His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1988

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Chapter 1988

After saying this, the expressions of Jia Qi and Han Rang changed accordingly. Foreign fiancee……?

If the second youngest member of Gu’s family had a fiancee abroad, wouldn’t his family’s fame spread out? Jia Qi said with an embarrassed smile, “Oh, Xiaoxin, you and Yanyan are still standing upstairs, or go down first…”

Han Rang looked at Gu He vigilantly. After all, he is such a precious girl. He really has a bad heart. He definitely won’t let it go. Now everyone is waiting for Gu He to explain. Unexpectedly, after Gu He was initially stunned, he said to Jia Qi and Han Rang, “Uncle and aunt, actually Wei Xin is right, I do have a fiancée abroad… But, this is also the case before. I have already proposed to dissolve the marriage with Fu Shuman. She is abroad and I am in China. The future career development of the two of us is different. So already…”

After a pause, Gu He slowed down, “I know that people might think that I want to do something bad for Yanyan, but please believe me. I know Yanyan as well. For a long time, I was her senior in school before, how could I hurt her? And Fu Shuman also broke up peacefully, and didn’t say we wanted you to die, otherwise, how could I look for things like this openly? What about Yanyan?”

Listen! What is male green tea! This is the lively male green tea!

Wei Xin almost didn’t get angry with Gu He’s forehead smoke, a series of swear words had already flooded to his mouth, but thinking that Jia Qi and Han Rang were there, he abruptly held back it, and then looked at Gu He with a scrutinizing gaze. Condescendingly, he grabbed Han Qingyan’s wrist and walked down the stairs of the villa step by step, and then said grimly, “Who knows what you are thinking about.”

Gu He smiled helplessly, as if his brother was tolerating. He pretended to be a wayward brother, “Don’t be like this, Wei Xin, you and I have no grievances…”

This is true. Gu He didn’t directly offend Wei Xin. Jia Qi felt a little weird. Why did Wei Xin come up to be so hostile to Gu He? She also knew that Wei Xin would not choke others for no reason. Something unpleasant happened to him, but it was the second youngest of the Gu family, and Gu He had spoken so candidly, and if he was wrongly suspicious of others like this, it was her Han family who was careful.

So Jia Qi had no choice but to say, “Why don’t you go together? Don’t worry about it. Your father and I are going to have a meeting later.

It’s okay for you three juniors to go out to play or stay in the Han’s house.” Quite polite and feminine, Han Rang nodded and looked at Gu He more. Then he went out with Jia Qi. Before going out, Jia Qi smiled and said, “There is food in the refrigerator. If you want something else, just Let the next person prepare it for you, I wish you a good time.”

After speaking, the door was closed.

They gave up all the space to their juniors, so now Han Qingyan stood in the living room, very embarrassed, neither sitting nor standing. After a long silence, she said, “Gu He or you go back first, I am today I have nothing to do on the weekend, so I should play games with Wei Xin.”

Gu He’s expression changed. How could it be? Before the change, Han Qingyan would not refuse him, but now he started…rejecting him?

Gu He didn’t know where his worries came from. In the past, Han Qingyan was the little attendant on the back of his butt, and Dian Er Dian’er followed him, but now it’s different. She seems to be no longer catering to herself.

The sense of loss of control made Gu He feel a little uncontrollable, “Qianyan, you believe me, I have really settled the marriage contract.”

Han Qingyan shook his head with red eyes, where can he disappear so quickly? But she wouldn’t believe the man in front of her anymore, otherwise she deserved it, so she said, “No way, Gu He, I said it very clearly, you don’t come to me again in the future.”

She must do it. The right thing.

“Am I an eyesore here?”

Captain Bian suddenly put in a word, he put his hands in his pocket, squinted those beautiful eyes, and sneered.

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