His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1984

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Chapter 1984

Han Qingyan shrank her neck and did not dare to speak. Seeing her like this, Wei Xin was even more angry. It’s no wonder that you cringe, this brain deserves to be Gu He’s licking dog.” It deserves it.

When Han Qingyan heard Wei Xin say this, she was stunned, as if she had been scolded and stupid by Wei Xin.

After a while she was like a deflated ball, and she curled up in Wei Xin’s passenger seat, muttering, “I…when he came in the morning, I made it clear to him.

” Are you sure that you made it clear?”

Wei Xin sneered, “Anyway, you must be nervous and sad to say that Gu He will not come to you? You can’t even speak harshly. You learn to learn Your mother’s female boss has aura, she doesn’t look like a big lady day by day.”

Han Qingyan unexpectedly didn’t return her mouth. Before changing, they probably talked back to each other.

Seeing Han Qingyan’s silent appearance, Wei Xin realized whether he was too cruel. After all, Han Qingyan was just a little too kind in this matter. Objectively speaking, whether she went to work or solved Gu He’s pursuit. None of the above has done anything wrong, but his tone has already dragged her to the wrong side–not that it should, and it shouldn’t be.

He drove the car silently all the way to his home. Jia Qi and Han Rang were sitting in the living room and chatting with Wei Ying. When they saw Wei Xin leading Han Qingyan in, the old father’s face was almost wrinkled with a smile, “Are you two here?” Is the road blocked?”

Wei Xin said dryly, “No block.”

After that, he walked to the living room and said, “What do you have for dinner?” Wei Ying, the father, said, “Your mother will come over and make it. When you are all together, you will have dinner. “

Wei Xin’s parents are divorced. His father was one of the best rich and handsome scumbags at the time. He was suave and handsome. It was a rebellious person. His mother was desperate when she gave birth to a child in October. Later he married another man.

Wei Xin curled his lips, “My mother cooked, why did people leave? I said that I would drive directly to Uncle Xiao’s house.”

“You bastard!” Wei Ying was so angry that he scolded his unfilial son. Dad can cook delicious food from his father’s family?”

Wei Xin seemed to have won the battle. Every time he quarreled and won his father, he was particularly proud. He pulled Han Qingyan and sat down and looked at her. At a glance, she seemed to be still uncomfortable.

Also, who has been held in the palm of one’s hand since childhood, where have you ever seen such bright and aggressive workplace malice?

Perhaps Jia Qi had seen too much trouble before, so he thought about not letting his daughter go through it. However, Han Qingyan always has to contact the society. She is a careless but serious and hard-working child, while studying and doing an internship at home and company. Help, in fact, in the rich second-generation circle, it is already a rare practical seedling. I have encountered so many today, and I will definitely grow in the future.

Han Wei Xin smoke to pour a glass of milk, then let Han and Jia Qi also sit down on the edge of her and whispered, “how tobacco smoke is not feeling very happy ah?”

“What work experience today?”

Just going To help Han Qingyan say something, Han Qingyan didn’t expect Han Qingyan to reply immediately, “No—that’s right

I’m a little busy at work, tired…” “If you’re tired, don’t come to the company this time, you are about to graduate. I have to worry about the thesis a lot.” Jia Qi stretched out his hand and touched Han Qingyan’s face.

“If you have anything to do, tell your mother , don’t hide it.” Han Qingyan wanted to ask her mother who was in the workplace. Have you ever encountered any malice from the surroundings? But after thinking about it, my mother was a well-known strong woman back then, let alone Lisa Tang’s good girlfriends. Both of them should be very vigorous and powerful at work. Right.

Han Qingyan muttered softly, “Mom, were you stressed out when you were at work?”

“It’s stressful.” Speaking of going to work before, Jia Qi seemed to think of someone. After a long time, she chuckled, “I was very stressed at that time, if it wasn’t for Lisa Tang’s auntie, and then your father showed up. I don’t think I can hold it anymore, so in fact, it is not ashamed to suffer from pressure in the workplace, and I believe you will be very powerful in the future.” The result is-Daniel Ye sneezed this night.

The babysitter next to her covered her mouth and said, “Ye Shao, someone is thinking about you.”

“Swear me.” Daniel Ye wiped his nose. Just about to turn off the computer, the phone rang.

Looking closely,

it turned out to be… Daniel Ye sat up straight on the spot and answered the phone. The female voice on the other side asked him softly,

“Uncle Daniel Ye, what kind of person my mother was back then? I also want to be A powerful existence like her.”

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