His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1969

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Chapter 1969

Han Qingyan is a novice, and naturally doesn’t understand that Gu He did this deliberately. He came to the company as if to promote sovereignty. By the way, I would like to remind the employees of Han’s company. Han Qingyan is now There is already a master.

He doesn’t care about his foreign fiancée, and now the domestic Han Qingyan is the one he wants to win, so he is so eager for quick success and instant profit.

Holding the hand of Han smoke, smoke Han felt wrong, pulling away and, after a few seconds, she said, “to see who’s not very good ……”

“What’s wrong?”

Moment Gu He started to sound high-sounding, “I think this is good, and I shouldn’t let you cover it all the time.” The problem is that you have a fiancée!

Han Qingyan felt a little strange, but the person in front of her was her beloved, she could only be tricked into catering again and again, and even a girlish blush appeared on her face. Leading Gu He to his father’s office, Han Qingyan withdrew, leaning against the door, and breathing deeply.

Hold hands, hold hands.

This is the first time she and Gu He have held hands…

Could it be that Gu He is finally willing to give her a chance?

Han Qingyan fell in love here. On the other side of the Gu Group, someone with a cigarette in his mouth said with a particularly improper attitude, “I heard that your brother has gone to the Han Group.”

Gulliver Gu was looking at the computer, as if he was doing something big. Then he frowned and said, “What’s the situation?”

“Want to win Han Qingyan and compete with you for the position in power?”

Luo Youyou poked his face at the side, “I think Gu He is such an idea, but he doesn’t have a fiancée. Well, such a mess, are you afraid of overturning in the future?”

“He is ambitious.” Gulliver Gu squinted and smiled softly, “Naturally, it can be done.”

“How do I feel that your ambition is bigger than him?”

Sakura Kurosawa sat up from the sofa, stretched his waist, and leaned over to Gu Ye, thinking that Gu Ye was reviewing some big documents. Upon closer inspection, he was actually playing a game. Moreover, Sakura Kurosawa went over and saw that he Just died.

Eldon Valles smiled on the spot, he was so handsome, “You’re really a trash, Gu Ye.”

Gu He is annoyed by this love rival now appearing in front of him day by day, just because he asked Sakura Kurosawa to cooperate, Gu He just wanted to. Looking for a similar company to fight against him, who expected this Sakura Kurosawa to be so shameless, and began to point him at him.

Gu Ye rubbed his eyebrows, “Can you be quiet.”

“If it weren’t for Luo Youyou to say he wanted to help you, I would be too lazy.” Kurosawa Sakura was sour when he spoke, looking at Gu Ye’s gentle and white face. He was not angry, “Who is free to help his former rival’s company overcome the difficulties.”

Luo Youyou twisted Sakura Kurosawa’s thigh, “Don’t keep talking about Gulliver Gu, Gulliver Gu to me. Very good.”

Gu Ye put out his signature elegant smile in the middle of the two, and said by the way, the male green tea deliberately said, “I love you the most, yoyo, after breaking up, you are also a very important person to me.”

Sakihara Hei Ze angrily pulled out Gu Ye’s network cable, “Don’t push your nose and face!”

“I said today that I’m here to talk business, don’t quarrel.”

Luo Youyou squatted to stop Sakura Kurosawa, holding his fingers upright. Before Sakura Kurosawa’s lips, “Don’t make a noise–“

Sakura Kurosawa kissed her soft little finger, scared Luo Youyou with goose bumps, and quickly put her hand back, “Kurosawa, you are like this. Not good…”

“Not good?” When Sakurahara Kurosawa became angry, his fresh and beautiful eyebrows became more attractive with anger. He said, “Where have I not kissed?”

There was a face to mention.

Luo Youyou flushed, “I didn’t forgive you, don’t always be passionate, today is here to talk about business…”

Oh, being passionate.

Sakihara Kurosawa’s eyes darkened, and then he said, “Then you pull me to talk to Gulliver Gu…Do you think I don’t feel anything in my heart?”

Gulliver Gu squinted his eyes and opened a little while smiling. .

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