a woman.

The moment he saw this woman, Sheldon’s hand shook suddenly and almost dropped the phone on the ground.

After looking at the photo for a long time, Sheldon even took a breath.

“This… isn’t this Su Qiangwei?”

Yes, the woman in the photo is indeed beautiful, of the kind.

Almost exactly the same as Su Qiangwei.

If the photos were not in black and white, Sheldon would definitely consider her to be Su Qiangwei.

How is she?

Sheldon thought, this woman should belong to her father’s peers.

In other words, she is probably Su Qiangwei’s mother.

After all, Sheldon knew that Su Qiangwei grew up in an orphanage.

Her parents abandoned her for no reason.

Now, if nothing happens, the woman that Dad asks himself to find is Su Qiangwei’s mother.

Even now, many thoughts floated through Sheldon’s mind.

I remember the first time I saw Su Qiangwei, I suddenly had a throbbing in my heart.

It was the kind of first time I saw Su Qiangwei, I felt very kind, naturally kind, and naturally wanted to protect her! The kind without a reason.

Now when I think about it, is Su Qiangwei his sister?

Although his father kept explaining, he said that the two had nothing to do with him. Sheldon didn’t believe it if he was killed!

This night, Sheldon suddenly became nervous, and couldn’t sleep while lying on the bed tossing about.

In the early morning of the next day, Sheldon called Su Qiangwei. He must see her and have a good chat with her.

During this period, the two have been chatting occasionally on Instagram when they were fine.

Su Qiangwei has now gone to a new kindergarten.

It’s pretty good.

Moreover, with the help of Sheldon, he directly gave Su Qiangwei a house for them to live in.

“Teacher Su, can you do me a favor? I can’t review the homework of these children in our class. My boyfriend came to pick me up and wants to go shopping. Can you review it for me?”

A female teacher with long hair, waist-length, said lightly to Su Qiangwei who was also correcting students’ homework.

“But Teacher Liu, I also have part of my homework still reviewing!”

Su Qiangwei said embarrassedly.

“Huh, you don’t want to help if you don’t want to help. What reasons do you find? Don’t think that you are awesome when Mr. Tang introduced you as a teacher. Hehe, think about it, who is Su Qiangwei? I was named the most beautiful teacher in the Roston Early Childhood Education Campus. How amazing you are. Now it’s not enough to let you review your homework?”

The teacher named Liu Ke said coldly.

She entered the best kindergarten in Roston two months earlier than Su Qiangwei. When Su Qiangwei first came, Liu Ke often bullied her and reviewed things that often happened with her homework.

Moreover, Liu Ke has found a boyfriend who is also a powerful and powerful person, and he looks good.

Originally, Liu Ke, the “most beautiful” female teacher selected by the school district, felt that he would definitely take the top spot.

As a result, the student’s parents voted the most for Su Qiangwei, who is more beautiful.

Of course Liu Ke was in a hurry.

I also inquired about Su Qiangwei, she really didn’t see her back at all.

This was the scene at hand.

As for some of her older female teachers, seeing this scene, they all dared not speak.

“Well, I’ll just review it for you! Teacher Liu Ke!”

Su Qiangwei bit her lip and moved a large stack of homework she left from Liu Ke’s table to her own table.

“Huh, it’s pretty much the same, don’t think that you will be stunned after the most beautiful award, I tell you, I, Liu Ke, will not lose to you!

Liu Ke scolded Su Qiangwei.

He turned around triumphantly and wanted to leave.

“Qiangwei, let whoever approve her homework, and you don’t owe her money, what do you do with her?”

At this time, a faint voice rang.

A boy walked up to Su Qiangwei and moved the large pile of homework back to Liu Ke.

“fu*k, who are you so special?”

Liu Ke was stunned.

Sheldon didn’t even look at her, and directly pulled Su Qiangwei’s arm and said, “Didn’t you ask you to ask for leave? How can you still review your homework for her? Go, let’s go to dinner first and talk to you about something!”

“Yeah, I asked for a vacation!”

Su Qiangwei nodded.

After seeing Sheldon, Su Qiangwei seemed to have a sense of security.

Because usually, she is indeed a little afraid of Liu Ke who is arrogant and domineering.

