His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1997

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Chapter 1997

Han Qingyan had no idea that she got on the car to greet her with Wei Xin scolding her head and face. Although she had felt how unforgiving Wei Xin’s mouth was before, she was at this moment. He took a really real breath, his eyes widened, and he looked at Wei Xin blankly.

This blank expression stung Wei Xin.

He and her never had an overnight feud. The two knew each other too well. Han Qingyan pouted at Wei Xin and knew what she would like to eat at night, but now…

Han Qingyan looked at him and looked at him. I was at a loss and sad.

The light that was only exposed when facing Wei Xin in the past is gone.

Wei Xin pursed his lips, lowered his head, and began to wonder if what he said was too late, but Han Qingyan was too unprepared, so he left with Qin Ruo like this, can he not be in a hurry!

So Wei Xin cleared his throat, subconsciously slowed down and said, “Do you know what I mean, I just don’t want you to have any other accidents.”

“Qin Ruo is a girl, and I also talked to her downstairs. For a while…” Han Qingyan spoke with a soft voice, but this time, Wei Xin heard stubbornness and rejection from her weakness, “Perhaps you might think that Qin Ruo hates nosy, but in fact I can feel Qin Ruo’s kindness, but she doesn’t speak much, or is very hostile to her habit.” She is actually helping Qin Ruo speak?

“Are you helping Qin Ruo… or helping Qin Ruo’s brother Qin Hu?”

Wei Xin’s beautiful eyes narrowed alertly. He felt that something was wrong when he entered Qin Ruo’s house before. Why did it happen to Qin? Hu was also there, and…the two of them were too close, as if Qin Ruo specially brought Han Qingyan home and introduced him to Qin Hu. Thinking of this, Wei Xin’s temperament that was so rare to calm down began to surge again. His words blocked Han Qingyan to death, “Even if you think she is good, you haven’t known her for long, do you still want to suffer? Is a Gu He not enough for you to work?”

“I clearly rejected Gu He of.”

Han Qingyan squeezed his fingers, “After you left my house.”

“Ah, yeah, you rejected Gu He, should I applaud you and celebrate that our little princess has finally grown up? I don’t need to be a giant baby anymore, it can be regarded as lightening my burden.”

Wei Xin didn’t know what he was talking about. When he said it, he was already talking so yin and yang. He wanted to make up for it at the moment, but Han Qingyan didn’t expect Han Qingyan. Hearing him say so, there was no reaction at all.

Why is she indifferent… When someone says that, no matter how good she is, will she have a temper? Why was she indifferent, why didn’t she vent to him… The more this happened, the more it made Wei Xin feel that Han Qingyan was getting further and further away from her, no matter what he did, he could no longer provoke her emotions.

Seeing her, she just smiled softly and said, “Okay, I know you are for my good, don’t get angry, okay? I really grow up and I won’t make the mistakes I made in the past.”

She ……not angry?

This time it was Wei Xin’s turn to be at a loss. He gave Han Qingyan a big fire, and it seemed that he had hit the cotton with a punch. Not only did Han Qingyan not get angry, but turned his head to coax him. Suddenly Wei Xin didn’t know what to do. What to do, she posted him so close, but she seemed to be separated instantly.

Wei Xin held his breath in his chest and couldn’t vent. He didn’t know why he couldn’t vent. Perhaps the former Han Qingyan would definitely cry in front of him, yelling that Wei Xin’s tone was too vicious and too vicious, he Hard and fiercely hugged her and coaxed it and it was over. It’s better to say “Where there is no fragrant grass in the end of the world, why do you have unrequited love for a flower”, Han Qingyan will be able to walk out of unrequited love.

But now…

she seems to have really changed.

Having said this, Han Qingyan straightened his hair and said, “I’m a bit embarrassed to call you to toss you back and forth like this early in the morning. Would you like to invite you to dinner?”

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