His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1991

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Chapter 1991

But at this moment, in Han Qingyan’s eyes, Gu He’s such arrogance has already made her feel a little disgusted. I don’t know why, just like the Gu He I liked in the past, and Gu He in front of him is not alone at all.

He used to be personable, elegant and gentle, but now…Look, he is ugly and eager for quick success.

how so.

After the filters for the beloved ones disappeared, Han Qingyan actually felt that Gu He’s face became abominable, as if he would be swallowed by Gu Hesheng if he was not careful. After being used, he swallowed it in one breath, without bones. Leftover.

So facing Gu He’s low posture, Han Qingyan frowned and pushed him away, then turned and went into the living room. Gu He was taken into the car by someone outside, looking blankly at him. Han Qingyan left, feeling that his world had collapsed.

What’s the situation…

Why did the little woman who has always loved him become such a stranger to him?

Gu He’s heartbeat was so fierce that he had never lost control of himself before. He was about to lose control of himself. He closed his eyes and was full of thoughts about what to do if Han Qingyan fell in love with Wei Xin.

Why didn’t he notice Han Qingyan in the past, but now he is thinking about using her, but she sees through it——Although Han Qingyan is innocent, it is just pure and innocent to others, she is not stupid, he thinks her too stupid , He looked down on her too low…

Gu He sat in the car and watched the Han’s servant drove his car to start, acting as the driver, and the whole person slowly became nervous.

Put your hand on your chest, trying to suppress the heartbeat this way. He is used to unscrupulous means, and now he said “give a chance” to Han Qingyan…Does he… really like Han Qingyan?

Han Qingyan encountered these things early in the morning, feeling that both sides of her temples were jumping up and down. After she had completely sent Gu He away, she sat in the living room in a daze, full of thoughts about how she liked Gu He in the past, but now Push him away personally.

Did she change, or did he change?

With a long sigh of relief, Han Qingyan saw the tea his father had placed on the coffee table. It was sent by Wei Xin early in the morning. He seemed to wake up earlier than her… The days when Wei Xin lived together, Wei Xin always got up early and even made breakfast for her. This man had a nice skin and was proficient in everything. He was even skilled in cooking and chased outside. He should have a lot of girls, right?

After thinking about it, I had eaten Wei Xin’s food for so many years for nothing. At this time, I should lower my head and make concessions.

With a helpless smile, Han Qingyan stood up, cleaned up and went out.

Go find Wei Xin, what’s the matter with her lowering her head to coax.

Unexpectedly, when Han Qingyan was standing at the door of the villa where Wei Xin lived with, she saw the pair of female high heels at the door that did not belong to her, and her face changed.

For the first time, she knocked on the door with some embarrassment. In the past, she used to go in and out like her own home. She gently opened the door, “That.”

The girl who was lying on the sofa with Wei Xin and watching a movie turned around When I saw Han Qingyan, both sides looked at each other dumbfounded, “How did you get in?!”

“I have fingerprints…”

“Why do you have fingerprints?!”

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