His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1977

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Chapter 1977

Luo Youyou was a little shocked when he heard all this, Sakura Kurosawa made too many concessions, and she was shocked if she was a passerby, she would definitely point to Sakura Kurosawa. In a word, look, lick the dog alive and well.

She squeezed her fingers, Luo Youyou pursed her lips, her eyes were complicated, “I…I can’t make a decision alone…”

“I know, I have already apologized to your mother for this matter… My mother also said I will come to China in the near future. I will have a formal chat with your parents at that time. I said, respect your decision…”

Sakura Kurosawa took a deep breath, then stood up and said to Luo Youyou, “You weren’t old in the past. Say me, you think you are good to you, and you have to accuse you from the top. I always feel that I already value you very much. In fact, it is just self-satisfaction. I have never really considered your feelings…”

Luo Youyou contracted. .

He still remembers those words.

“Now I understand.”

Alisha Lan and Sherry Xu opened their mouths as they watched from the side, and Sakura Kurosawa didn’t realize what they said shocked them. This is true for Sakura Kurosawa, who has always been selfish. Subvert the image!

Sakurahara Kurosawa walked towards the door, “You and Alisha should be talking to your girlfriends, right? Then I will make room for you two first.”

Maybe it’s the life and death of you who have seen Christian and Ameli Su. He figured it out and raised it. What’s the use of an arrogant head? Don’t wait until you lose it and regret it.

Alisha Lan reached Sherry Xu’s ear: “It’s not…this Sakihara Kurosawa has changed from a handsome scumbag to a handsome gentleman?”

Sherry Xu glared at him, “Is he handsome? How do I feel that he doesn’t have me.” Handsome!”

Why this person has never grasped the key points correctly!

“He’s not handsome? You see that the bridge of his nose is that of a handsome guy. Kurosawa Sakura is exquisite in his beautiful bones, which is much more durable than the average handsome guy.” Alisha Lan said deliberately, but this is also the truth.

“Lao Tzu’s mouth is also a handsome guy’s mouth!” Sherry Xu pointed to himself, “You praise him again, I will pour sulfuric acid on him!”

Alisha Lan rubbed his stomach and laughed.

However, the young couple quarreled, Luo Youyou was in a daze at the door where Sakura Kurosawa walked out.

It’s over… The way he looks now, even some… Let her…

Luo Youyou reached out and touched her thumping heart, stop beating!

Alisha Lan glanced at Luo Youyou, noticed her emotional fluctuations, blinked, “How about it, do you have an idea?”

Luo Youyou was frank, “It feels like I have met him again…”

“This But…Where did Sakurahara Kurosawa say such things before? He will only change the way to drive you out. Now, I figured it out.” Alisha Lan said, “Also. Okay, your heart was hard before, and you left him, let him know that he can’t do without you… I told you, you have to tame a scumbag like this…”

Sherry Xu listened to the blue veins jumping on his forehead, “You are faintly Mention me?”

Luo Youyou looked down at her stomach, “Am I going to be like you in the future?”

Alisha Lan nodded and smiled very happily, “It’s great, our children will have playmates in the future.”


This term is too new for Luo Youyou, and the responsibility is too heavy. She is a cautious person, not daring to think about whether she can take on this important responsibility, but when all this has happened irretrievably, Luo Youyou can only bite Tooth went forward.

“I want to be born.”

Holding the quilt, Luo Youyou’s gaze went from the wind to the calm behind, as if experiencing a tsunami. She touched her belly and said, “I can afford it, I want to be born. Now that he has come. , It shows that we have fate.”

Standing at the door, Sakura Kurosawa heard her firm and sonorous words, and suddenly thought of her thin body, Luo Youyou is no taller and thinner than Ameli Su, she is a little loli about one and six meters, but she is small In the body, it seems that there is always the power to oppose fate.

Covering his mouth, Sakura Kurosawa’s eyes turned red.

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