His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1996

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Chapter 1996

In fact, when Han Qingyan left his house, he wanted to rush out, but because of his own face, he never left. Later, he spied from the floor-to-ceiling window to Han Qing downstairs. Yan was pulled into the car by Qin Ruo. This Lieutenant Xin Ke was a little anxious. He knew exactly what kind of person Qin Ruo was. This woman never knew right from wrong, only she was willing.

Han Qingyan can’t be damaged by her.

So watching Qin Ruo drive away, Wei Xin immediately went downstairs and followed their car, but what he didn’t expect was that Qin Ruo didn’t take Han Qingyan anywhere, but…

took her. Back to Qin Ruo’s house.

What kind of medicine does Qin Ruo gourd sell?

Wei Xin couldn’t control so much. He rushed in and just screamed. He didn’t expect Qin Ruo’s brother to be at home. Now, when the two of them met each other, Wei Xin felt that her brother did not look like a decent person, and suddenly became alert. But he still had to talk about the scene. He called out, “Big Brother Qin.”

“Isn’t this Master Wei.”

Qin Hu is a few years older than Wei Xin, so he naturally wants to be calmer, “He hurriedly came to our house A Ruo. ? “

If Qin Han saw smoke on a couch, grabbed her shoulder with a smile,” not yet, I think Han Wei young master should be in order to smoke, right? “

listen to his sister say, Qin brutal I understood it all at once, and then followed with a meaningful smile, “I’m sorry, my sister is doing things so violently, it may have caused you trouble.”

Wei Xin stood there with a white and beautiful face. Looking closely, there was coldness and harshness in his eyebrows, and he said two words to Han Qingyan, “Come here.”

Hard and fierce.

Han Qingyan was yelled like this by Wei Xin, and she couldn’t get off the stage for a while, because Wei Xin’s tone was like calling a dog to come over. She pursed her lips, and finally got up from the sofa and saw Han Qingyan. With this action, Qin Ruo felt wronged for her, thinking about stopping, who knew that Wei Xin stepped forward and pulled her over with great force.

Han Qingyan’s wrist was light and it hurt when she was being dragged, but she resisted without saying a word. When passing by Qin Xu, she glanced at Qin Hu with a particularly sorry look. After all, this has caused a lot of trouble to the Qin brothers and sisters The troubles of Wei Xin, especially when Wei Xin is still going to fight like this…

However, the latter received it and said with a smile, “I think there is a contradiction between Master Wei and Miss Han, and my sister shouldn’t bother about it. Nosy, it’s better if you finish solving it, and we will get together next time.

” After all, Qin Hu, who is “old and cunning”, will be a man.

Qin Ruo glared at his elder brother unwillingly, without saying a word, just watching Han Qingyan staggering and being taken away by Wei Xin. The figure from the back was quite a posture of her husband going out to catch his cheating wife back, watching Han Qingyan Being taken away, Qin Ruo sighed, “Oh.”

He always felt that Han Qingyan would unconditionally accommodate everything about Wei Xin. The good of Wei Xin and the bad of Wei Xin were taken for granted in Han Qingyan’s eyes.

After getting in the car, Wei Xin looked at Han Qingyan who was wearing his seat belt, and slapped the steering wheel hard, “Do you know what you are doing!”

Han Qingyan was stunned, “I…”

“You and Qin If you meet for the first time, you can be taken to someone else’s house like this?”

Wei Xin broke out, “Do you know self-love? Do you know that this will make you look cheap in the eyes of others? I told you before. Have you said anything in vain?”

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