His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1974

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Chapter 1974

Eldon Valles has never thought that Luo Yuyu’s weak body has such a great power hidden in her body, and she has such an idea when there are so many people carrying a painful life. Did you carry it through gritted teeth?

There are so many people in the world who can’t love. Everyone is crying and crying for nothing in return. Everyone scolds his beloved who is not long-eyed and indifferent to each other, but Luo Youyou never said much, just like it was. , She refused to sell herself to others.

The only thing learned from so much suffering is not to be miserable, and not to seek comfort and approval from others.

It’s just that you love someone and you don’t love it. Is it really okay to just be comforted with a few words of “you are wronged”? So many people reasoned with you to make you give up and didn’t give up, thinking that they were very powerful and could carry it over, but who came back like a defeated stray dog?

Is it just the approval of the bystanders that all you want for so much effort? Doesn’t this just mean that you who know all this in vain but continue to give hysterically look a little more ridiculous?

Are you so happy to be poor?

If you can’t take any actual change action, then shut your mouth and sell me less!

Luo Youyou’s eyes are red, and she will never say a word. Selling miserably is like self-brainwashing. She keeps telling others how wronged she is, and blames those who do evil to you, but turns her head and kneels again. Licking, forgetting how disgusting he looked when he was denounced earlier.

That’s not selling miserably, it’s being cheap.

That’s stupid-it deserves it!

Luo Youyou won’t let herself become this kind of person. She and Sakura Kurosawa owe each other, and Kurosawa hates her, it’s normal. Now that she has returned her freedom, what reason does she have to entangle again.

There are so many thoughts in her mind, but only a few numbers are said, “You…will be free in the future, don’t look back, see our past…”

This new life is not just for her, but for him.

Hey, that genius boy in memory Eldon Valles, you will always be the most beloved secret in the depths of my heart.

“Don’t… Yoyo, don’t scare me, Yoyo!”

Luo Yoyo’s body was terribly cold, so scared that Sakura Kurosawa grabbed her hand, and watched Luo Youyou faint in his arms with pain, Sakura Kurosawa The heart shrank into a ball. Why is she so tolerant? Why does she pass out of pain without crying!

Even if it is, it’s okay to vent to him… When Sakurahara Kurosawa rushed into the hospital holding Luo Youyou, Mo Zaixi was shocked, “What’s the situation!”

“Yoyou’s stomach is uncomfortable, you should check it!”

“I–” Mo Zaixi called to the younger sister, “I’ll help you arrange it right away!” I received a call from Sakura Kurosawa overnight. Mo Zaixi got up from the bed and worked overtime, watching Sakura Kurosawa sitting outside to fill in the various items. Mo Zaixi sighed with emotion, “You look like a family member of the patient.”

“Lao Tzu is her family member!”

Eldon Valles yelled out cryingly, “Is it a family member or something for more than 20 years? His parents are my parents! All day long thinking about walking and staying without leaving, don’t tell me if my stomach hurts, don’t you treat me as an outsider!” I am mad at him… I feel so sorry for him… even if not. When they got married, they had been living together for so long!

The Mo Zaixi people trembled. He never thought that he could hear such decisive words from Eldon Valles’s mouth, so he could only step forward to comfort him, “Na Luo Youyou…The personality is more boring than Ameli Su, Yan Yan turned the corner somehow. Will deliberately express emotions with yin and yang, Luo Youyou sap, work hard and only know how to make money, you should not be more active.”

Sakura Kurosawa panted and said, “Fill it out! Pick a better ward for her!”

Twenty minutes later, Mo Zaixi learned from the ancient people and bowed to Eldon Valles, “Congratulations, sir, madam, happy!”

Sakurahara Kurosawa Kandang fell from Luo Youyou’s bed and sat down with a pale face, “What did you say? She is pregnant? Whose…?”

Mo Zaixi was also dumbfounded, what’s the situation? Isn’t it Kurosawa’s…this…this…

Sakurahara Kurosawa tremblingly took out the phone and called Gulliver Gu, and then he yelled, “You made Luo Youyou pregnant, you beast, do you know that she is single and unmarried,” It’s a crime to get pregnant like this!” Gu Ye was woken up from sleep, with a dazed expression, “Pregnant? What did I do to touch her?”

Sakihara Kurosawa squeaked.

“Did you drink? You became stupid after drinking too much? Forgot to take down Jammy a few days before you and Luo Youyou—”

Sakura Kurosawa was scared again and the phone slammed to the ground.

Gulliver Gu’s voice is still coming, “What’s the situation now, do you want to have a baby? Oh, forget it, I’ll come to see you two, the children are not easy to come, you two are not short of money, you can give birth…”

Sakurahara Kurosawa’s brain crashed, and he murmured, “My child…”

Mo Zaixi said to the junior sister, “Do we still have beds in the mental hospital department?”

Junior sister: “Yes.”

“Reserve one .” , Maybe this Kurosawa is going to be hospitalized.”

Eldon Valles didn’t know whether it was a good cry or a good laugh. He just scolded Gu Ye, but he didn’t expect that he was scolding himself. He picked up the phone and trembled. Said, “Yuyu…Is my child pregnant?!”

“You have to mind, you can use my last name.” Gulliver Gu said, “Let your daughter call my father.”

” Get out of here .”

Kurosawa Sakihara He climbed up on the ground, “It’s over, I’m stupid now, it’s over, I’m going to the Luo family to take the blame, I…I will take their baby daughter…”

As a result, five minutes later, the Luo family received a long channel of apology from Eldon Valles. They also said that he would calm down and apologize in person in the morning tomorrow morning. You can feel Sakura Kurosawa’s customary slippery kneeling from his hometown by reading the words. Apologize and kowtow.

Mother Luo’s eyes widened.

“Our girl, and the kid from the

Sakihara family…” “Dad Luo, why are you smiling crookedly?”

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