Seeing that they both ignored her and went out, her female teacher lowered her head and laughed.

Liu Ke flushed.

“Oh, Teacher Liu Ke, your boyfriend is here to pick you up again! I’m so envious!”

In the kindergarten, several young female teachers who went shopping were chatting with Liu Ke’s boyfriend at the door.

Seeing Liu Ke at this moment, they all envied.

But after that, I saw Su Qiangwei and Sheldon who were also walking out.

Several girls smashed each other’s arms: “Oh, look? Is this boy Su Qiangwei’s boyfriend?”

“Gosh, no? This boy looks so low!”

“Haha, so the two of them are worthy of being together!”


As soon as Sheldon came out, a ridiculous voice came into his ears…

Chapter 242

“Hmph, no wonder Su Qiangwei dared to be so disobedient to me today, it turns out that he has found a boyfriend! I really mad at me!”

Liu Ke rolled his eyes and watched Sheldon talk to Su Qiangwei.

“Ker, what’s wrong?”

And the man leaned on the car door with his hands in his pockets, and looked at Sheldon with a hostile smile.

“It’s not Su Qiangwei. Originally, the students are on vacation today. We have to stay in school to review our homework, but I want to go shopping and let her help. As a result, her boyfriend came and refused to help! “

“I don’t know, I thought I found a great boyfriend, a dick!”

Liu Ke said just now.

She saw that Sheldon was wearing a white T-shirt, a pair of sports pants and sneakers, and she saw the kind of dick silk configuration.

Therefore, the words are ignored.

“That’s right, I chose the most beautiful teacher and floated. It’s still Kerr, your boyfriend is amazing, and he is driving a BMW 5 series. It’s so awesome!”

“Of course, it happened that I was shopping with my boyfriend. How about it? Take my boyfriend’s car and take you to play together. After all, we should have a good relationship with colleagues in the future!”

Liu Ke laughed.

Want to isolate Su Qiangwei in this way.

“Wow, wow!”

The girls said they got into the car with a smile and left.

Sheldon wanted to spray that Liu Ke’s.

After all, seeing Su Qiangwei being bullied by her like this, Sheldon was definitely not angry.

However, Su Qiangwei took Sheldon’s arm and prevented Sheldon from being impulsive.

“Damn! It’s great to be rich!?”

Sheldon cursed while watching them leave.

Then she took Su Qiangwei and sat on the big G who had stopped by the road, and left.

It’s almost eleven now.

Sheldon took Su Qiangwei into a restaurant.

“Sheldon, you said there is an important matter to find me, what’s the matter?”

After sitting down, Su Qiangwei asked curiously.

“Qiangwei, do you know a woman named Mengyu?”

Sheldon didn’t mean anything. This matter not only involved Su Qiangwei’s life experience, but also involved himself.

If that Mengyu is really the woman that father used to be.

Doesn’t it mean that I have an extra sister out of thin air!

And this feeling made Sheldon feel too weird.

So now, he must ask clearly.

As for Su Qiangwei, when she heard these two words, she suddenly took a halt, and then looked at Sheldon with surprise.

“You… how do you know her?”

Su Qiangwei asked in shock.

When Sheldonard it, he really had a door.

Busily said: “Who is she from you?”

Su Qiangwei shook her head lonely: “I don’t know who she is, I just know that she abandoned me. It is probably my mother. I also asked the dean of the orphanage later, and he told me!”

“Because I was found at the door of the orphanage. I was wearing a jade pendant with the name of Mengyu engraved on it!”

Su Qiangwei looked at Sheldon: “I haven’t mentioned this matter before, how did you know it? Are they big tigers and two tigers?”

Sheldon thought for a while.

Still don’t plan to tell Su Qiangwei the truth for the time being.

Mainly because Sheldon didn’t know how to say this.

Just take advantage of the trend and said: “Well, it seems that they didn’t know which one mentioned, Qiangwei, don’t you want to find your mother? Or this person called Mengyu?”

Sheldon turned away from the subject.

“Of course I want to find her, but how can I find her!”

Su Qiangwei said, “That’s why I didn’t tell you about it. You have helped me a lot. I really don’t want you to help me anymore. I don’t know how to repay you!”

