His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1985

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Chapter 1985

I didn’t expect Han Qingyan to call in the middle of the night to chat about this. Daniel Ye first changed his expression, and then he cleared his throat and said, “Well…your mother went over. Great, what’s wrong with you, you said this all of a sudden?”

“I was told by someone at the company today.”

Han Qingyan was taking a bath and lying on the bed at the moment, she stuffed herself in the bed and clutched I talked to Daniel Ye on the phone, and talked to Daniel Ye about what happened after work, and then she said, “I am reflecting on whether I am too weak. If I change to my mother, I will definitely solve it very well.

Right .” Daniel Ye’s mind came to mind that Jia Qi was wearing a capable office uniform, with documents in his hand, and was able to solve difficult cases for him with exquisite and superb methods. Everyone said at the time. , Daniel Ye has Jia Qi next to him, but he is not easy to provoke. If you can talk about the benefits from her, then it must be a show of compassion.

Yes, everyone knows that Jia Qi was once the most beautiful and neat female assistant behind Daniel Ye. He and her shared countless scandals and gossip. Every time he appeared on the stage, various people would look at it with various eyes. And watching, maybe the rumors behind them related to them have never stopped, but Jia Qi at that time didn’t care about these at all.

She seemed to only want to fight desperately for Daniel Ye’s career.

For Daniel Ye, go through all kinds of fire and water.

Daniel Ye sighed with the ups and downs of the past, but what he said was relief to Han Qingyan, “Everyone is born with a different personality. Your mother really wanted to have a strong temper at the beginning, but that doesn’t mean You must be strong too. You only need to have your own style in your work. You see Tang poetry is also this character, Christian does not know who inherited it…”

Hearing Daniel Ye complaining about Christian, Han Qingyan felt a little funny. , She covered her mouth, “But fortunately, Christian and Ameli Su are now cultivating Zhengguo.”

“Children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren. I think your mother also wants to protect you, and she cultivated you into such a down-to-earth character. , Maybe you just need to be a little bit stronger, don’t blame yourself too much.”

When Daniel Ye said this, Jia Qi’s face was all in his mind.

The world is really unpredictable, Jia Qi and him can no longer be possible, but now, the order uses another method to get him in contact with Jia Qi.

Jia Qi’s daughter, he will protect him to the end, just as it is… It is good to compensate Jia Qi for hurting so much back then.

Han Qingyan grabbed his mobile phone and said, “Perhaps I shouldn’t be doing an internship at my company at home, I will be told…”

“With this channel and resources, of course I have to do my internship at home so that I can take over in the future.” But she was teaching her not to back down, “Why face it, maybe this is also a new lesson in life, don’t be afraid, self-attack is consuming your mental power.”

Han Qingyan heard Daniel Ye say this. Suddenly, the inner pressure was reduced a lot. Yeah, she was destined to shoulder these responsibilities. It was a pretentious price. Since she is a daughter of the Han family, isn’t this experience necessary?

What is she afraid of.

Maybe Daniel Ye was also talking to himself.

What’s to be afraid of, Daniel Ye.

The memories of the past in his mind, accompanied by Han Qingyan’s call, were vigorous, and they almost knocked him down.

Jia Qi…why…is this happening?

Obviously want to forget.

Obviously it was sealed in the depths of my mind.

[The earth is not big enough, lovers and enemies will also meet.

The more you escape, the more you meet, why don’t mortals have Meng Po tea.

If you know you are afraid, can you face it quickly. ]

Face it, face it.

After so many years, are you not brave enough to face it?

Daniel Ye’s Adam’s apple moved up and down, and suddenly smiled and said, “If…I mean, if you are free, on weekends, please help me to say hello to your mother. I…if you need help, so does Ye’s It can be shot.”

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