His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1967

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Chapter 1967

Han Qingyan looked at Wei Xin’s appearance and muttered, “Oh, what’s the embarrassment? Why are we being polite? Give me a taste and listen to your father. Say, this wine is older than me…”

“You and I are welcome!”

Wei Xin looked at Han Qingyan with a flattering smile, only felt that the veins on his forehead were jumping one by one, “Han Qing Yan said that you are heartless, you still don’t believe it.”

Han Qingyan blinked, “Anyway, I know you will come to help me clean up every time…”

Wei Xin shouted, pointing at the door, “Don’t clean up. Get out of here, and you won’t be in a good mood when you see you!”

However, when Han Qingyan woke up the next day, when Han Qingyan got up, he still saw a table of rich breakfast. On the current affairs news, when he heard Han Qingyan getting up, the fair-skinned man raised his eyelids lazily and glanced at Han Qingyan. “Wake up?”

Han Qingyan woke up the first thing and ran to the refrigerator. Open the refrigerator door to get a Coke.


Wei Xin frowned, Jian Mei Xingmu with a slight anger, “Drinking such ice early in the morning is unhealthy.”

“I have stayed up all night, I still care about this.” Han Qingyan smiled and drew a coke. After taking it, just sitting down, five slender fingers stretched out from the side and took her Coke straight away.

Then a cup of hot milk was placed in front of her.

Han Qingyan’s face collapsed, “I love to drink Fat House Happy Water…”

“It’s not healthy.”

Wei Xin tapped on the expensive table with long slender fingers, and the man’s lips closed together, speaking briefly and quickly,

“Hurry up and eat. After that, I’ll send you to the company for an internship.”

Han Qingyan’s pretty face turned into a bitter gourd. Wei Xin’s cooking is indeed delicious and healthy, but she was worried about the bottle of iced Coke.

Wei Xin glanced at the bottle of ice-cola and narrowed his eyes slightly.

Just like, everyone around him praised Weixin as handsome and cold, but Han Qingyan just fell in love with Gu He’s scum.


Wei Xin grinned and sneered where Han Qingyan could not see.

A man of that level deserves to be compared with him, it is really whimsical.

I sent Han Qingyan to the Han’s company. I didn’t expect to see Gu He at the front desk. He seemed to have been waiting there. He saw Han Qingyan with a smile on his face and said to Han Qingyan, ” Yanyan…”

Han Qingyan was surprised. This is a company owned by her father and uncle. Why is Gu He at the front desk of her company?

“Why are you here?”

However, the person who asked this sentence was Wei Xin. He stood behind Han Qingyan, noble and glamorous like a prince. The only thing that contradicted was the Chanel pearl carrying Han Qingyan on his chest. It’s a chain bag, but the feminine aura on Wei Xin’s body is even more charming. He narrowed his eyes, “This is not the Gu Group?”

Gu He smiled and said to Han Qingyan, “There is a business that I want to make peace with. Yanyan’s family cooperated.”

So that’s it, it turns out that this is the reason why Han Qingyan is hanging.

Wei Xin blankly refused for Han Qingyan, “I remember Gu Yan who is in power in the Gu Group. I have seen him before. He is a very powerful character. Why would he send you over?”

Gu He wanted to surpass himself. Gu Ye, his elder brother, was thinking about winning Han Qingyan.

Han Qingyan is not a fool either. She stared at Gu He with a serious voice, “A Gu, are you profitable for me?”

This is what Wei Xin admires Han Qingyan the most, although she is stupid, but This kind of time is always straightforward. How can another woman ask her beloved man “is it profitable for me”?

However, Han Qingyan asked bluntly.

Gu He changed his face on the spot, this… didn’t Han Qingyan love him so much, how could he ask such questions… Gu He began to panic and could only start to make up the reasons.

“How come… I also want to help our family group… to set up a line with your family.”

Good fellow, he wanted to seek the usurpation of the throne and said he wanted to help. Gu He is also considered a talent.

“I’m just an intern, I can’t speak, you can go to my father directly if you have something.” Han Qingyan pursed his lips, “Although I really want to help you, but after all, it is our big group. You can’t let me break the rules at will, Agu. You can give me the plan, and I will help you pass it to my father.”

Wei Xin smiled and interjected, “You can also come to our house, and my house will do business.”

Gu He immediately stomped with anger in his heart, and this Wei Xin came out. What a bad thing!

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