“What’s the matter, since you want to find it, don’t worry, I will help you!”

Sheldon smiled and patted Su Qiangwei on the shoulder.


Su Qiangwei nodded heavily.

Then, from his body, he took out the jade pendant wrapped in a red cloth.

“Look, Sheldon, this is the jade pendant!”

Su Qiangwei handed the jade pendant to Sheldon.

Sheldon looked at it, but it wasn’t the message of Yupei in the photos his father sent to him.

“Rose, can I hold the jade pendant first? I want to find a master to help me test the origin of this jade!”

Sheldon smiled.

Su Qiangwei paused, then nodded: “Okay!”

Next, Sheldon asked Su Qiangwei about some things before.

“It’s so hot outside, my sunscreen almost won’t work!”

At this moment, a group of people entered the shop.

One of the girls couldn’t help but said, still carrying a bag of things in her hand.

“Ke’er sister, there is a luxury store next to the restaurant, shall we go in and stroll in a while?”

Said a girl.

“Okay, let’s eat first!”

This girl is not someone else, but Su Qiangwei’s colleague Liu Ke.

“I’m going, but Sister Er, look, isn’t that Su Qiangwei? She is actually eating here?”

The girl next to her pointed to Su Qiangwei and Sheldon.

Obviously unexpected.

Liu Ke’s boyfriend is so rich, he would definitely not take them to a casual place to eat.

So this restaurant is very upscale.

But I didn’t expect that in such a high-end restaurant, Su Qiangwei, a girl who usually only serves one meal and one rice, can also come in.

“Ah, isn’t this Su Qiangwei? Come here to eat?”

Liu Ke sneered and walked over.

Sheldon had just collected the jade pendant, and when he saw these girls walking by, he also frowned.

“Did you order? Why are you just two drinks?”

Liu Ke said.

“Hehe, maybe a young couple just want to come in and see. There are so many people of this kind. After they come in, they don’t order anything. They just order two drinks and sit down. They also take pictures and post them to Moments. What!”

A female colleague who is better than Liu Ke said at this time.

It made Liu Ke and the others laugh.

“Waiter, is there a four-person set meal? Give me a set meal? The standard is higher!”

“Of course there is a sir. In addition, our shop has recently put up a special roasted bullfrog famous dish, which was made by a Sichuan chef. Would you like to try it, sir?”

The waiter looked at Liu Ke and the others again.

Liu Ke tsk tsk tsk mouth is to look at his boyfriend.

“Okay, okay, then take a look…”

Liu Ke’s boyfriend took the menu, only to glance at it and he was confused:

“Damn, are you sick? A plate of bullfrogs actually costs 1699? Is this a plate?”

The boyfriend was speechless.

Liu Ke was also taken aback: “Ah? It’s so expensive, I’ll go, I’m almost finished with most of my salary!”

“Yes, sir, this is only a small portion, there are about six. This dish will make you feel that it is worth the money whether it is in the way of eating or the taste experience!”

“Look, those tables of guests have all ordered!”

The waiter pointed to the guests dining next to him.

Indeed, the tricks made by this bullfrog are indeed in place.

And Liu Ke and the others looked at a large portion of the boutique, which was 2,698.

This is too cruel.

When they come in for consumption, the ideal price is only one or two thousand.

“How about a small portion, right?” Liu Ke looked at the neighboring table and ate it.

“Okay, let’s have a copy? Haha, no problem!”

After speaking, his boyfriend raised his voice and shouted: “Come and taste the bullfrog!”

This shows that he is conditional.

At this time, Sheldon was also serving food here.

The waiter brought two clear soup noodles.

“Haha, I’m going to drink two bowls of clear noodle soup, is it really shameful?”

“Oh my god, it’s okay to ask for two servings of rice and let you cook a plate of shredded potatoes!”

Several girls laughed.

“Sir, please let me. This is a large portion of your fine specialty bullfrog! I will serve you a meal!”

At this time, a waiter respectfully brought up a bullfrog.

As for Liu Ke and the others at the table, Sheldon and Su Qiangwei were smiling while covering their mouths. At this time, their smiles froze…

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