His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1998

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Chapter 1998

Wei Xin had nothing to do with Han Qingyan like this, and reluctantly started the car. He drove Han Qingyan back to Han’s house. This morning was really noisy. From the very beginning, Gu He came to the door. Chasing Han Qingyan to find Wei Xin for peace, and now that Wei Xin brought Han Qingyan out of Qin’s house–it was a twists and turns.

Fortunately, now Han Qingyan is steadfastly by his side, and did not follow Gu He to the amusement park.

With a sigh of relief, Wei Xin took a look at Han Qingyan. She was playing with her mobile phone with her head down. Her profile was quiet and her temperament was generous and indifferent. Even if she didn’t put on makeup, she could tell that she was an extremely good tutor. However, no one has taught her how to fall in love, and her secret love has become a joke for so long. Perhaps…

Wei Xin felt that she shouldn’t be too harsh on Han Qingyan, not to mention that she had already made the right choice, at least in this one. Things didn’t break down either, but he was a little anxious.

Was she too careful and caring…

Han Qingyan answered the phone halfway, saying that there was an important person from the company, and asked her to come and meet, and call Captain Xin along the way. Han Qingyan was a little strange and turned his head. I took a look at Wei Xin, “Who wants to call me and Asin?”


Jia Qi on the other end of the phone covered his mouth and smiled, “I know when I come, it’s a coincidence today. Everyone is here.”


A string of names passed in Han Qingyan’s mind, and she was stunned that it was who had such a big show. When she got there, she went in and saw a face that was quite similar to Wei Xin, but compared to Wei Xin’s. With a young breath, this face is a little more calm and unruly. The only thing in common is the inherent harshness in the eyebrows. He saw Han Qingyan smile, and then greeted Wei Xin behind Han Qingyan. “

Wei Xin looked up, paused, and then cried out in surprise, “Uncle.” It was… Uncle?

No, if it’s an uncle, he looks a lot younger than the term “uncle”. After all, he looks like they are three or four years older than them. Why is he already Wei Xin’s uncle?

“This is my uncle far from the house.”

Wei Xin hugged the man in the past, “Why did you think of returning to China?”

“There is a busy person who needs the Han family to make a connection. It’s not just the time to return to China to meet you.” The embraced man rushed toward you. Han Qingyan stretched out his hand and said hello, “Hello, Miss Han, my name is Wei Rai. I have been doing business abroad before and haven’t returned home for a long time. Uncle Han must have wanted to call me to meet you, so he deliberately asked you I yelled


Han Qingyan smiled and said, “Well, you are welcome to return to China, and I will call your uncle along with A Xin.”

This sentence made Wei Xin’s heart suddenly sore. They seemed to have regarded each other’s relatives as their own. Loved ones.

Wei Ran blinked at Han Qingyan, “Don’t use the name’you’, I’m three years older than you, and I’m probably still a junior in Uncle Han’s eyes.”

Han Rang smiled and looked at Han Qingyan. “I thought you would follow Gu He to the amusement park.”

Han Qingyan suddenly changed his expression, “How come, Dad, shall we not mention Gu He in the future?”

“I figured it out?”

Han Rang gently He patted Han Qingyan’s head, “Didn’t you always like Gu Ershao before.”

“I figured it out.” Han Qingyan blushed, and then said, “You will brighten your eyes when you fall in love in the future. , Dad, don’t laugh at me.”

Later, fall in love.

For some reason, Wei Xin always felt uncomfortable when he heard the three words falling in love from Han Qing’s cigarette holder.

He never thought about falling in love with Han Qingyan, but grew up and lived together for so long. In his eyes, Han Qingyan’s affairs are equal to his affairs, but if he wants to say whether their relationship has heated up to love …

Weixin immediately denied it.

If there is love, how could Han Qingyan still like Gu He after being with her for so many years?

Clenching his fingers, Wei Xin’s eyes darkened. He didn’t like Han Qingyan, so now, what kind of emotion is at work?

He is despicable and possessive.

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